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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2022 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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we listen to their stories reporter in every weekend on d. w with, ah, this is, do you have any news lie from berlin? russia launch is missile strikes on the ukrainian port city of odessa. these 5 people are killed in a bombardment that also destroys to ukrainian military targets. also coming up orthodox christians are marketing easter. our reporter visits a community near keith trying to recover from russian occupation that left its church in ruins. and they have done it again by a munich,
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our german champions landed their 10th bonus league, a title in a row with victory over there, perennial challenges, challenges dormant will find out what this meets for german foot. ah, i my blue cross. welcome to the program. ukraine has warned of russia's possible desire to expand its war. president of louisa lensky said neighbouring moldova should be concerned about russia's latest military aims. all over his home to trent mystery. a 8 break away crow russian region that order southwestern ukraine. russia has taken control of much of ukraine's se, seen there in blue. a top russian commanders has moscow's forces, want to push west to connect it to areas of control and apartment block in
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odessa hit during her russian bombardment. rescuers brought people to safety but several died in the barrage. this came after the deputy commander of russia's central military district, set its forces, want to push westwards towards moldova. on friday he told state media control over the south of ukraine is another way to trans mystery a where there is also evidence that the russian speaking population is being oppressed. shadows that old president followed him. is a landscape focused on the commander's comments in his nightly address? yes. okay. white e. back rubella, doyle, ukraine's fate. chris to put a stop to all of this vision, while unfortunately losing the lives of ukrainians. he washes done. it does man without us. why your country's money to help us more? remember, when they'd be finished with all smith laquisha, they will start with you. the russian onslaught is relentless,
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but it has also failed to produce t breakthroughs. the port city of mary a pole has been under bombardment for 2 months. yet fighters are still holding out and the as of style steel, plant, a symbol of ukrainian resistance, ukraine's as all regiment or has released a video of civilians. sheltering and bunkers beneath the plant. in marian poll, it's not clear when or where the video was filmed. many of those in the tunnels are children. oh yes, i hope we can leave here and see the sun. because we've been sitting here for 2 months already and i want to see the sun. because in here it's dark. not like outside some when our houses are rebuilt and now we can live in peace reform. let ukraine win, because ukraine is our native home claim and the lesson windham. meanwhile,
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ukraine is pushing back hard at russian forces, taking advantage of new weapons flowing in from western allies. this video purports to show a russian helicopter shot down while another flies away. but even when ukrainians succeed in retaking territory, the invaders leave a path of death and destruction behind them, bodies and burned out buildings. the testify to the brutality that's been brought to bear on civilians. since the war started. ukrainian president voluminous lensky held a news conference earlier today. our correspond mathias bellinger was there and sentenced this update. there was a very emotional press conference at times i, he, where he was very emotional when he was talking, for example, about the people who suffered from this strike on odessa to day or other a victims of the war. and he,
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his message was very much like what he has said before that i am the western countries need to continue supporting ukraine with weapons that ukraine needs more heavy weapons to face this new in a new offensive, or that russia is launching in the east of the country that at the moment, for example, the weaponry that ukraine has, is not enough to break through to odessa to chew or your poll, where they are still people trapped in this steel plant. and that these efforts to, of support need to continue. and he also announced that tomorrow the american secretary of defense and the secretary of state will be in ukraine to discuss of her support, to show support here. and her, he was of course, grateful for the are quite big packages of her military aid that the u. s,
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have offered, he was more critical of other countries, notably germany, who are hesitating to provide this and his message was very clear. this is now where russia can be stopped. they are in ukraine. now if they fail, if, if, if the world ukraine and the western countries failed to stop them here, they were march on to other countries. orthodox christians around the world are marching easter, but in ukraine it's of course, happening under the shadow of war. you have your correspond wrecker readers visited one village, northeast of keith that was under russian control until just a few weeks ago. the community there came together to build a makeshift chapel after russian soldiers burned theirs to the ground. oh, on recall and reflection the jesus who sacrificed all to die on the cross. it's the saddest day in the christian calendar for the worship is here in this village
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outside keith there. good friday service in this night shift chapo has taken on an even deep meaning this year. oh, russian soldiers marching on keys, then the 19th century church to the ground. flooded pro with you. all the missile hit the altar of the church on the eastern side of the building. 3rd of the damage spread inside. if not the windows exploded out. sydney it was a direct hit in was lantern. when the church was burning, i thought my soul was burning. she the icon of the prophet elijah, the only thing to survive when i was with alyssa, it survived under the ruined his rhythm under the ashes completely. al isham, it's a phenomenon young. i don't know how to explain it that way. when a miracle in the middle of war and thus not old as the water got about people in the village, said father, we cannot be without you prima. we need the services. the item that i told them you,
