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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 21, 2022 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is the w. news ly from berlin, ukrainian fighters under siege are defying a russian ultimatum to lay down their arms. ukraine has proposed direct unconditional talks with russia to save the lives of soldiers and civilians. still trapped in the city of mario pope. also coming up ukraine, excuse it's dead from mass graves gathering evidence of possible war crimes as relatives watch on,
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including this mother whose son never came home. and russia says it has successfully carried out a test. lot of its new intercontinental ballistic missile. washington says it is not concerned about this test. and in france, the 2 presidential candidates face offered their only debate before sunday's run of election. president manuel mccall and his far right challenge of marine la pen clash over her links to russia. money. and his record in governing france ah, i'm good. how else as well come to the program? ukraine says it has a proposed negotiations to save those trapped in the besieged port city of mario pope. it comes as a key put in ally says russian troops will have complete control of the cities as
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of stell steel plants to day. the planters where ukrainian saw hold up the last place in mario po, not yet on the russian controlled. soldiers have defied russian demands to surrender. the as of star plant is also a refuge for up to 2000 civilians. that's according to ukrainian officials. recent efforts to open humanitarian corridors to allows billions to leave have been largely unsuccessful. chechen soldiers on patrol in matter you pull them into distance as of style steel works, russian soldiers are here to. they've hung red flags along a possible route for ukrainian forces who wish to surrender. their fight for control of their city may be almost over. shall dorsey being the civilians trapped inside the us of the style complex. you have no way of leaving their bunkers askew care because they're afraid of the constant shelling and the russians pledge of
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a ceasefire. never came true bushy mess. disney lisa but in key ukraine's president followed the media to lansky. speaking alongside european council president shall michelle remains defiant. duct she clothes mighty, hopefully, all our guys and matter. you pull want a victory, which they want the city to be liberated orders book, no one is going to surrender to the enemy as the other. so that's how they feel. that's who they are to. that's what's inside their souls. the key yet he won, the eve said, ending with a few. in moscow, russian president vladimir putin said russia would work to quote, normalized life in ukraine's eastern industrial hard land nodding. it would change for the better. lasha knew him persuasion to them, but back and my tuple life is far from normal. these residents are evacuating
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a city that has been traumatic for weeks with. he is with martha live. we need a break after the shelling after this nightmarish. we've been hiding in basements for 30 days. oh boy, we want to go to my son's house. he's waiting for me. mom, when are you coming? he keeps asking me. i have a son, a daughter in law, under granddaughter. my bought a ticket just before the war, and then on the 24th of february, it all began. and almost 2 months later, the war continues. these residents don't know when they will be able to return. as the battle from ru paul rages on with mario poor cut off our correspondence. rebecca writ, us is following the latest developments from the capital keith. and earlier i asked
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her what she's been hearing from the besieged port city. i see her there go ha, the next few hours are going to be really decisive in the seeds of mary paul, the chechen. later of the assault is there in mary paul on the russian side. fighting for that city saying that they will have full control of the city by the end of the day. that remains to be seen. but sydney is looking likely and of course has ukraine worried about the fate of the remaining ukrainian soldiers there in that as of the steel plants and some it's thought $1000.00 civilians that are also taking shelter under there. now yesterday, humanitarian corridor was open to was agreed to by the ukrainians and the russians, and was hoped that some 6000 civilians and soldiers that would be able to get out in that corridor. but as we know from previous humanitarian corridors,
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they are incredibly fragile. they're incredibly dangerous and very rarely says full and that was the case yesterday. unfortunately, it was not 6000, but rather a couple of dozen people that managed to use that corridor. some good news but not enough. and to that, you know, i, as we've been saying, today's very decisive in this battle for the city humanitarian catastrophe. with more than a $100000.00 people still believe, to be trapped in that city which looked soon to become under russian control. russia also staging a major offensive in the east of the country. any updates on that well, the battle for the don bath is as being dubbed is entering its 3rd day now. and we have seen an increase in gotten barman's in the hockey region. the need for a region and of course the don bass. we've seen increased shelling and gains and losses on both sides. ukrainian say they are managing to hold back the russian side of prevent them from moving forward. but you cra, russia rather was mad,
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did manage yesterday to take control of a small city there, but on the ukrainian side. vickery and i able to also recapture some small towns or in the dumbass, namely one near dawn, yet so wins and losses on both sides. but we are expecting that to ramp up, and we've seen thousands and thousands of people trying to leave that region. but you know, president soleski still calling get 4 more weapons to be able to fight the fight to defend ukraine and fight the russians down there in the east. the russians the landscape corps for more weapons. we've seen a lot of pledges of support these days from the g serpent, the un nato promises of more weapons and, and have a heavier weaponry of house are being received and he's well off, you know, he was very grateful for all the support it can get to your own salenti has said that europe is starting to see what they're facing and stepping up and definitely
