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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2022 9:00am-9:27am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin, head of the key gathering of global defense ministers in ramstein, germany. russia intensifies its bombardment in ukraine, targets further in land in the east of the country are now in russia's cross as, as ukraine's troops and civilians hold on to home. also coming up with ukraine's spirited defense of its homeland fares. arising, the vladimir putin may take
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a gamble with tactical nuclear weapons, small, small scale nukes, could offer moscow small scale victories by brisk global coffee and a hands off approach to social media content. that's what a long mask is promising for twit up. the c o. as close to $44000000000.00 deal to buy the social media platform, he says he wants to protect free speech by quote, unleashing twitters full potential and turkey hands down a life sentence to human rights campaign are osman caballo after he's found guilty of trying to overthrow the government charges he says are fabricated. ah, i'm gabelle as well come to the program. us defense secretary lo it lloyd austin,
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will host a gathering of top military leaders from about 40 countries as a u. s. air base in ramstein, germany in the coming hours, they expected to focus on how to best assist the ukrainian military and supply weaponry to counter the russian invasion. this after a day of heavy bombardment in the east and northeast regions of the country. this man as being evacuated from his home and her cave dropped in his flat. but it is a miracle he survived with no on ignore, ignores. they've been bombarding us all day and all night now sheila moved in the beginning. it was quieter and light sparkling. the bombing only happened during the day all will over. but later they begun bombing at night too. oh nice little girl was lamazzo hit here in the yard, but really killa, who would war?
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harkey hasn't your the badge of russian attacks. constant shelling has reduced much of the city to ashes. now, some 50 residents have been evacuated from one front line neighborhood. they have been taken to shelters where they hope to be safe. about 400 kilometer south safety is still a distant dream. russian forces continue to pummel the as up standstill factory. the last pocket of resistance and mary upon. the port city has been under siege for weeks now. most of it has been wiped out by russian bombardment. the dye fate of maple has been a warning to other ukrainian cities and to protect them, the cranes president followed him. his lensky has asked allies for more support few, every one in the world, even those who openly did not support us here,
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now agrees that the faint hope you're the fate of global security and the fate of the democratic wisdom is being decided in ukraine. this is one of representatives from across the world. we'll be meeting here and at how much time air based in germany, us defense secretary lloyd austin, said to host talks that will focus on arming ukraine records as is, are correspondent in the ukrainian capital key of for joining us from there. what is the government in keith expecting from that war, conference of 40 nations in launched on today for president zalinski and the ukrainians have been very clear in their messaging from the very beginning of this conflict. what they want is simply weapons, weapons support. so they can push back the russians in their territory. but today's meeting at ramstein is less about what ukraine want and what president lensky want
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to more about the u. s. looking to its allies in nato for support us has been the biggest supporter of ukraine in this conflict. so far. secretary, a, antony lincoln and lloyd austin, which is here at the weekend and they came with more, more offers of support in the way of weapons and money. and now they're going to their allies to ask for, you know, support in that. and there has been a lot of criticism from some of the nato allies, germany in particular, that they haven't been doing enough neither before the conflict started or since it began. or we have heard word this morning though, there's a report in a pseudo to zeitung german newspaper that the defense minister, the gym defense minister, is set to announce the deployment or the the go ahead for some german tanks to be brought to ukraine, which has been long debated in germany now, so that will definitely be met positively by the americans. but today's meeting, really just an attempt to get everybody singing from the same song book. now did
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you and secretary general is also engaging in shuffle the flow must see his expressive in moscow today for talks with loading reputed or does the government in p, if hold any hope that he couldn't achieve anything? i don't think so. no again, hard. i mean, i think any hope of a peace deal by you that it broke it by antonio terrace today or this week is, is really unlikely. i don't think anybody's holding hope out for that. something that they may be that may be even more realistic goal. if you will, that is being being talked about here is of course a much needed humanitarian corridor out of that perceived city of mary upa, where there is still some 2000 ukrainian soldiers and some civilians. billy, i believe, to be trapped underneath that as of steel, plants and presidents. lensky has long been calling for their evacuation. he's also said that if russia doesn't allow them to be evacuated and if they go ahead and bombard that to the point where those hold as a killed that,
