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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 19, 2022 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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for mine's ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, ukraine's president says the 2nd phase of the war has the gun with russia launching the battle of don bass. hundreds of missiles attacks have been reported across the country and lives are lost in the western city alternative also coming up, shanghai, and else as its 1st death from the cove. at 19 outbreak, china's biggest city of 26000000 has been under locked out for 3 weeks. ah,
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i'm really mohammad walking to the program. grants president flooded me as the lens . he says, russia has begun a battle for the don bass, shifting at the salt off to setbacks near the capital cave. officials told reporters, the russians are attacking along a front, nearly 500 kilometers ball in ukraine's east and south. his president, zalinski speaking aaliyah, that is zamora, we can now state the russian troops had begun the battle for the dawn about swath for which they had been preparing for a long time. still, she or a significant part of the entire russian army is now concentrated on this offensive . no matter how many russian troops are driven there, we will fight. we will defend ourselves and we will do it every day. we won't give up any thing. ukrainian green school, maybe the more i was that's lensky warns rushes eastern offensive is underway.
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ukrainians are already kidding. up, off to miss all strikes across the country. at least 7 were killed in the 1st strike on the western city of live iv ukrainian troops and marielle poles say they will fight to the end as russia plains. it's approaching victory in the besieged port city. you gross gorilla, g. russian missiles raining down on ukraine until the russia says it's aiming at military targets in a campaign to weaken ukrainian defenses. but the strikes have also killed civilians in levine alone at least 7. the owner of this service station found 4 of his employees dead in the ruins of his shop. and i guess, but after you had the, i was planning to go to work when my colleagues called liberal. they told me that there had been an explosion and that there was a fire. some, a pretty crucial. he is the worst part of course are the victims look issued the wiki. i jumped in my car and was here in 10 minutes. one of them and i saw it with
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my own eyes. you live about this with my love boys. while attacks and levine have been rare in maria, pull, they forever changed the face of the city. ukraine says at least 21000 people have been killed here. but it is all none of the shine really careful, mario pole has undergone extremely heavy destruction as a result of the rocket bomb and artillery fire that russia is conducting round the clock along the russian army has failed to hope to seize. mar, you pull completely. you said all thanks to the courage of those units, both the ukrainian armed forces and other military formation. some that are there, as you put a boy. those holdouts are making what could be their last stand here in the vast as of style industrial zone. with them are civilians, including children, and circled and low on food. they know that if maria paul
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falls, russian forces tied up here will be free to move on to other targets. in eastern ukraine. in car keith, russian shelling on sunday killed at least 5 people. those who survived the missiles still live with the mental scars i do it because you know, when a dog hears a bang and it starts to tremble all over, even if the noise is far away, i'm like that now. everything, every part of me is trembling. outside char cave, ukrainian soldiers prepared to hold the line against whatever the russian army throws at them. imagery was much. our motivation is our home, the mother land. we can't take a single step back. we can't retreat. that's the whole secret of our work. order. and with ukraine's president saying, rushes long awaited offensive has begun. that work may have entered
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a deadly new phase. here commission chief earth, lavonda lyons says, it's just a matter of time before russia goes bankrupt. is russia running against the clock and sanctions in this war? while ukraine is rushing to keep itself armed, well, earlier we spoke to at last night, cough she is a russia analyst from the university college london. and she explains the background battles taking place at the moment we have on the battlefield is essentially the ukrainians. having them on power, particularly 3 mobilization, but needing sort of more firepower. the russian major problem is the lack of manpower. so even if we hear the stories of sort of time produces no longer being able to produce tags, no difficulties in trying to create sort of new equipment actually does of equipment. the russians have enough. but it's a question whether they have sufficient sort of manpower. so just to be able to
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fight it in the long run. sanctions will of course, have very negative feedback in terms of russians capacity to rebuild themselves militarily. but i think that unfortunately, the effect may not be quick enough with regards to the actual battle field and that say the decisive battle field in done bus. and that the sanctions are not really going to be able to fact that in the short term, in the long run, absolutely, the russians, russian military were much weakened by the sanctions that have been placed against them in law present. got to me as the lensky is hoping for progress in ukraine's application to join the european union. he submitted a membership documents to the representative in keith. ukraine wants to be granted candidate status at an summit in june. we have to look at some of the stories making headlines around the world. turkey's defense ministry says it has attacked kurdish fighters in northern iraq, if used plains helicopters,
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and drones to head camps and ammunition stores belonging to the band kurdistan workers party the p k. k police in peru have begun destroying more than 16 tons of illegal drugs found in anti narcotics unit over the past 4 months. the looting truth cocaine, coca paste, and marijuana peru is one of the world's largest cocaine producing countries. china has reported its 1st 3 debt from the coven 19 outbreak in shanghai, as like, in cases, has led to locked down in the city of 26000000 people for 3 weeks. is part of the country's 0 coven policy, which is being met with growing anger and frustration. where scenes of descent hinting at growing anger under xing, eyes locked down, police and protective gear put an end to what was reportedly a protest against plans to set up an isolation complex in this neighbourhood.