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the, the plate pledges are welcomed. also seemed that 800000000 stella, you know, agreement from the us side and some of those weapons that was delayed. some planes have made their way already here to ukraine and some other part. so obviously, ukraine's ukranian authority is really grateful and happy for that. but there is also growing frustration here in keith about the pace at which the support is coming out. everyone has known that the battle for don bass that renewed aggression in the east was happening was going to happen for weeks and yet, you know, european leaders still sitting around discussing what they might send and when obviously keep, you know, needing those weapons. now they need them on the battlefield to be able to defend russia, and they've been saying that they're not just doing it for you crime, but doing it for all of your it all correspond rebecca written as they're reporting from keith. thank you. rebecca. meanwhile ukrainian investigators are carrying out
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the painstaking work of exhuming bodies from makeshift graves is part of an efforts to gather evidence of alleged atrocities committed by russian troops. hundreds of dead civilians have been found and i'll forensic teams to their work. relatives of those killed weight nearby to claim their loved ones or correspondence monte us. bellingham visited the town of bordeaux, dunker near chief and spoke to one mother whose son never came home for the police . it has become a grim routine. dozens of mass graves have been opened here in the past few weeks. but for an addition, a boy called this is the day she has been waiting for. her son is being ex you today. usually the more he was on his way back, he called to say he'd be home seen, but he never came question to him, boy cole was shot on the street in the early days of the war. his body was given a makeshift burial on the grounds of
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a hospital when the morgue had to close because it had no power. please say that here in the northern suburbs of keys, they have recovered more than 1000 forty's. the blue with the town of what a young girl was heavily shelled and unoccupied by russian forces. size is too far from normal supermarkets and shops looted and destroyed. people here depend on 8 deliveries to survive at the hospital. police have exam 9 bodies to day it was civilians were shocked and the streets are run over by tanks. some have yet to be identified. nozzle that got there, i bought that through. unfortunately, we'll be doing this work for many more years already. but we'll work as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. so we have sold evidence to hold the aggressor accountable in the international courts will receive. it's not only those who did it from you know,
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but also those who ordered you to get the more nikki of more. you cannot the recovered bodies are being sent to the morgue for forensic examination will then be returned to their relatives. that is the film. i know that his soul is gone. i know this is just a body, but it's the body that i used to hug and love. you made it good. it's my child. i cry every day because of a boy. madison a boy cause one small comfort that soon she will be able to bury her son properly. let's have a look at some of the other developments in this war. but his prime minister barak johnson has arrived in india on a 2 day trip,
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focusing on defense and trade. united kingdom has been trying to persuade it yet to reduce its reliance on russia following the invasion of ukraine. india is a major recipient of russian fossil fuels and weapons and warn ukraine overshadowed the g 20 meeting of finance minister in indonesia, those countries finance minister said some members were concerned about the humanitarian crisis and economic impact and financial impact of this war. delegates from the u. s. canada and europe walked out in protest when russian officials addressed the meeting. the u. n's, refugee agency says more than 5000000 ukrainians have fled abroad in the 8 weeks since russia launched its invasion. more than 200000 nationals of other countries have also escaped ukraine to neighboring countries. russia's aggression has triggered the fastest growing refugee migration in europe since world war 2. russia's defense ministry says it as successfully completed the test of
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a new intercontinental ballistic missile launch took place in north western russia . close the finish border. it hit its target in the cum shatka peninsula, eats east of japan called the sar match. the long range weapon has been in development for several years. russian officials say it can defeat existing missile defense systems. us defense official said russia gave advanced warning of the test and did not consider it a threat. the united states, russian president vladimir putin, however, framed the test as a warning it, when you can, these truly unique weapon will in handsome, military potential of armed forces. it will reliably provides a key routine from russia, from external threats, and will make those who in the heat of frantic aggressive rhetoric try to threaten our country, think twice with for more this, let's bring in frank lead, which she's a former military intelligence officer. and alex's in military capabilities and
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strategy at the university of portsmouth. frank, what do we know about this? a miss al? should we be worried? no, not really. analissa been waiting for this vehicle. this rocket to be tested for about a year. park of a decade long program to replace what nato calls the say to him, by the way was made to me pro in ukraine to the other night late eighty's early ninety's. so we're looking for a replacement for this is it? it was tested yesterday. nothing particularly to worry about because it's likely to be, it was accompanied by the expected sabre rattling, but it's really nothing particularly out of the ordinary. there's been a lot of speculation as to whether moscow my turn to tactical nuclear weapons. this is an interconnected continental strategic missile. but what does it say about the