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that will basically made the end of peace. negotiation. so really unlikely that any, anything in terms of the peace deal will come out of these talks by the un secretary general this week. i think her here not holding out too much hope for that to her, for the courage as they're reporting from keith. thank you. rebecca as military leaders made in germany today to focus on frustrating russia's invasion of ukraine. vladimir putin has put his strategic nuclear arsenal on high alert, a warning to the west not to interfere. analysts believe the risk of an all out nuclear war is low, but there are concerns put in might be tempted to use tactical nuclear weapons in ukraine. smaller weapons designed to cause more limited devastation on the battlefield. ah, russia testifies
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a new intercontinental ballistic missile. a strategic weapon capable of destroying a city on the other side of the planet. president putin flexing his nuclear muscles as his war and ukraine flounders. this we don't when you go near this unique weapon, it will enhance the military potential of our armed forces that you will provide security from external threats and make those lose aggressive rhetoric to threaten our country who are go think twice ugly soon anybody but that would have written, interesting to west, sees this as the more realistic threat this launcher can fire tactical nukes, short range missiles with smaller payloads, less destructive, designed to take out air fields, ships and columns of tanks. the fairies that putin could use a tactical nuclear weapon. if it proves impossible for him to win in ukraine with
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conventional mediums there, vladimir putin decides to use such a weapon. and we hope that he does not know that there will be severe consequences . and there is no doubt that it will change the world in significant ways. should that happen? back in the cold war? the western responds to western nuclear strike. and it's, it is, was clear and simple. a global nuclear exchange. but what's about a small scale tactical attack on the battlefield? ukraine with the west responding kind and whiskey will out to nuclear war with russia. it's a question. western leaders are still grappling with. that's the conventional war in ukraine continues. that's bringing puzzle public. he's a senior researcher, the united nations institute for disarmament research. he joins me from geneva in
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switzerland and now since the u. s. dropped to nuclear bombs on japan in 1945, no country has ever used nuclear weapons in a war. how close do you think russia is to breaking that taboo? i don't think that we are that close of the main reason for that is that there are simply no plausible military missions for nuclear weapons in this type of war. you mentioned earlier that tactical nuclear weapons were going to be used in the battle field against airfields in columns of tanks and things like that. and this is just not the kind of a conflict, any use of nuclear weapons in this nation would be just either really use against us or, you know, one population or as
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a demonstration of our resolve and readiness to use nuclear weapons against one population in a strategic condition with the goal of changing the strategic outcome of this a war. so you say that let me put in what even refrain from using tactical nuclear weapons? well, it's hard for me to say with certainty whether you would refrain from that. but again, the russian military doctrine is very clear and i think it needs to be reminded to russia as well that russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons only in this nation when it is under conventional attack that threatens the very existence of the state. and i don't think that we are there, and we definitely hope that that kind of judgement will not be made in the kremlin
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. so there's the hope that he won't use tactic tactical nuclear weapons. but if he does, what will be the west reaction? well, i think the, there are, there is some evidence that and differently people in the united states and nato, they're thinking about this as i understand right now, the consensus is that it would be a mistake, and i believe it would be a mistake to respond in kind and to you to respond by using nuclear weapons against russian targets it, i would definitely believe that this kind of use would bring farther further isolation of russia and even the states that are currently on the fence, all like india or china for example. they would join the rest of the international community in condemning of that kind of use. so let me come back
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a bit of history here. the, the, all these decades of talks and treaties on nuclear dis aman. half they really worked. if we're really talking about a potential nuclear threat here, well, yes and no. we certainly the trees and talks and disarmament made us a bit safer. we have fewer weapons or means to exchange information. for example, the recent test of the inter continental missile that russia conducted, that was the russian notify the united states that this test is coming. so there is a certain mechanism there. and if anything, we haven't used the potential of all those arms control treaties and agreements to
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the extent that we should have. and for example, if the conventional forces in europe treaty was still in force, i think that the situation around the initial build up that led to this war would have been quite different. so, but unfortunately that treaty co ops pop up the van with a un institute for dis almond research. thank you very much for your time. so thank ilan mosque is promising a more lenient starts to policing content on twitter. after the social media company accepted his $44000000000.00 takeover bit mosque is best known as ceo of tesla electric cars, but describes himself as a defender of free speech. he has pledged a largely hands off approach to controlling content with it at a time of growing concern about the role social media plays in spreading fake news
