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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah ah, this is usually news live from berlin, major new weapons package for you, great. the u. s. analysis more military to the embattled country. the by the administration says it will send heavy artillery drones and ammunition to assist you. grace forces also coming up an iron grip for rushes run. it claims victory in the besieged city of new ball because all the storming of the last few period pulled out instead orders the blockade of the last pocket of ukrainian resistance
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to avoid more rational losses. and the grim search for evidence of possible war crimes. ukraine zooms is dead from mass graves searching for clues. we hear from a mother whose son never came home. ah. hello everyone, i'm layla rock. thank you so much for your company. the united states is stepping up its military support for ukraine. a short time ago, u. s. president jo bind announced a new trench of military support worth $800000000.00 for keith. the latest packages, in addition to billions of dollars of military equipment, washington has already given to ukraine's government present by insert. the package would contain heavy weaponry that the government in ukraine says it desperately needs. today,
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i'm announcing another $800000000.00 to further augment ukraine's ability to fight in the east and the downwash region. this package includes heavy artillery weapons, dozens of howard years, and $144000.00 rounds of ammunition to go with those. however, it also includes more tactical drones. michael kim, which is a historian and a former us state department expert on russia and ukraine during the obama administration. i asked him how significant this new military package is for ukraine. well, it's a substantial amount of money, and what's i think more significant than the immediate is that it's a part of a continuum of aid flowing from united states and also from many european countries toward ukraine. and it's a demonstration in a different sense of resolve that there's a strong and deepening commitment to ukraine on the part of the united states and it's trans atlantic partners. now, as you know,
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there is this offensive that russia has unleashed in the east of the country. we heard present buying say that they want the us wants the weapons to go to the front line immediately, but we enlisted how quickly can they get there? well, i think it can be really quite quick. i think there's a way in which, you know, the outside suppliers, military suppliers of ukraine have been learning how to transmit these weapons to the front. and it's not a secret where the russians are at the moment and where the russians are going to strike. it's very, very clear. so, you know, i think that the methods are there and the destination is really not ambiguous. so i think it will come very quickly to ukraine and speaking about the ukranian army, what chance do they have to fend off this offensive? it's truly anybody's guess in terms of the day to day military outcomes. they've so far done very, very well in the north, but the terrain is going to be more difficult for them in the south. more wide open
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. and the russians are changing tactics and will likely be, i think, more successful than they were in the north. but whether they can really overcome you great in the south in the east. i think it's, it's unlikely. and what's your assessments are in terms of this support that the u . s. is providing ukraine. is it sustainable? i think it's certainly sustainable. you see enormous will in congress, that's really where the money is coming from. it's one of the few issues i want to republicans and democrats really agree in washington, and i think that the white house is very happy to have this congressional support. so i think that there is no way that this military aid is going to stop or slow down in the short medium term. a very striking comment that the president made as well as regarding the u. s. at banding russian affiliated ships from us ports. how significant is that? i don't know if in and of itself, it's hugely significant. i don't think there's a big trading relationship between russia and united states in either direction, but it's the slow tightening of the news around the russian economy and the gradual
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abrupt and gradual isolation of the russian economy. and so as part of this larger pattern, russia just the markets and options closing off. and that will, over quite a long period of time that will have a dramatic effect on, on the russian economy. michael came, it's a story and an expert on russia and ukraine. so thank you for taking our questions, greatly appreciate it. thank you for having me. you as president joe biden also said, there is quote no evidence that mario paul has fallen to russia. it comes after moscow try to claim victory. they're saying russian forces have successfully liberated the port city in south east and ukraine. the as of style steel plant is the last place in mario ball, still in ukrainian hands. it's believed some 2000 soldiers and around a 1000 civilians are sheltering. their cave is demanding moscow open in humanitarian corridor to let civilians leave. present putin called off plans to storm the complex. instead. in a televised meeting,
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he told his defense minister to completely seal off the area and report now on the steel plant that has become a symbol of ukrainian resistance and resolve the vast as of style steel plant, seen here and footage from russian state television is the last part of mary appalled under ukrainian control after nearly 2 months of heavy fighting with much of the strategic port in ruins. present putin's claimed victory in the city and told his defense minister to seal off its defenders in their last stronghold. bigler groom, i considered the proposed stormy b industrial area, pointless. i order to a bolt it. there is no need to climb into these catacombs and crawl under ground through these industrial facilities block off this industrial area so that not even a fly can get through the molecular to promotional taxable moving. ukrainian
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authorities of urged moscow to open humanitarian corridors to allow those sheltering in the heavily bombarded as of still planned to flee. these pictures provided by the plants defenders show some of the hundreds of civilians said to be sheltering in bunkers below the steel works. but previous efforts to organize evacuations from mary paul have had little success in wednesday only for buses carrying of achilles managed to leave the city through humanitarian corridor, some 100000 residence, a thought to still be living among the ruins. those now blockaded and as of stalls steel plant may well faced the choice between starvation or surrender. and sticking out to oliver, where did have correspond, emma shars is standing by ama what's expected to happen now with the soldiers and civilians trapped in the steel plant. while layla waived as her,