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let's build a tent so we can celebrate easter from more mobile and postal written on boston. we started to build this chapel, you know, shall we, can you imagine worth the, which are sort of the sort of severe ukraine is a deeply religious country in villages like this one, the church plays a central role in the community. these people tell me that while russians may have destroyed their church, they will never destroy their spirit. but the churches are so found. we grew up here, eco, when the church was burning right before our eyes, we were very scared. the scariest thing of all was that we couldn't do any things and then because we were under fire at da da da da, in some way all my childhood was spent here. i grew up 3 houses down the road. so how should i feel like it's like something is gone from your life? i usually live in, they val, they'll rebuild their beloved church in all its former glory. once they're certain, the russians won't return one law if they do, the priest has a message straight from the bible or whiskers. jesus said,
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love one another as i have loved you was the boot. but he also said something else in for he who fights by the sword shall die by the sword. why did all that? yeah, i mean, as the service ends, they pray for christ. we born on easter sunday, a church rebuilt, and doubtless for a homeland free once again. i mean, lydia, i transferred the stories making news right now. coffee. caustic christians are also celebrating easter in the egyptian capital cairo worshippers gathered for mass at saint mark's cathedral. the main coptic church in egypt sunday also marks the end of the 55 day long period of lent in the coptic calendar, known as the great fast at least 12 migrants have died and another 10 were reported missing. after 4 boats carrying african migrants sank off the coast of tenicia,
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the coast guard rescued almost $100.00 people from the waters. boats had been trying to cross the mediterranean to italy. carnival has returned to life in brazil for the 1st time since the pandemic began to mark the occasion. rio de janeiro, samba school champion, paid tribute to the epic. 1919 carnival. the 1st celebrated after another pandemic, the spanish flip. thousands of argentine farmers have protested in both our eyes against the sharp rise in fuel and fertilizer prices. argentina is one of the world's top food exporters, and the sector is key to latin. america's 3rd largest economy in the french election, mariama con and marine le pen are making their final push for votes before sundays . presidential run off, paul show the race is much tighter than 5 years ago when french voters also faced that same choice of candidates, while micron is expected to when many people say they're undecided w's. lisa lewis
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has more appoint predictions from paris, as opposed to polls in other countries, such as the u. k. o. the yes pulls in france, actually tend to be correct, especially when it comes to the presidential election, as you said. and my call is in the late with 10 points, even more depending on which one you're looking at. but they asked of 2 factors that could change things. first of all, as i mentioned in my report, the fact that more than 10 percent of the voters still don't know who they will vote for. and then secondly, the extension rate at pulses are expecting between 20 or 25 percent of photos. not turning out to vote if that were much higher. 7 that could mean that some of those who are willing to wait for a mom and my call, but not whole heartedly say they only want to block marina penn from getting to how if they see that the polls are actually saying that my call will win anyway. and they didn't turn out to vate, that could have
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a negative impact of my cos resides. so it's not really quite clear yet what the result would be to morrow. in the bonus league, a buyer munich, once again, ben, crown german champions, it's the 10th season running that buyer and have been the top team in german football. and they sealed it with a win over the last team to deny them the title dormant 10 years on from dornan's last championship by and had the chance to confirm that 10th title in a row against their old rivals. all eyes were on elling, holland's andrew of 11 dusky, but it was another player who got the scoring underway. says can every volley time to put by and ahead in a 15 minute a top quality finished to put by and within touching distance of the title. that the other end holland had a golden chance to level the scores, but he scuffed his short, wide, the kind of mistake that bion usually punish. and they did just that after
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a defensive mix up. who else? but levin dusky applying the finishing touch the pole once again coming back to haunt his former club to nail to buying domains. frustration was clear to see, but shortly into the 2nd half, they withdrew, and lifeline yours. you kimmy, brought down motto, voice in the box, m re john stepped up and made it to one from the penalties. pots dormant had rediscovered some hope and again hole and went through and go with a chance to equalize. but once more than a week and failed to find the target. and in the 83rd minute by and made the game and the titles safe, jamal lucila found the bottom corner to make it 31. and that was enough to get by in the all important victory. eulley and na guzman celebrated his 1st major trophy
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when, while levin dusky had a consoling work for holland by an hour into double figures for consecutive. but his legal titles, a level of dominance unparalleled in modern football. elsewhere in the bonus league to lake dole, sonya on berlin can get some revenge for their cup defeat to abby leipzig. earlier this week i took the lead just after halftime through use of holsten, when unknown failed to clear the ball. let's spend michelle equal ice for unknown seconds after coming on as a substitute. and then having barons hit the winning goal with just a minute left to play with. this is debbie news live
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from berlin up next we have reporter, on location introducing you to the founder of afghanistan's 1st and only modeling agency. want to stay tuned for vat. we'll have plenty more of course and always get the latest d, w dot com and on instagram and twitter f d w news. we'll have some more news for you at the top of the hour. so don't go anywhere. we'll see you soon. not just another day. so much is happening all at once. we take time to understand. this is the day and in depth look at current news, events analyzed by experts and critical thinkers. this is the day weekdays on d w.


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