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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2022 7:02am-7:31am CEST

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oh, today, a testing the limits of diplomacy, the un secretary general has sat down with a russian president urging him to engage in dialogue to stop the war aid you crane and talk of a different kind here in germany, we'll look at how dozens of nations have come together to coordinate efforts to supply ukraine with heavier and better weapons. not just to stop russia, but to end the threat of a russian invasion for good. i'm feel, go in berlin and this is the day. ah, the extremely interested in finding ways in order to create the conditions for effective dialogue. but we are committed to a negotiated solution. we are also committed to a cease fire, you know, create conditions for that peaceful so that you're exactly what we're doing every
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day. declaring humanitarian corridors which are being ignored, as it is clear that there are 2 different positions on what is happening in ukraine . with i know about your concerns regarding rushes, military operations in dumbass, in ukraine. also coming up more arms for ukraine under pressure of being too cautious. germany now offers heavy weaponry. so just how big a policy shift is, iss today we will support ukraine with anti aircraft tanks of the good part model carbon does this can. that's precisely what ukraine needs right now to secure its air space from the ground. that's been made clear again here today, germany is ready and willing welcome to the day and we begin with un secretary general attorney. good cherish moscow. pushing for dialogue
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with russia and the ceasefire in ukraine, describing himself rather than bassett of peace. mister terrace met with russian leaders, including the man, the world blames for starting this war. president vladimir putin. the talks held across a long table at the kremlin lasted about an hour. president putin is reported to have told the secretary general that he still had hopes, indigo c. ations with keith and diplomacy is whether or not despite the fact that the military operation is ongoing, we still hope that we won't be able to reach agreement on the diplomatic track. this is the delay in the debate. we are negotiating. we don't reject talks because i'm certain you well, yeah, i, mr. gutierrez also held more extensive talks with a russian foreign minister. so game of rob u. n. chief proposed setting up a humanitarian contact group with ukraine and russia to go to set up safe corridors to protect civilians walking a careful diplomatic line in moscow. he called for an investigation into possible
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war crimes and ukraine. also stressing that dialogue would be key to ending the war . i know that we have today facing the complex situation. you can different interpretations about what's going on. that does not limit the possibility of the very serious dialogue or know best. we can work to minimize the suffering, create the conditions for effective dialogue, create the conditions for a ceasefire as soon as possible. create the conditions for a peaceful solution or creating the conditions for peace and effective dialogue still appears to be a long way away. foreign minister love rov insisted that russia was in favor of resolving the conflict in ukraine, said bilateral peace talks weren't working. use the word depressing to describe how the key delegation were behaving and rejected for now any mediator role in that
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negotiations. a positive issue, there has been no talk of mediation, at least for the time being up of the ukrainian and russian negotiating teams meet face to face. they have met 3 times in bella, reese. once they met on turkish territories of fees on negotiating platforms. we are grateful to those countries for by hospitality organizing these talks. however, speaking about media age is at this stage, is in my opinion, premature, done with it from one another. so let's examine the role of the un and of diplomacy in this conflict with jonathan katz. he's a resident fellow and director of mcgasey initiatives of the german marshall fund based in washington, d. c. is an expert on foreign policy and defense corporation, and has held a long list of jobs in us government. welcome to d w. so today we have mr. gutierrez, telling russia that it's actions in ukraine, contravene international law is called for dialogue for
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a ceasefire and for the establishment of humanitarian corridors. is he saying all these things? because that's what the secretary general of the u. n. is supposed to say, or did he really go to moscow expecting vladimir putin to suddenly see the error of his ways? i think that the u. n is already spoken. we've seen a number of resolutions coming through the un condemning, including in the general assembly with hundreds of nations condemning rushes, actions in ukraine. a rush has been kicked off the human rights council in geneva, and so the un secretary general knows exactly what's happening right now. but, but clearly in his role, he is trying to move a possible ceasefire, which he mentioned in his conversations in moscow and try to get, at least at this moment to try to get the fighting to stop. so it is a role of the un secretary general to take on these tasks. but i think the secretary general knows full well what's taking place here. he's use language that
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clearly places the blame for what's taking place on russia. and what we're seeing right now, of course, is atrocities taking place. so there's very little room for negotiation right now. and russia could immediately, if it wanted to, could pull back its troops. stop it's, it's war in ukraine and create conditions that can lead to a different situation than it is right now. and that does not seem in the cards. you see that, that, that's my point really, that russia knows what's going on with mr. law problems to produce them, but not stupid. when mr. good terrace goes, it makes these pronouncements. he goes that knowing that people will say one thing to his face and the actions on the ground will be different. so is he just committed to saying a doing these things because that's what you have to do? well, there's been multiple efforts of world leaders to speak to mr. putin,
