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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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starts me 3rd on d, w ah, ah, this is d w. news live from berlin. you turn from germany on sending heavy weapons to you, cried of the heavy criticism. berlin says it will deliver heavy anti aircraft systems to the ukrainian military for the 1st time. germany vows more support is on the way. also coming up the u. s. rallies its allies to on ukraine against russia. u. s. defense secretary lloyd austin, hosts dozens of military leaders in germany. thing allies on moving heaven and
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earth to help keith. and in moldova, belong, destroy radio towers in a breakaway region, backed by russia. fueling affairs with the conflict in ukraine could spill over. ah, i manuscripts mckinnon. thanks so much for joining us. after intense criticism at home and abroad, germany says it will for the 1st time send heavy anti aircraft systems to ukraine to help fight off rushes invasion. germany's defense minister made the announcement before a summit of military leaders hosted by b. u. s. defense secretary lloyd austin. at hampshire, at bass, here in germany. oh, fresh from his visit to key. if you as defense, secretary lloyd austin welcomed military lead us from across the world to ramstein
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. it is an extraordinary gathering with more than 40 countries represented here today. and we're here to help ukraine when the fight against russia's unjust invasion and to build up ukraine's the friendships for tomorrow's challenge. the meeting kicked off with a surprise in a notable policy shipped germany, which had been criticized for refusing to send heavy weapons to ukraine, announced it would now send gay pot anti aircraft dance as the skin. that was precisely what ukraine needs right now to secure its ass base from the ground that's been made clear again here today, germany is radiant, willing, over the course of the conference will be looking into further possibilities to continue supporting ukraine and this courageous and important fight for freedom and peace, i hope for freedom, not every one in berlin. welcome to decision. since miss increase, i find it problematic. germany doesn't even have enough military equipment for itself in the case of 2,
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teen totally losing control. loiter. i think it's important. i also think that what the german government is doing is good, but i'm also not sure if offering weapons is actually going to stop the war. as always fun, i didn't like the degree of hesitancy in the end. i would actually be for aggressive weapons. so heavier machinery. ok receival of of other shoes. because 8 in his closing remarks, austin, set the gathering between the us and its allies. will not be the last once a month they'll me to discuss ukraine's defense needs to help them fight. the russian invasion is spilling. he w, benjamin l for his group is covering the summit and i'm shine and i asked him how germany's decision to provide anti aircraft systems to ukraine was received. definitely better than in berlin if we just considered those voices that were her 2 voice criticism. in here, the secretary of defense, coal, germany, and all i in
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a friend and praise this woody coal was significant that germany is supplying this heavy weapons. the had been pressure growing on the government not only by the conservative party, but also within the government with the free business, an f t p party, and the greens, calling for these heavy weapons. it's not surprisingly that this announcement happened before at these a high level delegation machin ramstein and sell than germany. there was media report, boy, a german media, as you deutsch, had citing who said that germany will send to these tangs with these anti aircraft egg capacities. so all in all here in ramstein, it was happening and relieved that germany is finally taking this step. and the us defense secretary lloyd austin said that these me things will now take place every month. how significant is that? what they wanted to show today here is unity. they are talking not only to natal
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members, they are talking to all allies all around the world. and that's why the us also made this meeting here. this was not under the umbrella of ne, till more people and more countries were also invited finland to a sweden and to show that they want to counter russia's aggression it together. and that's what they also praised that it was germany is doing what canada is doing that you asked, also sending and supplying a these weapons in the meeting to day comes after secretary of defense and secretary of state of the u. s. went to ukraine, went to keep, met with president lansky and sat that they will help with a providing more weapons to ukraine to defend itself. not only now, but also when it comes to the security concerns after this rule, that according to the u. s. and according to ukraine, will be won by ukraine. so a strong signal towards moscow that they will act together. and with germany, with this huge paradigm shift, that means sending heavy weapons to ukraine. but for ukraine,
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for the u. s. and for many allies, this is a step that was long of a do. all right, you don't use benjamin alfred griffith. thank so much and joy, not by devon is chief political editor at attend mckayla casner at mckayla. tell us what has bruce route brought about this really very significant change in policy? well, quite clearly, it was internal and external pressure. we've had quite a debate here in germany of the past couple of weeks with 2 of the 3 coalition parties actually continuing to criticize chance are all sold for not interpreting his tightened vendor. the full turnaround is backing ukraine with everything germany has including everything german industry has. and now we see the pledge by the german defense minister lamp saying that is some 50 of those cheater tanks that are anti air craft missiles capable and vehicles being sent
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to ukraine from the outside. it is giving into pressure on the inside. it actually is quite a turnaround in itself for the german forces. so i would expect that to be the beginning of new thinking on that. does berlin actually believe that ukraine can win this war against russia? let's put it this way. germany, berlin, when i saw the turns that didn't believe that russia would actually attack like most countries, although, even while the u. s. war ready warning of an imminent attack, germany still believed it wouldn't happen. then we saw a german chance that would actually say that russia must not win this war. we are yet to hear that ukraine must win this war. there seems to be consensus that it must not lose it complete the must not be raised from the map. ukraine identity must not disappear, but there is a continuing internal debate, particularly in the party of the german chance of what that means in concrete terms
