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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2022 9:00am-9:15am CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is didi of you. news alive from berlin, top us officials are heading to keep to meet with ukraine's president. the visit by the secretaries of state and defense comes after at least 8 people are killed in an attack on the port city of odessa. also coming up france chooses the president polling stations have opened across the country in the runoff between incumbent emanuel mac hall was vying for a 2nd term. and as far right challenger marine le pen. and they've done it again fired, munich, or german champions. once more,
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they landed their 10th bundis league, a title in a row with victory over their perennial challengers document. we'll find out what this means for german football. ah, i'm the spacer. welcome to the program. ukraine's president vladimir lensky says he's preparing to welcome the highest level us delegation to keep since russia invaded 2 months ago. the sunday visit by secretary of state anthony lincoln and defense secretary lloyd austin, comes on the heels of a deadly missile strike on the port city of odessa. zelinski says an infant was among the 8 people killed. he said, philosophy, americans, for new weapons to stop a renewed russian onslaught and ukraine, south and east dw correspondent john phillips schultz is in the vive. i asked him about zalinski reaction to the russian attack on odessa and his nightly tv address
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. yes, indeed, sir. president lensky put a very strong emphasis on the, on the attacks on or desa during his speech. i was in odessa myself some weeks ago . and the cultural and economic significance of the support city for ukraine can't be overestimated and may have been fierce regarding a major attacks on the city for a while. president zalinski also mentioned the story of a 3 month old, so a baby that was apparently killed in the attack, a baby that her sister seemed tolerate during a short life. and this and the fact that the attacks took place during easter celebrations. the orthodox easter celebrations and apparently had to a residential area that led to very emotional reactions here in ukraine. and
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just to move to another part of the country. the port city of mario paul, which we've been watching for weeks now, is expected to fall at any moment. what more can you tell us about the overall situation? most military and civilian? well, they're still fighting. in maria poll especially around the affair, steel plant where many ukrainian fighters and hundreds of civilians are trapped. as you know, president putin said that he wants to block any excess to to the plant. in general, the humanitarian situation in the city is disastrous. tens of thousands of civilians are still trapped there and attempts to evacuate. people have failed. recently, a ukrainian officials also claimed that russians have tried to forcibly depart a residence to russian territory in the past days. and just to get to the
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diplomacy. now, an impending visit by top us officials, as we were just saying to lensky has said, this is going to be a big meeting. he's got a big ask for them. what can we expect to occur in this encounter? yes, indeed, sir. present. lensky announced some hours ago that sir chop us official sir, will visit the country. of course, a topic off for military age, and will be very high on the agenda presidency. lensky has the concrete, a list of weapons that he says. ukraine needs. as you know, a president lensky says that's a leader shouldn't come empty handed to ukraine, but in the case of the united states, he doesn't have to worry about this. the united states have already provided several billions of us dollars are for military 8. and so very have increased
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their commitments, including heavy weapons and president zalinski will probably also ask her u. s. a delegation to put more pressure on its west, and especially germany to provide more weapons. russian president vladimir putin attended an easter mass early on sunday and moscow's christ. the savior cathedral service was led by the head of the russian orthodox church. picture kill, who said he hoped the conflict in ukraine would end quickly. quito has strongly backed the kremlin war and ukraine. these statements have split the worldwide orthodox church in ukraine orthodox easter is happening now. under the shadow of war. dw correspondent rebecca rivers visited one village northeast of keefe that was under russian control until a few weeks ago. the community there came together to build a makeshift chapel after russian soldiers destroyed their church. oh, on recall and reflection,
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the jesus who sacrificed all to die on the cross. it's the saddest day in the christian calendar for the worship is here in this village outside. keith there, good friday service in this night shift chattel has taken on an even deeper meaning this year. oh, russian soldiers marching on keith. then there 19th century church to the ground. flooded hospital with you. all the missile hit the altar of the church on the eastern side of the building. 3rd of the damage spread inside ignore the windows exploded out sydney. it was a direct hit. it was lantern. when the church was burning, i thought my soul was burning. she the icon of the profit, elijah, the only thing to survive when i was with alyssa, it survived under the ruined is really, you know, under the ashes completely hellish. him. but it's a phenomenon. yeah. and i don't know how to explain it that way. is me
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a miracle in the middle of war? unless not all those the water gravel are people in the village said father, we cannot be without you prima. we need the service, though, i them it. i told them you, let's build a tent so we can celebrate easter from most noble apostles written on boston. we started to build this chapel, you know, shall we, can you imagine what the, which a song of the thought the severe ukraine is a deeply religious country in villages like this one, the church plays a central role in the community. these people tell me that while russians may have destroyed their church, they will never destroy their spirits. right? the churches themselves. we grew up here, eco, when the church was burning right before our eyes, we were very scared of one of the scariest thing of all was that we couldn't do any things. and then because we were under fire at da da da, in some way all my childhood was spent here. i grew up 3 houses down the road. so how should i feel like it's like something is gone from your life. i usually live