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there are 100000 civilians still trapped in marie upa. and it is believed that up to a 1000 of them are women, children, elderly people are trapped in d as of style as steel. our plans in mar, you pull along with soldiers. russia chains is strategic from heavily bombing at the steel plant or to a strategic of the seizing it. but we've seen a de resolve of the ukrainian forces day a day showed no sign of wanting to surrender. what's really worrying though, is that the humanitarian corridors haven't succeeded so far as a few dozens of people who have been evacuated to day. but the ukrainian government said that there were not enough a buses to carry everybody out. so this is a setback for the humanitarian efforts in mar, you, paul. my, you, paul, already completely devastated,
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but as said beds despite russia's claims are russia hasn't taken the entirety of mario poll just yet. and i understand there to do. the spanish prime minister visited keith exactly. taylor sanchez. i was in keith where he met our president zelinski together with the danny danish, a prime minister. i met a frederick san and a pedro. sanchez made a quite a significant announcement. he said that spain would deliver an additional $200.00 at tons of ammunitions of military equipment, including 30 tracks, including 10 allied vehicles. this is simply the biggest shipment ever made by spain to with ukraine and in it's twice as much as what the spain, already delivered. and since the beginning of the war, pedro sanchez went to keith, but not only here so i visited the town of burrow dank out where he
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said he had been extremely moved by the horrors of what he called hooton's war dw, corresponded to emma chas. reporting from levin western ukraine. as always, thank you so much for your coverage. thank you. we can now speak to alexander rodney and ski. he is a professor of economics at the university of cambridge and an economic advisor to ukraine's president of a lot of merit. zalinski sir. very, we're welcome to d. w. news. the war in ukraine seems to reach new heights almost on a daily basis of violence. just 2 months ago, mario paul was a thriving port city and now with a decimated health scape up on the brink of falling. is it last? well, just like you said, it's completely decimated, destroyed. it's hard to speak about a russian victory in this case. i mean, what does it mean if the whole city is basically gone and it's depopulated? the people have been killed and slaughtered there. and there are these couple of
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brave soldiers and civilians that remain are it's hard to say whether it's lost, it's just not there anymore. that is indeed a very terrifying prospect. what happens to territory occupied by the russians? well, good question. i mean, we don't have the full information and what we can say is they've been abusing killing slaughtering the civilians. they've been trying to cover up these war crimes that they've been undertaking in to the north of kias. now they've been doing the same thing in the south or um, are you pull, but they've learned from their quote unquote mistakes. and so now they're using mobile crematorium and they're actively disposing of the corpses such that nobody can find it and have direct proof of all the work. now the united states and european and many other countries, allies of ukraine, are providing billions to help is that enough for ukraine to stay afloat right now?
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well, that's certainly helpful. and we, we will need more of that. we don't just, i mean we certainly need and we'll need more military support and money in terms of military support, but we also need money to stabilize the economy. balance of payments support and because we are running of the budget deficit, there's taxes that aren't raced right now. so there's a lot that we will need in terms of support at what you make of the pledge that presidential by and just made moments ago, an additional $800000000.00 and heavy weaponry as well. that is, of course, will come and help foreign to highly needed at the stage. we are fighting the war. we are defending their, your european host world war 2 piece order. and the west needs to step in. if it's not directly involved, it needs to provide us with the weapons, with all the support that it can give us. all the military equipment that you can give us. and certainly the u. s. is doing just that, and i hope that that will continue. and now we're seeing an incremental build up of
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sanctions against russia by europe and the u. s. i think having any meaningful impact on the ground in ukraine. well, of course, i mean the weapon supplies we've been getting. it's helping, you know, deflect, defeat, and pushback the russian has done the russians on there and they're building up their troops. they've intensified their attacks. they have intensified their air raids and bombardments. so it's real battle and it's, you know, we're capturing certain areas counter offensive. some of them are effective and you know, getting back to the tree, but obviously this is going to drag on. so that's what it is. i understand i'm told that you grew up here in germany. is that correct? that is correct. how do you feel about the way that this country has reacted to? russia's aggression? so on the one hand, i mean, we are grateful for the humanitarian support and the subordinate has been given. we have seen germany make a big change in terms of its policies. i mean a, you know,
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complete turnaround if you want. but on some level we are disappointed relative to its g d p. germany is lagging behind other european nations. estonia has already given us pretty much one percent of its g d p in terms of direct aid. germany's way below that. so he wondering what is it that makes germany so reluctant to help more feed weapons or sanctions on russia? we're waiting for the embargo when oil and gas sales, there is some dependency in some proximity between germany and russia. that's just hard to explain your economic advisor to ukraine's president president of a lot of merit landscape. can you tell us about how he's coping with the current situation on, on a personal level? yeah, i mean he's coping well just like all of us in the presidential team. he's obviously taking leadership. he is living up to the task at hand. he's doing a great job, then he's being a great leader, he's no resilient term and focus on what's happening,
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but it would be alive for that that it's not heart. of course it takes tolan everyone in on him as well when you were born in kiva. 1985 ukraine was part of the soviet union. do you think that your country, your homeland ukraine as a sovereign country, can survive this war? or i'm sure it will, and i am more than continent that we will be victorious. but unfortunately, i can't give you the time when that will happen. that's a big mystery. that's a big question. but i can give you the conditions under which to will happen. it will happen if we are militarily supported, further by the west, by all the civilized world. and if we will get the means and the equipment that we need to fight back the russians, like we did to the north of kia successfully and also will happen sooner rather than later. if there's more economic pressure on russia, the russian regime is still financing the war effort without any issues. it's selling oil and gas to europe without any issues in making huge revenues. it's budget is comfortably in surplus when that will and then the war will end as well.
