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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin. city is across ukraine come under, renewed russian attack, multiple missile strike, libby in the west, killing several people. meanwhile, ukrainian forces are battling for survival in murray of polls last pocket of resistance. also coming up we survived hitler, and we will also survive. putin is in the pro, moscow claims it's attacking naziism. but these orthodox jews in the ukrainian town
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of oman say russia is the real threat. and trying to report its 1st deaths from its latest corona virus way. shanghai says just 3 people have died after a tough weeks, long locked down, but with hundreds of thousands of cases, some are casting doubt on those official figures. ah hello, i'm terry martin. good, heavy with us. major ukrainian cities are coming under renewed attack from russian air stripes, powerful explosions, hit the western city of la beef early on monday, regional officials say at least 7 people were killed and several others injured missiles struck several military facilities, but a civilian workshop was also hit libby has so far been spared the worst of the bio . the w corresponding manuel shaws is in lippy
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earlier i asked her for more details about the explosions. well, early in the morning, terry, there were there there was in the and the lights on the air. me sol alerts and there were 5 blast that were confirmed blades around by the mayor of eve. so when such an allotted takes place, everybody takes shelter. everybody goes to the bunker. our people here are really quiet, really calm because they are used to it even if the west, as you were mentioning it, had been relatively sped as such attacks. but to day 5 blasts on live eve and dead, there's been at least 6 people are dead. 11 people injured in it, 11 persons injured including one child. there's also a lot of material damage. damage on 40 cars, but also windows glass windows being sat said in a hotel in
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a nearby hotel where civilians were staying. now russia says it's targeting military infrastructure in ukraine, or what can you tell us about the target of these attacks and leave? well, just like in any other big cities, you are bound to find places which will be of interest as a target for russian military. of course, did your credit on government is not gonna tell exactly what is of interest in the city of the for russians. but you can also, you can think about the a railway infrastructure as you can think about military training grounds, for example, which would be of interest as a target for russian ortz ortiz. but like i said, here, people in the we've had been as bad related is bad so far. and it's a city where you find thousands of people who have fled from the eastern part of ukraine, whole thought. and they had found shelter there, here. and it appears to not be the case anymore from her as terms,
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and were thank you very much. our correspondence manuel shows they're in libya. meanwhile, in the eastern city of mario pool, a few 1000 fighters and some civilians are believed to have been encircled in a bad steel plant. near the port is the last pocket of ukrainian resistance in the city. russia claims to have complete control of all of maria polls. urban areas and hers left much of it destroyed. mariel po has not fallen yet. the port city has suffered the brunt of russian attacks and ukraine. it has been under siege for several weeks now. ukraine says at least 21000 people have been killed and those who remain in the city are trapped without the barest of necessities. one is happening here and mario poll is expected to soon spread to
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other areas too. or is he is he sca russian troops are preparing for an offensive operation in eastern ukraine in the near future. what they want to literally finish off and destroy the don bass. this you destroy everything that brought fame to this industrial regional, russian forces, or destroying mario poll. you want to wipe it off the face of the earth and other cities in the done yet, and lohan sc regions are mother the net. he will as go velocity on sunday, ukraine's remaining troops and mario poll, defined rushes, surrender or die ultimatum, some tune, a half 1000 ukrainian troops, and a few 100 foreign mercenaries are dug in here at the sprawling as of stall steel plant. it is now the only known remaining pocket of resistance. many civilians and children are also sheltering. here. with the passing of the surrender deadline,
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pro russian separatist forces say they are now preparing for attack. but it's, there are only 2 blocks of buildings left before the mill. yeah, there's a small area around the factory and the enemies. they're hiding, the basements. they just want to get over. we're preparing the ground assault. the artillery will show them 1st before we send in close quarters, assault troops will show up at about a quarter later. meanwhile, mario pulse defenders are set to fight till the end. he w, as rebecca ritters, as in airplane on the outskirts of kia. i asked her about ukraine's president saying he'll pull out of peace talks if russian forces kill those soldiers defending maria pull. at just after that surrender or die order was given by russia . president once he came out and said, if those soldiers of the ukrainian so does are harmed, if they're killed, then the pace talks will die with them. but in reality, the peace talks have been dead in the water for a few weeks now, ever since the russians retreated from areas like air p more,
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i'm standing right now. like boot church is famed across the world now for some of the worst atrocities were seen in this conflict. so far, the peace talks really stalled. after that, i mean that the of laudermill zalinski continuing to say that piece talks were important and that he wanted to continue them because ukraine needs piece. but obviously as the of the atrocities came to light, it makes it very difficult for those talks to continue. what happens in mary upa will be make or break for those talks as blood middle, as he has said, it has been rumored that on the weekend a russian oligarch roman abram avila was in keith to try to revive those talks. but the foreign minister of ukraine has said that russia and ukraine still not talking . so it'll definitely wait and see what is going to happen in mary paul. was staying with mary paul for a moment. well, we heard in our report there around 2500 ukrainian soldiers and also some civilians
