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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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on d w ah, ah ah, this is didi of you news live from berlin. ukraine warned that russia plans to expand its war across europe. president vladimir zalinski says neighboring. moldova is the next country in moscow sites. after a russian commander said, it aims to reach the next order, but there are questions about russia's military capability after its recent defeats . also coming up with the reality of war begins to buy in the western ukrainian city of levine, the w meets the internally displaced ukrainians sheltering and the final hours of
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campaigning ahead of frances presidential election on sunday incumbent emanuel macklin, as challenger, marine la penn are focusing on an undecided voters full show, they may very well decide who wins. ah, i make spicer welcome to the program. ukraine has warned that russia plans to attack more countries and expand its war. a russian commander said the military aim to seize territory right across southern ukraine and to create a land bridge with trans mystery, a breakaway pro russian region of neighboring moldova. president volota. mister lensky seized on the comments in his nightly address. sure, take it. well please only come for is what i have said many times the russian
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invasion of ukraine was intended only as a starter. they then want to capture other countries. of course, we will defend ourselves as long as necessary against law. these ambition of the russian federation, you know, but all nations that like us, believe in the victory of life over death, must fight with us. they have to help us because we are the 1st on this path and who is next steps. not seamlessly after dad and mother has also reacted with concern it so in moscow's ambassador to demand that russia respected neutrality. but even as russia discusses, capturing more territory, western analysts said it had failed to make significant gains in recent days, dw corresponded mathias burning. i joined a ukrainian press trip to regions where russian forces have suffered a defeat. this is what the russian army left behind you. the village of tariff
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sca, about 70 kilometers ne of cave is one of the places where the russian invasion came to a halt. bars and as he calls himself, took part in the battle to see army of the ship. russia has a bigger army in terms of numbers and equipment. i'm not talking about the quality of the equipment, but it is a lot that means for us that we have to be better prepared and to plan more thoroughly. to senior answered on the line. experts say it wasn't just a clash of 2 armies, but also of military doctrines. heavy technology versus mobile equipment along the roads in this area. it is not unusual to find whole columns of burnt. i'd tanks taken out by modern western anti tank missiles, bottles it says to call to just get on a pickup with javelins and, and lowes and drive to the place where you expect them to come, hit them. and then you're able to leave the sing quickly. thought as a choice. no,
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it's to put the chair right. oh, in the forest the ron ted reeves go, you can still see the bodies of russian soldiers. russian losses are believed to have been extremely high. ukrainian soldiers describe their attacks as on coordinated, but very destructive. this school was hit by a rocket. sybil thank they were tanks. it was mirabelle artillery. it was evolution . they sent everything they had over was all and the did not care that much of this did not land on target. it was chaotic fire shelling without any plan hoping they were horn. miss, principally called fish newborn. ukraine accuses russia of systematic war crimes shelling of civilians. they say these villages lie behind the lines and were bombed from the air house after house destroyed, possibly to demoralize the ukrainians. but as the next big bottle begins in the
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east, the commander of this unit thinks at russia's actions have made ukrainians even more determined. obama boy ali we're ready is up. and if the west acts and quickly gives us the military aid that we need more than military equipment down technology than i think lou victory will be ours and it might come soon already. we will move but a more will the for mommy to just it was a school his optimism is not shared by most experts. most expect a long war of attrition. and for more in this, we're going to talk to did of using manual shots were standing by force in the vive, emma ukraine's president vladimir lensky as moscow wants to invade other countries . as we just heard, following comments from a russian general, what more do you know? well, as landscape made, those comments which he had been making and fan assist the beginning of the russian
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aggression in february against ukraine. thus, you queen was only the 1st set in russia's imperialist to t g of the it's in here and indeed the comments made by the russian general on states to the vision are quite worrying for here. people in the region, people in ukraine, so people in moldova where they've read a breakaway state and and recognize back away state of trans nice trap, right between ukraine and moldova, with progression, the pepper at the end. if indeed, most goal was to extend its invasion up until dead then indeed, these would be verified by what is going on right now with the army with the russian army cheese advancing towards the south. even key is confirmed that many, a few dozen small towns had been taken into eastern regions. so
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a russian army weakened by the ongoing fight. but the russian army that is not advancing towards the south with those very wearing assessments from the russian general dots and move our company. and what more can you tell us about the fighting in the east where, where much of the fighting is taking place now? well, they have be, know, so, russia's russian, i summation that dr. mar, you pull, had been see that there was a victory in mar, you pull. did this has not been confirmed here in ukraine and even the u. s. intelligence says that there is a still very much an active resistance in more useful precisely in the other few class. and i was reading a testimony yesterday from a so there a ukraine has sold the ease in mario full truck, the team plan. he plans,