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. and just how damaging has this perceived hesitation, this foot dragging by chancellor shaw. it's been for germany standing within the european union. it's been quite damaging and particularly when you look at eastern countries like poland with very close historical ties. attorney always being a champion for paul and being brought further into the union. and the bossy countries have a lot of doubts and then germany took a long time to actually back off from the that's a controversial pipeline or stream to it is also still one of the countries that is against a full oil and gas embargo because it will hit germany so hard. so clearly the german chancellor is not perceived to be the one in the lead on the european side. and that really has damaged germany's reputation. still the strongest economy in the u as a leader in the,
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this geostrategic struggle and politically at home. i mean, how unified is this, this move? and these are, as we've been things sort of a very new perspective on, on germany's a sort of military and military involvement. how much unity is there within, within the german government and political parties. on the one hand, there's a striking amount of unity. we are still rubbing our eyes and is here is correspondence that particular the greens very early on came around pro, delivery of weapons pro, delivery of happy weapons being very vocal about it. and at the same time, it's the social democrats who are still struggling to break with what many c as a pro russian past. embodied by the former, the last social democrat, chancellor, gerhard schroeder, who is still on the payroll of vladimir putin. we saw a few weeks ago ago, had food are traveling to moscow and meeting with putin in an attempt to maybe
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change his mind. i mean, how was that seen here? how was that seen here in berlin and also internationally? well, if, if he is an odd character, he's that his own party is increasing calling on him to leave the party to step down from the role from he. he will eventually be excluded from social democrats. i think there's no doubt about it. it really is, is a heavy historical burden now for the social democrats here who are still struggling to prove that they can be as decisive as their own coalition. and many western partners would like them to be the chief political editor mission of fisma . anything now we have some breaking news for you now, and poland. biggest gas company says russia's gas problem is cutting off supplies to the country starting from wednesday. and the polish company says it will be able
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to get supplies from other sources. poland climate minister is saying config consumers won't be affected and we will bring you more on this story as it comes in . and his look at a couple of other developments related to the war in ukraine. un secretary general, antonia good trash has held talks with russian leaders in moscow. quoterush met president vladimir putin after speaking with foreign minister sec, i love the terrorist and set to travel to key if next order to meet with ukrainian leaders. my team in the u. n. refugee agency is expecting more than 8000000 people to flee ukraine. that's double its initial projection. so far, 5000000 have already crossed the borders to escape the roof. the you and hcr says the scale of the conflict and the speed at which people are fleeing are unheard of in recent times. the head of the u ends and nuclear watchdog has visited china bill on the 36th anniversary of the nuclear disaster. their i 8 chief ruffled
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marianna grossi said rushes. recent occupation had been very dangerous. he said radiation levels did go up during the takeover, but are now back to normal. and ukraine has accused russia of trying to fuel unrest in a rush and back separatist region of moldova. tal paid to ukrainian president the lensky wrote on twitter that moscow wants to quote de, stabilize the trans mystery and region. violence has fled in the area in the last 2 days, shilling fears, the conflict and neighboring ukraine could spill over. to radio towers used to broadcast russian news, now scrap metal. the blast site in moldova is just 5 kilometers from the ukranian border. so far, no one has claimed responsibility. i my dilemma fred law. just the are analysis shows their attentions between various forces who are interested and destabilizing
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this region. this. that means that out c glycol. yoshi black in complex. so this is a complex and tens situation. but we will arrange vigilant, and we'll take all necessary measures to prevent escalation, to strengthen our security and to protect our citizens sitting there with we must remain calm and able to stay informed using verified sources and avoid distributing false information with you know, the explosion of the radio towers was the 2nd unclaimed attack this week, in the moldova separatist region of trans nestea. the 1st was on the state security ministry, and heroes, full tensions in the region have been high since russia invaded ukraine. moscow has suggested it wants to create a land corridor along southern ukraine between trans mystery and russian controlled territories in eastern ukraine. it's believed russia keeps around $1500.00 troops
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and trans nestea. and analysts say the area could be used to launch an attack on ukraine. the region remained pro russian after the collapse of the soviet union, but the international community considers it part of moldova, moldova and authorities have raised the country is terror alert to its highest level. there worried the war in ukraine could spill across the border into trans mystery and then to the rest of the country. is a quick reminder of the top stories that we're following for you. in a major policy reversal of germany says it will now deliver heavy anti aircraft systems to ukraine. the decision follows intense criticism that germany was taking too long to send, keep the weapon that needs against the russian invasion. and the us defense secretary lloyd austin has applauded international support the ukraine and announced the u. s. and its allies will meet monthly to coordinate military aid to keep austin was speaking off to hosting a meeting of military leaders for more than 40 countries that i've done at based in
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germany here watching d w news from berlin up next film takes a look at the surveillance in china, if you're looking for more global headlines as with our web site, that's d w dot com. don't forget you can follow us on social media as well. i menu mckinnon on behalf of the whole team. thanks so much for being with a with interest in the global economy. our portfolio g w. business for you here is a closer look at the project. our mission to analyze who fight for market dominance . due to the c d. w business beyond.


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