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we understand or are currently holding out in a steel works in mario pl. what, or can you tell us about the situation there for that steel or that steel mill? as you say, a is a vast network of factories of warehouses has been called a fortress city. there's also an underground network of tunnels, and that is what, where they have managed to, to stay still stay away from the worst of the russian fire. and the reason that the, the ukrainians have been able to push back in this massive david and goliath fight . we're seeing in mary, you, paul, it's, it's also one of the reasons why last week this time last wake of his folks, person for the russian military said that they could and would use chemical weapons to try and quote, gas them out of there. they was then reports that same day that had a chemical attack was used on the steel plant that still remains unconfirmed. whether or not that did actually take place fit, definitely
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a sign that russia struggling to get hold of that last ukrainian stronghold because of the vast network of underground tunnels in the oven warfare that ukraine definitely have an advantage over t w's. rebecca ritters, they're reporting from their peen near keith. now the intensifying assault in ukraine comes after russia suffered a major loss on thursday. the black sea flag ship the mosque, far sunk after allegedly being hit by ukrainian missiles, something the kremlin denies. now images have surfaced, appearing to show the warship on fire and engulfed in smoke just moments before it sank. the missile cruiser was the biggest russian warship to sink, while in action since world war 2 or more, i'm joined by dw correspondent and russia analyst, cousin teen egg constantine. these pictures of the sinking of the moskva are going
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viral on line. how damaging are these images for putting well, the are, i think about not only navy professionals, but basically the general public can grasp what goes on in this. in this pictures, it is a p r blue is definitely something that says quite a bit about the, the commas readiness oh, or at least elements of the russian navy. and that means probably also quite some of the rationale. and it is quite an embarrassment, frankly speaking, especially bearing my the fact the food stamps quite a lot of time in the last, let's say 10 years, a trumpeting the modernization. and then you progress of the, of the russian fleet. and you say that the sinking of the moscow does tell us something about russia's military capabilities. does it raise any doubts about
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russia's ability, constantine, to capture and control eastern regions of ukraine? well, if you threat beliefs, what happens with the most grown? well, at least some of the of the ground forces probably yes. but with regard to the more mosque, right sounds, it is quite quite, quite a significant loss practical loss. pool the vocal for resume carmack operations. i've spoken to several navy experts in the run up to, to our conversation. and there are at least 2 things that are clear, mccloud was supposed to be the main air defense platform of behold, lexi fleets, and because of the abs, those to transport them potentially again carry russian troops from c, the crime in peninsula to the ukrainian coast. they felt protected, not anymore. none of the ships that remain within the, in the,
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in the black sheep lead are capable of providing effective air air coverage for the truck transport. so maybe that's going to be a few of them. and maybe if there are ukrainians, can attack them essentially with impunity. and 2nd thing, any kind of attempt to say take the part about this some from the see will be now probably doomed. and i mean, i, one minute directly told me they'd rather not even tries, because without the missile coverage from the mosque law, it will be just completely mission impossible. meanwhile, russian forces appear to be intensifying their attacks. constantine saying they hit more than 300 ukrainian targets overnight. the ukrainians, recreating presidents lensky has signaled peace talks, may now be off the table. what's the view from the kremlin? is president putin at all interested in peace talks? well i think that until now, and it was just ah,
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and way of presenting himself as a reluctant warrior to the public at home and to well weather remains believing in the world. well, you see, i'm a metal piece. i really want. i want to really want a solution is just is just the stubborn and asking that doesn't want that. that was the message from moscow. i think that's uh, that was a couple of days ago i think right, terry zalinski said that he's goal is actually recapturing the whole of the grading east, including all the areas that were taken over by russia in 2014. well, probably there is no, there is no reason to have any p stalls because it seems that the, the, the final goes are completely incompatible. i think that's a lensky things in terms of essentially driving the russian forces from at least significant parts of the east. well puts in really that's where the generals, who are now, who's,
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who's faith hangs in the balance. they think about the capturing model and kind of securing a land bridge between the russian federation proper and the crime in peninsula. and these drago will be unfolding in front of us there in the coming 3 weeks, because just to remind you, one thing 9 told me the day, ah, is of the main state holiday, the main date in the 1000 years. the state stay is a russian state history that puts in now proclaims, and he has to show something for the day. so i'm afraid it's going to be very, very intense by think will maria will old though looking at how the russian troops before the pool. maybe it's not yet of i'm going going to be decisive constant. thank you very much. as always, our correspondence, konstantin, i got the among in southern ukraine is one of the most important centers of the jewish faith in europe. thousands of mainly orthodox jews make the pilgrimage to the small ukrainian town
