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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  April 21, 2022 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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about here is not only disorganized violence, it's not only terrorism. it's politics. found it over 150 years ago. it's repeatedly died out, but always been resurrected. the ku klux klan starts may 11th on d. w with . this is focused on europe. i'm lar babel loa, nice to have you with us. russia is launching fresh attacks and new crane as moscow declares a new phase of the war. ukrainian forces are calling on their allies to send more weapons with the conflict approaching its 2nd month places in ukraine's east and south are under heavy bombardment. russia has sent thousands more troops to the
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region residents and you say cities and towns are once again fighting for survival . while amid the death and suffering new life is also beginning in ukraine. but for some newborns and their parents, the war is keeping them apart. commercial surrogacy is big business in ukraine. it's one of the few nations in europe that allows the practice. some to 1000 children are born through surrogacy in ukraine every year. the vast majority of those barriers belong to foreigners who traveled to ukraine to pick up their newborns. but the war has changed everything. one during the war, these babies have spent their entire lives in the senate. ukrainian surrogate mothers gave birth to them, but their parents from places like china, germany and italy have not been able to come and collect them due to the will. so for now, ninety's and messes like arena unsafe atlanta,
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a caring for these babies. in the hood j, which, when like all children, the need wolves and affections, we're trying to provide that while the moms and dads cannot deploy kim all of that, the mammals, as agencies, both women have been living here in the cellar with the babies for weeks. choosing not to flee beyaza an older than my colleague, which they have young children doing my mine a grown up. if i went to take care of the babies, i couldn't abandon them on the move. it was a bit this boy in they call valeri has been waiting for his chinese parents for months now. first go had prevented them from picking him up. and now the war, though it's been more peaceful since the russian army retreated from ki. so more parents are finally able to come here with him from what we've really hope they'll be able to collect their babies. now of all the, it's so sad that the babies couldn't spend his time with their parents from hearing
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their language instead of ours are on the nozzle. a scheduled examination of surrogate mothers is taking place at this clinic and keep the seconds since the invasion began. their clinic belongs to the largest firm in the surrogacy industry, which has come under investigation facing allegations of human trafficking business as boone for years. most of the women here including irina, tell us they plan to use the money to buy a home for their own families. but it's a huge strain to be pregnant. and i surrogate mother in the midst of a war arena is carrying the child of an israeli couple and had started to panic when she was unable to contact anyone from the company after the invasion in them also. so similar or silly at 1st i thought it's all over with dillard. what should i do now? we a boy. i already have 2 kids. so what do i do with the 3rd and i knew we are not allowed to keep. so again, babies of nice to be and if i go to jail them, yeah,
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you'll take care of my own children, but the most to knock away, i thought a slave, but them now they're all trying to carry on like before the invasion, nasty, i remains confident that there will gary in parents, his baby she is carrying will be able to collect their child as single mother with 2 children of her own nasty. a comes from a keeps above and decided not to flee. mom on my own in boston, a one year to a local dog, got sued image. when i remember, let me just leave with me. could those but i was extremely worried about the child was the in case there was shots or explosions on the journey, get the very, with was after a few weeks via people felt safer at home than elsewhere. what does a boston cham though? so i decided to stay from a good we'll yep. and yours was the, was the old sheila, how did so dorman? but everyone here is wondering what will happen next in the war. and what will the situation be like when it's time to give birth? in the store room, the medical director shows us his supplies. the painting of the 1st few weeks has
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subsided on and he says things are under control again mama that includes the issue with so again, mothers who fled to poland, but con, stay there with you. on the 4th quarter of the green milan, the business, the consumer garcia's illegal in poland, the which but many of our women about 10. are there city law? yes, but going good luck. i am okay. though, if they are 1216 or 20 weeks pregnant, me or you said michelle, they gave me their word that they'd return when they're in their 28th week. why then, what was it? after 28 weeks, the child was capable of surviving outside the womb was possibly it had been this video was made to reassure clients armed and insecure vehicles. the medical director is seen picking up newborns from the hospital after cove at 19 is the 2nd crisis for ukraine's surrogacy industry, but got a booklet couldn't can there initially, there were quarantine regulations fuels, but now it's fear that keeps parents away from him. couple 100 q. i bowed down to
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the parents who made it to key and i was despite the shelling an air, raid sirens unique when you please rally. they came to the shelter where their babies were living on you for your to the train station where we also handed over babies right by the train. those are true parents from the say should i do to the ukrainian authorities have removed some red tape to make it easier for parents to collect their babies. fed lana says she'll stay and care for their babies that are already here, and those that are yet to be boy, for as long as necessary. no matter how the world develops. while the majority of ukrainian refugees have fled to nearby countries, some have landed in turkey around $60000.00, according to the turkish foreign ministry. coastal say these like and talia that typically attract tourists are now also hosting ukrainian refugees. but turkey has close ties with moscow, and an talia's coast is a big draw for russian holiday makers,
