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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 21, 2022 4:45pm-5:01pm CEST

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to ditch russian energy. chelsea delaney welcome to the program. major global food and beverage companies are increasing their prices and surgeon, commodity, and energy cost. with the giant nestle that a boosted price is 5.2 percent in the 1st 3 months of this year. the company warned that further price increases will be necessary throughout the year. to known a has also warned, a further price increases, rushes worn. ukraine has exacerbated inflation by cutting off key exports of grains and oil from the region. it's the latest sign that inflation, which is heading as record highs in several countries, will continue to affect consumers and the months ahead. now, skyrocketing prices are heading the world's poor. the president of the world bank has warned that the world could face a quote, a humane human catastrophe, as people struggle to afford enough to eat. in the heart of when his iras crowds are lining up at the soup kitchen,
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some are regulars. here. others are 1st timers driven by an economic crisis with sky high inflation of 50 percent. the government has been paying a one time granted around a $160.00 to the poorest, but it doesn't go far enough to feel flies not to go, but hopefully we be able to make the most of the grant mostly will use it for food . when the government provides age, we always stock up on food that doesn't expire quickly so that we have something for the future. it's alberta, what am i give away that i going to tell you what can you get with this grant 3 boxes of milk and those with newborns 2 packs of diapers. obviously it helps, but it's not enough. oh, who is either? welcome to i was i m f managing director, crystelina gilba said the war in the pandemic are a massive setback for the global economy of facing she insisted g. 20 countries must continue to cooperate, to deal with pressing problems. accelerated inflation. it has become
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a clear and present danger for many countries. rising foot and kill prices are straining the budgets of ordinary families to a breaking point. meanwhile, the world bank, working closely with the i, m. f, is forecasting a prolonged crisis. one of the key transmission mechanisms is the shortages of food, of energy and of fertilizer. these are the fertilizer and energy are critical for the cropped cycle. so they're building on each other and creating a food insecurity crisis that, that will last at least months and probably into next year. finance officials from the us, britain and canada, walked out over russia's participation in the g 20 meeting to address the head winds, confronting global growth, resolving the food and energy crisis remains
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a major challenge as long as the war continues. now it's been 9 years since the rana, plaza textile factory collapse and bangladesh leaving over 1000 people that and many more injured the accent x, those the dangerous working conditions for bangladesh, garment workers to the rest of the world. our next report looked at what has and hasn't changed for garment industry workers in the years since the disaster just outside the bangladesh, capital de carr stands, one of the newest and most modern textile factories in the country. it's run by the beck simco company. here, 40000 employees make jeans for major brands supplying the u. s. and european markets. everything here is cutting edge. the factory has been built from the ground up after the company had grown the old building. a disaster like ran a plaza on thinkable here. run a plaza was one horrible memory which sort of happened.
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did one lavish learn from that and change? the answer is yes, the ballard issue. factories who from the point of view of civil safety electrical safety, fire safety are the safest and lowered worker protection laws. also improved in bangladesh after ran a plaza. all the worker rights are still an issue in many places. not a big simcoe. a popular employer. problems are asked is, are gone. akron bought, are working conditions and developed a lot now law compared with the situation a few years back by bob out there. so that with my current salary, here i am living a very decent life policy. i'm really luck, hope malott's, but things are different in many other factories. despite blank, the dish adapting international laws meant to improve working conditions. the
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problem, some of these laws leave loopholes that are often abused according to union leaders . and what the idea would do as a battery, there is a termination law in our labor law isn't locked out according to this law. if the employer can terminate any worker at any moment without cause, we even if the factory had profitable order and have sufficient work orders in hand, school decide it won't chase it all week. they're carzillo. hello ah, bangladesh is the world's 3rd largest textile producer. but low wages are a big factor behind the business will continue to be strong. and white workers are better protected than they once were. there is still plenty of room for improvement . and on measured if a documentary filmmaker at rainbow collective in london, he joins me now. and then you've spent years interviewing workers and bangladesh garment factories for your documentaries. oh, from your perspective, what has changed since round of plaza?