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every year. but life there has changed radically since war broke out. ukrainian officials say it has been the target of russian rocket attacks. d. w, correspond at yon. phillip charles visited humans jewish community to see how they're coping with the russian invasion these days by root above lea. often praise alone, the synagogue and woman can hold hundreds of worship about since the start of the war. many of the towns jewish community hath left by root guesses that only him so who and a few doesn't have remained russia as president putin justified the war by saying he wanted to de nazi fi ukraine? it's a reason that by rule finds outrageous. well, yes, surely, newkirk, we never experienced any naziism or extreme nationalism here of you. calona similes, more but the name hootin will go down in history as someone who brought suffering a daughter, just like hitler, one standard says,
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giggler m. but we survived hitler role and will also survive. putin put his room, put him the mic, that the ritual bath in the basement of the synagogue now serves as a shelter during the nightly air. rage alerts by rule helps provide coffee and pastries to those seeking protection. many jews and woman lost family members in the hollow cost for barrow. that makes it all the more important that people stem to get out. now, my e. judy, both my grandfathers were killed in the holocaust or ukraine. his doyle is a wash with spill jewish blood. it'll grow you. our ancestors are crying in their graves because where being forced to suffer so much against him, but his clothes fitted reachable. woman has special significance for many hasidic jews. it's the barrier side of their spiritual lead i robbie. enough man by rule above lee is also a follower. thousands of jews from all over the world,
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visit the tomb each year. it's another reason he expects more support from abroad, especially from germany. get a minute, she would know his regard, but it would have germany went from enemy to friend bla, but in recent years it's been very weak and its foreign policy young germany must make its position in this war much clearer. he to build up a but a unit swoop was each her by roof above lea hopes that woman will soon become the place of pilgrimage again until then when things become unbearable, he takes strength in singing all judaism is rich and songs that celebrate life. he says long oh, oh, take a look at smother stories making headlines around the world to day. the death toll from tropical storm meggy in the philippines has risen to 172 with another 110 people reported missing. the storm has triggered landslides, rand floods, which have devastated communities in central regions. authority say the continued
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rain. an unstable soil are hampering rescue efforts. more than 440 people have been killed in flooding and landslides in south africa, quote, zulu natal province. it's one of the deadliest storms to hit the area. at least 63 people are missing. many feared dead rescue teams are still searching for survivors . the spanish coast guard says it has rescued. 61 migrants off the coast of spain's canary islands. the group, including 9 children, was handed over to emergency services, the rights organization walking boarders says more than poor 1000 poor 100 migrants were lost at sea last year trying to reach spain. iran's president has warned that his country's armed forces will respond with force to any hostile action from israel. abraham or i easy spoke at the annual national army day parade
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and to run or the military showcases homegrown defense systems. raises comments come as international talks to restore the countries 2015 nuclear deal have stalled . when you are, you must hang on separate. china's largest city. shanghai has reported the 1st debts from cobra 19 since imposing a lockdown. 4 weeks ago. authorities say the victims were 3 elderly people with underlying health conditions until now china has maintained that nobody had died of the virus in the city. a statement that has come under heavy scrutiny. shanghai is at the center of one of china's largest cove in 19 l price. journalist fabi on crush buzz in beijing. i asked him if these 1st 3 reported deaths really are the only victims of covered 19 in shanghai. most likely not. and we know that in one and nursing home for the elderly alone and at least adapt a person have died after contracting the virus. and of course, that we can approve whether the virus itself was the main trigger of the death or
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whether it was underlying conditions. but we don't really know how the authorities em, well, what criteria they use when they count the cobra deaths. i wouldn't take them to face while you're just from the statistical probability. the death rate should be probably higher than it is in the official numbers. and we should also not forget that the locked on itself, the restrictions themselves have a cost, a lot of benefits. s my patients, for example, cancer patients who couldn't get to hospitals and get a medical help on time. they were also more suicides. so those numbers also quite high. shanghai is a huge city. you've got 25000000 people locked down for weeks. did the government not properly prepare for this square? i'm 1st, i would argue that, i mean, i'm basically supplying an almost 26000000 people with basic necessities. i mean food and, and water and everything is the logistical challenge. i,
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i think that almost no government would, you know, be able to do that without any hiccups. i mean, this is really an unprecedented situation. this locked down, this is a really the biggest in the world and locked down in china means really that most people i would say, even our more than 90 percent are really locked in their homes. so it's really an unprecedented situation and the dynamics have changed. they started with a 48 hours locked down, then they said we will lock the city for 4 days each and each part of the city. and now it has been more than 3 weeks and ongoing. so i think the pressure from the central government he and begging to stick to covert as he recovered and stick to the locked on policy. and that was not so expected, at least in shanghai. i think m. they didn't expect that the locked on would be ongoing. for such a long time, talk to his father and about the government's 0 cobit policy, is there still support for that policy given that other countries around the world