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a bitter pill to swallow for ukrainians like tanya, moscow. she spends her days in the mediterranean thinking about the war and her homeland, while russian tourists bask in the sun. some sand and sea, even in spring, the turkish coastal city of antalya offers everything of vacationers. hark could desire. but tanya, most kai is not in a holiday mood while her 2 children venture into the water, the ukrainian is thinking about her homeland. when the war broke out, she and her children fled. keep for turkey by a romania. but even at the beach, she still can't relax. you come for now. she shing him. or what was the right to what bothers me is that i don't know what kind of people are around me right now. okay. where do they come from? yeah, honey. what did they think about my heritage and my country? my, you know, unless now my use that a little because antalya is
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a popular destination for tourists from russia, the country that has invaded her homeland ukraine. tanya knows that the majority of russians support putin's policies. yet most of the russians at this beach are reluctant to talk about the war lugen. so there are no directly to basically, we love our country, our people, and our lives in russia when he mimes. but we also understand what's happening in ukraine ah, green, but the more lead times you can't lay mas russians for that sin of many people just believe it when russian t. v claims that the ukrainian army is attacking it's on target. some in the savannah ali here, douglas, i'm a sub waiver you it before the war. $2000000.00 ukrainians also vacationed on the turkish riviera every year. now they're staying away. but turkish tour operators are hoping to attract even more russian tourists. many here are glad that turkey is
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not imposing sanctions on russia. let's see, level sher, who's in debt and the future, the russian market can potentially supply 50 percent of all our tourists, difficult headed goon or cool to russia has assured us that up to 30 charter flights per day could soon be arriving here. one of the 2 key noun by a bit nurtured ubiquitous turkey is one of the last countries in europe still fully open to russians, including oligarchy who moore, their super yachts here safe from sanctions. so that i shall molar turkish president recept, tie yeap air to won, calls both ukraine and russia. friends. he offered to mediate between the 2 warring parties so far without success. tanya and her children are staying with turkish friends. the 2 families got to know one another before the war till father hub. it is then we try to distract her,
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so she doesn't watch so much use otherwise, she won't stop crying moody. it does hot mean too, but distraction doesn't always work. tanya's husband is still and keep helping with the civil defense trucks, mostly little original school grain. no, i want to go back to my husband usually bring to my homeland ducks, but i'm afraid and i don't know how to live with my fia. you say i hear stories about girls gets how right is the committee between 10 and 14 years of age, stick of my link if they're in hospital and quite a few are pregnant. and so here in the hills above antalya, the ukranian is caught up again and again by the brutal war crimes in our homeland, while russian tourists on themselves on the beaches below as nights. yeah. which is according to, you know, i'm a very level headed person. i avoid conflict,
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and i hardly ever start arguments, but seeing people from russia, spending the vacations here and having a good time makes me pretty mad. look, she brought us go directly to school tanya mosque. i would also have liked to enjoy a relaxing family vacation in antalya this year. but right now, each visit to the beach is a painful experience. far from mass tourism and crowded beaches as extra madura in spain. the region which is west of the capital madrid is known for its breast taking nature at despite the beauty, all is not well on ease la, devoured the can. yes, a luxury resort was erected in the middle of a bird sanctuary. and now a court has deemed it illegal and ordered it to be demolished. a victory for julio says, are an environmentalist, but a huge below for the property owners who are crying foul
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upon entry, it's clear this is an exclusive resort from the golf course and marina to the discreetly placed villas. the marina dable de conyers rest on an island in a large reservoir. from above, you can hardly see there are any buildings, but this is a nature preserve and bird sanctuary. so the settlement has to go down below in paradise. it's red alert, a member of a crisis meeting is held in. the complex is 4 star hotels, unaccompanied them in attendance or owners feel mostly wealthy people from madrid who pit upwards of half a 1000000 euros for their villas. settlement and local villagers is unit 8 la united in their anger like they think the total demolition by court order is insane . about me. what was her before asked this speaker laugh pointing to a mound of garbage. who cared about the environment, then you can't do it. i know that i'm looking at the window that it must go. we all
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agree that court rulings must be followed, but i think they just didn't have all the relevant information at hand. and now we're in an absolutely kafka ask situation. the x ray, my daughter, a 2 hour drive south west of madrid is a natural paradise. but it's also want to spain's poorest regions. here a 3rd of the population lives at or below the poverty line. l gordo, bill is next door to the resort once had nearly 2000 residence. now there are just 400 people from madrid saved us. they say suddenly there were jobs in the hotel and on the golf course. and property taxes for the village coffers. janet solder returned to go to a few years ago. she sold her house in town and put all her money into this shop.
