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sports may 3rd and more d w ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, this is news live from rural in the iron grip rushes. why don't we put in claims victory in the receive city of matthew bolt, but calls off the storming of the last ukrainian hold out. instead, he orders a blockade of the last pockets of ukrainian resistance to avoid more russian losses . and then grim search for evidence of possible war crimes. ukraine exudes is dead
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from mass graves searching for clues. we hear from a mother whose son never came home. ah. hello everyone, i'm layla rock. thank you very much for joining us. russian president vladimir putin has tried to claim victory in muddy ball saying his forces have successfully liberated the port city in south eastern ukraine. the as of style a steel plant is the last place in my new ball still in ukrainian hands. it's believed some 2000 soldiers and around a 1000 civilians are sheltering. their cave is demanding. moscow opened a humanitarian corridor to let them sleep. in a televised meeting, president potent told his defense minister say gate shall go to blockade the as of south steel plants,
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and i'm told that president biden is speaking right now. let's go to washington and listening to what he has to say. we had a good discussion, i'm talking about what i'm about to tell you about today as well as he was thanking american people for their support, understands and significance about keeping everyone together in terms of european union and others in the effort to stop putting brutality. but before i head out to the west coast, i want to quickly update the american people on the latest steps were taken to support the people of ukraine and the whole potent accountable for his brutal and bloody war. russian forces have retreated from keith, leaving behind them a horrifying evidence you've seen. and you reported folks, by the way, i, i say this often, but i think we should give enormous credit to folks with your agencies that are on
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the ground in ukraine, in the spots. and they're, they're really a, i've spoken to several of them. it's we owe them. but uncovering these evidences of their atrocities and war crimes against ukrainian people is so clear to the whole world. now they've launched refocused their campaign to seize new territory eastern ukraine. and we're in a critical window now a time where that they're going to set the stage for the next phase of this war. and united states and our allies and partners are moving as fast as possible to, to, to pride ukraine. the forces that they need, the weapons they need, excuse me, the equipment they need, their forces need to defend their nation. last week, i signed that $800000000.00 package of security assistance to ukraine and included new capabilities like artillery systems and armored personnel carriers. equipment that is responsive to ukraine's needs and tailored to support the intensified fighting in the down boss region which is
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a different war than and other places. because both top graphically it's different as flat it's. it's not in the mountains, and it requires from kinds of weapons to be more effective today, announced another $800000000.00 to further augment ukraine's ability to fight in the east. in the dumbass region. this package includes heavy artillery weapons, dozens of howitzers, and $144000.00 rounds of ammunition to go with those howitzers. it also includes more tactical drones. in the past 2 months, we've moved weapons and equipment to ukraine, record speed. we've sent thousands of anti armor and anti missile helicopters, drones, grenade launchers, machine guns, rifles, radar systems, more than 50000000 rounds of ammunition and our united states alone has provided 10 anti armor systems for every one russian tank that's in ukraine. a can to one ratio where sharing will continue to share a significant timely intelligence with ukraine,
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helped defend them against russian aggression. and on top of this, these direct contributions from united states were facilitating where they are facilitating the significant flow of weapons and systems to crane from other allies and partners around the world. like the s 300 long range anti aircraft systems. as slovakia recently transferred and we are getting them in there, we won't always be able to advertise everything we that our partners are doing to support ukraine is fight for freedom but to modernize teddy roosevelt's famous advice. sometimes you will speak softly and carry a large javelin, because we're sending a lot of those as well. you know what, we're not, we're not sitting on a funding. the congress has provided for ukraine. we're sending it directly to the front lines of freedom to the fearless and skilled ukrainian fighters who are standing in the breach. you gotta admit, you must be amazed at the courage of this country,
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the resolve that showing not just a moment, their military, but the average citizen, men and women, young young men, young women as well as the sustain and coordinate the support of the international community lead and facilitated by the united states, as it is a significant reason why ukraine is able to stop rush from taking over their country. this far, every american taxpayer, every member of armed forces, can be proud of the fact that our country's generosity in the skill and service of our military helped arm and repel russians aggression in ukraine. to beat back prudent savagery, i tried to seize you crazy capital and wipe out great government. the battle of key was a historic victory for ukrainians. there was a victory for freedom, one by the ukrainian people with unprecedented assistance by the united states and our allies in our partners. now, now we have to accelerate that assistance package. tell,
