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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2022 7:45pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is true. stuart's may 3rd more d, w m. ah, ah ah, this is the w news life from berlin, france cheeses of president emily micron sinks another 5 year term that faces a strong talent from his far right opponent marine, the pen will have the live result in just under 15 minutes time. ah,
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welcome to the special edition of dw news, focusing on the french presidential election. i'm really muhammad boaters have been causing their ballads in the tightly contested run off for the top job in the alleys. a palace opinion polls suggest emmanuel cron is on cause for another 5 year term. but his fall right opponent marine le pen has mounted a strong challenge. victory for her would have far reaching implications, both for france itself. and for europe as a whole, will bring you the result as it comes in life from french television at 8 p. m. paris time. that's in just under 15 minutes. but 1st, this is how the voting has progressed. it's election day and francis bracing for the live pen. my call show down the stakes. a huge lip pen would become more and francis 1st far right. leader and 1st fema president of my call would be the 1st french president to win re election into decades. much will depend on how many
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people will show up to vote in a country that's deeply divided. was received by several abeline monsieur macklin. i'm not a fan of my call, but i think it's the only democratic option in the video. look, we have seen how they have restricted our freedoms these last years, especially during the pandemic. i'm not sure if people are aware of this, but i think unfortunately, we will continue on this path. if my call as we elected to the gentleman that expose heated to is the supporters of left wing candidate jaundra, milan shaw, who came 3rd and round one, who feel particularly frustrated. they no longer have a left wing option. now their vote or a low turn out has the potential to tip the scales. michael has tried to appeal to these voters by toning down parts of his manifesto. like the plan to push up the retirement age from the current $62.00 to $65.00 with recon fix low, it's hard to change. i'm open to discussion with one kid. meanwhile,
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the pen has also tried to gather more support by continuing to depict herself as the candidate closest to the people are shocked phone. i want to tell every french person that my project is tailor made for them what i want them to be happy and prosperous safe. and i will defend their identity here to see that this was a lovely. don't you think? all opinion polls in recent days point towards a wind for the 44 year old pro european centrist mac home. a la pen victory, however, is still possible and would sent shock waves across europe. alesco to paris and speak to the japanese, the st. louis, standing by at microns election night, open air headquarters at the eiffel tower. lisa mccoy is expected to win, but i imagine many more on edge wondering if they'll be a surprise tonight, especially with such a large number of people that were undecided because you don't like my whole. well,
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obviously there is still a possibility that the amount of i call my, you know, when, if many people did not turn about, you know, the people behind me here, a supporters of my, my cause miss venue has been filling up over the past to 10 minutes. really, and they home told me really optimistic read things we will when they selection about would be normally that many voters are from the left. what, how greater for him on my call, if you are re elected? because as the exactly days waiters that he has been trying to win over in these 2 weeks between the 2 rounds. and that's the boat as he needs to win this election tonight. and just bring us up to speed on how the last 2 weeks of campaigning has gone for mccall. i well im gonna call has hit the campaign trail and that was a change really too before the 1st round of fighting. before the 1st on of i think he was very much absent today from the ground. he was concentrating on
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international issues. he was dealing with the war and ukraine. you could see the pictures of him, you know, discussing with rosters, thrushes, lottie may pollutants, but he was very, very ready to be seen actually in france. and in between these 2 weeks, he really went out there every day. almost. he went to different parts of france, was talking to people even to people who were opposed to him. you could see him, you know, on the pictures discussed with people who were, who didn't agree with him. he was actually making a step towards left wing. they chose, you know, that, so he really got the message that after the 1st round of a to where, you know the far left candidate, it's all been all shawl. came 3rd with about 222 percent of the vote. he understood my my call understood that he needed to do something to show to these voters that he was willing to change or at least say include some measure in his programs. i will place them please louis. thank you. stand by for us. let me turn this check in
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with barbara vsl, who is standing by at marine the pens party headquarters. barbara, this is the 2nd time that my car in the pen go head to head in this election run off. but what is different this time around? what's different is that this time she is getting much closer to him as she has really pulled up. and what she did was really she hit the nerve of the majority of french voters because more than 50 percent of them said, and all the polls before the selections, that what they're most concerned about is buying power is rising price rising prices. they're afraid that they can fill their cars with gasoline anymore. they're afraid they couldn't possibly not pay for the heating any more next winter. plus they've observe, of course, is that it all the cost of living use just rising day by day. and so that made that is their biggest fear and she is really hooked into that she has toward the small
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towns and villages of provincial friends. as she has talked to people in the market place, then told them i will keep you safe. i will keep you safe from rising prices. i will keep you safe from inflation. now, of course, if you listen to economic experts, they say, you know, she is promising something that she can keep. she doesn't have a magic money free. nobody can stop this inflation. but she gave people the idea that she listen to them and that she will take care of them and that many people in france would feel disenfranchised. and, and sort of left out, offer the mainstream discourse here in this country. they feel that she might be their champion, and so that is really what pushed her up in the polls this time. but while she's, you know, trying to portray herself as a person of the people and does come with a fair amount of controversies with her connection to russia, for example. and a very staunch anti
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e u. anti immigration policy extremely so, because of course there was the, the liberal press in france said there where it open letter is written by people from cultures, cinema, doctors across the french society saying do not be caught by her. do not believe her if she really is a wolf in sheep's clothing her because behind this, this whole the i'm the mother of the nation. i will take care of a few french people behind this. there is a really hard line program. her party hasn't changed. she has just changed her public image. the way she appears she talks more softly. she has softened her hair as so he has, she's really trying, if you do to mainstream go to spots. the party is the same and the program hasn't changed. and there's some really very strong anti migrant ideas in there. for instance, that the french have precedence with social housing was jobs. was that health care
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over anybody who has come to this country and was born somewhere else? something that is absolutely impossible. under of the french constitution and of course under european law. and that is she wants to prohibit worrying the muslim headscarf in the public. so there is a whole range of ideas and programs like that that are extremely controversial. and that people just haven't been really looking at the. # time and it was up to the liberal press here in france to sort of over the last weeks point out. look at what she really wants to do once she gets into power. right? barbara, diesel at marine. the pens headquarters in paris. thank you. was crossed back to you shortly. now let's head over to central paris, where dw is arina. strauss is standing by marina. you've been talking to voters all day. what's the feeling there? i just talked to you 2 very young women who both voted for the fall left 2 weeks