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in. they, val, they'll rebuild their beloved church in all its former glory. once they're certain, the russians won't return one law if they do, the priest has a message straight from the bible or source causes. jesus said, love one another as i have loved you was the book, but he also said something else in for he who fights by the sword, all shall die by the sword. why didn't know that no idea as the service ends, they pray for christ. we born on easter sunday, a church rebuilt, and doubtless for a homeland free once again. i mean, lydia, i pouring stations have opened across france in the presidential run off between incumbent a manual, michael and his far challenger marine the pen. they emerged as the top 2 candidates after the 1st round, 2 weeks ago. macklin received nearly 28 percent of the votes, while the pen had just over 23 percent. fall suggest the race is much tighter than
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5 years ago when french voters faced the same choice. and as crossover lived out a central paris where dw correspondence, sonya found the car joined us for more. sonya mccoy is largely expected to win. is there a chance of a surprise though? you're right, i mean macro is leading in the polls, but i think a marine, the pin upset victory is possible. there are number of factors that make to these votes. quite unpredictable. for one marine, la pens, chances have vastly improved in the selection. she's one, a slick grassroots campaign. she's mad it should detoxify her party's radical image . it's no longer taboo to vote for the far right. and another fact, i think is a deep sense of frustration among many voters who are, you know, kind of upset that this is the repeat of the last election that the macro le pen face off. again, a feeling that you know, it's the same old faces and i think lastly, you know, much of france this weekend is on spring holidays. and that could, of course,
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impact the turnouts lighting all that could add to the uncertainty. and it tell me so you, why are some voters are so many voters are undecided in some, you know, the polls are to believe from earlier in the week choosing to abstain. well bought macro le pen need to attract voters who, you know kind of back to other candidates in the for strong and one crucial group. there is voters on the far left. about 7000000 of them watered for the far left hand. a john look mellow shaw, who natalie lost out to marine la pin. now many of these voters in the fall left intensely dislike macro. they think he's the president for the rich. they think he is arrogant out of touch. but the also, you know, are not an armored by le pen at all with her anti immigration agenda. her, you know, phobia her focus and identity issues. and i think many younger voters in this group are particularly disappointed because the lack of left candidate in this run off as many of the issues that matter to them. things like education, environment,
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women's rights, have not featured at all in these last 2 weeks in the campaign. so there is a sense of a lack of choice here. what are seeing the feel, you know, i'm twisted into watching for the, what they say is the lesser of 2 evils. so i think the big unknown here is how many of these waters will really refuse to back either of the 2 candidates either by casting a blank ballots as a sign of protest or by not wanting at all. okay. and sonya will be with us throughout the day. we expect results around 8 p. m. local paris time. sonya found the car in the french capital. thank you. turn a sports out in the bundle. slager bar. nick have once again been crowned german champions. it is the 10th season running at byron have been the top team in german football. and they sealed it with a win over the last team to deny than the title. document 10 is on from dornan's last championship by and had the chance to confirm that 10th title in a row against their old rivals. all eyes were on elling,
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holland andrew of 11 dusky. but it was another player who got the scoring underway . says can every volley time to put by in ahead. in the 15 minutes, the top quality finished to put bion within touching distance of the title. that the other end holland had a golden chance to level the scores, but he scuffed his short wide. the kind of mistake that bion usually punish. and they did just that after a defensive mix up, who else but live and dusky applying the finishing touch. the poll once again, coming back to haunt his former club to nail turbine domains. frustration was clear to see, but shortly into the 2nd half they were thrown and lifeline years you kimmy brought down martha voice in the books. m re john stepped up and made it to once and the penalty spots dormant,
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had rediscovered some hope. and again hole and went through and go with a chance to equalize but once more than a week and failed to find the targets. and in the 83rd minute bion made the game, and the titles safe, jamal lucila found the bottom corner to make it $31.00. and that was enough to give boy in the all important victory. julian na, guzman celebrated his 1st major trophy when, while levin dusky had a consoling word for holland. hi and, and now it's a double figures for consecutive bodies, leggett titles, a level of dominance unparalleled in modern football. and elsewhere in the bonus they go to lake gore saw union barely and get some revenge for their cup to feed to our be leipzig earlier this week, bob sick took the lead after just halftime through use of porson, when we noun failed to clear the ball, spend michelle equalize for union seconds after coming on as
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a substitute and then kevin barons. it the winning goal is just a minute to play and there is again, here's a look at the table now was just a few matches left to go this season. byron and dorman will finish 1st and 2nd beneath them there's a battle for the top european spots with 5 teams separated by just 6 points at the bottom, her to berlin in stuttgart face off in a crunch. relegation match on sunday below felt our running out of time to get themselves out of the drops own while foot are already down. this is dw news live from for lead up. next is world stories the week in reports, and there's plenty more for you in the website d, w dot com and you can also follows on social media. of course, i'm a spicer. thanks for watching. ah
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ah good. we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah no magic corner chat, hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot d w travel off we go to own.


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