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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2022 1:00am-1:15am CEST

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ah, ah ah ah, this is the w. news ly, from berlin a manual ma call when right opponent marina pen. but he wins with less support than his 1st time running. and us secretaries of state and defense arriving he for talks with ukrainian president of a low tamir the landscape. head of the visits lensky delivers a defiant orthodox easter message. he tells his people to turn their rage against russia into a force to defeat evil. ah
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. m y bluecross. welcome to the program. a manual micro has been reelected to a 2nd 5 year term as president of france. mahoney, comfortably seized victory in the runoff election. despite a strong showing by his far right opponent marine le pen, you can see it there on your screen. micron got 58.3 percent of the vote to the pens. 41.7 with most of the votes. now counted. this is the 2nd time icon is to feed le pen. the 1st was in 2017 is when makes him the 1st french president in 20 years to get a 2nd term. however, they spread between the 2 candidates was nearer than last time, suggesting a more divided electric and also a less enthusiastic one. in his victory speech, she acknowledged that for many of his voters, it was more about picking the least bad option. just to see gooden,
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i also know that many of our compatriots voted for me to day, not to support the ideas i put forward, middle felt, but to block those of the extreme right. isn't i want to thank them and tell them that i am aware that this vote binds me for the years to come? the avenue. i am the guardian of their sense of duty, their attachment to the republic, and their respect for the differences that have been expressed in recent weeks illustrated. if you're asking for something, we may severely estimate or in the pen conceded defeat, but played down her loss. she says, france has demonstrated, it still wants a counterweight to michael more than ever. and if only forsake, we aussie want to defend the french citizens chemo and i have no hard feelings to day. you walk in what we have been buried a 1000000 times already,
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which is funny and they are adversaries. hold below to make a decision here, this for home, but still i feel whole that was did you wanted you to jump off like this result of it gives me some kind of hope and you talk to witnesses on that. so the french, okay. citizen interviewed are that you don't trust in their government, and those are feelings that i share. so i'm going to switch to night. oh, i could read them on your mac. the french vote as showed that they want a power. that opposes president mccormick. shaw. chevy is corresponding in paris. lisa lewis says mccullin's challenge ahead is to unite a divided france. well, i think the biggest challenge for him will be to be a real centrist president. he has to walk this really fine line between some center, right? some center left policies, what he actually promised 5 years ago, but seemingly, he hadn't really managed to fulfill this promise in his speech. he said, you know,
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i want a human, an equal a social, a liberal, an ecological. and, you know, france actually for the coming 5 years and that is really difficult to obtain because he has to talk 2 days later on the send to write that have waited for him. but also today's where it is on the center, let that have actually voted from someone holding as sometimes holding knows, actually, but thinking, you know, we have to vote for him to prevent marina. pardon, read the pen from coming to power? well my, my call will try to put some left wing measures on the table. he's obviously looking a hat to these legislators elections and hoping to be able to win a majority in parliament as he did last time around 5 years ago when he came to power. really. now, the big question will be in these legislative elections. will he be able to maintain that majority a will that on the contrary, be a left wing majority. the far left candidate jones banashali came 3rd in route one
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here in the presidential election has already said that he wanted to become prime minister. say to say by winning a majority in parliament and then influencing that you know that the, the politics to come over the coming 5 years. even if that were not the case. i think in my, my call really has understood that he needs to change that he needs to talk to those that are disappointed. disenchanted with him and who were thinking ahead of the 2nd round of even voting for marie le pen or simply abstaining because they can't get themselves to agree with my comment to like him. he really needs to turn that around in the coming 5 years, or the other risk is actually that marina pen will rise further. and some people here tonight have told me, you know, we really need to do something. we don't want her to win next time. around or in 10 years. the u. s. secretary of state anthony blanket and defense secretary lloyd austin, have arrived mtv to meet ukrainian president for america zalinski. he's pushing for
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more weapons to fight the russian offensive in the south and east. the u. s. has started providing some of the heavier equipment he's been asking for in an orthodox easter message. so lensky told ukrainians to turn their rage against russia into a forced to defeat evil and sell orthodox easter sunday in key. if he's going with president, followed him is a lansky, recorded an easter message from saint sophia cathedral nash's editor spooning our hearts are full of fierce anger. bolden in our souls are filled with fierce hatred for the invaders and all that they have done and don't let rage destroy us from within the lot and turn it into our accomplishments from the outside. but at the already turn it into a good force. where to defeat the forces of evil in that door will feel abbey, but it will be silly. the law on a sunny spring day worshippers attended mass at saint michael's church and cave
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some here now see a light at the end of the tunnel. did that have said that it was eve butterflies as i'm worried about my country and my unborn child. now, i'm scared, but i believe we will be victorious. our president is protecting us the on which he does the impossible. and so do the men and women of our armed forces, i believe in victory was that's why i am staying in ukraine with my baby. is malcolm i am the put along. wow. who's pushing the boy that yester service is happening as usual. so cool, but our country is at war was a war that has brought sorrow to every ukrainian, most of those of us. we pray that the lord gives us strength to handle these challenges with dignity. and that's what we are confident of victory look was no korean. so but for now, the situation on the ground remains much the same. a grinding fight for territory