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ago and during the 1st round of the francis presidential elections and these 2 women had a very different perspectives or have very different perspectives. so one of them them, it is she was here with her mother, just walking past and her mother's actually to nissan. she was born in tunisia, doesn't have french nationality. the daughter has french nationality. and as she voted for marin le pen this time. so at this a might be surprising. but she said, of course i'm not racist. but i don't like macro and was very disappointed with mcgraw during the last 5 years awarded for him last time. and he didn't fulfill what he promised, and she voted for a pan not because she's them completely fond of her policies, but she just wants to send a sort of shock wave, a thick nor a through france. she says things have to change because our politicians are focusing too much on globalization, on the european union, on the world,
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but not on french people. and the other young woman i talked to, she has a very different perspective. so she also voted for the far left, 2 weeks ago, and this time she said she opted for a manuel mccrory because she did not want or she does not want marine le pants to become francis. next president, she doesn't want a flower, right? person in charge of her country, but obviously she was not very convinced with a macro. and she also said that many of her friends did not turn out to watch us today. all right, marina strauss, thank you very much. as long as sets discuss this even further with dw is head of news next hoffman. now these candidates have very differing opinions on many issues and it comes to france, just talk us through what they had to offer. well, let's start with the foreign policy because i assume there's probably what most of our viewers are interested in. and if you look at my car,
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what he did in the last weeks, for example, when it comes to ukraine and the well that, that the war in ukraine. i think that's what we can, it could expect in the next 5 years from a president, my call on the one side being very active, also in the name of the european union, but always trying to keep a diplomatic channel open as he has with her. vladimir putin in, in the last weeks, also being someone who is firmly behind international multi national institutions like the united nations. like of course, the european union, like nato. now, if you have a president marine the pen than all of this might change. we just don't know for sure. we know for sure that very much, sir, like donald trump in 2016 c. she sort of has a france 1st program. so if something is in the interests of france, she says she will go for it. but she doesn't necessarily think that those multinational institutions are in the interest of france. so quite the contrary. so
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we would be looking at a period of instability in very trying times and exactly the opposite of what western leaders are trying to do right now. being together, having a united front against, for example, letting me putins russia. so how concerning would a le pen presidency be for europe? well, for the european union, and that's what most experts say right. it would probably spell the end of the european union as we know it now. she's not as radical, at least officially, like borrow visits, just said as it is in the past in the past, she wanted fred to get out of the european union. she wants it a trex, it now she wants to change the european union from within. how, for example, by paying less, she wants to cut the french budget into the budget by $5000000000.00 euros a year. if that is significant for one of the cornerstones of the european union, she wants to put french law above european law for many thinks which would also be
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a complete game changer. she wants a europe you of nations. and so she would like to weaken all those different institutions, like the european commission and have the nations, especially in her case, of course, france 1st are in the 1st row. all right, max, stand by. that's a head of an out to live french television and check out what's happening there with france. do. they're beginning to count down these results as they come in, which will be expecting in the next couple of seconds. you've got about 10 seconds until we find out who will be getting the keys to the eliza palace. yeah, shortly. yeah. does on the on close enough, don't, inc. only that kistin get us m is it? there was c. pled exit food to off will that topic up? she'll, she'll hazard the don't shack, gold dude orgy. it will be the office of us and it should give pretty kinessa said it would go studio field as it is normally fulfilled. ashi applique gal ruled and got by book who presented author danielle in what can i dig this? why the for say a little more. the appointment with michael when put me,
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don't get that it is equal. married and have been said to drama more. but if you do up doll, said you, because it was the moment everything is in we friends, we don't seem to have our english translation up and running thought civil public television is frances, now counting down on that final results to reveal who will be francis next president, it is a type race between friends, president and centrist emanuel mac han, who is facing far right challenge a marine, the pan in a rematch of 2017 presidential election because he got in there. you have it, other faculty, you have a good, a good full. so deborah could hotel just people saw homa han, even as we can see there, a declared president of france was 58.2 percent of the vote. ah,
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if you don't even live here. indeed, of the news, we have live pictures of the cons in that to night. at the open and headquarters at the eiffel tower, in monument con, already emerged on top in the 1st round of o t 2 weeks ago. you face a head to head, rochelle fair against the far right candidate, marine the pen in this runoff when it came to power in the 2017 age 39, he was the youngest president in french history. just remind that he did campaign on the centrist pro european platform, promising to unite 8 divided france well, very jubilant crowds there in paris. those only results so micron is now re elected as french president with 58 percent of the vote. he's now ahead of marine the pen who got 41 percent of those ballots. well,
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let sir find out. i'll let you go. we'll have a quick reminder of those results again. 50 percent emmanuel crohn and marine the pen. 41.8. well let's cross over to d w's. lisa louis, who's standing by at the open air headquarters in paris. clearly, very jubilant clouds crowds that lisa, what's the feeling like well, it was a huge moment. ok, joy, really? everybody was what alex, we just lost connection to lisa. in the meantime, we have next year was as expected. it's a little better than the poles said the poles were projecting to have my call when it lead from 10 to 15 percent. of course, everybody that was very careful with those numbers because we all know what happened with the polls. for example, briggs it or as i mentioned earlier,
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the elation of donald trump in 2016. so he did better than those polls that protected him between 10 and 15 percent. that will be a huge relief for the macro on camp. and you could tell and we saw those pictures live here on the w in front of the eiffel tower. how relieved the people there are with this result. and even so it seems that many people are using their phones. that's why lisa lose just disappeared here. but it is definitely, hugely, for my call. it is, of course, not the same result as we had 5 years ago. back then we had 66 percent for a minute, my call and 33 percent for a melinda pencil, very decisive victory. so she's gotten a lot closer. her strategy of becoming a little, you know, a little more toned down on many topics has obviously paid off. that it also is quite telling to see where the people of france are gunning. is there a shift in the ideals, politically, in the country? well, there has been a big rift in france for quite some years now,
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especially when you look at what's happening happening in rural areas, where there's high unemployment, where people feel in monterey. and my call is the president of the rich and those living in the, in the cities. and, and you know that the, the urban areas where there is much less unemployment, by the way, total unemployment rate in france is around 8 percent that much, much higher in certain areas. so those people feel disconnected. they don't feel that he's there for them. and that's something of independent, i'm sure we'll hear that from bible obviously. more detail later on has done very well. she is she, she appears closer to the people than a man with my call in spite of this result in all this is not this, not a hard cell choice for many people here. many just went to prevent matthew in lieu pen and not to vote for a monitor in my call. so in spite of this rather positive result for my call, this divide is going nowhere. and you know, if you look at the numbers 5 years ago, if you look at the numbers survey, it's a legitimate, legitimate question to ask yourself, what's going to happen in 5 years time?
