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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2022 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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ah, ah ah ah, this is, do you news live from berlin? ukraine warns that russia plans to expand its war across europe. president blow them is a lensky says neighboring. moldova is in moscow sides, after a senior russian commander. and did that extending control right across southern ukraine and whatever russia is true ambitions, there are increasing questions about its military capability. w visits, a scene of destruction were retreating. russian forces suffer and defeat. and the
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final countdown is on to present presidential election on sunday incumbent emanuel mac holland is challenger marine le pen, have made their final pitch to voters. many are unhappy with both candidates. ah, nick spicer, welcome to the program. ukraine has warned that russia plans to attack more countries and expand its war president below to mere zalinski said, ukraine's neighbour. moldova should be concerned about russia's latest military strategy. medulla is home to trans, nice trio, a break away pro russian region which borders ukraine on friday. the deputy commander of russia central military district, said its forces want to expand their control of territory westwards. the official told state media control over the south of ukraine is another way to trans nice
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trip where there is also evidence that the russian speaking population is being oppressed. president zalinski, however, focused on the commander's comments in his nightly address. short, thick kinky. well, this only confirms what i have said many times the russian invasion of ukraine was intended only as a starter. they then want to capture other countries. of course, we will defend ourselves as long as necessary, one against law. these ambitions of the russian federation, you know, but all nations that like us, believe in the victory of life over death must fight we. thus they have to help us because we are the 1st on this path and who is next steps that you must look after done. moldova has also reacted with concern is summon moscow's ambassador to demand russia, respect its neutrality. but even as russia discusses capturing more territory,
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western analysts said it had failed to make significant gains in recent days. debbie's correspond mathias billing or jointed, ukrainian press trip to a region where russian forces suffer defi. this is what the russian army left behind you, the village of tetra isca, about 70 kilometers. ne of keith is one of the places where the russian invasion came to a halt. bars, as he calls himself, took part in the battle to see army of each. russia has a bigger army in terms of numbers and equipment. i'm not talking about the quality of the equipment, but it is a lot that means for us that we have to be better prepared and plan more thoroughly says seniors of, on the line. experts say it wasn't just a clash of 2 armies, but also of military doctrines. heavy technology versus mobile equipment along the roads in this area. it is not unusual to find whole columns of burnt. i'd tanks
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taken out by modern western anti tank missiles. was it 50 cottages, get on a peacock with the javelins and, and lows and drive to the place where you expect them to come eat them and then you're able to leave the sing quickly that they would as a choice. no, it's still pretty chill right? oh, in the forest the rhine territory of sca you can still see the bodies of russian soldiers . russian losses are believed to have been extremely high. ukrainian soldiers describe their attacks as on coordinated but very destructive. this school was hit by a rocket. several thank they were tanks, there was more bell artillery. it was every ation they sent everything they had over was all and the did not care that much of this did not land on target. it was chaotic fire shelling without any plan, hoping they were horn. miss, principally called fish, newborn. ukraine accuses russia of systematic war crimes shelling of
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civilians. they say these villages lie behind the lines and were bombed from the air house after house destroyed, possibly to demoralize the ukrainians. but as the next big battle begins in the east, the commander of this unit thinks that russia's actions have made ukrainians even more determined. vom hopefully we're ready is up with me and if the west accent quickly gives us the military aid that we need more military equipment and technology, then i think victory will be ours and it might come soon already. we will, but more with. so mom, it was a school his optimism is not shared by most expert, most expect a long war of attrition. and for more on this let's bring in just in crump, is the ceo of the global risk analysis company. sibling is also a veteran of the british armed forces with experience in many recent wars,
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and he joins us from the united kingdom. mr. come, what do you make of the comments? we just heard by a russian commander who said that full control of southern ukraine would give russia access to the break way regional trends. the street yeah. and the deputy commander of the central military district until yesterday. so it's not come from the very top, but he's a particularly senior commander in russian hierarchy. so it's comment you have to take seriously the stop this invasion. there was a russian baton in touch group in transition, i think slated to take part in the occupation. ukraine, and we thought that would probably move when russian forces got close to odessa. now that was stored, if you remember by the defense of mich left, the city to kim is the mayor of a few weeks ago. and that stopped ambitions that way. and i think rush is always lead towards this plan. and so it's, i mean it's been taken seriously for a long time. but this is the 3rd statement that's really pointed towards that from
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a senior military figure at the focus right now. and just to look at the war as a whole, and the constant request from president to lensky for weaponry are the ukranian forces getting everything they need. and if not, what's missing? interesting. listening to the segment just now. and the discussion of the tank missiles and rockets, which is, which is true or useful indeed in slowing down the rush nom advances. but when you really look, this has been an artillery conflict. so the, the missiles we use to stop the russian movement, whether by blocking the road or just the confusing cause, when a vehicle explode suddenly and throws everyone else in disarray. it was artillery far landing, also that the scattered russian forces and stopped an attack that broke up the formation and, and did the real damage. and that's been the case was so there it's not been as obvious or is witnessed. it's been already that's been vital to both sides and you