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finally, looking ahead, what will it take to we build ukraine? it will take hundreds of billions of dollars. there's already estimates out there for the marshall plan of ukraine. if you want, you know, the lower bound is somewhere around $500000000000.00, but we're probably reaching around the trillion now. because this estimate hasn't taken account of what's happened in mario paul, what has happened in harkey, if it is happening in these places? so there's just in the midst of amount of destruction that will take years to rebuild. and that's what it will take. alexander, writing, asking economic advisor to ukraine's present of a lot of mir soleski. so thank you for this conversation. thank you for having me. ukrainian investigators are carrying out the painstaking work of exuding bodies from makeshift grapes. it's part of an effort to gather evidence of alleged war crimes committed by russian troops. while forensic teams do their work. relatives
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of those killed way nearby to claim their loved ones. a correspondence mathias bellinger joined other journalists on a visit to the town of border younger near keith. and he spoke to one mother whose son never came home to the police. it has become a grim routine. dozens of mass graves have been opened here in the past. few weeks, but for an additional boy corps, this is the day she has been waiting for. her son was being ex you today will show that when he was on his way back, he called to say he'd be home soon. but he never came question to him, boy cole was shot on the street in the early days of the war, his body was given a makeshift burial on the grounds of a hospital when the morgue had to close because it had no power. please say that here in the northern suburbs of keys they have recovered more than 1000 forty's.
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the the town of or a younger was heavily shelled and then occupied by russian forces. size is too far from normal supermarkets and shops looted and destroyed. people here depend on 8 deliveries to survive at the hospital, police having zoomed 9 bodies to day it was civilians were shocked in the streets are run over by tanks. some have yet to be identified. maslanka got there. i bought that through. unfortunately, we'll be doing this work for many more years, but we'll work as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. so we have sold evidence to hold the aggressor accountable in the international courts. we see not only those who did it for me little, but also those who order to get the more than the key of more. you cannot the recovered bodies are being sent to the morgue for forensic examination will
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then be returned to their relatives. that is always to kill him. i know that his soul is gone. i know this is just a body, but it's the body that i used to hug and love the wedding. good. it's my child. i cry every day because of a boy. oh, my, there's no boy cause one small comfort that soon she will be able to bury her son properly. while it calls growing for germany to act faster to arm ukraine to fight russian forces. the government here in berlin is reportedly preparing an arm swap with fellow e u. n. nato members, slovenia, under the deals of union forces would send a large number of tanks to ukraine to replace these. germany would then provide sylvania with tanks from its own supplies. stay with me. germany is already supplying large amounts of weaponry and ammunition directly to the ukrainian army,
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but it has not delivered tanks or war planes. let's cross over to did have the political correspondence, simon young simon, this sounds like a very convoluted way of going about things yellow. these are unconfirmed reports. so father to berlin has been making it clear for some time that it thinks that if for other countries could send their soviet era equipment to the ukrainian military, then they could step in and replace that equipment. so in order to, as it were, maintain nato country, your defenses, and if a country likes levine, you is able to st tanks and that would be one such deal according teach lavine and media. that country has 46 t 72 tanks. the old soviet manufactured tanks, actually they're referred to as m 84 because that's a, a special yugoslav army
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a very into this tank. but the good thing about it is that those are, those tanks could be sent immediately and they could also be put into service immediately by the ukrainians. no training required because they already are familiar with the t 72 tank. so i could start using it right away, and that of course could be key because all the observers say that the next few weeks is very likely to be decisive in this battle for the east of ukraine. in particular, just to make it just to clarify, why isn't germany delivering tanks directly to ukraine? well, the german government says, but it just doesn't have that kind of equipment that it can send. it says that everything, all the equipment that it does have to needs for its own its own defense in defense commitments, of course, does have commitments within nato. and that too is
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a key part of germany is defense post year. so it says that we don't have at least not significant amounts of heavy material. that could be st. and the further problem, as i suggest, but what could be sent would require significant training. and they also say you have to send whole weapon systems that sustain not just tanks, but also on the personnel carriers and other types of weapons along with it. otherwise, it just doesn't make sense to, as it were, send a few tanks that happened to be lying around. in any case, germany says it just doesn't have that material available. as you know. so there's a lot of pressure on germany to and imports of oil and gas from russia, but understand that won't be happening. well, there is an effort ongoing. all the government ministers have been speaking in recent. they say that doing what they can to reduce reliance on russian energy sources. and for instance, if we look at oil, they brought that down from about