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mr. lab and others to get them to do the right thing. and one could argue that sitting there with mr. poo mr. elaborate, you're absolutely walking to a situation where they're going to lie there. they're going to spend this information. this is what they've done over the last couple of months and before the current conflict. and so the secretary general's in some ways is stepped into a situation where it's unlikely to be favorable, but where he's also sitting next to a liar and someone who's committing war atrocities. so it's a, it's a very awkward position, and i share mr. mr. zalinski present alexys concerns. it would have been good for the un secretary general to headed to ukraine 1st to see what's happening there. i understand that he will go and we'll see president soleski, but i think it was a mistake not to go to a t key at 1st and to ukraine 1st. right. but we're always told, of course, that negotiations are better than war. let's say here from the u. s. secretary of
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state anthony blank and talking about ukraine to the u. s. senate foreign relations committee. our purpose is to make sure that they have within their hands the ability to repel the russian aggression. and indeed to strengthen their hand at an eventual negotiating table. we've seen no sign to date. the president putin is serious about meaningful negotiations if he is. and if the ukrainians engaged will support that. so doesn't cancel your experience in your state department and elsewhere. having seen what appears to be the bad faith of the russian states in so many of these negotiations. do you anticipate that better sort of back channel negotiations going on away from t v cameras? well, this certainly, as we know there's, there's platforms, doors in both in belarus and turkey. there's other world leaders that we have seen, including israeli officials and others try to play mediating role. and so secretary
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blanking was absolutely right about providing ukraine with the weapons. it needs right now to provide for security to strengthen its hand. so that when there is an opportunity to negotiate, that we can take those steps. and so i think for the united states and others doing this right now, providing those weapons, providing non military support, economic support is really critical. and so there are likely to be back channel from channel communications, some of which we see in this wouldn't be unexpected, but they're not successful right now, because russia is really ready is not ready to come to the table and is not willing to pull back. so it just, or are you, what are you effectively saying that that nobody negotiates, nobody talks until the whole thing gets bombed to a standstill. it's only a bat points, but that's a one side or the other says, all right, that let's actually start to tow. now i may remember that these there were even
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talked early on in this conflict between ukrainians and russians to regulate. yeah, but they wouldn't, they would talk to the better talks and talk there. and it was clear that the tools were held in good faith, but my point really is and do, do you only do, do do, do you only go see 8 sincerely when you've been left with no other option when you, when, as a se, one side or the other has been bumped to a standstill. i think, i think in this case, we're seeing this. the 2nd phase of this conflict of where rush is now concentrating in the dom bus for it. a predominantly. and i think russia is not going to come to the negotiating table until mr. pruitt and things he's achieved his objectives for the ukrainians on their side. it's to repel pushed back, retake the territories that were taken previously. and then to have a security arrangement in place and an economic security plan in place that they feel comfortable with. now both sides are not at that point,
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but negotiations are conversations continue. and that's why you see the un secretary general in, in moscow, even if we think it's not gonna amount to much. and it's why you hear of people like secretary blake and speak to, you know, putting ukraine in the right position to be able to negotiate when the time is right. and, and clearly, right now, that isn't in the courts. russia is not coming to the table and ukraine is not going to back down in the face of atrocities. and that's why you see this mass of support coming from the west coming from germany in particular, including the weapons that are being provided now. and that's gonna continue. and so i think of, fortunately, until we get to a moment where we can wear it, both sides or particularly russia is willing to pull back in terms of use of military. i think it's unlikely we're going to see any, any end to this conflict soon. good talk with you. thank you for joining us. jumping catch from the german, marshall and you,
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ah, and countries all around the world have been stopping up to me, ukraine's urgent news. and i wanted to especially welcome our major decision by our german host of the minister alon brooked, a mouse just to day the germany will soon ukraine some 50 chita aircraft systems. i was at your secretary of state lloyd asked in on germany's decision to send heavy weapons to ukraine. german government has been under pressure at home and abroad of its long held policy not to send arms into active conflicts. the anti aircraft systems known as cheater or gap are the tanks, or therefore be the 1st such delivery. the policy shift was announced at germany's ramstein air base, where at a, at a gathering of defense ministers and military leaders from brown to 40 countries, many of whom are not nato members, as well as the tank shipment and germany has also authorized the training of ukrainian soldiers on german soil in conjunction with the american military. the u