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if this trend continues, stand by me, access now check in with la pens, headquarters with barbara vsl. what's been the reaction that this result, barbara? oh, of course the reaction here was simple. there was a loud move going through this hall because the dreams of marine la pen, supportive, hadn't been shattered one more time. there was a very strong feeling that they thought that they could name that this time, she would make it and they really wanted to believe in her coming the next president of france. but it is not going to happen. and so they are disappointed of course, and they will have to take some time to think about where this party is going to go next. and this is oversee her 3rd attempt. do you think this is the end of politics for marine, the pen that is on clear in march. she's and she said in
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an interview in the french press that this was her last attempt. then after that she would sort of hand over the party to successor job. she didn't name. but then in the last weeks that while, while her luck seemed to be changing and her polls were rising, she thought of pull that back and i left it open. and there is no natural success of her in the party. it's really a one woman show because i saw them all enough to not. she determines everything. she doesn't really listen to people. or if you don't have any people around her, could really sit on top of her. so it's really a, carry on and try again which and from this point in time doesn't seem very valuable . but probably the party will need a bit of time to figure out what next. and it could very well be that this old strategy of bullying the party more to the middle, letting them appearing more moderate and a bit softer. that there are forces in the party that say this was the wrong
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strategy. we have to check back to the hard, right? again, like all this pull yet is yet to be seen at the moment. you don't really expect any, any real ideas about how this whole show is going to go on here. and barbara, what's the policies that marine the pen when she, as we discussed, she's has some, some very strong policies on immigration. she's very much and t you. but she did try to portray herself as a woman of the people. where do you think she went wrong and what would of those lessons learned? what were the lessons learned in this for her? yet this old woman of the people idea of course was what made her what brought her so far? what made for her relative success in the poll? because as she really relentlessly towards real provincial friends, she listened to people. and locally she made about $10000.00 cell fees with
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a supporters in a small french town. and she sort of gave them idea that she is her, they're a woman that she takes care of their concerns. and she really totally focus on the social policy. she talked about bringing back pension age to 60, she talks about more money for students, for poor families, for them people on minimum basis and so on. and so far as she was really trying to throw around the goodies for everyone in france, who feels disenfranchised or not heard. and so that was really, that was really the, the main issue of campaigning. and just so it brought her so far. but in the end, it's still about half of french people. fear her they, they still connect with her far right to politics and policies that they don't want to see implemented in france. and that in the end sort of kept her under the bit below the below the limit of 50 percent. and monro wrong sort of made it again. so
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she came very far, but in the end it wasn't enough that were not enough people to give her a majority who would believe that she would steer a disastrous course in from barbara vsl at marine the pens ponti headquarters. thank you very much. well, if you're just joining us here on dw news, we have have special coverage on the french presidential election. and the french people have voted. they voted president emanuel con will now carry on into a 2nd time as lita affronts. this will make him the 1st president to get a 2nd time in 20 years, and he got that with 58 percent of the vote. that's crossover now to be a micron headquarters and speak to lisa lewis. if we have her up, i got you on the phone, give us a sense of what the reaction is like. well, you know, the size just turns into
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a policy. what he's saying that the day that people can see 5 on their face. so really, even the result they were earlier that result might be a lot lower for about a mock call. you know, when you look back 2 weeks ago, actually at some hope it could be a neck right? now my b b is less than 5 years. okay. and yet, let me, let me go here given that, you know, hot again, i see the price so you can hear the code and demo with with the badges says he bought that. that's how they got the pet, debbie, tired ward, i thought about all has actually done quite well in this the next so many people
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and what's going to be his next challenge for the next 5 years while people actually get the main reason he actually saw my 5 years ago that c 55, you said you might have a way to do say you said i do. i do understand. i see that many of. * today, i understand that my program, you said that you will say so you would be willing to talk about putting up a plan. maybe we could not. we can measure the present. so the
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balance for him was maybe he said that he's not just the market for you. and also maybe someone could take a guess from him as well. but i would love to be present at some people the st. louis in paris ross on the phone at a in monument con potty headquarters. thank you so much. as we can see, jubilant crowds, they're outside the eiffel tower, celebrating the victory of emanuel con, who will be frances president, august. you now would be the, the 1st president to be elected for a 2nd term in france, the 1st time in 20 years. and he got that with 58 percent of the vote. so victory, former chrome, as we just said, the race was closer than 5 years ago when he was also up against marine, the pan in the 2nd round. but he's facing a huge task to reunite a france that is deeply divided. a paris correspondent is the louis has this report
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emma, my call came to power in 2017, as the youngest president in french history, a strong pro european former banker and economics minister. the 39 year old promised to heal a country where the far right was on the rise is afraid to, i'll do everything i can either the coming 5 years so that there's no more reason to boat for extremists before the ballistics claim bed. very quickly, those in the left wing who had waited for marcal centrist platform, became disenchanted by his market orientated measures such as his reform of the national rail company in their eyes. my com became the president of the rich the low middle classes, deep rooted anger over perceived economic inequality tipped over into months,
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long demonstrations by the so called yellow vests. while let's cross over now to marina pens. headquarters where she just about to speak stand by jo, that is a fee. matthew problem. glad you today. i would like to thank you. thank you. all those that trusted me in the 1st round and all the millions i voted for me on the 2nd round. liver mintsy, mo, won't do my gratitude. i will go, but he goes, it all that he got. our citizens from the country side overseas will not let you know that you to where i work came 1st in the 2nd round, him and i am honored and moved by the strength of their vote. hopefully, this part of france is too often forgotten. we will not forget doctors amid more
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than ever, if only pulsate, we aussie want to defend the french citizens. ultima and i have no hard feelings to day. you walk in what we have been buried a 1000000 times already despite you and our adversaries hold little to make us disappear. this been all but still i feel hold back. what did you wanna do it on, hans? i got this result of it gives me some kind of hope and you talk, witnesses are there to the french citizen is either that you don't trust them, they're government. those are feelings that i share this wireless way to night for i to read them. annual max. the french voters showed that they wanted a power that upholders president man corner shop that dr. lee back there with me. freedom as reduce the purchasing power and our whole social system is in jeopardy about quarter after our play button. mccauley promises ill
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a later retirement age on a, for your courses. and i am afraid to and i don't want that the coming but term not . it is going to show as much contempt and brutality as the previous. and my court is going to do nothing but to heal our wounds that make it like apartment. i suffer our brokerage, i met more than ever. i am going to continue to work for france and the french citizens with the dedication that you know, i am capable i think they did not include a political. did you recon position as is taking place with emanuel nishaka?