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nuclear threat? well, it has to be said that there is a nuclear threat arising from ukraine. it's different in scale from that presented by the, the new miss style that was tested yesterday. and it is a serious threat. we speak a lot, don't we about chemical weapons, which is a weapon of mass destruction. technically, that really isn't relatively low like casualties. but a nuclear weapon, of course, is entirely different. and you can use a tactical nuclear weapons, is present russian military doctrine, particularly and break through the kind of was say, no, you cry. no, i don't think it's likely that they will use such a weapon. but it does exist in that doctrine. if you really ation, if you kind of throw back the russians are facing human nation and defeat, that will be an option. however, nato has been playing a really quite clever game over the last week anyway, over this, they have been adopting enough to do what's called constructive ambiguity. that
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made it very clear that there will be serious consequences that have been left until those consequences will be on the have plenty of arrows in the quiver to be able to deter this. if it is very lucky, it will, by the way. now the white house, it did not seem to be too fast about this test, saying that they had been given advance notifications. what does that tell you? it simply confirms that this was an expected test. as i said, this is a decade long program to, to replace an old system. the americans are conducting similar replacement, texas sciences. interestingly, i think it was 2 weeks ago. the americans postponed a similar test or tested a similar kind of missile intercontinental ballistic missile. so as to avoid any sense of escalation in this context, because that's not the approach russia takes. so now the pentagon moving particularly about this, they've been watching it for
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a long time. they're expecting it. it happened. it succeeded in suppose it was supposed to on development, will continue in russia as it will in america. now frank, it's not a day 3 of what's considered a russia's new offensive in easton, you cried. what stands out to you compared to the last 2 months of fighting? well, 1st of all, what we're seeing now is 2nd world war style. entrenchment, battles, and circum, or attempts by russian forces to ent, circle the crating forces, particularly in this arrow donuts region. now that's in that far in the south se there's a salient, a bose international car territory. what the russians are trying to do is cut off, you kind of forces in it's a grinding battle. i don't think the russians are ready for it. that feeding people in piece meal yesterday, ukrainian intelligence, which i found quite interesting,
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said that they killed between 25 and 30 libyan and syrian mercer. he said something about manning situation of the russians. they are clearly on a deadline, on a timeline. otherwise, they would not have conducted this attack at this time. they had make some games. as the reporter said earlier, what's interesting me, however, in the north around caught carcass what my represents to know the the russians desperately trying to retake ground your trainings took last week. so this is a grinding struggle is going on as we speak. many people are being killed and the russian secret breakthrough they have not made a break through. the area we're talking about is actually composed quite large if many towns in that move in those areas, you plaintiff forces will be able to leverage our advantages. but we haven't got to that point yet, that fighting on the edges of federal done, it's russians claim to take in a couple of small towns this or this battle will go on for several weeks. frankly,
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which that former military and military intelligence officer. thank you very much. thank you. got the 1st week. so of the invasion, russia seized control of the 2 noble nuclear power plant. that's a side of the world's worst nuclear accident. it was the 1st time that soldiers have occupied nuclear power plant as part of a warm weeks after moscow's forces. left reports continued to emerge of the reckless actions they took, their russian offices exposing their own soldiers to extremely high and dangerous doses of radiation. this is one of the most radioactive places in the world. yet the more than a month, russian soldiers lived here. digging deep into the contaminated soil of the chernobyl exclusions own ukrainian officials say that bunking down in the zone so
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called red forest manned up costing some of the troops, their lives, horribly seed, their shoes, 3 little corporal in the red forest where russians dug trenches, ally they lived here, only breathed in dust. here, usual cooked their food, and set fire's hair, a hoodie. look for a while when the thought so gross was burnt, and they inhaled burnt substances you with the holy, which hang a 3rd of course it will damage their healthily fixer. it will kill some of them slowly, profoundly, and some of them will be, will die quickly. ah, dick, if which with go with it but rushes occupation of this site, but more than the lives of it soldiers in danger. for a time, the decommission plant was cut off from the power grid and forced to rely on diesel generators to keep critical safety systems running, sparking phase of a new nuclear disaster reaching well beyond ukraine. when russian troops hurt a left, at the end of march, they looted offices some report li even stole highly radioactive materials,
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possibly to sell ukrainian authorities still unable to monitor radiation levels at the site off to soldiers, also stole the systems main server. chernobyl was never ready for a military occupation with the russians gone for now, and the anniversary of the 1996 disaster approaching. authorities are working to make sure it will be more prepared in the future. as have look now as some of the other stories making use around the world is railey warplanes struck the gaza strip overnight after palestinian extremists fired for rockets into southern israel. it's the biggest escalation between hamas and islamic group which governs the palestinian territory. and israel forces since last year's 11 day war a small commercial airplane crashed on to a street in the haitian capital puzzle, france killing 6 people. lane went down shortly after takeoff due to engine failure,
