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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2022 11:15am-11:31am CEST

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for demi mar, you 4 and 4 key, if it's a dramatic city in the port city from, from all we're able to hear and, and we've come across a heard of images of mass graves there as well. what can you tell us? well add those images come from a u. s. or satellite from a privacy you a private u. s. company. and indeed it looks like a mass grave or, or was it was doug near my, you ball. and there is mounting evidence, according to united nations of war. crimes committed by russians are they had asked, they advanced or within the country. so those are those images only add up to an or to an already long list of possible war crimes are arbitrary killings of civilians and mass graves being dug. we also have reports that are very difficult to verify, but we have reports of or more by a crematorium used by
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a russian cell. these 2 are to we raised the evidence of those crimes. so this is a very are very dramatic situation, but also a situation that is very difficult to assess or went, ernest simply do not have access to the ground. and just to last quick question for me when you are the secretary general of the united nations antonia terrace is going to both moscow and keep in the coming days to talk to the presidents there. and it hope chances of a breakthrough to think well, it's very difficult to assess at this stage or we know data vladimir putin has voiced a. he's a dissatisfaction in russia over the way what he calls a wester russo phobia. oh rhetoric, if you will. so of course it is good that there still a dialogue open that with the united nations, but i would say dots at given what we're seeing here on the ground over the past 2 months that it, there is a little hope that this visit will drastically improve things on the ground may be
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it will lead to humanitarian corridors, but they haven't been established permanently here since they were needing since the beginning of the war. so only a little hope here. okay. did abuse menu. shes in la v. thanks for that friend president emanuel michael at his far right challenger marine, the pen have made their final push for votes before sundays. presidential run off, paul show the race is much tighter than 5 years ago when french voters faced the same choice. though mccoy is expected to, when many people say they're undecided or ambivalent, his campaign slogan might be all of us. but it's not clear enough. a france will be with emanuel micron at the ballot box on sunday night, both the incumbent president, he and his far right opposition, marina panther had been making a final push for votes. touring the t. v. stations on friday morning. them but
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they're not speaking to their cold demographic. instead vying for votes from supporters of fall live, confidential new melanie sean, who went 20 percent in the 1st round on the streets of paris. neither la penn nor mac. ron, are popular with this key group of voters that we haven't had a choice in the 2nd rounds ages. i'll give the least worse choice. i went voting for the right or the extreme right? so it's become a campaign of style over substance micron attempting to shake off a reputation of arrogance and connect with work and class moses la pen trying to betray herself as a serious states woman in a tv debate earlier this week, let me micron a title, a pen stance on russia. huh? she refused to the accusation. instead, trying to focus on the cost of living. as good did on,
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did you depend on russian power? you depend on mister putin as a few months after saying that, madame le pen, that you took out a loan from a russian bank in 2015 for the 1st check russian bank. let self tick cushion bunk exhibited a car wash or my read on all the sanctions that was taken against the oligarchs against the bang us lesson. the only sanction that i disagree with is the one blocking russian gap is a coil in port zuka. why? because i think that's not the right method. this is not what will actually hurt russia mix and above all, it will hurt the french people along which she micron is expected to keep the keys to the elisa palace. i think more though it was a tough a fight. the many expected level boats with millions undecided and unhappy with both candidates. there is no clear winner in sundays, deciding round of micron versus le pen.
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andy w correspondence. sonya phallic are joins me now from central pears. sonya polls suggest michael should win. but is there any chance of a surprise? will i think as victory is really not? not absolutely not certain. you know, what is crucial here is that box where the macro managers to sway voters on the far left. i think this is really the whole, the key there about 7000000 of them voted for far left candidate john look man or shaw in the 1st round. and many of these voters, you know, really intensely dislike macro. they see him as an economic liberal. they feel as economic policies of favor, the rich, this, the inequalities of white and during histone. so i think a lot depends on whether these voters will vote from across, abstain, or, or even migrate to the pen kept, you know, in boston elections in france, whether it's been to keep up with marina pain or her father. french motors have traditionally, you know, put aside the political differences and joined together to vote out any far right
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candidate from joining the government. this time around that is less clear. and why is this race between the 2 candidates who faced each other 5 years ago? it's so much tighter this time around. well, i think the answer was that the far right in france is simply gained ground with each election. and i think they've never been as strong as they are right now. literally within touching distance of the presidency. and i think part of the reason for this is that maureen le pen has run a very slick crossroads campaign. she's reached out to what he calls voters on the right and the left. i managed to convince a large chunk of them that she is really the best bet to put more money in the pockets slash prices. she takes the concerns seamlessly. this is also electric. that feels that macro is too arrogant and doesn't really care about the concerns. and i think the pen has also done a fairly good job of managing to really, you know, tone down her parties, a radical image, and somehow normalize her body,
