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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2022 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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d, w ah ah, this is the w news. live from berlin. victory for emanuel cron in france as presidential election run off upon whence 1590 percent of the votes. comfortably seeing off a strong challenge from his far right opponent, bearing the pen. we have full results and analysis lie from paris, coming up dr. defiant orthodox east. a message from ukraine's president zalinski. he tells his people to turn their rage into a force to defeat evil. ah,
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i'm really mohammed walking to the program. fresh president, a mary micron has been reelected to a 2nd 5 year term. a cron comfortably saw off a strong challenge from his far right opponents. marine the pen, early result show the incumbent president, 158.8 percent of the vote in the election. one of the pen got 41.2 percent book on also beat le pen. in the 2nd round of voting 5 years ago, he becomes the 1st france president in 20 years to win reelection. a con is being seen as benefiting from a public desire for stability, against a background of rising prices and the war in ukraine. well, in his victory speech, he acknowledged that many who voted for him were not enthusiastic supporters of his policies. so soon as you good,
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i also know that many of our compatriots voted for me to day, not to support the ideas i put forward april 5th, but to block those of the extreme right in. i want to thank you and tell them that i am aware that this vote finds me for the years to come in. i am the guardian of their sense of duty, their attachment to the republic, and their respect for the differences that have been expressed in recent weeks. if you read it, if you all do something, let's go to the w lisa louis standing by at microns election night, open air headquarters at the eiffel tower. what will his biggest challenge for the new term be lisa? well, i think the biggest challenge for him will be to be a real centrist president. he has to walk this really fine line between some center, right, some center left policies,
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what he actually promised 5 years ago. but seemingly, he hadn't really managed to fulfill this promise in his speech. he said, you know, i want a human, an equal, a social, a liberal, an ecological, and a france actually for the coming 5 years. and that is really difficult to obtain because he, he has to talk to days, waiters on the center, right, that have waited for him. but also today's vote is on the center let that have actually voted for him. someone holding as sometimes holding knows, actually, but thinking, you know, we have to vote for him to prevent marina, pardon marina penn from coming to power in the far right. so many votes this time around with their pen getting more than 41 percent of the ballot. what does this tell us now about the political direction in which france is heading in? well, it just changed to what extent this country's radicalized denotes. the invite is divided in 2 comes at least those who say, you know, we have to prevent marina pain from getting to power and then those actually say
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everything but my car. 7 and that is actually a what marine the pen is looking at now and where you know how she will continue to construct her strategy over the coming 5 years. let's listen to what she had to say to night. more than ever on the prostate, we want to defend the french citizens and i have no hard feelings to day. you walk in what we have been buried a 1000000 times already with this body issue. and our adversaries home belong to make us doesn't here this been all, but still i feel whole documents. did you wanna do it? of course i got this result of it gives me some kind of hope and you to have witnesses that to the french. a citizen is either that you don't trust them, their government, and those are feelings that i share. so i just went to night. pho,
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i'll to read them and you and mac, the french voters showed that they want a power. that opposes president man. corner shaw, well is that we have marina penn. they're still very determined. and now we have the elections that are around legislation coming up in june. what did you think macaroni can do to unite france going forward? well my, my call will try to put some left wing measures on the table. is obviously looking a hat to these legislators elections and hoping to be able to win a majority in parliament as he did last time around 5 years ago when he came to power. really. now, the big question will be in these legislative elections. will he be able to maintain that majority or will they're on the contrary, b, a left wing majority. the far left candidate jones banashali came 3rd in route one here in the presidential election has already said that he wanted to become prime minister. say to say by winning
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a majority in parliament and then influencing at that you know that the, the politics to come over the coming 5 years. even if that were not the case. i think in my, my call really has understood that he needs to change, that he needs to talk to those that are disappointed. disenchanted with him, and who were thinking ahead of the 2nd round of even voting for mueller pen or simply abstaining because they can't get themselves to agree with my comment to like him, he really needs to turn that around in the coming 5 years or the other risk is actually that marie le pen will rise further and some people here tonight have told me, you know, we really need to do something. we don't want her to win next time around or in 10 years. it's louis that microns election night headquarters at the eiffel tower. thank you very much indeed. and let's get the european perspective and had to brussels, where the w. terry schultz is speaking to us live from many reactions tonight from
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european leaders there. terry, what caught your eye? certainly, most of the reactions were exuberant. everyone very relieved that a manual cone, a very pro e u. politician, one over marine le pen who is seen as a quite pro russian. that's certainly problematic in the current environment of, of the war on ukraine a but we should also point out that there are politicians remarking, how disturbing it is that she got 40 percent of the vote over 40 percent of the vote. in fact, the speakers in the european parliament range from a man for deborah who's head of the largest political group, the center, right european people's party to the spokesperson for the green party. and both of them pointing out that this is a warning sign that we certainly can take no relief from the result of marine la pen, even though she didn't come out over over a manual quote. but again,
