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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2022 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is the w news live for lead cities across ukraine come under, renewed russian attack, multiple missile strike, lavoy live in the west of the country, killing several people. russia claims it's taking out military infrastructure despite hitting residential areas of khaki in the east. also on the program, ukraine says its troops will fight to the end to defend matter, your polls last pocket of resistance, several thousands of believe to be defending a key steel mill against russia's destructive attack. and we survived hitler,
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and we will also survive. putin is really put o moscow claims it's attacking not as a menu crane, but these orthodox jews in the ukrainian town of man, i say russia is the real threat. and they calling for more support, particularly from germany. ah, i'm feel good. hello, welcome to the program. major ukrainian cities are under renewed attack from russian asked strikes, powerful explosions, hit the western city of live this morning. at least 6 people were killed and several others injured according to regional officials. the initial report suggest the abstract targeted military infrastructure and the vis largely been spared the worst of the violence until now as joint d. w corresponding to emanuel shas,
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who's there. welcome emanuel. you were caught up in these explosions yourself. well, i haven't heard the explosions or feel there happens or in other parts of the city, but they were air sirens early this morning and everybody just took shell to her, went into our bunkers and it was later confirmed us. are the blasts are there have been a 5 airstrikes confirmed by the mayor of the city of levine. the blast killed 6 people injured a further 11, including one child and caused considerable damage or where, where each ass track there were like up to 40. our cars damaged them all. so windows are shattered in a nearby hotel with a lot of civilians are currently residing in dad's hotel. so you could also see clouds of smoke our, where our, where da da me size our trucks. so a live eve,
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which is not spare despite the west as you were mentioning, having being related to li are spared since the beginning of the russian aggression against ukraine. on february 24th. right. the roof. ha ha. how's? largely been spurred as you were saying, roberts with those all seemed to be a civilian targets are their targets but, but could but could reasonably be called miller to target certain the roof. well, there are infrastructures that would be of interest for russians. and of course for security reasons, are dead ukrainian government, ukraine. any author? it is. i'm not gonna enlist them if you will. what's interesting to notice here i've only just arrived in ukraine is to see how calm people react to aerosol ramsey's their everyday life. since february 24th, when day here and as i read there was simply go out to bunker, they will take shelter, they being very disciplined about it. it also shows that they know what's to come,
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that they're prepared for it. okay, thank you for that. the w corresponded manual shows in la viv. meanwhile, mason city of mario paula from 1000 fighters and some civilians are believed to have been encircled in the as of style steel plant near the port. it's the last pocket of ukrainian resistance in the city. russia claims to have complete control of all of modern polls or urban areas, and has left much of it destroyed the charred ruins of merrier pole. russia has held the city under siege for 7 weeks now. ukraine says at least 21000 people have been killed. out of a pre war population of 450000. some 100000 people have remained trapped without the barest of necessities varies ukraine's prime minister says russia's merciless attack on mary april has triggered
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a humanitarian catastrophe. talk, but he maintains ukrainian troops won't surrender. they re, no city steal is not fallen. there is still our military forces, our soldiers, so they will fight those end. and on sunday, ukraine's remaining troops and merry oppo did indeed defy rushes, surrender or die ultimatum. this is the soul known, remaining pocket of resistance. some 2500 ukrainian troops and a few 100 foreign mercenaries are dug in here at the sprawling as of stall steel mill. many civilians and children are also sheltering here. with the passing of the surrender deadline progression, separatist forces say they're now preparing for attack level loop, but there are only 2 blocks of buildings left before the mill. yeah, there's a small area around the factory and the enemies, they're hiding in the basements. they just want to get over. we're preparing the
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ground assault. the artillery will shell them 1st before we send in close quarters, assault troops, which over about, about the letter she'd read in his latest video address, ukraine's president volota musa lensky said he believed the russian offensive in the east of the country will begin soon was but he accused russia of wanted to finish off and destroy the don bess just as russian troops have raised mary a pull to the ground. while they w correspond the rebecca writ as his monitoring events from the ukrainian capital. i asked her how the situation in mary uh, paul might affect piece talks. mary po, very much front and center in this conflict at the moment as you just heard. those ukrainian forces, ignoring russian orders to come out with their arms art band. the russians continuing to fight for that key target, cc president. and he came out yesterday after that surrender and di order was made
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by russia and said they've russia went ahead and indeed killed those ukrainian soldiers. then the peace talks would die with them. a bit. in reality, those pieces have been on ice already for a couple of weeks now. ever since russia retreated from areas here in around keven to the north of this city. and the true scale of the atrocities that went on there under the occupation came to light that really the ukrainians and russians have not been talking since then. there was a room as over the weekend that the russian oligarchy, roman abramoff, which was in town to try and resuscitate those talks. but the foreign minister has said that the russians and the ukrainians have not been speaking. so mary paul will play a key, the events, what happens they will play a key role as to whether those pay talks can get back on the way. right. and as these assaults increase, how people prepare it. well, i mean, you know, definitely, and mary, you polar situation is dia citizens,