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you can self proclaimed political elite in it, but do that is with but of the game a night over in some weeks we're going to have our legislative lectures have a good definitely. did you with the legislation in room for there to strengthen the political attend only see on your mom and when you're a think lead to my playing is probably going to be perfectly procure maricia winning. also legislative to how're the menu that no democrat sal that is leave on a pool, a forced air because his politics is under for france away and does not joys our social. i do have new song institutions. we are going to remain a cynthia and we are going to commit to defending your interests to leave you.
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now let us fight for a legislative elections. but i am going to the fight with a jordan. mandela was with all of those that were brave enough to oppose my claim will unless you and all of those numbers on it or not. oh oh, i love their nation for ducky n. g bird. so hudson, wherever you come from, if you want to join us enjoying your forces against president mark long, i don't don't what procedure and vote for our candidates everywhere in france overseas and abroad. both i would like to urge you to vote for them and to support them. don't forget to put a stick continue when. while we keep jolla due to default, then we can continue defending our rights cook. i don't think our historical reside
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tonight gives us an excellent position to gain more members of parliament in the upcoming elections. do not, not be shockey by it. we have only one. we ambition and show you share it. it's france to no good. i will never give up, and i will never abandon the friends long of a republic. la france ah ah, ah ah
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ah, of the french presidential and actual and her, it was marina pan who just spoke, talking about her defeat to emmanuel bar kron. and she said that she will not forget certain parts of france, who she said were i guess the defense, she was sick while this saw that again, she said that the fear she will continue to be a defender of the french people and not forget certain parts of france, but you'll so said that, you know, this vote is for, it says a lot about the people that were meant to be facing, i guess, discrimination what she would consider discrimination for certain parts of france when it comes to microns policies. but let us bring you up to speed on where things are at the moment of what we know now about the selection results so far. emanuel
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con was a, he's one. this one in france's presidential election to secure a 2nd 5 year term. only results indicate that mac on 158.2 percent of the vote. and his far i challenge at marine, the pen gained 41.8 percent. so just as in the last election, 5 years ago, the kron has seen off his opponent and remains in office at the elite say, well, max hosp huffman is here in the cedar with me, keeping a close eye on everything that we've just heard. what did you make of water? la pen had to sam's will be far more articulate than i it all good, intense moment. and remember the conversation you had with bob of an earlier where you talked about whether a marine le pen would continue or not? definitely sounded to me like she wants to continue. of course, france has a legislative election coming up. and so she, she said that she expected a victory there, asked for voters to go there for the,
8:22 pm
for that one. but it does didn't sound like a woman who would throw it in, quite frankly, she use words. she wants to continue to work for france. the game is not over all those things. so even though she lost by, by significant margin here, we got to keep in mind that margin is very much lower than it was 5 years ago. so she can, she can count that on the victory. so that's certainly something she's, she's to do. she obviously thanked all those voting for her. she fact the overseas territories, because those overwhelmingly voted in her favor and there among the 1st where you get the numbers from kept it short of seem to be to be rather combative. so i think we're going to see more money in the pen after that speech. clearly a strong indication that she'll stay in politics while barbara feasel is at the pens headquarters. bring us up to speed barbara, what the feeling is like that i,
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we've just heard her speak to her supporters who greeted her with shines of marine marine like mary. and she told them that yes, indeed, this was a actually a victory even though she's not going to become present. but they sort of made a much better quote than, than ever before. and they came much closer to the sitting president than ever before in the history. and she also said that she would carry on that she would sort of this day in office that she would try to sort of keep on pushing the parties were. gaining a majority, maybe in 5 years time. so she retreated from what she had as early as march when she said she would probably give it up and not to try again. but now she said she will. yes, she will stay here and she will stay at the helm of the party and continue. and she also said that to her support is that there's still a lot to play for because in 4 weeks they're going to be parliamentary elections.