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and disinformation. ah, last month you on mosque was clearly in a celebratory mood as he opened a corps factory in berlin. now the world's richest man is no doubt celebrating again. after reaching a $44000000000.00 agreement to buy twitter and take it private. while it's far from the largest or most profitable social media platform, twitter is highly influential. company management, initially try to fend off mosques, take over with stakeholders warm to the idea. after he secured funding. the tesla co founder scene here and file footage says he wants to use the platform to uphold free speech and reached out to opponents with a tweet saying, i hope that even my worst critics remain on twitter. because that's what free speech means. must fans on freedom of expression has led some to speculate that he might, on ban former president trump,
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who was kicked off the service in 2021 after the riots at the u. s. capital the house republicans official twitter account is going so far as to urging mosque to quote, free trump. the white house declined to comment by press secretary gen saki told reporters for president biden was concerned about social media power. new agreement might well, i'm not going to comment on a specific transaction. ah, what i can tell you as a general matter, no matter who owns or runs twitter, the president has long been concerned about the power of large social media platforms. what they had, the power they have over our everyday lives. as long argued, the tech platforms must be held accountable for the harms they caused. but for those worried about trumps re emerging on twitter, there was also some good news on monday, trump himself told fox news that he would not return to twitter, saying he would stick with his own new media platform. instead. ad on telson for
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our business vomited it with me and student r o to talk about this a are. and how significant is this takeover? well, it's an incredibly significant move. we're twitter because right now it's a publicly traded company, which means it is a board of c o's which are then responsible to their investors. and that it's a little extend gives a public some control over what's going on the platform. now the world's richest man has the keys to the castle. he's taking the company private, which means one of the most significant platforms for online free speech is squarely in his control. and he can do anything he wants with it. i mean, i checked on to, to this morning and everybody's up with arms about this. he says, and, or the other right to be worried about this? well, it's, it's going to be a really significant change in terms of how the platform functions. i mean, you and mosque is often described himself as a freeze free speech. absolute is basically means he thinks anybody should be able to say anything they want to online at any time. and that's kind of a big change right here. i mean, he's saying he wants to remove moderation from the platform and really don't know in what direction that's going to take it. there's been
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a lot of criticism from certain more fringe groups in the last couple years regarding the twitter algorithm saying that it represses their ideas. and we're talking about from supporters of, from a president. donald trump, who say that a lot of their ideas about this big lie that the election was stolen as being repressed at the same time. a lot of cobra deniers are saying that the platform actively works against them. now you and must, because he wants to make that more transparent, wants to change the algorithm works makes it more open. so people know how, what platform or what information rather is floating to the top. but a lot of people are worried that, that, that could kind of open the floodgates to lot of trolling a lot of hate speech. and we've seen that on other platforms in the past. and it kind of creates an interesting dynamic where if the, if twitter stops moderating their content like a lot of other providers do like facebook dose or um, youtube for example. then you could see it becoming kind of like a hot bed of hate speech and some of more radical ideas that we've seen in the past . and it kind of creates as dynamic where you could also see a situation where advertisers are gonna have to start stepping up. and because they
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don't want to see their products be brought in connection to this type of am speech . and that could create a situation where advertisers are actually trying to police the content on twitter, which would really change the dynamic of how the platform works. very briefly, it was, it business was, was it a good move is twitter making money? while twitter is definitely making money, i mean i'm, he paid a premium, i was, you and muskrat paid a premium for the stock price. so jack dorsey said for the company, it's the right move and he knows that his heart of hearts. but there's been a lot of criticism from all corners of political spectrum leveled at this decision . so, you know, time will really tell we don't really know how it's going to go. aunt hilton dw business, thank you very much. thank you. time now to have a look at some of the other story we're keeping track of for to today a space ex dragon capsule as return to earth from the international space station. very with 1st crew and a fully private space flight on board with 3 businessman from the u. s. canada and israel, as well as
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a retired nasa astronaut. former us president donald trump has been held in contempt of court in the state of new york. trump must pay a fine of $10000.00 a day until he turns over documents to a prob, into whether his company lied about the value of its assets in financial statements . in turkey, a caught our sentence, human rights campaign, osman cabella to life in prison. he was found guilty of attempted to overthrow the government. cabella has been in detention since 2017. he says the charges against him. i've been fabricated. the ruling by the eastern bill court drew loud protests from supporters of horsemen kabbalah. they vowed that the resistance against the turkish government would continue cavellas long imprisonment