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a 3rd to just 25 percent of germany's imports of come from russian oil this year. but it's still, there is a huge dependency german industry in particular, very reliant on, you know, having stable energy sources. it comes from russia, the pipelines, a set up to receive it from russia and changing that will take time. that's what they're saying. they're working hard. it and the bible says we're reducing our reliance every day, and they hope to a reliance on russian oil. for instance, by the end of this year. need, have a political correspondence. i mean young. thank you. as tell you about the other stories making news around the world, at least 10 people are dead and dozens more wandered from an explosion at a mosque and of gornstein. the blast target it she, i worshippers in the northern afghan city of missouri sharif, the so called islamic state group has claimed responsibility for the attack
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authorities in shanghai say the city will remain under tight cove at 91 down. as this my, some districts reporting no new infections, millions of people are barred from leaving their homes in an attempt to contain the outbreak. the strict measures are part of china's 0 covet policy. the united kingdom's queen elizabeth has turned 96 years old. palace officials released a photograph to mark the occasion shown the monarch posing were 2 of her favorite ponies. the queen was also treated to rendition of happy birthday by the guards of windsor castle. over $5000000.00 people have now fled ukraine since the start of the russian invasion, 2 months ago. but for many who remain in the country, a new normal has emerged for one comedian getting back to work with finding a se venue for his audience. after theaters were forced to close and to provide
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some laughter amongst the tragedy. making people laugh. mike been unusual job in times of war with a felix red car. he's determined to see the funny side midway lead during the 1st week of the war. my fellow comedians and i were in shock . there was nothing we could do but scroll through the news every day with them initial shock passed. and i started thinking about how i could be useful. and we decided that like before the war we could be useful by doing standup concerts. after russian troops besieged his home town of sumi, he decided to take his talons to a soviet era bomb shelter. the 1st bunker show drew a 100 people. felix said they would desperate to leave home until off which they didn't wish it wasn't difficult for us comedians to perform because the
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audience were open to it before that the people had to stay home for week. you said you and every day was like groundhog day. never really. i'm you people, when they are homeless, the wire hauled a router while he waits for the water end. and for venues to reopen, he's using social media to spread laughter and offer some relief in the dark. if the times you're watching it, every news, harrison. reminder of our top story, the u. s. will send more military aid to ukraine. the bite in administration says it will give hundreds of millions of dollars of heavy artillery and drones to ukraine. in addition to the equipment it has already supplied. russian president vladimir putin has claimed victory in the besieged city of medical for the western ministration says, however, there is no evidence that russian forces completely control the city. the small
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force of ukrainian soldiers is still holding out the steel plant. you're watching the w news live from berlin up. next is news, asia with parish energy. and we'll have to world headlines for you and at the top of the out of to see with
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with ah, ah, it's the end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like return to normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult to success in our weekly coping 19 especially over 90
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special in 60 minutes on d w. oh, hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa, you to repeat issues and share ideas. ah, you know, or this channel, we are not afraid to happen delicate topic because population is growing and young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to the 77 percent every weekend on d, w. it's stored to know with intimidation and transformed into an orgy of hate and violence. and the history of the ku klux klan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states. it's members fight for a racist state,
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ruled by white supremacy. what we're talking about here is not only disorganized violence. it's not only terrorism. it's politics. found it over 150 years ago. it's repeatedly died out, but always been resurrected. the ku klux klan starts may 11th on d. w. this is d w in years, asia coming up to date, hong kong loosens coven restrictions off to full month's p box. or among some of the places hong kong residents can visit again, the pursuit of 0 coven cases had left to stringent restrictions across the city. so our residents reacting, correspondent reports and easing of some restrictions to in shanghai, another chinese city bearing the brunt of the pseudo covered strategy. that is the


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