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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2022 10:00am-10:13am CEST

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ah, ah next by sir, welcome to the program ukraine's president volota me. lensky says she's preparing to welcome the highest level u. s. delegation to keep since russia invaded 2 months ago. the sunday visit by secretary of state antony, blanket, and defense secretary lloyd austin, comes on the heels of a deadly missile strike on the port city of odessa. zelinski says an infant was among 8 people killed. he says he'll ask the americans for new weapons to stop a renewed russian onslaught in ukraine, south and east and
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france. go to the polls as voters casting ballots and run off between and coming. emanuel laconia far right challenger, marine the pen. ok . ok, and we are going to be joined by our correspondent in so we're going to join how by our expert, ruth diamant, who is with the school the lecture for war studies at london's king college. or it's sorry about that. i taught us officials are going to keep on sunday to discuss ukraine's request for more powerful weapons. do ukrainian forces have what they need? i think it's difficult to say because we'll have to see how the,
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the next phase of the complex pan out. but mostly what we have seen in recent weeks is willingness by the united states to provide weapons to an extraordinary level. i mean, in, in love 2 weeks to learn. they provided i for one and a half $1000000000.00 worth of military assistance, which is a factory. some of the us clearly all a winning now i think to, to police, check off them and provide you with what they need and just going over to the russian side. do they have what they need in terms of personnel, weapons, logistics, and so on. i mean, it is hard to be clear at this stage, but one has to say it's been unlikely the russian side to take an extremely heavy losses in terms of personnel and equipment to the heavy loss. it's not just all the soldiers,
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but also senior offices in general. and these are people who can't be replaced instantly. so just the trains obviously, equipment needs to be to be made. and so they don't have the limitless quantities of military equipment. so it's hard to see, give them the rates at which they have been losing personal leasing equipment. it's hard to see that they really have the resources to conduct the war. now going forward, i think, and just about the attack on a desa, which was condemned by the ukranian president to vote. and there's a lensky. is there any reason to believe that russia is trying to take over the critical port city sooner? it was perhaps more symbolic, even a sign of frustration to think i think possibly a little bonus. i mean again, we're not 100 percent. sure, but it is a gesture is a key city in all sorts of ways. it is strategic important. it's also symbolically
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important, and, you know, the russians have said that they are moving to this new phase of conflict, which they want to take a south. and it's one of the key cities in the south. now, i mean, this is a huge scaling down of their original warrens attaching itself to think it's a sign of weakness and the station. i mean, i would imagine that we, we may well see more of this in the coming weeks. and just a final question. if i may about the other port, city of mario, paul, very strategic and symbolic, it's false seems all but certain now from, from what we hear if it is taken by the russians. what will this mean for the, the balance of power in the battlefield space? overall, it is extremely important for russia in all sorts of ways, both because of the strategic importance of such as you say, i think it's also symbolically important for russia because they have so far failed to achieve any really significant victory. it isn't even that they are looking for
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. they curious and there are reports that, you know, we don't know that trees that push and wants to be able to come announce some kind of a tree on the, on the 4th day on the 9th of may. and being able to claim that mario pull is fully under russian control, i think would be very helpful for them. whether that's going to be the case remains to be seen. ok, retirement of kings college in london. thank you so much for that insight. russian toke president vladimir putin attended an easter mass early on sunday in moscow's christ, a savior cathedral. the service was led by the head of the russian orthodox church pitcher carol, who said he hope the conflict in ukraine would and quickly carol has strongly back the kremlin war and ukraine. his statements have split the world wide orthodox church in ukraine. orthodox easter is happening under the shadow of war.