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prepare ukraine for russia's offensive. that's going to be more limited in terms of geography, but not in terms of brutality, not in terms of brutality. combined with our recent drop downs, it will ensure a steady flow of weapons and equipment in the ukraine over the next few weeks. however, but this latest disbursement, i'm almost exhausted to draw down authority. i have the congress authorized for ukraine in a bipartisan spending bill last month in order to sustain ukraine for the duration of this fight. next week i'm going to have to be sending to congress a supplemental budget request to keep weapons and ammunition flowing without interruption. the brave grain fighters continue to deliver economic assistance to the ukrainian people. hope and i, my hope is my expectation is congress would move and i quickly and i want to thank the congress, democrats and republicans for their support for the people have ukraine, our unity at home, our unity with our allies and partner in our unity with u k,
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people are sending unmistakable message approval. he will never succeed in dominating and occupying all of ukraine. he will not, that will not happen. in addition to boston, your brains resistance on the battlefield are also demonstrated in our support for the people of ukraine. today, the united states is announcing that we've intend to provide additional $500000000.00, indirect economic assistance to the crating government. this brings our total economic support to ukraine to $1000000000.00 in the past 2 months. this is money, the government can help you to stabilize their economy, to support communities that have been devastated by the russian onslaught, and pay the brave workers that continue to provide essential services to the people of ukraine. you know, these past weeks has seen a terrible human cost of putting the mission for conquest to control. process me. 2 thirds 2 thirds, while ukrainian children have been displaced in their home. more than 5000000
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ukrainians have fled, their country is absent outrage. the idea this is happy approaching the 2nd quarter. the 21st century is just last month when i was in europe. i now see united states would welcome 100000 ukrainians so that we share the responsibility of supporting ukrainians flame foods war machine. we've already welcome tens of thousands ukrainians united states. today. i'm announcing a program unite for ukraine, a new program to enable ukrainians seeking refuse to come directly from europe to the united states. this new humanitarian parole program will compliment the existing illegal pathways available to crannies included immigrant visas and refugee processing. it will provide an expedient channel for secure legal migration from europe to the united states for ukrainians. who have a u. s. sponsor such as
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a family or an n g o. this program will be fast. it will be streamlined and will ensure the united states honors and commitment to go to, to the people ukraine and need not go through our southern border. are also continuing to ratchet up the pressure on food and further iceland, russia on the world stage. yesterday, the treasury department rolled out additional measures to crack down on the entities and individuals attempting to evade our unprecedented sanctions. not just ours, but throughout the west. today i'm announcing that the united states will ban russian affiliated ships from our port as they did in europe. that means no ship, no ship sales under the russian fly, or that is owned or operated by russian interest will be allowed to dock in the united states port for access our shores. none, none. this is yet another critical step. we take it in concert with our partners and european union,
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united kingdom cannon and further to deny russia the benefits of international economic system that they so enjoyed in the past. we don't know how long this war will last. but as we approached the 2 month mark, here's what we do now. put in his fail to achieve his grand ambitions on the battlefield. after weeks of showing keith, keith still stands, pres lensky, and his democratic connected government still remain power and ukrainian armed forces joined by many brave ukrainian civilians have for the russians con, question their country eman bolster from day one by an unstinting supply of weapons, ammunition armor intelligence from the nations of the free world, led by us the united states. as russia continued to grind out the military advances, and their military adventures and the brutalities against ukraine, put this bank in our losing interest. that's been my view of you heard me say this
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from the beginning. he was counting on nato european union. our allies in asia cracking, moving away. he's betting on western unity will crack. he's still better not. and once again, we're going to prove him wrong. we will not lessen our revolve. we're going to continue to stay with the brave and proud people of ukraine. we will never fail in our determination to defend freedom in the post charity. it's as simple as that. so again, i want to thank the american people. thank american people for their support of the ukrainian people. this is our, this is our responsibility seems to me and we've been able to hold the whole world together in this effort. so thank you very much. thank you. the what does, i'm going to take this one or 2 question. why? why does it, what does proven claiming control over mary? is that how significant is that? well, 1st of all, it's questionable whether he does control mary. one thing for sure,
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we know about variable. he should allow your managerial corners to let people on that steel mill and other places are buried under rumble to get out to get out. that's what any, any, any head of state would do in such a circumstance. and so there is no evidence yet that mary paused completely fall. i title 40 or lady lizzie. what i consider it is continuing to hear from my my, 1st of all, there's going to be an appeal by the just department. because as a matter of principle, we want to be able to be in a position where if in fact it is strongly concluded by the scientists that we need title 42, that we be able to do that. but there has been no decision on extending title. 42. thank you. the monologue in the us maintain the level and piece of this military