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without trial had earlier prompted the council of europe to launch infringement proceedings against turkey. many had hoped that would help his case of possession. lawmakers slammed the ruling up in the letter that the government is without shame . there just thugs, like the mafia. how can we take them seriously as judges and prosecutors? was that cabala was convicted of organizing protests in 2013 against the building of a shopping center in eastern bills, gacy park. the prosecution claimed he was aiming to topple ad once government charges. he denies the european court of human rights call the case politically motivated. activists expressed shock at the ruling is far worse than anything any one expected, i think. and i mean, it feels like a kind of a huge act of defiance. coming from the palace. the court also convicted 18 other people on trial with cabala. they were
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each sentence to 18 years in prison. all of the defendants have pledged to appeal the verdict. in bay jing the chinese capital people are rushing to stalk up on groceries and household goods as covet. 19 case numbers are increasing, they fear authorities will lock the city down under china's district 0 cove. it policy as the country struggles with its worst outbreak for 2 years, ah, rushing to be ready in the event of a lockdown. these are just some of the millions of residence, stockpiling essentials after authorities sparked fears of an impending lockdown. government assurances that there is enough food have done little to dissuade cautious locals with cues forming outside some supermarket. while in others, isles ended up nearly bare of sought after products like fresh meat supermarket chains of boosted stock levels and extended opening hours in
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a bid to keep up with the increased demand. but some locals are anxious about the future. aim. how will glad we're afraid that if deliveries are cut off, supplies won't meet demand. if you seen so many people buying food at the same time made me a little nervous, but actually the situation is still ok. only 70 curved cases have been discovered in the city of 21000000 since the outbreak was 1st detected on friday. but authorities have responded with the same strict zeroed covey toolkit china has used throughout the pandemic. mass testing is already underway here in beijing's biggest district when most of the cases have been found. and where some residential compounds have already been placed under lockdown. officials say testing will be expanded to all but 5 of the cities remaining districts on tuesday. residents,
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we hoping that a shanghai style lockdown won't be next, but until they know more, many will keep preparing for the worst. and we're coming back to the war in ukraine now, as celebrities have been using their fame to try to raise awareness of their countries plight, the rappa, i'll yonah aiyona spent weeks helping out in her home town near keith, delivering medicine to people in need. but now she's touring europe performing a charity concerts and meeting some of the millions of ukrainians who fled their homeland a. this is ukraine's most famous female rapper. i'll yo now yonah, the former kindergarten teacher who isn't afraid to speak her mind. but since russia attacked you crane al yona young has been using her fame to counter fake news and to take a stand for her country. i see a boy you thank you, look you by law. so it's the ratio spa chin with number 6 in the last month. she's
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found it hard to wrap. her latest track is a prayer with one, but all old people who feeling that they done do not think understand that they can pray. and this is big jump, this is big energy, big polar, because i believe about, you know, and, and for me, is it really important to connect deeper? could you hope to people, even, even if people think that they can do nothing, a shift to ukraine outside q l u in his home town where she shot her 1st big music video about leaving home. now her family is ready to flee at a moment's notice that we have books need to reflect and we have 15 minutes ready? like if, if it banged, you're a true,
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be more dangerous. we have 15 minutes. we all go to get on the me. sam yamaha, the shots of russian soldiers invaded nearby villages and struck her town with a missile. l. you in a state for weeks to help people? now she's decided she can help her country more from abroad. last week she left ukraine, embarking on a tour of charity concerts to raise funds and spirits for ukraine. she says she'll play wherever there are ukrainian refugees. first stop. poland. if we talk about ukrainian people here, you know, i bring them pope. i tell them that we will win this. why and everything will be okay. and don't be scaring everything crazy. okay. and we don't have to stay here for super long time. after poland shall to germany. oh, yona doesn't know how long she'll be gone from ukraine. but she wants to return as
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soon as possible for her. there is no question of where her home is with. and that's it from me on the new scheme of fun. i'll have an update for you at the top of the hour. do not go away up next kickoff and football highlights of the buddhist legal. 31st march day. also check out our website for more news d w dot com. i'm got f as in berlin for me on the team. thanks for watching. ah ah ah ah


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