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they're apparently being controlled by the russians. now the russians a ton of control movement in the city, removing even mobile phones of people and the like people in other parts of the country preparing for the heavier cell that's expected on the east. so overnight we saw it more shelling in hard key 5 people reported to have been killed. there was same increase shelling in mid july of a city in the 8th, sorry in the south near odessa. so that the mayor there has said it's been under almost constant bombardment overnight. the citizens of the don bad have been told to get out as they prepare for the russians to re focus their attack on that region . particularly lou haskell people are the author is they're saying get out while you still can. i mean that order has been for more and a week now, but that's in the calls are increasing as they really are expecting some of the worse fighting to, to, to return there. and fighting, also returning to the capital achieve where you are, what bring us up to date or fill. this is
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a city that is trying to carry on is trying to get back to some semblance of normality under the most difficult circumstances. in recent days we have seen people coming out in the streets, the traffic is increasing in the capital or some shops are opening some non a central shop, some restaurants as well. but of course, the authorities here are preparing for increased attacks in the mayor of italy, cliffs go warning, people not to return to the city to really take those air raid sirens very seriously. and we have seen some renewed attacks on the city over the weekend. some successful tar targets on military artillery factories. so definitely expecting a more attacks here on the capital as well. rebecca rest is in cave. well, ammonia in southern ukraine is one of the most important centers of the jewish faith in europe. thousands of mainly orthodox jews make the pilgrimage to the small ukrainian town every year. but life there has changed radically since war broke out
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. ukrainian officials say it has been the target of russian rocket attacks. the w correspondence, a young phillips shalt visited a man's jewish community to see how they are coping with russian invasion these days by root above lea. off in price alone, the synagogue and woman can hold hundreds of worship about since the start of the war. many of the towns jewish community hath left by roof guess was that only himself who and a few doesn't have remained russia. president putin justified the war by saying he wanted to de nazi fi ukraine. it's a reason that by roof finds outrageous when you surely newkirk, we never experienced any naziism or extreme nationalism here. you calona similes more, but the name newton will go down in history as someone who brought suffering a torrent, just like hitler one status his gloom. but we survived hitler role and will also
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survive putin in his room, put him the mic that the ritual bath in the basement of the synagogue now serves as a shelter during the nightly air. rage alerts by rule helps provide coffee and pastries to those seeking protection. many jews, inhuman, lost family members in the hollow cost for barrow. that makes it all the more important that people stand to get out now. or you. judy, both my grandfathers were killed in the holocaust or ukraine. his oil is a wash with spill. jewish blood will grow you. our ancestors are crying in their graves because where being forced to suffer so much against him, but his clothes fitted rigid. woman has special significance for many has city juice. it's the burial side of their spiritual lead i rob. enough men by rule above lee is also a follower, thousands of jews from all over the world to visit the tomb each year. it's another
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reason he expects more support from abroad, especially from germany. get a minute, she would know his regard, but he would have germany went from enemy to friend paula. but in recent years it's been very weak in its foreign policy. young germany must make its position in this war much clearer. he to europe for the units, which was each her by roof above lea, hopes that woman will soon become the place of pilgrimage again until then when things become unbearable, he takes strength in singing all judaism is rich and songs that celebrate the life . he says long oh, oh, the way from the war here in germany. lots of families are taking a vacation during the spring school break. how many, it's the 1st real holiday for 2 years because of the pandemic. the tourism industry has welcomed recently easing of restrictions, which is encouraging people to take their holidays closer to home. the final
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touches before service gets underway at this hotel restaurant on germany's baltic coast restrictions on the dining area have been relaxed, somewhat, making things a bit easier for the start of the tourist season via our boat. and by dana, we still operate under the test and vaccinated or recovered system of us. we're used to it by now or, but for restaurants, it's a big relief that regulations are being relaxed. to cuffed, wheaton, the beach front hotel is nearly bic to capacity. this region alone is expecting some 300000 guests, but costs for holidaymakers have gone up some 15 percent. that's down to increased energy in food prices. but it doesn't seem to be to tearing any one to get the mission of gas, isn't it? except that the prices are climbing slow loading. it's an unfortunate reality, but every one next megan's meter, nobody either finished us. he life. i want the kind of service that i get here.
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then i've just got to live with the cost of the above with you guys. lim yavari on a. maybe a lead one the scoop of ice cream than usual, but no, it's not gonna make a real difference tourism expert. see that g to cove 19 germans still prefer to vacation in their own country? well, we're hoping for a stable season. we're motivated and looking forward. we can live with the regulations that are still in place because the pandemic isn't over yet. by leaving the terrorism sector in this region is expecting around $10000000.00 guests this year, and that would be a nearly record breaking season. this is day, dublin years live from berlin. his reminder of our top story of this, our major ukrainian cities are under renewed attack from russian ass strikes. powerful explosion struck the western city of live this morning. the crating authorities say several people have been killed and more injured. the
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fisher up today to terry martin will have more world news at the top of the our up next here on the w documentary on the church of the full iep. several kind of good . i started out with spooky intimidation and transformed into an orgy of hate and violence. the history of the ku klux klan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states found it over 150 years ago . it's repeatedly died out, but always been resurrected. the ku klux klan starts may 11th.


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