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support for ukraine. i. we have a capacity to do this for a long time. the question is, are we to continue to maintain the supported international community and keep the pressure on kootenai to prevent him from over running the country? number one and number to make sure we continue to maintain the economic sanctions which over time and we're beginning to cedar devastating their economy in their ability to move forward. so the most important thing right now is maintain unity so far so good. thank you. i love him, a little money with and or 2 of your is just are joining us everyone. welcome to the of you news. we just heard president joe bind, delivering remarks on additional military assistance to ukraine. he announced to
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some $500000000.00 in direct economic assistance to the ukrainian government and to support ukraine. he pledged to send weapons to the front lies or the president are saying that to the package that he has committed to include heavy artillery and drones. he commended the ukrainian, resolved to repel russian forces and to help them in this new offensive debt at russia has launched in the east. um, i suggest we go now to our guest, a doctor. i glare at. net cough. she is an expert on russia's foreign and security policy and she joins us from london. thank you very much for your time. i don't know if she had the opportunity to listen in a to that press conference that we just aired. and i just wanted to get your reaction. how crucial is this additional $500000000.00 and a heavy weapon?
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is there a package that the u. s. is pledging to provide ukraine with? so i think it is important. i mean essentially as by self recognized what it. a does is it shows the us resolve to continue with terry to support ukraine. and i think that's very important because as you're kind of how talks about, you know, they are using up the military assistance that essentially the west is providing. and so they will keep on having to have reinforcement when dumbass enters, it's more active stage and effectively as you will be using off a lot of the sort of heavy machinery, heavy artillery that the u. s. is going to be sending them over something out there also i think is important is. 5 president biden's, recognition of the importance of the economic assistance to ukraine. from the credit standpoint, this is not the war is not only a heavy blow in the military and humanitarian temps, but also for the credit in economy. so that i am asked for example today has come
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out with the fact that the client will need sort of $15000000000.00 in assistance over the next 3 months, economically speaking. so i think his recognition that situation ukraine, is it a critical junction both in terms of security support, but also the economic assistance is very important. the situation is at a critical juncture and speaking of critical, i hope we can turn our attention out to the situation and marty, who paul, which has been reduced to a decimated house cape and that stand off at the steel plant there. what you think is behind president boons decision to not storm the steel plant? medical i think effectiveness of recognition that to store that will be very difficult for the russians and that they will sustain heavy losses and they will take a long time. so i would go along with sort of put in his own assessment that essentially it's not effective for the russian troop to store. met lose
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a lot of manpower and actually it is more effective from the point of view of the russian troops to blood could continue the blockade because of the clients are unable to resupply their troops in the adolfo adolfo, plugged and therefore, you know, it will be a matter of time to the blockade, effectively creat situation with a fight as will have to come out. and the russians would like to preserve the truth . they would like to move them to dump us to link up with their trips in the hunt can done. yes, and therefore if i did it, i'm not prepared to lose them over the the complicate of as austell. so what happens next? now, what does victory look like for the russians? i think that this is the, you know, $1000000.00 question. we don't know. i think commentators and i would agree with this estimate to say that in some ways put in can turn anything into victory. the
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russian public over on the whole seems to be supporting the war. they don't seem to have a good idea as to what a victory looks like. and in that respect, i think it is down to put in what he wants to see as a victory. and i think that's why the situation so dangerous because somebody don't know what is enough to put in, you know, is a victim of them. are you open enough? is the taking over all, all of the la hans done? yes. last victory. is it pushing further into the parts of easton, ukraine is, is getting a negotiation between himself and us. we don't know at this stage what a sufficient thing. that is why it is a dangerous situation. develops dr. a glass net cough, an expert on rushes for an insecurity policy. thank you very much for taking our questions. thank you. great new investigators. meanwhile, our carrying out the painstaking work of zooming bodies from makeshift graves is
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part of an effort to gather evidence of alleged war crimes committed by russian troops. while forensic teams do their work, relatives of those killed weight nearby to claim their loved ones are corresponded . mathias brinninger joined our journalists on a visit to the town of 40 anchor near keith. he spoke to one mother whose son never came home to the police, it has become a grim routine. dozens of mass graves have been opened here in the past few weeks. but for an additional boy corps, this is the day she has been waiting for. her son was being ex you today usual the more he was on his way back. he called to say he'd be home seen. but he never came . question to him boy call was shot on the street in the early days of the war, his body was given a makeshift burial on the grounds of a hospital when the morgue had to close because it had no power. please say that