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most of the reactions from national leaders are very relieved. first and foremost from the baltic states for whom it would have been a very, very worrisome if nato and a european union were not able to keep their solidarity together over a very strong response against moscow. these a, please, terry, shall speaking to us in brussels. thank you, terry. well, you are a secretary of state anthony blinkin and defense secretary secretary lloyd austin, have arrived in keith and have been holding talks with ukraine's present flow to me as an end scheme. he's pushing for more weapons to fight the russian offensive in the south and east. earlier in an orthodox easter message, the nancy told ukrainians to turn their rage into a force to defeat evil. he's of these rebecca writ as his and keith and she told us on she tell us more about what's on the table in the talks between the u. s. officials and the ukranian
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president. so orthodox easter sunday in queue feast going with president followed him is a lansky recorded an easter message from saint sophia cathedral and now she's that' spooning. our hearts are full of fierce anger. spoken in our souls are filled with fierce hatred for the invaders and all that they have done enough. don't let rage destroy us from within the lot and turn it into our accomplishments from the outside, but at the already turn it into a good force. where to defeat the forces of evil una dorothea will abbey. but i will be silly. the law on a sunny spring day worshippers attended mass at saint michael's church and keith some here now see a light at the end of the tunnel. did it have said that it was easy, but otherwise, as i am worried about my country and my unborn child, now i'm scared, but i believe we will be victorious sites. our president is protecting us the wrong,
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which he does the impossible. and so do the men and women of our armed forces, i believe in victory was that's why i'm staying in ukraine with my baby is my lukewarm guy. i'm the put him on boost for scenery void. so yester service is happening as usual. so cool. but our country is at war was a war that has brought sorrow to every ukrainian, most of the zealous we pray that the lord gives us strength to handle these challenges with dignity in us. we are confident of victory look was no korean. so but for now, the situation on the ground remains much the same, a grinding fight for territory in the south and east one. the fear that a missile might come crashing down anywhere in the country. and that the war is far from over. the w rebecca, which is in keith, and she told us more about what's on the table with talks between us officials and
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the ukranian president. what president the lent he wants can really be summed up in one word and that would ease weapons. he's being colon for since the beginning these war, this war, and that coal is getting ever louder. we firm that up with his office today weapons as of course, a top of the agenda with the americans. but president zalinski said it himself last night when he announced that the americans would be visiting to day, he said that nobody should come to cave empty handed and that he was expecting weapons and support and guarantees. another thing that he will be trying to press upon the visiting american delegation, he's of course, the fact that this is a turning point in this war. president zalinski says this 2nd phase of the war, this aist and the battle for the 8th. and the south will be really decisive, not just for ukraine and the ukraine, ukrainian people, but for europe and, and the global security at large. so that's something that he's really going to try and press upon with lincoln and austin, today's cave. and rebecca zaleski is also spoken to turkey's president reggie type
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ado on about the situation of troops and civilians trapped in mario poll. what's the situation there when it comes to evacuations and the humanitarian corridor? will evacuations out of mary poll a really, really difficult as you can imagine. they often fail, and we haven't seen any evacuations. we haven't heard word of any successful evacuations out of mary paul for a couple of days now that that topic was discussed on that phone call with turkish president o to want, who is expected to have a call with president putin as well. and so that also discussed paste negotiations . ab president oh to wanda reiterating that he'd be happy to mediate between the 2 parties. oh, tuan is also mated with un secretary general antonio terrace to morrow. as he travels there ahead of visits to russia and ukraine to visit with both ladies. so to try and revive those pace negotiations,
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which have been stoled for some weeks now. but of course, the, the situation in mary paul is going to be very decisive when it comes to those pace negotiations, president to lensky saying it will be a red line of russia does kill those remaining troops and civilians at the as of steel plant that they negotiations will be dead in the water, and people and ukraine are also celebrating orthodox easter. how are ukrainians spending this day? well it's, it's a very unusual acer, as you can imagine, rahile ha bought the san did come out today on the 1st sunny days. that cave or that ukraine has said since the beginning of the war. so, you know, people were out in the straits the wants of smiling people. in fact, it was really nice to see. and behind me, you probably see that michael's cathedral out michael church. it's one of the biggest in cave we're a lot of worship is go to celebrate the holiest day of aysa. and we spoke to some people there. they said that they were slightly concerned about the security and situation. obviously this heightened security alerts over the easter weekend in the
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capital. ah, but that they were just so happy that they could get out and celebrate their favorite holiday. they also said that they really had faith in their, their soldiers, and that they believed that ukraine would rain successful at the end of this. rebecca riches reporting to us in keith. thank you. rebecca. a, his reminder of our top story, my emma crohn has won the run off in france's presidential election to secure a 2nd 5 year term. early results indicate macro 158.8 percent of the vote. his far right challenge up marine, la penn, gained 41.2 percent. so just as in law selection, 5 years ago, mclaren has seen off his opponent and now remains in office. at the elisa palace, he becomes the 1st president to wind reelection in 20 years. watching t w news live from berlin up next is reporter, looking at an afghan refugee trying to make his mark on the berlin fashion c. o
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mind you can find much more news analysis and video on a website, d, w dot com, including all the latest analogy analysis on the fronts elections. i'm really mohammed, thanks for watching. take care bye or i'm skin that i want. that's hard, and in the end they send me, you're not locked up to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this with the smugglers reliance? i mean, what's your story. ready he wasn't, i was women, especially victims of violence and i loved him.


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