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bring it in from the fringe and, and make the ideas of the spotty mom in stream. you're talking about the pen changing the parties message and image and policies i was suppose to a certain extent. so let's say she gets elected. what would that mean for france and, and for his place in the world? what i think levin has managed to, you know, kind of partly detoxify if you like about his image. but i think we have to be clear that she remains uniformly far right nationalists in her roots and, and in the policies. i mean, if you go to her party platform, she has proposals in there where, you know, she says she wants to hold a referendum on immigration, she wants to deport foreigners of the employ unemployed for a year. she wants a french 1st policy when it comes to public housing and benefits. and wonderful key planks is to ban the, the wearing of the muslim headscarf in public. that would contradict frances
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international commitments. and she also wanted once to curtail the right to asylum, which would violate, you know, rules again in france. i think what the facial media should have been seeing is that many of the policies would actually require changes for the constitution. so i think there is no doubt that marilla pin remains a clear danger to. to frances democratic uh, foundations. in just a quick last question. if i may, you know, the franco german motor drives europe, the relationship with berlin is, is really critical to french foreign policy. if the pen is elected, does that all break down? that's right. i mean the bend, you know, she's been in the last few weeks, are holding a couple of press conferences to come across is more credible. but instead in, i think there has been more scrutiny of her, her policies, and she has talked about, you know, kind of ending maybe military cooperation with germany. she's talked about putting a distance with germany. and i think these are all really worrying signs that would
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obviously, of course put her on a direct collision course with brussels. ok, w correspondence, sonya falla car on the 2nd and final round of french presidential election. thanks so much. some time now for other stores making use around the world. european union countries have reached a deal over major changes to digital content laws. after late talks, walk, move ahead with a law force and companies like facebook, twitter, and google to police police content for issues like hate speech and misinformation . 6 people were killed and some aaliyah's capital. no good issue. when a bomb went off in a beach, sighed restaurant, smell is police chief and legislators were present when the explosion occurred, but we're not harmed. malia has seen a state of attacks in recent weeks as it goes through a long delayed election process. the taliban say a bomb explosion at a mosque in the northern african city of couldn't do it,
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has killed at least 33 people, dozens more were injured. it follows an explosion in nearby missouri sharif on thursday, which the so called islamic state took responsibility for every we returned to our top story. now the war in ukraine is being reflected and one of the world's leading art exhibitions, every 2 years, the art world, a sense on venice, italy for the canal cities, b and ali, to chance for top, creators to display their most relevant new art works. and this year, the war is on many artist minds. the city of venice has inspired artists for centuries. at the venice, be a knowledge they're sent by countries from around the globe to present their visions. and to try to make sense of the world through art. and performance this year, one country is noticeably absent, russia, it's pavilion is empty. to curator and artists quit in protest against russia's war
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near by a monument to ukraine, suffering a tower of sand bags like those currently protecting ukraine's cultural heritage from russian bombs. posters of new ukrainian artworks attest to the violence. the originals can't be here because of the war. our mission as a, as an institution is always to support a piece of support collaboration. so we wanted to support as much as we could, that participation of the ukrainian peggy again, of course this is a, is nothing compared to what they had to little in all personally, and psychologically the 70 bronze funnels and ukrainian artist pablo mockups fountain were finished just days before the war, they made it to safety and the trunk of a curator's car. ukraine's presence here, despite the war, is seen as a trial. we are facing though, a huge conflict between 2 gods as in albertville, our culture though culture,
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that's what it is because it behind any war there is a, there is a cultural crisis. lack of says, russian missiles were flying overhead when he left his hometown heart youth. his work titled the fountain of exhaustion symbolizes humanity, stretched to the limit. another exhibition at the venice b. a nala, it's called this is ukraine, defending our freedom. the show features works by ukranian and international artists like this flag by damien hirst. the butterflies that are attached to it are incredibly fragile and you can touch them. they are as unprotected as ukrainians. they are falling, fragility strength and defiance. ukraine is sending a signal that its culture is endangered, but still alive there watching dw news. here's a reminder of our top story. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski says rush
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a plan to expand its war to neighboring moldova, that's after a russian military commander said it aimed to seize territory right across southern ukraine and reached the moldova border though, as demanded. russia respect. it's your tragedy except di da abuse health program in good shape, looks at how to deliver emergency 1st aid member. you can always get the latest news on our website, d, w dot com and follow us on social media. i'm nick spicer. thanks for watch. ah ah
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did you need batteries lying around? is your medicine properly stored? mm hm. emergencies can happen at a moment's notice, especially when children are involved. tips for prevention and how to act quickly in good shape. o d w. welcome to the land. a check in special from balin court in bag between our treasures clubs and luxury vehicles. blue past day guy gets a taste of coolant airy, delights and bad invert and bad, cultivated and capricious. to do in
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60 minutes d, w. so he wants to know what makes with love and balancing them away from them. but i'm not even know how to work my own car and everyone with later holes and everything today. getting, are you ready to meet the german can join me, rachel stuart, and d. w. i pulled up on the sofa tuning into in good shape. you're probably pretty safe. but as we go about our lives, we faced the risk of accidents. fiona fell off his swing and hurt her head. monica ludovic suffered severe, burns while barbecuing. and it was only his family's quick action that save much he has killing us from sudden cardiac death. what to do in case of emergency to day on
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