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here in the northern suburbs of keys they have recovered more than 1000 forty's. the town or a younger was heavily shelled and then occupied by russian forces. size is too far from normal supermarkets and shops looted and destroyed. people here depend on a deliveries to survive at the hospital, police have exam 9 bodies to day it was civilians were shocked in the streets or run over by times some have yet to be identified. nozzle that got there, i bought that through. unfortunately, we'll be doing this work for many more years already, but we'll work as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. so we have sold evidence to hold the aggressor accountable in the international courts will if it's not only those who did it from you know,
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but also those who ordered you to get the more nikki of more. you cannot get the recovered bodies are being sent to the morgue for forensic examination will then be returned to their relatives. that is the film. i know that his soul is gone. i know this is just a body, but it's the body that i used to hug and love. you made it good. it's my child. i cry every day because of the blood. madison, a boy cause one small comfort that soon she will be able to bury her son properly. gym, foreign minister on atlanta bareback has stressed the commitment of the nato alliance of the to the principle rather of collective defense. that means an attack on one member is an attack on all of its members. burbock made the comments on a tour of the 3 baltic states, estonia, latvia,
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and lithuania. were one's part of the soviet union, but are now members of the european union and nato. russia's invasion of ukraine has thrust them on to the front line of the west, stand off with the kremlin, like ukraine. the baltic states also share borders with russia and its ally, bella luce, and are fearful, are future russian aggression. very box late a stop on her tour of the region has brought her to the estonian capital tollen and they're in a press conference with her stone in counterpart. burbock said germany and its allies have no to booze when it comes to delivering weapons to ukraine. they are no to booster for us with regard to, to on, to vehicles and other weaponry with they are needing. that's why we are supporting other partners in a circle of exchange being towed in gentlemen to to see that those partners who are delivering right now out of their stocks,
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that we will fill the gaps because they can deliver. so it materials where training is not needed currently. let's tell you about the other stories making news around the world, at least. and people are dead and dozens more wounded from an explosion at a mosque. and i've gone a st. on the blast targeted she, i worshippers in the northern afghan city cities rather of missouri sharif. the so called islamic state group has claimed responsibility for the attack authorities in shanghai say the city will remain under tight cove at 19 logged down. as this might, some districts reporting no new infections, millions of people are barred from leaving their homes in an attempt to contain the outbreak. these strict measures are part of china's 0 coven policy. and the united kingdom queen elizabeth has turned 96 years old. palace officials released a photograph to mark the occasion, showing the monarch posing with 2 of her favorite ponies. the queen was also
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treated to her rendition of happy birthday by the guards at windsor castle in washington. the news coming up next and dw news. asia hong kong loosened some of the world's tightest coven 19 restrictions. a look at how residents reacting and why the digital fortune telling is finding a huge audience in thailand. don't forget, you can always get the w's on the go. just download our app from google plate or from the app store. they'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news. and if you're part of a new story, you can always use the d w app to send his photos and videos of what's happening around you that does it for us up next is due to be news, asia with rush ravaging. and i'll see you at the top of the out
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ah ah ah ah ah,
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with who i wandering more by ukrainian, sorry. get another fear of the bombs has prevented the babies from being picked. oh nina and spent nanette have been teaching to you
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in this key bomb shelter. ah, focus on europe. in 60 minutes on d. w. shift your guide to life in the digital world. mm. explore the latest online trends. navigate your way through the digital jungle. get a global perspective, movie your guide and show you what's possible. you decide what really matters to you. little shift on d. w. or people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center more and more refugees are being turned away. a family planes on the reason for these correct only is with people being screened
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around 200 people in june around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, this is the dublin years aisha coming up to date, hong kong loosens coven restrictions off to full month's theme parks that are among some of the places hong kong residents can visit again. the pursuit of 0 corporate cases had left a stringent restrictions across the city. so however, residents reacting, i feel responding to force and easing of some restrictions to in shanghai,


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