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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2022 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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hey, you're watching dw news from berlin up next on business christy plats and looks at how the war in ukraine is making it harder for safe americans to me to make ends meet. and if you're looking for more global headlines, visit our website, d, w dot com, and of course you can follow us on social media. i'm popping for alias for me. the team here brennan take care cesar. ah. these places in europe for smashing the records, stepped into a bold adventure. it's the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of you ropes, record breaking sites on your back. youtube and know also in book form was making the headlines and what's behind them. dw news africa,
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they show the faculty issues shaping the continents. life is slowly getting back to normally on the street to give you enough reports on the inside of our cars. funds is on the ground reporting from across the continent, all the trend stuff, the mazda you t w is africa every friday on d w. ah, it's the $44000000000.00 question. you on mosque wants to take over twitter and turn it into what he calls a haven for free speech. what does this mean for the platform and will it work? we will get an expert view. also on the show carnival is back in brazil. that high consumer prices are killing the party spirit, and the war and ukraine could make matters worse. hey, i'm christy plats,
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and welcome to the program. twitter is one of the world's leading social networks. over 2000000 daily active users are writing more than half a 1000000 tweets every minute. but the company has struggled to turn a profit. now, over the last decade, it has posted more net losses than profits, and that includes in 20202021. last year twitter reported a loss of $22221000000.00. now, despite the struggle, it has a market valuation of $33000000000.00. now, eli musk wants to buy the company for $44000000000.00. this has many asking if the eccentric billionaire sees an opportunity, others have missed. what exactly is he up to? ah, after revolutionizing the automotive industry, tesla boss, ellen must now wants to do the same with twitter. the high tech pioneers paying $44000000000.00 for the social media company. after as hostile takeover efforts
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ended in success, musk tweeted, i hope that even my worst critics remain on twitter. because that is what free speech means. it starts off with freedom of speech. i think that's really been me the starter for going after twitter, but ultimately it's really trying to shake up social media. me. he'd feels like it's a fragment platform. he could significantly improve it. but there's growth challenges ahead. twitter has been underperforming platform for the last decade. and this is definitely must bet and 20 percent of the net worth on twitter in depth, a risky mood. while some americans are looking forward to la censorship, others fear the acquisition will give musk too much influence. i just don't think will be going to be at all i control and just cuz he's a lot of my doesn't get more power. i think he'll turn it for the better. how so? aw, giving people more freedom of speech. maybe bringing my man trump back to twitter.
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i think that would be nice. i like to hear what he has to say. twitter suspended donald trump's account after his supporters stormed the capital in washington last january. since then trumpet turned to other social media channels. trump just said 10 minutes ago, he doesn't want to go back to twitter. that means he wants to go back to 330. you know that? 80000000 follower waiting for him. musk this you want trump. it's hot to say. but if musk is ready for the freedom of speech, he cannot just not let the from back of that for her. iran mosque has yet to comment on trump's fate on twitter. and he hasn't unveiled any concrete plans for the social media network either. but after most pays for twitter, he says he'll take the company off the stock exchange and privatize it. well for more now we go to alison stewart allen. she is
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a international marketing expert and the ceo of international marketing partners in london. allison mosque is obviously a big personality. what does him taking over bien for twitters brandt? well, it means quite a lot. i mean, it's very clear that ellen musk has been angling for a platform where he feels he can express his views unedited and has been doing so anyway, for quite some time. now he actually owns the company, and this is quite an interesting development because despite having raised or delivered $44000000000.00 roughly to acquire this business. and his ambition is to turn this platform into the town square and prefers that it is a place of total free speech that is minimally moderated. and
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so for his brand, this is an outlet for his points of view. both personal and professional, right, well, mosque has called himself a free speech absolute us, but this deal came through just days after regulation for social media was approved in the you. where does this leave twitter now? well, this leaves twitter with a dilemma really, which is that if they don't follow the rules and the law now here in the you at if they are repeat offenders, so to speak in unmoderated speech, including hate speech and lots of other offenses than twitter will be fined and on the back of fines they will actually be halted from operating in europe, which is a significant setback for this company. and this brand and of course for ilan musk himself who will lose millions of eyeballs. and the name of this game is about
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capturing the eyeballs. allison stewart, alan. thank you so much that keith? well, it's a busy week of reporting for it. tech stocks. first out of the gate was google parent alphabet, which fell short of wall street estimates for its quarterly sales. that's. it's 1st miss. since before the pandemic, as fears may global economic slowdown hit add revenues. alphabet show shares fell in after hours trading, but it was a different picture at microsoft where the software make a racked up an 18 percent revenue increase in the 1st quarter. the microsoft results exceeded analysts expectations. it's cloud business performed particularly well. well for a closer look, we go now to our financial correspondent, yann's corta in new york. now yann's tech companies had a blockbuster year in 2021 thanks to a greater demand for software, for digital advertising space. due to the pandemic pushing people online. what do