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oh, hold of us here on law abiding citizens. we want to do what we can to help the country . you prohibited us from meeting others or even going outside anywhere. and we complied. but now you want to put highly infectious people less than 20 meters away from where we live. what more do we have to put up with upper loudspeakers summer residents to come out of their homes for mandatory testing? any one who trusts positive has sent to an isolation center for at least a week of observation. regardless whether they show symptoms with as many as a 1000 people packed in to make shipped facilities living conditions. there are also a source of frustration going to here. normally the bathrooms are not very clean. that's understandable because so many people are using them and cleaners and
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volunteers can't keep on for their little dirty. and we haven't been able to take a warm shower. the lights are on all night long and so it's hard to film asleep. these are the things that people are complaining about most. we see them on his anger. she. okay, should i ant with hollywood? and if i was on the doctors come by twice a day to take patients temperature with many exhibiting no symptoms at all. increasingly, people are more concerned about the hardships the outbreak is causing than the virus itself, or a high shooter. at 1st, people was scared of the virus and were panicking. but with the figures that are being published every day, people have started to accept the fact. but this particular virus is not that horrible then additionally, i think there's been a change in every once thinking no, no. but so far there is no sign of a change in thinking by china's communist leaders. they continued to insist that the country must stick to its tough measures aimed at eliminating the virus.
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journalist fabian crouch, my has more on time as 0 cove. it policy when shanghai very little because the people are really affected by, i mean they really had enough there the they are, am in a very precarious situation. they are affected by the locked on her policy. they're the victim so to speak. and the criticism is really very loud and gets increasingly and yet drastic, i would say, especially on social media. however, in the more rural areas and, and are those areas were not affected by the locked ons right now that it's still support, but we should not forget that. and i mean we basically lithium china, dystopian and information control environment. the censorship is huge and am how the estate media and basically covers the virus situation is a quite a manipulator. for example, they exaggerate the, the, a virus a spread in, in a broad why they basically an idealized the situation here. i mean, how they cover shanghai, for example, is quite different than a foreign media would cover it. they sure am. yeah. well equipped and were stocked
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up supermarkets and show images that basically don't represent the reality. thousands of worshippers gathered and prayed at the western wall in jerusalem as part of the jewish pos of a festival. security was tight following recent sectarian violence in the city. it's been a unique celebration though with pa sofa coinciding with the christian festival of easter and the most am fostering month of ramadan ah, the wailing wall in jerusalem, where thousands of devout jews receive a priest's blessing. the rituals attracting particularly large numbers during the jewish pass over festival police presence insecurity. checks have been massively increased for days now because this year the jewish passover is taking place. at the same time of the muslim ramadan holiday. all the jews are coming from all over israel with some people overseas. came year old dog situation a little bit tight, but people believe that this is our place and they enjoy the more and
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they came here to bread. just a few meters away, right wing nationalist jews are visiting the temple mount, although they are forbidden to pray. here from his limbs to alex, a mosque is a holy place. even a visit under police protection is a provocation in the eyes of miss lynde, palestinians, violence between israeli police and palestinians has already broken out twice since friday. on sunday, police also forced entry into the mosque for what they said was a search for weapons. a 170 people were injured mostly on the palestinian site in response to the arab party. rom threatened to leave the israeli government coalition alliance. and what happened at alex across was the red line. so does the behavior of the police specifics on what do you mean? red line model? oh, we've shown the government the yellow card. if the continue like this, there will be the red kinessa deborah, and this is a threat that has no consequences for the time being because the israeli parliament
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is still in recess until the beginning of may amend shula. thin victors gains a competition for wounded military veterans is underway in the hague, in the netherlands. despite the war, ukraine has sent a team. they want to draw attention to the price of their homeland and went the medals. once this is over, dmitri will get back to defending his country. he's one of 19 ukranian veterans competing here, given special permission to do so by president volota may zalinski us would have bri, nobody is in our government decided we should be here despite the difficult situation to us. i talked to the world, tell the world that people are dying, but also that others are fighting and surviving. the not all of the tea made is out . there, archery coach demetrius a dork was killed in fighting earlier this month. because of it,
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one of the lensky used his nightly addressed congratulate the ukrainian team on its early success course. both with the competitions 1st day, which started in the netherlands, the ukrainians won gold, silver, and bronze labor. also, they may be away from ukraine, but the hearts and minds are still back home. and a sophia's mother, a paramedic, was also supposed to take part. but she said to have been taken hostage by russian forces in mary u. paul paula. so people know this sedation never forgets what's happening. whole ukraine, this is terrifying. and this is for this laurie massey and that's a sentiment echoed by everyone competing in the games you are to did up in years. he has reminder of our top story. he claims president vladimir, unless he says the russian military has begun the battle for don bass. he thought
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comes as russia dropped bombs on a steel plant. all poll ukrainian troops had to fight most best or does to surrender. well, that's a drop the dates coming up next is daniel winter with all the latest business i'll see said about not just another day. so much is happening all at once. we take time to understand this is the day an in depth look at the current news events analyzed by experts and critical thinkers. this is with weekdays on d. w. on the green fed.


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