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dw correspondent rebecca ritter's visited one village north east of keep that was under russian control until a few weeks ago. the community there came together to build a makeshift chapel after russian soldiers destroyed their church. oh, on recall and reflection, the jesus who sacrificed all to die on the cross. it's the saddest day in the christian calendar for the worship is here in this village outside keith there. good friday service seen this night shift chapo has taken on an even deeper meaning this year. oh, russian soldiers marching on keys. then there 19th century church to the ground, flood earth pro with you. all the missile hit the altar of the church on the eastern side of the building for the damage spread inside icn, the windows exploded out sidney. it was a direct hit in atlanta when the church was burning. i thought my soul was burning
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. she the icon of the prophet elijah, the only thing to survive when i was with alissa it survived under the ruined is really, you know, under the ashes completely all issue. well, it's a phenomenon and i don't know how to explain it that way. it's me. a miracle in the middle of war, unless not all the water guttural are people in the village said father, we cannot be without you prima. we need the services. the item that i told them you, let's build a tent so we can celebrate easter from most noble post lunar boston. we started to build this chapel. you know? sure we can you imagine what the quit your sewing of the sort of severe ukraine is? a deeply religious country in villages like this one, the church plays a central role in the community. these people tell me that while russians may have destroyed their church, they will never destroy their spirits. but the churches themselves, we grew up here eco, when the church was burning right before our eyes, we were very scared of one of the scariest thing of all was that we couldn't do any
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things. and then because we were under fire at da da da, in some way all my childhood was spent here. i grew up 3 houses down the road. so how should i feel like it's like something is gone from your life? wish low even they, val, they'll rebuild their beloved church in all its former glory. once they're certain, the russians won't return one law if they do, the priest has a message straight from the bible or squares cause jesus said, love one another as i have loved you was the boot. but he also said something else in for he who fights by the sword full shall die by the sword. why didn't know that no idea as the service ends, they pray for christ. we born on easter sunday, the church rebuilt, and doubtless for a homeland free once again. i french voters are casting ballads in an election that if pulls prove accurate will
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give president emanuel not call 5 more years in office. but his challenger, marine, the pan still has a slim chance of an upset and outcome, many believe would up and european unity. it's election day and francis bracing for the lead pen. my call show down the stakes. a huge le pen would become modern frances 1st far right. leader and 1st fema president. my call would be the 1st french president to win re election into decades. and while many parisian got up early to be the 1st in line at the voting stations, some are not sure they will vote at all some odd dollars. it doesn't interest me, it's not part of my life by me. don't curse word on the people will vote for my chrome because by default there isn't another choice or others will wrote as a contradiction for the pan. many will abstain because we don't know who to choose for. it's the supporters of left wing candidate, jaundra, milan shaw,
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who came 3rd and round one who feel particularly frustrated. they no longer have a left wing option. now their vote or a low turn out has the potential to tip the scales. my call has tried to appeal to these voters by toning down parts of his manifesto, like the plan to push up the retirement age from the current. $62.00 to $65.00 will decide we can fix a lower target age. i'm open to discussion with 100. meanwhile, the pen has also tried to gather more support by continuing to depict herself as the candidate closest to the people are shocked phone. i wanted to know every french person that my project is tailor made for them who i want them to be particularly disappointed. because the lack of left candidate in this run off as many of the issues that matter to them. things like education, environment, women's rights, have not featured at all in these last 2 weeks in the campaign. so that is the sense of a lack of choice. your voters seem to feel, you know,
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arm twisted into watching for the what they say is the list of 2 evils. so i think the big unknown killer is how many of these waters will really refuse to back either of the 2 candidates either by costing a blank ballots as a sign of protest or by not voting at all. the state of you sonya found the car speaking to me from paris earlier. return to sports now and by an unix rain. as bonus, like a champions continues, they seal the record 10th german table with victory over dormant robert live enough . he was among the goal scores against his former club as by and ran out 31 winters . it's a 1st bonus, the title for their coach julian nicholson, who is just 34 years old. elsewhere and the bonus they get too late goals. so when young berlin get some revenge for their cup to feed to our b leipzig earlier this week,
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web seek took the lead just after halftime through use of paulson. when we knew and failed to clear the ball. but said michel equal i for seconds after coming on as a substitute and then kevin barons hit the winning goal with just a minute left to play in there. and here's a look at the table with just a few matches left to go this season. buyer and endorsement will finish 1st and 2nd beneath them there's a battle for the european spots with 5 teams separated by just 6 points. at the bottom, her to berlin and stuttgart face off in a crunch. relo vacation match on sunday. b lafelle, they're running out of time to get themselves out of the drop zone while fit are already down. this is deed of your news live from berlin, affects his dock film with the history of the red army. and there's plenty more for
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you on our website, d, w dot com. you can also follows on social media. on nick spicer with started out with spooky intimidation and transformed into an orgy of hate and violence. the history of the ku klux klan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states found it over 150 years ago . it's repeatedly died out, but always been resurrected. the ku klux klan starts may 11th on d w. ah.


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