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are easing restrictions now when shanghai very little because the people are really affect if i i mean they really had enough there the they are, am in a very precarious situation. they are affected by the locked on her policy. they're the victim so to speak. and the criticism is really very loud and gets increasingly and yet drastic, i would say, especially on social media. however, in the more rural areas and, and are those areas were not affected by the locked ons right now that it's still support, but we should not forget that. and i mean we basically lithium china, dystopian and information control environment. the censorship is huge and am how the estate media and basically covers the virus situation is a quite a manipulator. for example, they exaggerate the, the virus a spread in, in a brought why they basically an idealized the situation here. i mean, how they cover shanghai for example. quite different than a foreign media would cover it. they show m. yeah. well equipped and well stocked
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up supermarkets and show images that basically don't represent the reality problem . chris. my they're reporting from vision. ah, the invictus game said competition for wounded military veterans is now under way in the hague and the netherlands. despite the war, ukraine has sent a team. they're hoping to raise awareness of what's happening in their country and to winsome metals. once this is over demitra, we'll get back to defending his country. he's one of 19 ukranian veterans competing here, given special permission to do so by president volota may as zalinski us would have put in nobody sitting. all government decided we should be here despite the difficult situation to us. i talked to the world, tell the world that people are dying, but also that others are fighting and surviving the the nozzler,
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the t made is out. there archery coach demetrius. the dork was killed in fighting earlier this month because of it at one of the selected ski, used his nightly address to congratulate the ukrainian team on its early success course. with the competitions 1st day, which started in the netherlands, the ukrainians won gold, silver, and bronze labor. also they may be away from ukraine, but the hearts and minds is still back home. and the sophia's mother, paramedic was also supposed to take part. but she said to have been taken hostage by russian forces in mary u. paul troy. so people now this sedation never forgets. what's happened, whole ukraine, this is terrifying and this is hopeful, this law and that's the sentiment echoed by everyone competing
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in the games in germany football by amena coach, gillian knuckles. bun says he received death threats from fans after the club was knocked out of the champions league. but the barbarians had better luck in the bonus league moving closer to claiming the german competition title this weekend. after beating armenia b lippert. julian novels mens bye and have only the bunnies league. it's a focus on now. 3 points in bill of feldwood edged them agonizingly close to a tent straight title and speaking of close, not even armenia keeper, stephan ortega knew how he kept this 3rd minute. robert levin dusky had or out a huge slice of luck for the homicide bots against bye. and nobody stays lucky for long yackel barrel laws and sending the bowl into his own nits in the 10 minutes slapstick defending from the danish defender
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by and made it to nail in 1st half stoppage time. sad. gabrey was initially flagged off side following a composed volley. before your shoe akim, she's past was deemed to be right on cue by the video assistant referee. the bonus legal lead has added a 3rd against their hapless hosts, late in the game, young germany international jamal movie allah with his full flee goal of a breakout campaign. 3 nail a final score. i have the end to a tough week for non guzman, and his plays by a need one more wind to all that sill. a 10th consecutive meister shala. you're watching did of a news. just reminder the top stories were following for you this hour. major ukrainian cities are under renewed attack from russian air stripes, powerful explosions struck the western city of levine this morning. ukrainian authorities say several people have been killed and more injured. and ukraine says
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its forces are fighting to defend the steel plant in mario pole. it's the last pocket of resistance in the city, which russia says is now almost completely under its control. you are watching. did of the news up next. we got our environment magazine for you, niko, india on terry march. and thanks for watching, ah ah,
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[000:00:00;00] with who eager india it once was a bio diversity hotspot, lake billy cat in southern india. but pollution and climate change have destroyed the rich ecosystem. yet people keep going out of desperation. i don't know, denying, i don't want to let out one want they've been,
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they've been melody living with me and i'm at the one with was alternative. do they have the next on d, w? ah, my name is jonathan dunn and i have paid almost every price being a journalist in a country like to with i was threatened. i was jailed, i was attacked more people like me and guardians of truth, john dun and mexican investigative journalist nobela not this one are, is i, in every day the government is saying mob,
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she's been digging the country soil to find out the truth. they want to kill me and they try many times. they can't some of my sources just because they don't quit me facing that gun can change your life. people need to know what is happening in gardens of truth socially 3rd on t w ah. ah . planet tribes on balance, but since the industrial revolution began in the late 18th century, humans have been encroaching upon every kind of land to build factories,


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