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. s. air base and unstained germany. this is where the united states and its allies pledged new packages of ever heavier weapons for ukraine during meeting on tuesday . that was hosted by us defense secretary, lloyd austin. we don't have any time to waste my briefings let today laid out clearly why the coming weeks will be so crucial for ukraine. so we gotta move at the speed of war. and i know that all the leaders leave to day more resolve an error to support ukraine in his fight against russian aggression. the day kicked off with a surprise in a notable policy shift. germany, which had been criticized for refusing to send heavy weapons to ukraine, announced it would now send good part anti aircraft systems the ambient,
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i don't think we've made the decision that it's now important to support. and he air craft offends us that can be done with a good parts and is exactly what's on the list of what ukraine needs. and that is what we coordinated with others are now making possible. we'll continue doing this, my dad for not every one in berlin. well come to a decision since the missing quintile, the problematic germany doesn't even have enough military equipment for itself in the case of 14 totally was in control. and so i think it's important. i also think that what the german government is doing is good, but i'm also not sure if offering weapons is actually going to stop to war as well . if i didn't like the degree of hesitancy in the end, i would actually be for aggressive weapons. so heavy machinery people often as a shrill because age in his closing remarks often said the gathering between the us and its allies will not be the last. once a month they'll meet to discuss ukraine's defense needs to help them fight the
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russian invasion. let's take a closer look at that german decision with your hand out. he's a member of the german bond. this talk for the social democrats and sits on the parliament defense committee, is also a former officer and the german air force and served in afghan eastern and bobby, welcome to dw, so it's germany writes to change this policy. i think johnny is not changing event, much of this policy. we just falling on strategy and all strategies not to become a party off conflict on a party of war to help us a c, d grade are all capabilities and also a. ready and as well that we don't master logins on the big, but close corporations are allies to help the ukraine. and there's what we're doing and right so, so just so this is a good change of policy as far as you're concerned,
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just wanna be clear about that as look in the logic of st. and there will now no major european deliver to ukraine today. the very effective conference and often abbot and the important decisions to make. and i welcome this decision also and. and so explain to us why shipping heavy weapons directly to ukraine was bad last week, but it's ok now it was not bad last week. i think population is also supporting. that'd be cool. haven't and coming over well thought out solutions that are from statement book and not the lucian's coming and speed up and treat. so we thought about that who and i think that's delivering part of the system is
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a very good solution to protect ukrainian soda as well as proposed comes the also deliver grenade from fire from a tech helicopters, as well as weaponized, drones and rush. yeah. you say it wasn't regarded as, as a bad decision last week. and yet the chancellor was so clearly against it. i'm huge. see you to be sort of selling. this is not so much a change more to sort of the nesting of the policy. but you know, it changes the change i would say just the next logical step and others told you we're going in a year for the nations that we did. and this is not today, and we are behind it on the support of ukraine with the system. but we also wanted to speak with an program, 2000002000000000 euros. i'm giving the ukraine the chance to buying equipment, also in germany, from the street and all supporting with
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a lot of other missing equipment as well as we did before. so if there's likely to be a want to and one off exception for ukraine, or is that the old policy of not sending heavy weapons into war zones, not completely abandoned. i think we have a very special case, ukraine and neighbor country. but i my also mind you that one time sent already weapons to, to, to this area. but we also contributed with weapons for crash office. ok, so $11.00 time decision where we look at very each case very closely and then decide what we've done. and so what was it about this conflict, this conflict with, between russia and ukraine? you think that has, has so shaken the german government that has prompted this advice and vendor this
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new era in german defense policy? yes. oh, well, use the vest, son of a liberal democracy steak, and we are the competition between democratic and other product systems. we have to all show that all values that national law and international rules the all agreed on, including russia and nothing we want to negotiate. we don't want to go back to the old time where we did not have these rules. right? so with all this david ring that the chancellor has done over nord stream too, and he's reluctance to send alms. he's been that chancellor shalt has been accused of showing indecisive leadership during this war. do you think that criticism is fair? i think it's not fair. probably he's not. the one was communicating every day with a lot of trees because he's developing sustainable solution that takes some time. and when it's time, then you also communicate that way you call it the country. understand. thank you
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so much for joining us. out a social democrat, the member of the german bundis. thank you. oh, the will help and i say sions reporting a dramatic dropping covey cases and death last week, only 15000 fatalities that worldwide reported to while welcoming the trend. w. i chose not warning but permitting test rates are likely factor, and that's leaving my scientists in the dark. as many countries reduce testing, laboratories receiving less and less information about transmission and sequencing . this makes us increasingly blind to patterns of transmission and evolution. but this virus won't go away just because countries stop looking for it or one country that hasn't stopped looking for it is china. beijing has ordered mass testing for nearly all of its 21000000 residents. only 70 cases have been found