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in the south and east. the fear that a missile might come crashing down anywhere in the country. and that the war is far from over. let's go to send me some escandone washington for more about that meeting and key between the u. s. secretary to state and defense to vega. to see you tonight. what are both sides hoping to get out of this exchange? why we haven't heard a lot of details trickling out of what happened in this meeting just yet. that's because there were strict security protocols in place. both the department of defense and the state department, tight lipped about when the meeting would take place where it would take place, no press were allowed inside. but we do understand that president lensky was looking to ask, indeed for more heavy weapons. as you had mentioned, it's important to note that this is the 1st us delegation to go directly to keith, to meet with president to landscape since the war broke out. and william, you should listen to the message that was echoed across the tv screen. here on
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sunday morning, political talk shows lawmakers from both sides of the i were keen to show also with the visit to ukraine that they will continue to stand behind the country in the long run that they're in it. for the long haul. there is an understanding here in washington that this war could extend on for months even years, but that the u. s. has to continue to support ukraine. and that is because they see the country sovereignty and ability to push back against russia as fundamental to us national security. lawmakers here believing that president putin won't rest that ukraine, that he has other non nato countries in his line of sight. so to say. and so they believe that they will have to continue to support ukraine because it is fundamental for their security. so that is partly what this meeting was to show solidarity, but also longevity. so let's get into that. support is a long laundry list of weapons that ukraine wants, and also that the u. s. has so far provided. so what has the u. s. given to ukraine that we know of so far? well, quite a lot, william,
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and if you look at the bill alone, the u. s. has allocated nearly 3 and a half $1000000000.00 so far to support ukraine. that is the most more than any other country at this point. and just as path week, president biden unveiled the latest aid package that was worth $800000000.00 by the way. and he went to great lengths to emphasize the weapons, the heavy weaponry that the u. s. was going to provide ukraine all things that ukraine at specifically asked for things like how it serves ammunition, tactical drones, all things that both the ukrainians and the u. s. believe will be critical for the ukrainian military to defend the don bass where russia pushed ahead with it's offensive right now. important to know also william in that press conference from president biden. when he unveiled the package, he said that he's essentially exhausted all of the aid resources rather, that congress has made available to him to this point that he has to build another aid package, send it to congress for approval. so it's likely that whatever ukrainian president lensky shared with the defense secretary austin,
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in that meeting on sunday and keith, whatever list are further weapons that ukraine is looking for, that that will, at least in part, be reflected in what gets sent to congress. and william, it's one of those rare bipartisan issues right now in washington, likely to get a lot of support in congress from both parties. and let's brought out that support question to the whole world really is looking to head to tomorrow. the u. s. is organizing a meeting of nato and other countries at its ramstein air force base back here in germany. what more have you heard about this meeting? yeah, well if you look at what the department of defense is saying about this, sudden secretary austin is looking here to talk about the current security needs for your current and future security needs. there be meeting together with that nato allies and also non nato allies, to talk about what perhaps for example, security guarantees that they can provide ukraine going forward. and critically here, they're also talking about what might be needed to rebuild ukraine in the future. the already looking ahead to what might happen after this war is over. so the u. s
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. thesis as again a long game of supporting ukraine and also a bolstering european security entrusts, including ukraine's me so much going to there for us in washington. thanks so much for your reporting. turn now over to sports. in sunday's bonus, legal action hatta berlin, took on relegation. rivals stood guard. the teams were separated by a single point before tick off, but by that final whistle and his hopes of survival had been given a massive boost it offense picked out the olympia, stodgy, unfulfilling smug. it's $500.00 game as a boon to seek a coach. and it didn't take long for his team to find the net. davies alco volatile him across from marvin plot hot in the 4th minute. although initially flicked off site after via chic, the goal was given and had a had a precious one elite, much to the delight of the coach. at the other end stood gets frustration was
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growing. they couldn't find a way through the head to defense. after the break dina's mother panos had a chance to level the schools, but as shut brushed off, the crossbow theater was still on the front foot though and almost made a to know through pit a pick a rick shot from just outside the box. and finally, and stoppage time, some fancy footwork from each hook bell for deal wrapped up the game and gave her to all 3 vital points at the bottom of the table. delightful felix mugot in its 500 buddhist league game, tears and despair which stood got who are now full points from safety and formula one reigning world champion max for stop and injected some life into his season with a when at the amelia romania grand prix shop and started the race impulse position
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and looked dominant from start to finish, the red bull racer as already failed to finish to race as the season. but this victory puts him back in the mix for the driver's tight standings leader sharla clare of ferrari could only finish 6. and let's get you. a reminder of the top story we're following for you. french president emanuel macklin has been reelected, comfortably beat his the far right rival marine append to secure a 2nd 5 year term in office. the vote was more divided than his 1st win, and my phone is about to be president for all french citizen. with this is tina news live from berlin. stay with us because coming up we have one part of ukraine attempts to rebuild another braces for more russian attacks. bats on world stories station for that. first one more for you at the top
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of the hour. and in the meantime, the w dot com is reading all the latest. and of course on twitter and instagram at that news on wave lacrosse, will see you soon. ah . for rearing to read. ah, everyone who loves books has to go insane with d. w. literature list 100 german must reads interest the global economy our portfolio.


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