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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2022 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah this is the w news. my from brother, the world's richest man, snaps up twitter for $44000000000.00. has the founder in on must want to use a social media platform to uphold free speech and says it's web matters vital to the future of humanity are debated. some of the program crane accuses russia of trying to disrupt the supply of weapons from its allies. at least 5 people are killed in a series of missile attacks on railway stations and turkey jail to human rights
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campaign for life. osmond capital is found guilty of trying to overthrow the government judges he says, are fabricated. ah, i'm so gale. welcome to the program. tesla c e o. in on must, has clenched a deal to buy twitter for $44000000000.00. he's previously described himself as a free speech absolutist and pledged to be more lenient on police in the social media platforms content. the billionaire 1st announced plans to by twitter less than 2 weeks ago. the board organize the so called poison pill to ward off the hostile buyout has now accepted is bit well d w suit me some a scanner in washington. explain the significance of the sale. fills really is huge news. you said it ala mosque is the richest man in the world. he is buying what is
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arguably the most influential social media platform in the world. some people might not agree with that. but if you look at the fact that leaders around the world use twitter to communicate, you certainly could make that argument. he's buying it for the sum, $44000000000.00. the deal works out to a $54.20 a share. and you know, the way that this came down itself was pretty extraordinary. some of our mute viewers might remember that it was just earlier this month that ellen must can announce who was buying this big steak in twitter. and the board decided that a take over by ellen musk would not be good for the company that because he had offered to pay a bunch of money for twitter without saying how he would come up with that money. so they put in what you mentioned already this poison pill. it's basically a legal maneuver that makes it hard for a shareholder to buy a bigger steak while fast forward to now. and the board of twitter negotiated with the lawn musk again today and decided to go ahead and the big turning point. it seems as that ellen mosque was able to line up that financing in the meantime. so
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putting together the funds for that 44000000000 to follow through with the steel. that is apparently what changed minds on the board and just to note fill, it looks good for twitter on the stock market share price rising more than 5 percent in trading. so that appears to be a sign that investors are confident about this deal. you must describes himself as a free speech absolutist. what changes is he likely to make to twitter? the big question fell. a lot of people are asking, i mean elan mosque has made no secret about the fact that he wants to see some serious changes at twitter. first and foremost, as you said, he thinks that should be a bastion of free speech. he believes that twitter, which is a platform, by the way, he really likes to use himself that contact, moderation goes way too far in the current state. and in the press statement that came out in announcing the steel. he said that free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy and that twitter has to be the digital town square. so that's probably one change. he's also says that he wants to make the algorithms
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open source. so basically those algorithms decide what you and i see on our timelines on twitter. and he believes that there needs to be more transparency, so people can understand what content is pushed up on their timelines and why he also has said that he wants to defeat the spam box and authenticate all humans. so those are just um, some of the ideas we're certainly likely to hear more from him on the coming days, probably on twitter itself. ok, so the stock market to reacting well to this news. what other reactions have received well, ever since the rumors were trickling in here in the us, we saw tons of reactions on social media around the world. and here really is a question of what you think of iran musk. so the people who think that twitter should be a platform for free speech, believe that eli mosque is really a blessing for twitter. he has a lot of supporters on the platform and feel it was really interesting even to see people tweeting at him applying for top positions and the company saying consider
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me as vice president for twitter. but the overwhelming trend i saw with doomsday prophecies really that twitter, after learning to moderate content and take responsibility for content on his platform that eli moscow reopened these gates. and that people like the former president donald trump, could be reinstated. and to some that all up fill the hash tag that was trending all morning here was leaving twitter. so that tells you at least how some people are taking this news. thank you for that. so me assuming some of the in washington and we'll have more on the mosque buying twitter later in the business years with christy johnson. john 1st oh to some of the latest developments in the war in ukraine and keeps a military commander say russia has tried to disrupt the flow of weapons into cry from allies abroad with a series of coordinated missile strikes on railway stations. these 5 people have been killed in the attacks and many more injured
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a railway station in flames. in western ukraine. russia continues to attack targets all across the country. both military and civilian well did real weight maintains the lifeline of the country. and so indeed, it's not all routed that important for over cohesion grants, but just for passenger traffic with dom to cap a please. we kept on the garrison thrones now. local trains are starting to run again and keith buses and trams to that. elizabeth is not a worthwhile official say, it's too soon to call the city safe from missile or rocket attacks and think of the life and the capital is slowly returning to normal. although nobody knows for how long it was donald though, while they only recently reopened to the public, the staff at this bar have kept busy since the invasion began in criminals, the latter cooking meals for soldiers and emergency workers. my specialist i to help
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a chill hood about them. i believe we've served almost 13000 portions already. the kitchen is small and there isn't a single cook among us only bar tenders and waiters. oh, but we manage this in eastern ukraine. it's a different picture. archives receives incoming fire every day, but the city remains in ukrainian hands. with one analysts says ukraine's defenses are likely to keep russia from making dramatic gains in the near future until one side is so it gets to weaken. we're probably not gonna see massive changes in the line with the ability or village there, but we're not going to see the good type opperation for people perhaps soon. now once one slide gets too weak, that will change. so i think we're in this morse more static slow moving a traditional aids. but then when that ends, i can very quickly, this is in the latest upload from ukraine's as of regiment. if you're not