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and if they can send, it is strong enough, contingent offer them on that's denied to parliament. they might still gain some political influence in sort of try to make changes to your bigger action of my problems, policies from there. that is not quite sure because they haven't in the past been very strong on the ground, really. and it's a personal. i sighed with miss melinda in the 1st place. it has worked astonishingly well. this time bought the local candidates want to be elected so far . hasn't been very successful, but we will see that nothing is for sure. and that the ammonia in the forest needs is parliamentary election and for weeks if he is to govern and sort of keep on with his course of reforming for us and barbara. and did say that the vote that she, the votes that she got represented a large part of the country that rejects microns policies. just bring us up to
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speed about what are the concerns for voters who did vote for the pen? i mean she, she got to have voters it by playing the mother of the nation. really? she talk to people everywhere. i've been down the country in the market. places in the small di, industrialized towns off the north in the poor villages, off on in the middle in the middle of france, where there's large areas where there is very little economic activity. and she really told these people, i will be there for you. i can change your lives, i can change everything, all the, the determining factors that are making your life bed lack of jobs, lego public services. i will change all that. didn't of course say how she's going to do this. she also didn't say how she's feeling how she would want to pay for it, but those were the promises she made and there were enough people to leave her. on
8:26 pm
the other hand, there is still a majority of friends voters while freight of her and who think that the program of hope party is to right wing. it's do radical and embraces values and directions that they don't want to follow. so she still has a scary effect on obviously the majority of friends voters and i was in the end that would cost her putting the selection barbara vsl at marina pens potty headquarters. thank you so much. max hoffman is here with us in the studio d, w. head of news, what did you make of the pens, speech? very defiant. yeah. combative as she's now maybe. maybe even showing her true face a little more than she did during the campaign where she turned down a lot. and as barbara just mentioned, tried to be the mother of the nation. so there you could see a little, a glimpse of the old marine le pen that was also very controversial or more
8:27 pm
controversial than the currently in the pen, obviously. but this sir, version of an independent be saw in during this campaign seems to have resonated more with with the french people because she did get the best score ever uh for herself. so the see, the seems like i said earlier, the seems like good not yet the official confirmation, but a very, very strong indication that she'll be back. but now when it comes to the cons policies, kelly, there is a part of the country that he'll need to appease to a certain degree, given that numbers that way. thing 58 percent, 41 percent. just talk about what he needs to do now to unite the country. m. this selection, as, as interesting as it may seem from the outside was not about the war that we have on the eastern flank of nato. and the european union was much about purchasing power and melinda pen was able to steer the conversation in that direction also because that's what matters to people. we have the inflation at the moment. we have
8:28 pm
many people, not just in france, but since we're talking about the election, they're worried about gas prices, oil prices, energy prices in general. so what not in the pen did she took, for example, that part where she's against banning oil and gas from russia because she says, why should we hurt us with this if the ukrainians already getting her that resonated with the french people? there was a big discussion about the retirement age in france. money depend, wants to keep it at 62 years old. if you're watching in america. yes, that's true. french can retire with 62 years. and i money when my call wanted to bump it up to 65 years old. so my call has done a lot of things that kind of go under the radar and the one hand unpopular decisions. but he did use those unpopular decisions to have more budget, for example, in certain social security systems. but still, his image is that of somebody who is aloof, who is at times as some feel, you know,
8:29 pm
not my words. i'm quoting here, arrogant and doesn't have the touch of the people. if you look at the campaign where he was, what happened? it seemed that only late in the game, in money with my call even acknowledged that there was a campaign, you know, very, at a very bare minimum. did he show up and actually campaign that, that was a different picture from what marine depended going down. going to the people, you know, play close with the people, be very focused really can't live pictures on the news that they turn out there for people who have now attending. yes, ma'am, i can't party headquarters celebrating his victory a 58.2 percent to become francis president. no max, how much do you think the war in ukraine played a role in winning votes for my con, right. it's a very interesting question because many people sort of from their gut feeling
8:30 pm
would say obviously this played in the hands of emmanuel mike hall. why? because he gets to not only play the big leader, but he is one of the big leaders he talked about in your protein. he was assertive and it, it was the case that a majority close to 60 percent of the french people thought he was up to the task. so that's good for a minute. my call. so you would think that this hurt marine the pen, right, because she was close to putting there's this a widely publicized picture of her with the vladimir putin. and i think 2017, her party took out a loan with the kremlin based bank. they're still paying off that debt as we speak right right now. so you would also think this hurt. i mean, the pen, the numbers don't show it, they don't back it up. i mean, the pen was not hurt by the war in ukraine because it was an important topic, but it was not the most important topic and she was able to score with the other
8:31 pm
topics, for example, purchasing power. thank you max, let's not check in with that. marina strauss who is in central paris will people are watching those results. i've been watching those results coming in. was there much as the prize there marina for the people you've been speaking to i heard people cheering here when the results were announced at 8 o'clock. so at least people here and sandra power seemed to be happy that emmanuel macro one. but of course, the central paris is not representative for the countries. and i'm certain there are many people in france who are now very disappointed. and some, even some voters of emmanuel across will be disappointed because they only voted for him, especially left for you rotors. because there was no other option for them. so this result is a difficult one for macro, even if he got 58 percent of the votes. he will now have to convince voters,
8:32 pm
especially those who voted for marine le pen. and those who wanted to vote for a left for the candidate that he can be their president, and then he can push a francis needs forward. i talked to a young woman just before the election results were announced and she voted for the far left and the 1st round of the presidential elections. and now in the 2nd round, she decided to vote for marine lou pen, so they are very different views here. in france and micro will now have a big task or in a spouse in central parents. thank you so much. like how much is the selection result going to affect the view in germany? i think there is a sigh of relief within for most parties in germany. of course, there are connections between marine le pen and the far right. a if the here in germany did all of her rooting for her, but the rest was not, you know,
8:33 pm