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oh well, kelsey, thank you for having me. first let me think that has changed. we've seen the fire and building safety record which was signed my 190 branch. i'm 1600 cruise and around. i think around 9 unions have joined it as well. so that means you, you've got a group called and get to factories and rapes, a check for 5 and building safety, which is a positive thing. but one of the things that hasn't changed is the condition of the back because i think, and i think you, we've seen slight improvements. we've seen a bit of improvement in the minimum wage, which of the moment the last. so my check was $94.00, which is current, which is still really low for the amount of hours that they're working. and so i think that's one of the biggest issues to me. so the level of exploitation that's happening in countries on the dash is, is still quite high and i'm because the page so low, they're still,
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they're still happening to go into work even when the conditions are, the trees aren't great and it was great to hear one of the fact that was, that was in this, in this report, when not yet or in the old factories, unlike that, you know, especially when you're coming to the more rural areas. they're not going to be as equipped as those factors. you know, and i've been covering this the dom well, because they're, you know, that point for fail rages right. well, that condition since 2010 and now i'm still hearing the same stories about doing the recurrently doing a documentary with work has been under that. i'm 3 lanka and the stories are still the same. you know, thing forced to go into work when you and you don't want to go and being forced to do extra hours when you don't want to do the extra hours. getting into trouble for
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taking time. the only positive thing, but i've seen almost 1 o'clock is that we're seeing more record being unionized than ever before. so when i was doing these documents using 2010, you know, you one getting, as many work has gotten united because they were there was a fear to get and you and i, because what would happen was, was best factories with you and things like this. but yeah, that's just some of the things that i think. so that's the condition still seem to be quite bad for a lot of workers there. this is a system that obviously benefits western brands enormously. what they've done to improve conditions for workers just briefly if you can well, i think, i think 1st, you know, they signed up to the record. i think you know that them giving, you know, giving themselves upon the back. but i think personally, i think the western brands, what they, what, what they need to really do is check what, how checks how these factories are operating on
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a regular basis. they need to be going to the koreans do sport checks and see and talk to workers and really find out what's, what's going on over there. because at the moment it's kind of like just, you know, that, you know, they're giving these orders from a distance and they're not really seeing what's happening over that. i'm so and, and the other thing is that they're not really paying what they need to be paying so that everyone is getting a fair fair wage. when you go to any of these stores, like primal, re read like these, they have these big billboards up saying that they're doing things like this. but when you talk to people on the ground, it doesn't. it doesn't seem that way. so a lot to do, and i mentioned a documentary filmmaker in london, thanks so much for joining us. thank you. now to some of the other global business stories making news. tesla has reported strong earnings for the 1st quarter of 2022 beating expectations by around $1000000000.00. it's largely thanks to sales of
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u. s. regulatory credits the company gets for making electric vehicles. however, analysts said the shanghai lockdown, which closed tesla's plant there could hit the car maker 2nd quarter earnings. more than half of brazilians have cut their consumption due to high inflation and new study of the brazilian confederation of industries published this week shows that 15 percent of the population have cut their consumption of gasoline completely. and 31 percent are eating less. meet brazil's registered brazil registered its highest inflation rate and 28 years and march german exports to russia have collapsed since we started the war and ukraine and march, they fell by 58 percent year in year or around. 1000000000 euros. to plunge means that in the space of a month of russia has fallen from 5th to 12th and the list of germany's biggest export destinations. now, italy has struck a deal with angola to increase natural gas in ports. rome is rushing to find new suppliers to replace russian gas, which currently makes up about 40 percent of its supply. the country hopes to be
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independent of russian energy within 18 months. this is a big deal for both angola and italy. the use 3rd biggest economy wants to replace russian gas, which accounts for 45 percent of its supply. the angolan foreign minister called it a strategic partnership is italian counterparts says it's a win for both countries and stress their corporation on the other vital issues. fina blah, blah, blah, but it's really been we also dealt with major international affairs issues. in particular, the effects of russian aggression on africa's food security, which is severely compromised, especially in relation to wheat supplies with wildly love the conflict affects everyone, and no one is excluded with missiles. this trip, however, is really about getting italy independent of russian gas last week. rome struck agreements with algeria and egypt. and now italian officials,
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i headed to the republic of congo, as they increasingly pinned their hopes on africa, becoming a major energy partner. and a reminder at the top, as the story were following for you this hour, the world think it's 3 companies are raising prices and good surgeon, commodity, and energy costs precious warren ukraine has exacerbated inflation by cutting off key exports of grains and oil. and that's our shout. thanks for watching the phoenix time. ah, with
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ah ah, this is news line from berlin, major new weapons package for ukraine. the usaa now says more military aid to the embattled country. the by an administration says it will send heavy artillery drones and ammunition to assist ukraine's forces. also coming up iron grip rushes vladimir putin claims victory in the besieged city of matthew paul, but calls off the storming of the last ukrainian pulled out orders a blockade inst.


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