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in the time of capital. it's friday. advertising health authorities insist the virus can still be brought under control of the testing order has sparked panic, buying food and other basics and with fears were shanghai style locked out by this patient. residents are willing to speak on camera. believe this city is prepared for. yeah, i don't think there's anything to worry about. the news yesterday said there lot of vegetables and the supplies will last for 30 days. so i'm not worried at all or wait a while to pose up what my old colleague is in shanghai, how you think we had difficulties because for lockdown came as a surprise. all sorts of preparations weren't in place. why you thought it would have such a big problem in beijing with our now long webber, which was out there with all the data. everyone just needs to sit tight. commodity that i believe is they will pass. i'm confident i offered a garcia over meal meal. thanks for the will in shanghai. authorities are handing
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out captures that they claim held in the treatment of covered 19 the traditional chinese remedy has the government's backing. but there's little to no scientific evidence of its efficacy. a drugs distribution has sparked further outrage in shanghai where many people are having trouble getting food. it's not the 1st time traditional chinese medicine or t. c. m has been used in china's battle against cove at 19, but it's distribution among people in shanghai has been unprecedented. millions of batches of the homeopathic capsule, young watching, one were handed out to people under locked down this month. so so its song says she and her 4 flat mates received 6 boxes. i actually, we don't take it because, ah, from the social media i got, i follow. it's not for like hearing ear intense. it's not preventing
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you from that co asap, either. young. why? ching, once ingredients include honeysuckle, licorice, rude, and other herbs, t c. m practitioner say it can help suppress fever and sore throat, but health experts. one, it's not an alternative to vaccines. doctors also say people shouldn't take the medicine unless they feel unwell. it's known to cause serious side effects, including kidney and liver disease. leading chinese neurologists recently hit out at the promotion of young watching when he questioned why had received delivery priority in shanghai. when many people under locked on were struggling with access to food. we think that that and she is stuck, miss more on that basic nice for the paypal reports have also linked china's health don, luncheon with the maker of the pill. eeling pharmaceutical john guides chinas cove at 19 policy. as head of the national health commission,
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he said to have received funding from ealing for his own medical foundation and also signed a corporation agreement with the company. but beijing's also strongly back the t. c . m. industry worth some 60000000000 a year according to the world health organization. what promotion of this, this kind of medical market is something that certainly being encouraged, the d a being that if the, if this industry can be developed to a certain level of maturity where some very highly effective drugs are developed than you know these, these can become part of the more mainstream mix of different types of treatments, not only domestically, but also internationally. the debate over the use of t c. m, has even taken on the nationalistic tone. people criticizing it, have been accused of betraying china. politics here seemed to once again be trumping scientific efforts to be coven 19.
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finally, a show of solidarity from one of germany's biggest football clubs brochure, dormant hosted ukrainian club dino. keep an eye charity friendly match on tuesday evening to raise money for victims of a war in ukraine. match at sigma. due park attracted a crowd of 35000 and raised 400000 euros of humanitarian causes, in crane. and according to the hosts, i did a marquee for who won the game 3 to play the number of such friends on a european tour, as they seek to raise money for the victims of the info. that is almost done, but the conversation continues on by and you can find this on twitter at d w. so you can call me at filled with
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with ah, b state of the art and civilian systems, facial identification, a lucrative technology for companies, and a very powerful weapon. are more used by both russia and ukraine. that coast, profiting from it,
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made in germany next on d. w. any batteries lying around? is your medicine properly stored? mm hm. emergencies can happen at a moment's notice, especially when children are involved. tips for prevention and how to act quickly with good shape. in 60 minutes on d. w ah gardens, if truth exiled, turkish journalistic, john dunn, dora, i have paid almost every price of being a journalist in a country like turkey and mexican investigative journalist,
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unavailable on this $1.00. i value every day. the government, the thing wald, she's digging the country soil to find out the truth. they want to kill me. guardians of truth starts by 3rd on d w. ah ah ah ah, ah, technology can be a double edged sword and never more so than in times of war. surveillance systems are helping to unite families, separated by the war in ukraine, but also by moscow to target it's political enemies. this week we'll look at controversial facial recognition technology and the crucial rate role it's playing
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in the war and ukraine.


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