especially not the government governing coalition that we have at the moment it, as we discussed earlier, it would have been a catastrophe for the you, as, as we know it at the moment, had no independent really won that election. so now what they're looking at is a stable partner. they know what they're getting. it's a known entity. somebody they can work with. maybe not the love affair that we've had in the past between german, certain german chancellor in certain french presidents. but it is a solid partner and they feel in berlin that they'll be able to achieve things with him. i know with my call and go further down the path, they've been going down the most important be having a united front right now against russia, which is extremely important obviously, to most western countries. at the moment, my car has been very big and pushing for an international foreign policy agenda. but would you say that his domestic policies, policies are just a strong in france,
8:34 pm
in his domestic policies are what count and that's what got him in trouble during the selection. it's always the same thing. i think it was bill clinton back in your presence. it's the economy, stupid, and that's still holds true for many elections and it did certainly hold true for this election in france. but a minor, my call is definitely a politician who's just tried to define himself also through his activity outside of france. he's been trying to push the european union in one direction, being sort of the, the creator, the, the most important force in the european union. he's certainly now the most the most well known, the most well known a politician from the european union abroad. right before that it was probably, i'm going to america, the germans answer, but not monday. my call is the figurehead of the european union and you see he's always intending not only to use it to his advantage in france, but also to push the european union in a certain direction. and also you have to put it that way to expand french influence in the institutions of the european and you had interviewed not con 5
8:35 pm
years ago. is he any different to how he is now? well, it seems to me like he tried harder back than in 2017. he was, you know, fresh from, from his victory. and he tried to reach out. and kindle ties with powerful germany as its neighbor, with a transfer that had been in encumbered for 12 years back then even so he really had something to prove to reach out to, to the germans, to reach out also to us as german journalist. and i was at the campaign a lot before he got elected and that was the big difference. he went everywhere, you know, he tried to mix it up with the people there and just be on the ground, close to the people in that to, to what my understand didn't happen this year. so you tried a lot harder back then. and part of the conversation about why they feel he a bit arrogant. that's what we've been here. yeah. again, not my choice of words, but yes, that's exactly and probably, you know, if she's listening to his advisors,
8:36 pm
he's listening to the voice of the people here. that's something he can probably change quite easily. thank you, maxwell. let's now finally get some live pictures of via microns election night, open air headquarters at the eiffel tower with lisa lewis. i imagine you've been talking to crowds there at lisa. what they've been telling you well, i've been talking to people here and they told me that they're obviously enthusiastic about this result. they're very happy. it's obviously lower as 5 years ago when my call and le pen ball. so in the run of food in the presidential elections, but they are still quite glad that he won more than 58 percent of a doctor. 5 really difficult years here in france and across the world. obviously because of the pandemic, then there's a war in europe and many people i've been telling me obviously people are anxious and that's normal that they might turn to some extremist candidates. you know,
8:37 pm
i just wanted to say also one thing because then marilla pan actually in her in her speech. she said earlier that, you know, she would be the vote against my call. and this is something that marina penn might actually want to build up over over the next 5 years. and my call will have to work against that. and many people here i actually aware of that my call would have to offer something positive to voters who this time around only voted for him because they wanted to block marine the pen. he will need to do some legwork he will have to show that he is really a centrist candidate. do more social more center left measures, more logical measures to win cards when their hearts over really he and france. a current has had a couple of challenges though in his previous presidency. the last 5 years. looking at the ela, vest protests, corona virus. and as we've mentioned, the war in ukraine,
8:38 pm
how much has of that do you think has shifted the way people perceive him? and how he needs to maybe have to change the optics a little bit when i think the yellow west treasures were a huge deal here in france. you know, there were thousands and thousands, hundreds of 1000 of me both demonstrating in france for months on end. they were blocking streets blocking round about telling the people in power that they felt left behind, that they couldn't make ends meet. and in my, my call responded to that. but the general feeling here is that he responded to late. and so people felt he was not really respecting him. he wasn't taking them seriously when he finally did put money on the table, it felt met much too late. for many of these protestors, i've actually talked to one person to say he said that this election would be an occasion for him to block him out of my car. so he's certainly very good for marine the pan because he just felt that in my,
8:39 pm
my call was not listening to their demands at all. and this is something that i have really played a role in the selection campaign as well. you know, this has been a really heated election campaign with people either in favor of mark or all the others actually really opposed to him in my, my call has good approval rating for a french president. 38 percent of the french do think he's a good president, have a positive opinion of him and yet you get the feeling when you talk to the people who, who are not in these within these 38 percent. this is. 7 from this, like amongst them, against in my, my car, this is something that, in my, my call will have to work on in the coming 5 years. and what would his election victory mean for the international community? those looking in well, this is good news for the international community as much as
8:40 pm
a le pen victory would have been bad news. because most of her, a lot of her program, the pens program would have gone against you rules. she's not in or multilateralism . i did my, my cough, he's pro european. he wants to take your word. he wants to increase your strength and european integration. and this is something that people are looking at. and they're, you know, especially younger generations here, but also abroad. must feel relieved tonight because this means the european union in its current form, you know, with the blocks engine, that is the franco german couple can continue to function. they can continue to stand together when it comes to european topics, when it comes to international topics. when, when it comes to, you know, how to deal with rushes, lottie may put in, he has been talking to him, but marina penn, in the past, she's showing that she wanted to be close to letting me put in. that's a whole different matter. so many people will feel very relieved in france and
8:41 pm
abroad that in my, my call got re elected tonight. lisa lewis at emmanuel con headquarters there at the awful tele, thank you so much. if you're just joining us here on d. w. news, we're have a lot specialized coverage of the french presidential elections and the french people have chosen the next president. emanuel con will now be the 1st president to be elected for a 2nd term in office. this is the 1st time in 20 years. in france. he will not be in office for another 5 years. let's get the european perspective for all of this and go to brussels, where d w. terry schultz is joining us live. what's been the reaction that terry bought of relief throughout europe. mclauren openly was the candidate of most european union governments of the european union leaders. and they are now sending out their messages on twitter. most of them in french congratulating mccoy on his victory. certainly this would have been a le pen victory, would have been
8:42 pm