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these latest results tell us now? well, overall, it does tell us that what happened in the past couple of years is not that easy to repeat. so how much can those huge tech companies grow? look at an alphabet, for example, they did have an impressive revenue growth of 23 percent and they had to quarterly revenue of $68000000000.00. that is impressive, but investors will use to even higher growth rates, but that is tough to achieve. and also if you look at microsoft, for example, pretty impressive, what happens to the cloud business, but also there, it looks like growth might be limited in the future, and that's why investors are not overwhelmed by those recent numbers. well now the fed has also signaled it could or will likely raise interest rates to combat inflation. talked us about what this means for tech stocks. well, i mean,
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overall what we've seen in the past, especially when we come into areas where we are, all right, ready are all going to be getting into a different modes of, of interest rates, meaning we're on the rise. that usually, at least in the short term, meant a trouble for a technology company. we also shouldn't forget with interest rates on the increase, all of a sudden money is worth something and investors get alternative way to put money. but in stock. so treasury, for example, bonds in general become a bit more attractive and that could mean that at least for now, money get caught, could get pulled out of those high flying tech stocks. and if you look what happened already, nothing composited. so the composite, so there could be an index just for the month of april is down by a good, a 12 percent we're talking the week of the month, so far as since october, 2008. so you already can tell that investors are running towards the exit at
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this point. that was yann's course, a new york. thank you so much now to some of the other global business stories making news. russia is suspending natural gas deliveries to poland after the country refuse to pay for its supplies in russian roubles. poland state gas company said it was notified by russian gas giant gas prom that deliveries would stop on wednesday. gas prom is also suspending deliveries to bulgaria according to economy, ministry officials in sophia, germany hopes to find alternative sources within days to replace russian oil. during a visit to warsaw, german economy minister, robert havoc said that would allow his country to cope with a russian oil embargo or lynn has previously said it could wean itself off russian supplies by the end of this year. oh, and us car maker ford has watched production of its all electric lightning pickup
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truck. ford aims to make 150000 trucks annually more than triple its original plans . around $200000.00 customers have already made reservations for the lightning. the international monetary fun says, and a new forecast that the war in ukraine and rising inflation are posing a threat to fragile growth in latin america. tighter financial conditions, economic pressure on key trading partners and social discontent could dim grove prospects even more blue. rio de janeiro glittering carnival is back the sequence studded festival kicked off last week with the 1st famed sabbath school parades since coven 19 hit brazil 2 long years ago. but the situation on the streets of brazil is less festive. inflation is causing widespread economic hardship. food prices are rising and life is becoming expensive for ordinary brazilians. still recovering from the corona virus pandemic. where people can only
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eat fish sausage and chicken you, they can forget about red meat for you to see. it's also driving up gasoline prices . the i m f, believe latin america will grow 2.5 percent this year, but the war in ukraine has increased uncertainty over its outlook escalation could eventually lead to serious global financial distress. the multilateral lender expects brazil's economy to grow 0.8 percent, mexico's by 2 percent, columbia's by 5.8 percent, while chillies will expand by 1.5 percent. the i meth is forecasting 3 percent g d p growth for peru on 4 percent for argentina, a slide from the previous years. strong growth rates. ah, latin america has fewer economic ties with russia and eastern europe. but countries like mexico are feeling the effects of gdp downgrades to major trading partners, such as the united states and china. the i m f said higher food and energy prices
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were forcing countries to take measures to soften the blow on the most vulnerable and contained the risks of social unrest. samba jerome may be back, but it could be a long time before economies in latin america could truly enter the party, spare us that's our show. i'm christy pods and berlin. thank you for watching castle delivery services. don't dare venture. yeah. our largest availa is a triangle maze of houses that presents entrepreneurs revenue debate up with a care opportunity. his daughter is creating jobs by timing neighbors into korea's, to deliver even to the most secluded alleys with
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d. w. in state of the art in system for facial identification, a lucrative technology for companies and very powerful are more used by both russia and ukraine. who's profiting from in maine, in germany. in 60 minutes on d. w. a . hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa, you to repeat issues and share ideas you know, or this. i know we are not afraid to happen delicate topic because population is
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growing. in young people clearly have the solution. the future belongs to the 77 percent every weekend on d. w. ah ah, welcome to global 3, thousands exploited how economic interests are pursued at the expense of the world's poor in indonesia, big business is creating new markets. in brazil we learned how the residence of for valence and now able to enjoy online shopping.


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