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had the mention of crushing rushing fire power place down without really g regard to targeting civilians or anything else just lay down in an area they thought they were being attacked from. so terry's been the key and that's why there's been so much focus this week on providing more artillery pieces to ukraine and much more artillery ammunition to ukraine, including nato systems, and have come from a number of major countries kind of has been very prominent. the u. s. s. and how it says as well, that training ukrainian forces and how to use those. but most importantly, the ammunition, i mean, the amount of ammunition that gets used in this sort of complex is huge. and will that artillery and these new weapons coming ukrainian way be decisive, where the, the big part of the fighting is, is occurring now in the east. it's too early to say, i hate that answer isn't analyst. but it really is a very finally balanced combat in the don't bass. russia has concentrated more power that had started the war. conversely,
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ukraine's been able to make some forces around it, threatens left the north. that particular forces around call came to threaten the back of the russians, the russians advance and they've had time to dig in positions to choose the ground against defend. so both sides of got advantages where they started to complete both sides. both disadvantages and the russians still didn't have an overwhelming material superiority on the, on the battlefield. we attack at $3.00 to $1.00, the russians, probably a $2.00 to $1.00 amendment, which is not a situation that's ideal. they can't really generate a lot more force in the don't bass. so i think this is one of the reasons that the bond. so it's very slow at the moment. who said the weather doesn't seem right now, and i think she's trying to find a way through the ukrainian defenses slowly and steadily. but it remains very much in the balance, especially with these additional weapon systems coming in to support ukraine. and hence is a little bit of a race against time, i think for both sides to try and either stole russian offensive, new printing inside or from the russians just to finally overwhelm ukrainian forces
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and achieve something. it looks like at least the beginnings of a success. ok, mr. crump. thank you for good inside. justin crump, a military analyst and ceo of sibling here's a look now as some of the other elements in the war and ukraine. the united nations secretary general antonio terrace is set to visit moscow on tuesday to meet russian president vladimir putin. then head to ukraine for talks with president vladimir zalinski, cherish. we'll discuss the steps to bring about peace following russia's invasion of ukraine. russia has confirmed the death of one of the crew members of its flagship missile cruiser musk for a week after it sank in the black sea. the ministry of defense had nearly 400 crew members had been evacuated. chrome and critic suspect a much higher number of dead and missing, saying the ship's crew was about 500 strong. accord in moscow has ordered opposition activists. vladimir carry mercer to remain in pre trial the tension for
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allegedly spreading. fake news about russia's army. a criminal case has been opened against the activist who was earlier arrested this month for avoiding police officers, infamously looked into people's eyes. french president, emanuel mac, on his far right challenger marine, the pen have made their final push for votes before sundays. presidential run off full show, the race is much tighter than 5 years ago when french voters faced the same choice . though mccoy is expected to, when many people say they're undecided or ambivalent, his campaign slogan might be all of us. but it's not clear enough. a france will be with emanuel micron at the ballot box on sunday. both the incumbent president, he and his far right opposition. mary le pen fair had been making a final push for votes touring the t. v. stations on friday morning. them but
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they're not speaking to their cold demographic. instead, buying for votes from supporters of far left candidate shall new mellon, shaun who went 20 percent in the 1st round on the streets of paris. neither le, pen nor micron are popular with this key group of voters that we haven't had a choice in the 2nd rounds ages. i'll give the least worse choice. i went voting for the right or the extreme right? so it's become a campaign of style over substance micron attempting to shake off a reputation of arrogance and connect with work and class motors le pen trying to betray herself as a serious states woman in a tv debate earlier this week, let me micron a title, a pen stance on russia. huh? she refuted the accusation. instead, trying to focus on the cost of living. oh, that's good for did on did you depend on russian power?
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you depend on mister putin as a few months after saying that madame le pen, that you took out a loan from a russian bank in 2015 for the 1st check russian bank left south chick fish and bank objected. a court martial high agreed on all the sanctions that was taken against the oligarchs against the bang us lesson. the only sanction that i disagree with is the one blocking russian gap is a coil in port zuka. why? because i think that's not the right method. this is not what will actually hurt russia mix and above all, it will hurt the french people along which she micron is expected to keep the keys to the elisa palace. even though it was a tougher fight, the many expected lumber boats with millions undecided and unhappy with both candidates. there is no clear win in sundays, deciding round of micron bessie le pen.
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and here's a quick look at some other stories making news around the world. european union countries have reached a deal over major changes to digital content laws. after 16 hours of talks running late into the night of lock will now move ahead with an acting law, forcing companies like facebook, twitter, and google to police content for issues like hate speech and disinformation. 6 people have been killed in somali as capital. mogadishu, when a bomb went off in a beach sod restaurant. smelly as police chief and legislators were present when the explosion occurred, but we're not harmed. melia has seen a spade of attacks in recent weeks as it goes through a long delayed election process. the taliban say a bomb explosion at a mosque in the northern afghan city of couldn't do it, had killed at least 33 people, dozens more were injured. it follows an explosion in nearby missouri sharif on thursday, which the so called islamic stake took responsibility for your watching
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d. w. news live from berlin up next, a documentary hash tag, happy the dictatorship of happiness on social media. remember, you can get all the latest news on our website, d, w dot com and follow up on social media unexpired. thanks for watching a mm mm mm.


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