a huge problem for the european union, a huge problem for nato. so the city of brussels is very relieved tonight and with micron and paula, what would this mean for the wider you project and the future of the european union? well, certainly amendment. emmanuel mccoy is, is a pro european and marine the pen is not. and as we've been hearing from, from max and, and our other team coverage tonight, the european union had a lot to worry about with the le pen victory. even though she said she would not be taking the country out of the block. she certainly wanted to change it from the inside and end to destabilize it. so certainly a mcluhan being such a pro european and, and openly wanting to continue franco, german leadership inside the european union is a very, very good, very good result for europe tonight. and as we now look to see
8:43 pm
a continuation of franco german relations in europe, some there are some key issues that are facing france right now. internationally. let's bring our audience up to speed on what they are. terry, that was the you just to remind us and what those key issues all when it comes to things like the war in ukraine. i'm sorry, i'm losing i'm, i'm having a bit of a studio difficulty right now. could you repeat the question, please? i was just asking, now that we see a continuation of the franco german power couple in europe, bring us up to speed on some of the key issues that are affect to europe and that the role france will have to play going forward. certainly front and center is the war in ukraine. as max said, it may not have played the primary role in french french voters mines, but certainly across europe. this is primary for them. and with marine, the pen being a close ally of latimer putin that would have thrown the unified response of the
8:44 pm
european union and nato into disarray. and we've already seen the lot the in foreign minister, for example, come out tonight and say that, that what happens in ukraine is also also is the future of europe. and so he is congratulating mccolan and a lot of relief from, from the baltic states. the estonian president was among the 1st to congratulate the french president on his victory along the eastern flank of the european union. and of nato is where this plays out. the most of course it is necessary that the sanctions regime remain strong. there is another set of sanctions under discussion now and there can't be any wavering from friends. the other thing is that the marine le pen, of course, is, is a friend of victor or bon, someone who continually puts a unanimity into question in any european union vote. so again, the relations with russia are front and center. now what go, what happens next with oil and gas sanctions is,
8:45 pm
is really key here in brussels. but this is something that was certainly on foremost in the minds of other european union leaders. terry shells in brussels for us. thank you so much. terry young latest reaction there from the european union. so my accepts hope about some of the defense policies and my client has been, i guess, is paid a very key role in pushing, getting weapons in sending, sending weapons to ukraine. will we be seeing more of that going forward? that it's a big discussion, especially here in germany, whether to send heavy weaponry into ukraine to support the ukrainian, certainly something that ukraine has been demanding, very outspoken. we also criticizing germany, that is, france has a different role here. france also has it at different kind of military. if you look at it, france is now with, with the u. k. no longer being part of the european union is now the only nuclear
8:46 pm
power in the european union. and so one discussion that will probably start now with the war ukraine is how france can provide your opinion security with the help of their nuclear arsenal. that was something that had been discussed in the past, where the french repeatedly also offered the germans to, to have a to, to collaborate, to, to, to profit more from, from that shield that the french can provide that nuclear shield. the germans were always very reluctant because it seemed like the end of history seen the thing of the past nuclear arms seemed like something the world did not need any more. this has completely changed, obviously, with the war in ukraine. so we can expect more discussion on this. how can the germans contribute, be more effective with their military contribution and whether actually there are going to have a close corporation when it comes to the french nuclear arms in the future. and
8:47 pm
what about sanction, how much of an influence you think the french will be able to put on that me put you know that somebody decides together. and the main discussion we have in the you at the moment when it comes to sanctions is energy. will there be, what are they going to be sanctions when it comes to russian oil and russian gas and the germans are much more relied on russian gas than the french or, and also on russian oil. i believe it's just, that's why the germans are much more hesitant. here you is preparing a ban on russian oil. something that we might see later on in the year. but they're not on the level playing field, the french and the germans, when it comes to jet. that's when it comes to energy in general. because the friends, for example, harbor is huge, a huge number of nuclear power plants. that's how they get their electricity. and the germans are just in the procedure of shutting down their nuclear power plants.
8:48 pm
so they are definitely not on the same page when it comes to through that whole discussion. but when it comes to branding russian oil possibly, or russia gas, that is something where they're going to have to find a common position because you will not function on this if germany and france are not on the same page, right, thank you max. so the victory for my crohn and the race, as we said, was very, very close. he was up against marina pan in the 2nd round. and he is now facing a huge task to reunite a france that has been deeply divided. a paris correspondence. lisa lewis has more imminent. my car came to power in 2017 as the youngest president in french history, a strong pro european former banker and economics minister. the 39 year old promised to heal a country where the far right was on the rise is afraid to, i'll do everything i can editor coming 5 years so that there is no more reason to
8:49 pm
vote for extremist difficulty. bullies exclaim, but very quickly, those in the left wing who had waited for marcal centrist platform, became disenchanted by his market orientated measures such as his reform of the national railed company. in their eyes, my call became the president of the rich the loan with a closet deep rooted anger over perceived economic inequality tipped over into months, long demonstrations by the so called yellow vests they demanded more social justice . but all these demonstrations and another planned reform of the pension system ground to hoard in early 2020. when france lay countries worldwide entered a series of locked downs due to the cove at 19 pandemic. ma, some were at war on give a war for health and we're not fighting an army and warner,
8:50 pm
the nation in oakland as the enemy in is here. today, the majority of the french would agree my call is a good leader in times of crisis. recently, he was at the forefront of international efforts to mediate before and after russia invaded ukraine. he has also been pushing for stronger european integration. but his international activism has reenforced the criticism of those voters who think their president is too far away from their day to day worries. and so the mammoth task will now be to win over the hearts of the french in the coming 5 years . especially those who only voted for him to prevent a far right president from coming to power. paulette had over to lisa louis standing by at microns election night open air headquarter at the eiffel tower. now lisa, that report laid out one very clear message right at the end,
8:51 pm
what micron have to do to win people over? because as we've seen in the last couple of years that shine on his image has sort of one off, hasn't it? well i think in my, my call will have to show that of course, he's still the very intelligent president that has presided over france over the past 5 years. but the also understands normal people and he doesn't feel superior to them. as many people here feel, this is how he sees things. and when you look at what was the noun, so just a few minutes ago actually is that in my, my call plan to actually have a quite sober ceremony to go on and be renamed as president over the part of the next few weeks. he seems to have gotten the message that he cannot show you cannot celebrate this with, you know, so many be but, and just showing that he's above everybody. and what he also will have to do is
