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19 special ah, every thursday vaughn, d w ah ah, this is d w. news coming to live from berlin. cities across ukraine come under, renewed russian attack. multiple missiles strike, live even western ukraine, killing several people. russia claims it's taking out military infrastructure. ukraine says some civilians were also hit. also coming up, ukraine says it's troops will fight to the end to defend murray polls last pocket of resistance. several 1000 are believed to be defending the key stink steel mill
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against russia's destructive attack. ah. hello m terry martin. good to have you with us. major ukrainian cities are coming under renewed attack from russian air strikes, powerful explosions, hit the western city, able to beat this morning. regional officials say at least 6 people were killed and several others injured. initial reports suggest the air strikes targeted military infrastructure facilities, but several civilians have also been reported among the wounded. the we've had largely been spared the worst of the violence until now. d w's emmanuel shaws is in libby. emma. tell us what's happened there overnight? well, early in the morning, terry either were there,
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there was an alert on the air missile alert and there were 5 blast that were confirmed later on by the mayor of levine. so when such an alert takes place, everybody takes shelter, everybody goes to the bunker. our people here are really quiet, really calm because they are used to it. even if the west, as you were mentioning it, had been relatively spared a search of tags. but to day 5 blast on levine o and j does been, or at least 6 people are dead. 11 people injured in 11 persons injured, including one child does also a lot of material damage. damage on 40 cars, but also windows glass windows being cited in a hotel in a nearby hotel where civilians were staying. now russia says it's targeting military infrastructure in ukraine. or what can you tell us about the target of these attacks in willoughby?
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well just login or any other big thirty's, you are bound to find places which will be of interest as a target for russian military. of course to ukraine on government is not gonna tell exactly what is of interest in the city of levine for russians. but you can also, you can think about the a railway infrastructure as you can think about military training grounds, for example, which would be of interest as a target for russian auto retina. but like i said here, people in the we've had been as bad. we late every is bad so far any to city where you'll find thousands of people who have fled from the eastern part of ukraine hole boards. and they have found shelter are here, and it appears to not be the case anymore from where our student and we're thank you very much. our correspondence, manuel charles there. in libby's meanwhile,
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in the eastern city of maria paul, a few 1000 fighters and some civilians are believed to have been encircled in the as office. a star steel plant near the port. it's the last pocket of ukrainian resistance in the city. russia claims to have complete control of all. maria pulls urban areas and has left much of it. destroyed. mariel poll has not fallen yet. the port city has suffered the brunt of russian attacks in ukraine. it has been under siege for several weeks now. ukraine says at least 21000 people have been killed and those who remain in the city are trapped without the barest of necessity is what is happening here. and mario pole is expected to soon spread to other areas to or he's, he's her. russian troops are preparing for an offensive operation in eastern ukraine in the near future. what they want to literally finish off and destroy the
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don bass. this, you destroy everything that brought fame to this industrial region. russian forces are destroying mario poll. we want to wipe it off the face of the earth and other cities in the done yet and low hands, corinthians ramadi, the net. he will ask all, blasi, on sunday, ukraine's remaining troops and mary pull defined rushes surrender or die ultimatum, some tune a half 1000 ukrainian troops, and a few 100 foreign mercenaries are dug in here at the sprawling as of stall steel plant. it is now the only known remaining pocket of resistance. many civilians and children are also sheltering. here. with the passing of the surrender deadline, pro russian separatist forces say they are now preparing for attack. duke, but it's there only 2 blocks of buildings left before the mill. yeah. there's
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a small area around the factory and the enemies. they're hiding, the basements. they just want to get those. we're preparing the ground assault. the artillery will shell them 1st before we send in close quarters, assault troops, which all over to bottle dr. meanwhile, mario pulse defenders offset to fight till the end. our team of correspondence in ukraine includes rebecca richer. she's currently in a pin on the outskirts of kia and joins us now. rebecca, ukraine's president of zalinski has said that he'll pull out of peace talks, a prussian forces kill ukrainian soldiers defending mario pole. what do you make of that? that's right, terry. i just after that surrender or di order was given by russia, president lenti came out and said if those soldiers of the ukrainian so does are harmed, if they're killed, then the pace talks will die with them. but in reality,
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the peace talks have been dead in the water for a few weeks now, ever since the russians retreated from areas like air p more, i'm standing right now, like boot church is famed across the world. now for some of the worst atrocities we've seen in this conflict, so far, the peace talks really stalled. after that, i mean that the of lot of miss zalinski continuing to say that piece talks were important and that he wanted to continue them because ukraine needs piece. but obviously as the of the atrocities came to light, it makes it very difficult for those talks to continue. what happens in mary upa will be make or break for those talks, as blog. ms. zalinski has said it has been rumored that on the weekend or russian oligarchy, roman abram of it, was in keith to try to revive those talks. but the foreign minister of ukraine has said that russia and ukraine still not talking. so it'll definitely wait and see what is going to happen in mary palm. was staying with mary paul for a moment. well, we heard in our report there around 2500 ukrainian soldiers and also some civilians