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every one on both the aircraft and one pedestrian were killed. a wildfire has forced more than 2000 people to flee their homes in the u. s. state of arizona. strong winds. triple the size of the blaze of fire consume forest areas and destroyed buildings. region has been suffering from a drought for decades. united kingdom's queen elizabeth has turned 96 years old. she's expected to mark the occasion with quite celebration away from the public guide. it's been a difficult here for the biggest monarch with concerns over health and questions over the future of the monarchy. we went to france now with the 2 candidates and next sunday's presidential election squared off. they're only televised debates. the duel on wednesday was one of the last chances for incumbent immanuel mccall and his father. i challenge a melinda penn to sway voters,
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and there were some fiery exchanges on the streets of paris. it was billed as france against france and the big argument a life tv deal between french president emanuel micron and the woman who wants his job fall right challenger, mattie le pen move while i go to school. so go home, the bug you civil, told it a little crazy go said. and under the glare of the studio lights, the gloves were off with current president. in manion, the kron attacked martin le pen, because of her past dealings with russia, as in you, that's good for dip on, did you depend on russian power? you depend on mister putin as a few months after saying that madame le pen, that you took out a loan from a russian bank in 2015 for the 1st check russian bank, the self tick cushion bank. when you don't talk to other leaders, you talk to your banker when talking to russia. this is the problem with only vol
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pleasant. le pen insisted she was independence of moscow and returned to a clean of her campaign the rising cost of fuel and essentials. megan laughed hoarse in if coffee objected a court martial my read on all the sanctions that were taken against the oligarchs against the bang us lesson. the only sanction that i disagree with is the one blocking russian gas or oil import zuka. why? because i think that's not the right method. this is not what will actually hurt russia in it, and above all, it will hurt the french people a lot which is equal to so fair. i know him on multiple before said all she took the candidates clashed over microns, economic track record over the last 5 years. and climate change. your answers not again, but on immigration in the treatment of muslims in france. the candidates policies a far apart as a ship, all i want is about the head job in public spaces. i'll say it on the clearest
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possible way. the fail is a uniform imposed by islamist was the apology. said miss rosalie, you will create a civil war in the housing projects. madame laverne, i'm being honest, what you're saying is very serious. it was good. we did say go here and they don't accept that because what you said is very serious. i got to think it on an opinion poll from a french broadcaster found over half of the viewers surveyed adult micron was more convincing in the debate. but french voters will have the last word in sundays run off election. wimbledon organizers have banned russian and bella rouge and tennis players from this year's tournament because of the war in ukraine. the band will prevent a number of top rank players from competing in the grand slam event, a kremlin. that's called it unacceptable. and both the russian, men's and women's tennis associations say the banners discriminatory. the green,
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green grass of wimbledon possible. what makes it arguably the most well known tennis tournaments in the world? but this year no russians or better ruffians will grace the hello tough organizers taking the decision. because quote, it would be unacceptable for the russian regime to derive any benefits from the involvement of rational bella roosting players with the championships. the ban means big name players like the needle medford of the russian world. number 2 and batteries is arena, isabella anchor, who reached the wimbledon semifinals last year. won't be allowed to take part. in february, the international olympic committee called on sports bodies to ban russian and bell roost in athletes. but wimbledon is going against the grain in tennis. at regular tournaments, players from russia and batteries can take part as neutrals, others in the sport, believing it's unfair to punish individuals for a regimes actions. when bowden though, closing its gates to russia and belarus,
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the possibility of someone from those countries lifting the famous trophy and the resulting propaganda boost back home too much for organizes to bath. that's it for me and the news seem of fun. now i'll have an update for you at the top of the hour and look, go away though. up next is focus on europe, taking a look at the plight of surrogate mothers in youth frame. and there's always a website for more news d, w dot com. i swat ah ah
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ah ah ah ah, with good morning during war, living by you korean, sorry, get mother's fear of the bombs has prevented the beast from being picked up. ah marina and spent, nanette have been teaching to you in this key bomb shelter for weeks. ah, focus on europe. on
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d. w. into the conflict zone with sebastian, russian forces have begun. the 2nd phase of the war and ukraine gave you an official said, they were confident they could hold off the offensive as the war goes on, she believes the danger arising. he's mean of course java, great granddaughter of the former soviet lead indicator crucial conflicts on 60 minutes on d, w. ah, it today and transformed into an orgy of hate and violence. the history of the ku klux klan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states. its members fight for races, state route,
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by white supremacy. what we're talking about here is not only disorganized violence, it's not only terrorism. it's politics. found it over 150 years ago. it's repeatedly died out, but always been resurrected. the ku klux klan starts may 11th on d. w. a with this is focused on europe. i'm lar babel loa, nice to have you with us. russia is launching fresh attacks. a new crane as moscow declares, a new phase of the war. ukrainian forces are calling on their allies to send more weapons with the conflict approaching its 2nd month places in ukraine's east and


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