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but the villagers seldom shop here. her business caterers to wealthy clientele who stop in on their way to the weekend home. mother said, i don't know what we might have to close up shop and we've only just opened then we can flush our whole investment down the drain money. and it just makes me sad because we'd have to leave the village again. so far, the middle is intact in every one is going about their daily business. but years of legal battles have already left their mark. because even before the last ruling, the demolition ruling construction was halted. the project developers are bewildered. they tried to do everything right. make everything pretty, not like the concrete monstrosity of the seventy's and eighty's. but did they never have 2nd thought, but i did not know what i never heard. that after the 1st ruling,
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the regional government even amended the land use laws. they are entitled to do that. if you got up with that mindset, so we assume that there would not be the slightest problem in environmental activists say, what didn't fit was simply made to fit. julio caesar is one of the campaigners who filed suit against the madina, the valid gun. yes. probably making him one of the least popular people in the district. but that doesn't phase him. everyone knew that this was a nature preserve, that birds live and greed here. and still, they built, it's a commotion, don't think $1.00 and then he has a follow that this is going to set a president of ours. like i think this was a month d n a. if you don't turn it down and leave it as it is, because it's already standing by all the court rulings and all the surveys. so that sending a signal most in spain, you can do whatever you want on a total demolition. that means everything,
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not just the hotel and houses, but also power boxes, waterlines, and sports fields. this would have to be handled by the regional government, which had approved at all in the regional parliament. they val to fight the ruling all the way to the spanish constitutional court that may also have to do with money . because the cost of demolition and compensation for the owners is estimated at $140000000.00 euros. if it really comes to that spanish taxpayers will be financing a 1st class funeral for the medina deposit con you us will. environmental protection is also a top priority for john and edward towers. the english dairy farmers loved their job and their livestock, but cows are climate killers. they emit methane, which is a lead and contributor of greenhouse gases at their farm and fall tenure.
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lancashire, an experiment is under way to make the industry greener. the cows had been put on a modified diet, designed to clear the air. ah, ah, count, succeed a certain common wisdom and provide us with food. john and edward towers have a special bond with these animals, father and son, a dairy farmers in northern england. their only concern is that their cows produce large quantities of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. if we talk, solve the problems that we've got with him industry. and its affects him upon and about way. we can't produce milk and people can drink milk. we need to solve these problems. awesome industry for industry to carry on because it is not serving upon it well wishing of it. there are some 1500000000 cows on the planet.
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they produce a 3rd of the world's methane emissions, mainly through their belching. this makes the mach lima hazard. so the towers are experimenting with a new type of feed supplement made from garlic and citrus. it influences enzymes in the kaos, stomach and intestines. the astonishing result, the cows emit a 30 percent less methane, that i was received regular visits from other farmers and agricultural experts like these representatives from a livestock auction house that towers one that visitors to recommend the new product so that more farmers can reduce their carbon footprint is about 50 percent of most farms. carbon footprint. is that and sorry me found
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a mission so it would then knock your effect. the knock our product down by about 15 percent in terms of the overall carbon footprint. this is the product we're, we've been fading so as a gala, his citrus that, that is fairly strong smelling. if you want to have a low with there, don't get too close. guess ill. i'll knock your socks off, but clearly the me alternatives to cow's milk, such as soil, out and am, and milk have been gaining popularity in recent years. that's the trend the towers and determined to stop their family has lived in lancashire, for centuries. farmers here claimed that the soil is to pull for most crops, but perfect for cows to graze. protect in the earth is something farmer john towers sees as his special responsibility a fail. i am very fortunate to be working with the younger generation of my family
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who are probably more foresighted than i am. and there could see the change coming faster than i could see goldman and they've driven our business in that direction to face the challenge. and to adapt our market to what our consumer is actually looking for. feeding the garlic supplement to their $400.00 cows cost the towers about $20000.00 a year. in the future, the climate friendly milk should be a part of emissions trading, allowing pharmacy to offset the additional costs. it towers says, i want to put solar panels on and i want to have electric charges and i want to let you know hover her co roseville again, so that i can capture the mayfair and use it for instructors all and things cost money. and if we do them all at once, run out of caution them. we're a terrible example. even the more than ideas we're going to work. and so it's a case if i'm sometimes raining in your ambitions or making sure you got partnerships with other companies also have the same kind of values issue many farm