8:52 pm
actually take measures that are more to the left. he came to power 5 years ago saying i'm a centrist president, when many people here feel that the main thing he has been doing over the 5 at past years has been to put in place, market orientated reforms, and they asking for more social reforms. they're asking for more ecological measures. ecological measures and left brain reforms are really a big part of there's only been all shawls part program became 3rd in the 1st round of voting with about 22 percent of age. and those are the voters, obviously that in my car, needed to get through in the 2nd round, which seemed to work and looking at we're looking at live pictures, lease of people holding french flags and european union flags. what's going on behind you? what are people saying clearly a lot of celebration, but i love to hear about the sentiment there. well,
8:53 pm
people here are absolutely joyful in the mail. and the, the result was announced that sharing and shortly after a d j took to the stage and everybody's down thing. they're smiling as you said, they're waving flags waving french flag, but also european flags. as you just mentioned, this is really significant because in my car is the pro european candidate here for many people here. there are lots of young people here. you know, they see suddenly they see their future with in europe that might have been compromised. if marina penn had won the selection because she's very skeptic, and many, many programs, many measures in her program would have gone against the rules. and many young people here were firing for, you know, this liberty to go to another you country than the block go there. you know, to work there to stay there to live there. and this is something that, in my, my call represents for them. so they're really happy that he got through and i'm
8:54 pm
sure the party behind me will go on until late in the night and going forward. what are the key policies that he outlined during his campaign while he was talking about, you know, again carrying out more market orientated reform. he wants reforms, he wants to push up the retirement age. we talked about 65 from 62 currently to 65 . he came back on that, partly he said that, you know, we could maybe talk about 64 as a target age. you also said that he would do more to block certain prices and, you know, make sure that people will be able to make ends meet. he also said that he would, you know, take a logical measures. ecological for him also means nuclear energy. he continues certain reactive wants to put new ones here in france. he will also though support wind energy, for example, that is something that's really different morrila pens program. she wanted to take
8:55 pm
down all the wind energies and handout very subsidies do the french people. he's opposed to that. he says we need renewable energy. we also need nuclear energy, but you know, he's strongly on this on the supports wind energy and, and solar energy and the something that he will continue to support. obviously in france. part lisa lewis slide for us to the eiffel tower in paris. we were looking at some live pictures in paris of microns convoy driving. we were not sure where he was heading to, but when i'm sure he'll be up to speak at some point in the evening, we'll be keeping an eye on that as well. well, this is bringing up to speed now on the special edition on dw news and get a summary of what we know so fall fronts as presidential election. manama crohn has won the run off in frances presidential election to secure a 2nd 5 year term early result indicate micron want 58.2 percent of the vote.
8:56 pm
his far right challenge up marine, the pen gained 41.8 percent. so just in the last election, 5 years ago, micron has seen off his opponent and now he remains in office at the lease a palace. max is here with me in the studio reminders again what not. one was like when he 1st one and how you think he's presenting himself today. well now that the place he just went to with his convoy is the, is a palace. so the official residence of the, of the president and he's been there for 5 years. so he's very familiar now with this place is very familiar with being in power. power also has its way of making people little more numb as to what maybe the people on the street would expect from their president. because there's so much pressure piling on him from all sides and that, that appears to, to have happened here in a sense my call was late to the campaign and it seemed that he didn't really give
8:57 pm
his all maybe out of the sense that he would win it anyway, which he did, you know, so maybe you could say he was right about that, but it didn't go down to well, in france as far as i can understand. and the difference to 5 years ago is he was the newbie. he was the one trying to get those established parties off the raider, by the way, which also happened this time. i mean, parties like the party so, so this 2 who were firmly in power for many, many years didn't even register at this time. so he was in charge of that profound shift in french politics back then, he was on the campaign trail auto place. and that's the big shift this time. and you could say, you know, he was farther away from, from the people from just regular folks. this time i think they're safe to safe to say. so when you talk about, he was further away from the people. what, what, why those issues that frustrated the french public, it's in, it's about the economy is about purchasing power,
8:58 pm
something that marine the pen really emphasized throughout her campaign. people feel like they have less and less money at their disposal. they're having to pay too much taxes too much for social security. now you have inflation, you obviously have a lot of anxiety also about energy, the prices, the prices for, for gas have skyrocketed. i mean, gas you put into cars, you know, and that's always a indicator of how people feel about this. not just in france, also in germany all over the place. but the french were able to express what they think about this and what their anxieties are about this, and it's very clear that they feel bad the money in my court, not all of them, but many of the friends fuel economy. my call is not taking the seriously enough and that he's the president of the rich, that something that we've been hearing up throughout those 5 years and ask ourselves in our to le pens party headquarters with our dw correspondent barbara vsl. bye. bring us up to speed on 1st of all, what is the mood like there?
8:59 pm
and marine was marine, the pen was speaking a little earlier. what did she have to say? the mood of course is quite down. be dumb and that was allowed to going through this room. and when the vote amendment, when the results came out and rather quickly, marine, the pen appeared here and she was greeted enthusiastically, buyers supporters and they were all shouting marie and marine moraine bought as she gave a quite fine speech. trying to say that even though she lost it was still some sort of victory. however, of course she would try to do that, tried to try to change the narrative in a way because expectations had been so high here. many people are among her support is believed in that she would really become the new president that the momentum was with them on us. and i was with the party and it's either and it
9:00 pm
was not the case. they somehow misjudged the mood in the country. the point is that she had largely campaigns in the d industrialized north of france and in the poorer rural areas of france in the middle and in the south. and of course, the mood they saw an experience there is quite different from what you have in the big cities in france. if you look at paris, you look at bordeaux bars, say the on the big cities and they are fairly flourishing. their prong did have some economic success during the last years, and so the country is really split and that also split the perception offered off this party here and off marine the pen. of course they did believe in it and they in the end they did megan. this is also one of the 1st times that the pen has gained this many votes in comparison to the previous french election. why has her all right. id is been so convincing. this time around.


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