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he was saying that people are still very much holding their position. there is a nose the rent their inside for the ukraine and 40. but there's also up to a 1000 civilians to a truck to in the us and for whom there is no humanitarian cory door evacuation inside so far. ok, do you have use in your shop talking to us from louise and louise is in western ukraine and has so far escaped much of the conflict, but its population has more than doubled as ukrainians fleet fighting elsewhere. but while they may have found relative physical safety, their minds are still very much focused on the war life on the streets and in the cafes of living looks almost normal. residents are getting on with the every day business as best as they can. dad determined not to lead toward change that some
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are even thinking about the future is really important to continue to improve our economic. and i think that is very, very important to work. now it is short boot, but i was shocked at 1st 2 weeks at the war. then i came back to normal life, georgia. when her even asked me why i didn't use the bunker for protection. i say that i trust our army. levine has not been completely untouched by the war and the daily ever sirens. our reminder of the threat of russian airstrikes that it has become a relative safe haven for millions of internally the space ukrainians left a civil dorski village. of course gay in de next was bombed the day before yesterday . if i was i was to flee to the west. i don't know what else to say. hey, to lady on this live not only see the warning. seem you dont have no family,
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only acquaintances. i came here from lou hands because of the escalation of the war . it's a very hard situation to say the least are just luscious. like we escaped mid march . a week later, russia came in and they bombed everything. so we'll have nothing left soon. that's mama k o and it's a blow has a helping out. lackey rena, who comes in the ve station every day. she says the city now has 2 faces. i'll the station and for example, at sample, it's like 2 different planets. because in san trauma, it's the clyde l cuff, her work in every scene is fine. people walk and sir, nobody had learnt, knows that to the share of every day train in the last 2 months. the visa
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population has a most tripled is new arrivals that web, those locals and the intensity does face people say, is the experience of the war in their country. here's a look now at some of the other developments in the ukraine war, united nations secretary general, antonio gutierrez, is set to visit moscow on tuesday to meet russian president vladimir putin. then had to ukraine for talks of president waterman's lensky quoterush. we'll discuss steps to bring about peace following russia's invasion ukraine. russia has confirmed the death of one of the crew members of the russian flagship miss our cruiser mascara. a week after it sank in the black sea ministry of defense said, nearly 400 crew members were evacuated. kremlin critic suspect a much higher number of dead and missing, saying the ship's crew was about 500 strong. the court in moscow has ordered opposition to actress vladimir karen moore's or to remain in pre trial the
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tension for allegedly spreading fake news about russia's army. a criminal case has been opened against the activist who was arrested earlier this month for avoiding police officers. he looked him to preside fresh president, emmanuel mack owen is far right challenger marine. the pen have made their final push for votes before sundays. presidential run off, pull show the race is much tighter than 5 years ago when french voters faced the same choice. though michael is expected to win, many people say they're undecided or ambivalent. his campaign slogan might be all of us. but it's not clear enough of france will be with emanuel micron at the ballot box on sunday night. both the incumbent president, he and his far right opposition, marina panther had been making a final push for votes. touring the t. v. stations on friday morning them but they not speaking to their cold demographic. instead vying for votes from
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supporters of far left candidate shall new melon shown who went 20 percent in the 1st round on the streets of paris. neither le, pen nor micron are popular with this key group of voters that we haven't had a choice in 2nd rounds ages. i'll give the least worse choice. i won't be voting for the right or the extreme right? so it's become a campaign of style over substance micron attempting to shake off a reputation of arrogance and connect with work and clusmo says la pen trying to betray herself as a serious states woman in a tv debate earlier this week, let me micron a title, a pen stance on russia. huh? she refused to the accusation. instead, trying to focus on the cost of living. as good did on, did you depend on russian power? you depend on mister putin as a few months after saying that, madame le pen,
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that you took out a loan from a russian bank in 2015 for the 1st check russian bank. let self tick wish and bank objected account more. sure, i agreed on all the sanctions that were taken against the oligarchs against the bang us less. so the only sanction that i disagree with is the one blocking russian gas is a coil in port zuka. why? because i think that's not the right method. this is not what we'll actually hurt russia mix and above all, it will hurt the french people a lot. is she micron is expected to keep the keys to the elisa palace. i think more though it was a tough a fight the many expected level. but with millions undecided and unhappy with both candidates. there is no clear winner in sundays, deciding round of micron versus le pen the sienna, her broadcast. now, stay tuned for shift living in the digital age
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