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as an old school and reluctant to change says john towers. but if the rent sun aim to do everything in that power to make other dairy farmers more climate conscious, and they have one good argument in their favor. their milk doesn't taste of garlic at all. now to the happiest place on earth, finland for a 5th year in a row, it has topped the list of the world's happiest countries. so where in lies the secret for sale, a hunk of war, a happiness is spending time with her family, enjoying the great outdoors. despite her country's reputation as our doesn't take her blessings for granted. finland shares a border with russia and the war and ukraine has prompted fins to reassess the threat. their neighbor poses living way up north means long periods
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of cold and darkness. yet fin say they are the happiest people on the planet. so a lot of offices fell iowa, one resilience and a lot of respect of a nature that makes us happy someone and see a lot of stuff in vice level thought. well that, and some delicious food by the lake fan, la hon. gov already and her family come here once a week for nights menu, salmon, and grilled vegetable lake. and yet b as in lapland, the northernmost part of finland. it's the place of their dreams. a thornberry on more than one. i love these hills. it's the landscape of my soul, a honda. when i stand on top of that mountain overlooking the vast life, i just feel small and insignificant on the fan and then all my day to day worries also seem trivial. that's one reason why she and her family are looking for a new home. here in lapland,
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the content manager comes from the south of finland. now she and her husband want to move to lab land, along with their 2 children neat and me glass to allow the youngsters to spend as much time as possible in nature far from urban life. that's why the family is moving around in search of their happy place. preferably one with few other people . ah, even though hell think he is considered one of europe's greenest and most easy going capital, it has too much stress and too little nature for this family. alongside nature, the finish state itself is a major factor in the happiness of its citizens. latest up also here, while we have freedom of the press and freedom of expression in finland, there are free elections and the level of corruption is very low. it's on the roof, you also have the feel good package of the welfare state law, child benefit,
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unemployment benefits, and pensions. it gives people the feeling that the state actually cares about somebody that who all but can this welfare state protected citizens from an outside threat? that's something many friends worry about, including saddler family. finland's border with russia is more than a 1000 kilometers long, and russia is an unpredictable neighbor whose attack on ukraine has shocked the world. okay, me at the 2 of those and worried about the current situation in him, but i try not to think about it and hope that everything will get better soon down by think. i don't want it to take over my life. he thought because that would just make me feel unhappy. the family's mood is however, quite relaxed. it's still the season for winter sports and by introducing on the and me class to snowboarding, saw law is passing on her love for lap lands, great outdoors. here the ski season lasts from october to may,
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but the sonnet season is year round. for fin every day is a good day for a sana. so an american say i could poly on sooner is a big deal here in polio on a pool. we often take a sona sometimes on special occasions like christmas omit summer, 3 times a day. now. you know it brings people together a honey one and get a taking a so now means cleansing your body and your mind was woman. can there be happiness without it? in oscar like no way to sell, so now goes hand in hand with happiness. it really plays a big part in our lives. freedom is decisive for her happiness, says sala, han cover, waddy. some day she hopes to travel all over europe with her family before returning to her favorite lake and lapland. her happy place. that's all from us this week at focus on europe. don't forget you can watch more of
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our show online at d. w dot com. thanks for your company. i for now ah ah ah ah, with
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who into the conflict zone with sebastian? russian forces have begun the 2nd phase of their war and ukraine. ukrainian officials said they were confident they could hold off the offensive. as the war goes on, he believes the danger arising. he's nina, of course java, great granddaughter of the former soviet lead indicate the crucial conflict zone in 30 minutes on d. w. the fate of a nation,
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the history of the red army. in part, one of our documentary founded in 1918 to defend the young, the soviet union. but the real test of the red army was yet to come. the great patriotic war against nazi germany, ah, in 75 minutes on d, w o. my name is jolanda and i have paid almost every price of being the journey in a country like switching i was threatened. i was jailed, i was a tag. there are more people like me and guardians
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of truth. john de dod and mexican investigative journalist, unavailable. now, this is, i mean, every day the government is saying, mom, she's been digging the country soil to find out the truth. they want to kill me and they try many times. people need to know what is happening with truth starts may 3rd. oh d w ah
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ah, ah ah, ah, this is the w news lied from berlin. ukrainian fighters under siege are defying a russian ultimatum to lay down their arms. ukraine has proposed direct unconditional talks with russia to save the lives of soldiers and civilians trapped in the city of mario. also coming up ukraine exhumed it's dead from mass graves, gathering evidence of possible war crimes ass relatives watch on, including this mother.


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