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a video claiming to show people hiding in the tunnels and bunkers below, maria poll shows a desperate picture. food and water are running out. children wear diapers, made from trash bags. and the weary survivors feel trout in a senseless war. yeah, up on behalf of all residents of my we are pull. i addressed a world where he please help us. we want to live. we want to live in our own city and our own country. no ma'am peaceful life. we're tired of these bombings, these constant asked strikes how long that is last here. who are we being rescued from? i do not understand, help us stuck the aggression of the russian federation against my country. 6 me above ground rushes military is slowly trying to grind out a victory for those caught in the violence. time is a luxury they can't afford take a look at some more stories that related to the war. he was secretary of defense,
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lloyd austin has arrived in germany following talking keith. tomorrow you'll discuss ukraine's defense needs with counterparts from 20 countries. nato secretary general installed to berg will also attend the meeting at the us air base. in ma'am shy, russia has expelled 40 german diplomats from moscow in the tit for tat move. early this month, germany expelled the number of russian staff. german foreign minister described the retaliation is expected, but not to justify. un secretary general antonia cherishes in the turkish capital anchor on a mission to advance ukrainian peace negotiations is met with the turkish president . reggie dr. erwin will travel on to moscow and then keith training leader is said to be unhappy that mr. gutierrez, she's visiting russia 1st say in turkey court there has sentenced human rights campaign. osman kabbalah to life in prison was found guilty of attempting to
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overthrow the government. but the cavaliers been in detention since 2017. and as the charges against him up in fabricated the ruling by the istanbul court drew loud protests from supporters of horsemen kabbalah. they vowed that the resistance against the turkish government would continue. cavellas long imprisonment without trial had earlier prompted the council of europe to launch infringement proceedings against turkey. many had hoped that would help his case opposition. lawmakers slammed the ruling up dealer that the government is without shame. there just thugs, like the mafia. how can we take them seriously as judges and prosecutors with us? cabala was convicted of organizing protests in 2013, against the building of a shopping center in eastern bills, gacy park. the prosecution claimed he was aiming to topple at once government
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charges he denies the european court of human rights call the case politically motivated. activists expressed shock at the ruling is far worse than anything any one expected. i think. and i mean, it feels like a kind of a huge act of defiance. coming from the palace. the court also convicted 18 other people on trial with cabala. they were each sentence to 18 years in prison. all of the defendants have pledged to appeal the verdict. or dw dorian jones has been following the trial and i asked him about the verdict. well, as my cavellas been sentenced to an aggravated life sentence, and that is the most severe sentence on turkish law books, it means he will be in solitary confinement or for the rest of his life and ineligible for parole. ah, this severe sentence was passed because he was had found guilty of seeking to o for the government. supporting 2013 nationwide protests and as the casey movement
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and then the subsequent 2016 qu, which prosecutors claim were all part of the same conspiracy. 7 other people were also convicted, they the sentence that 18 years in prison, and this case is deeply, deeply controversial, or the defense lawyers and saying that this whole case was fabricated an earlier call type that had acquitted capella or, but he was an subsidy re away re arrested and then face his latest court case on top of that little defenseless highlight the fact that one of the judges stood for parliament. the president urged once a k p party in earlier elections and demanded he be removed. they refused that they dismissed the cases or the defense his argument, although one judge did defer and are voted against the acquittal of the conviction, saying that the case was without merit or any standing. ah, we've also seen that now that the, the main opposition or c h p, the leader come are cultural as a condemned that calling this a tyrannical a verdict ball president, no one has said the justice must prevail and that can be no peace without justice.
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further dividing the country, this case started. johnson a stumble of people in the chinese capital, beijing rushing to stock up on crows room and household goods as carving 19 case numbers increased, they fear authorities will lock the city down under china. strict 0 coverage policy, as the country struggles with its worst outbreak for 2 years rushing to be ready in the event of a lockdown. these are just some of the millions of residents stockpiling essentials after authorities sparked fears of an impending lockdown. government assurances that there is enough food have done little to dissuade cautious locals with cues forming outside some supermarket. while in others, isles ended up nearly bare of sought after products like fresh meat supermarket chains of boosted stock levels and extended opening hours in
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a bid to keep up with the increased demand. but some locals are anxious about the future. i am how will glad we're afraid that if deliveries are cut off, supplies won't meet demand if you seen so many people buying food at the same time made me little nervous. but actually the situation is still ok. only 70 kirby cases have been discovered in the city of 21000000 since the outbreak was 1st detected on friday. but authorities have responded with the same strict zeroed covey toolkit china has used throughout the pandemic. mass testing is already underway here in beijing's biggest district when most of the cases have been found. and where some residential compounds have already been placed under lockdown. officials say testing will be expanded to all but 5 of the cities remaining districts on tuesday . residence we hoping that the shanghai style looked down won't be next, but until they know more,
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many will keep preparing for the worst and set you up to date. well, well, news of the top of a our christy plaza has your business updates in just a moment. with more on e m mosques buying, twitter have a good day. god sh. i'm skin that i work. that's hard and in the end is a me, you are not a lot of to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this with the


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