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we understand or are currently holding out in that still works in mario. what, or can you tell us about the situation there for that steel or that steel mill? as you say, a is a vast network of factories of warehouses as being called a fortress city. there's also an underground network of tunnels. and that is where they have managed to to stay as stay away from the worst of the rush and fire and the reason that the ukrainians have been able to push back in this massive david and goliath fight we're seeing in mary you, paul. it's also one of the reasons why last week this time last week are folks person for the russian military said that they could and would use chemical weapons to try and get them out of there. there was been reports that same day that a chemical attack was used on the steel plant that still remains unconcerned
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whether or not that did actually take place. but definitely a sign that russia is struggling to get hold of that last ukrainian stronghold, the cause of the vast network of underground tunnels in the urban warfare that ukraine definitely have an advantage over your based in q of rebecca. but you're, you've been moving around ukraine in the last few days. tell us more about what you've been seeing. well cared is the city trying to get back on its feet despite or you know, threats of more russian rocket attacks, which we have seen signs off over the weekend with blaze 3 missile attacks in the last 48 hours that say and in other areas where i am for instance, in a pin today and boucher where it was also been the massive clean up is under underway. as as after the russian soldiers retreated, you can probably see the pile of burnt out, causes authorities try and pick up the debris at volvo. been reporting from the
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east of the country where you know that, that part of the country is really bracing for the biggest a, renewed on slaughter renewed bombardment by russia as they regroup and focus on the dumbass region. and you know, just basically a massive exodus of people trying to get out of that region before russia start bombarding, at which we're expecting in the coming days. rebecca, thank you very much. shar corresponded rebecca ritter's there in your pin else catch up on some other stories making headlines around the world today. china's largest city has reported the 1st death from covet 19 since imposing a lockdown. 4 weeks ago. authorities in shanghai say the victims were 3 elderly people who were already ill. the city is at the center of one of china's largest ever cove. at 19 outbreaks. the death toll from tropical storm meggy in the philippines has risen to 172 with another 100. 10 people reported missing the storm
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. hers triggered landslides and floods, which have devastated communities in central regions. authorities say the continued rain and unstable soil are hampering rescue efforts. more than 440 people have been killed in flooding and land sides in south africa's course zulu natal province is one of the deadliest storms to hit the area. at least 63 people are missing. many feared dead rescue teams are still searching for survivors. spanish coast guard says it has rescued $61.00 migrants off the coast of spain's canary islands. the group, including 9 children, was handed over to emergency services. the rights organizations walking boarders says more than $4400.00 migrants were lost at sea last year. trying to reach spain .
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invictus gave say competition for wounded military veterans is now underway in the hague, in the netherlands. despite the war, ukraine has sent a team. they're hoping to raise awareness of what's happening in their country and to wind some metals. once this is over demitra, we'll get back to defending his country. he's one of 19 ukranian veterans competing here, given special permission to do so by president valadez lensky. us would have to bring up with our government decided we should be here despite the difficult situation to us. i talked to the world, tell the world that people are dying, but also that others are fighting and surviving. the, the nozzler, the t made, is out there, archery coach demetrius the dork was killed in fighting earlier this month. because of a donor. the so lensky used his nightly address to congratulate the ukrainian team
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on its early success with the competitions 1st day, which started in the netherlands, the ukrainians won gold, silver, and bronze sleeve. also, they may be away from ukraine, but the hearts and minds is still back home. and a sophia's mother paramedic, was also supposed to take part. but she said to have been taken hostage by russian forces in mary u paul paula to people. now this sedation never forgets. what's happening, whole ukraine, this is terrifying and this is awful, this law and that the sentiment echoed by everyone competing in the games in football. by a minute coach, does julian now goes, bud says he received death threats from fans after the club was knocked out of the champions league. but the variance had better luck bonus lincoln living closer to
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claiming the german competition title this weekend after beating our many a bill of julian novels men's bye and have only the bonus league. it's a focus on now. 3 points in bill of feldwood edged them agonisingly close to a tent straight title. and speaking of close, not even armenia keeper stefan ortega knew how he kept this 3rd minute. robert levin dusky had her out. a huge slice of luck for the home side, but against by and nobody stays lucky for long. yeah. called the barrel lawson sending the ball into his own net in the 10th minutes. slapstick defending from the danish defender. buying made it to nail in 1st half stoppage. time sad, gabrey was initially flagged off side following a composed volley. before your shoe acumen, his pass was deemed to be right on cue by the video assistant referee. the bonus
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league leaders added a 3rd against their hapless hosts, late in the game, young germany international jamal museum with his fourthly goal of a breakout campaign. 3 ill, a final score. i have the end to a tough week for now, guzman and his players. by a need, one more wins all that sill. a 10th consecutive meister sharla. you're watching t w. there's businesses next with chelsea, the lady. ah, not just another day. so much is happening all at once. we take time to understand this is the day an in depth look at current news, events analyzed by experts and critical thinkers. and this is the weekdays on d, w. imagine how many portion of lunch and.


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