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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin, a new front in prudence war. russia says it has halted, gas applies to poland and bulgaria, ukraine. and you accused moscow of black mailing europe. also coming up, russia makes territorial gains in eastern and southern ukraine key. it says russian forces have captured several eastern villages as part of it's offensive in the don bass re chip, and explosions, destroy radio towers in a break away region of moldova,
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backed by russia. fueling fears that the conflict and ukraine could spill over and to ukrainian. refugees forced to flee the war, find peace in germany after a foot to ball club paves the weight. ah. hello monica jones. welcome to the program. rochester state control energy company gas prom sir cities. suspending gas deliveries to both poland and bulgaria. neither of the 2 nations have complied with a demand from the kremlin to start paying for deliveries in roubles. most nations, including germany, have said that they will not pay in the russian currency, even though several are heavily reliant on russian gas, european commission, president ursula on the line twitter that halting supplies was an attempt at
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blackmail. opponent's prime minister says the country is ready to diversify its gas supplies. earlier we spoke to journalist young palo kat in war. so and asked him what he made of that assessment. well, they have for good reasons to say. so 1st is reserves which are according to official data at around 2 thirds of their capacities. and the 2nd thing is that the heating season is almost done. and one of the main reason, prime minister just mentioned poland has invested quite a lot into a terminal, a to import a liquid natural gas. ellen g, g s at the port in the baltic sea and they are in poland is about to start operating the so called baltic pie, which was already mentioned here, and which could starting from october,
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bring norwegian gas to poland. so before the new eating season stars, so m l n g and norwegian gas, of course, is quite more expensive than siberian gas. and this maybe could be the challenge more than the question of delivery here. and the question of maybe even higher inflation numbers. and we have already problems was that he and paula like in other countries as well. and in his be today, german economy minister, roberta hubig, talked about the repercussions for the countries energy security. if russia did decide to stop delivering gas to germany, to offer more in the story, let's bring in our political correspondent leona, on how much die, looney. what exactly did economy minister have a car to say? well, 3 things stood out to me. first havoc addressed the question that is on everybody's minds and will germany be next to be cut off from russian gas applies after poland
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and bulgaria. and having said that, while he takes this threat very seriously, and he sort of assured that the energy supplies will remain stable. and but speaking of those energy supplies. and they also said that germany has already reduced its dependency on russian gas down from 55 percent. what it was when the war started to 35 percent now. and what was interesting to observe today was, you know, the how, how back has become sort of the in official crisis communicator off the german government. and he'd was talking today again about the economic prognosis for germany to be lower than expected and set the drum news already paying quite a high price for backing ukraine. in this war, you know, higher energy prices, inflation going up, consumer price is going up, but then he made sure to remind germans sort of why they were doing it and said that nothing less than the liberal freedom he said in europe are at stake. so he
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made sure to sort of communicate why germany's paying this price. thing is, i'm actually on the phone, how much time dw political correspondent, thank you. russia says it has made significant territorial gains in the east, on the south of ukraine, claiming it has captured the entire curse on region. meanwhile, and the capital keith authorities dismantled a soviet era monument once a symbol of friendship, between russia and ukraine. this monument is now merely a reminder of the betrayal. kias has decided to demolish the statue. 2 months of to russia invaded ukraine. freeform of the exam will resume this monument used to symbolized the friendship between ukraine and russia. but now we see what this friendship is, the destruction of ukrainian cities, ruining the lives of ukrainians, killing tens of thousands of peaceful people,
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receptive vision, whatever mercy, i am convinced, a monument like this has an entirely different meaning. now, ours moore's law. and me a few kilometers away. president zalinski visited children at a hospital. they had been evacuated from the devastated southern port city of mary paul hankey, the many lost that parents in the fighting. we open, the zalinski has warned that attacks on the south will intensify with short today. russian troops kept launching missiles, strikes on our land, particularly in the odessa region, and they kept up their attacks on our troops near harkey. eve in don bass. fight, i should say, and what does this give russia? only new losses. roches defense ministry says they have now taken control of the entire southern region of care san. but earlier ukraine's military said, russia was not able to break through its defense line. meanwhile,
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fighting in the east and on beth's region is ongoing. ukrainian forces say that russia has continued to show villages. like here in alexandria, co. the army was able to evacuate many civilians from the area while it stays behind to fight. and for more i'm joined by dw correspondent emmanuel is shasta in livermore fin western ukraine and manuel not only in the embattled east all across ukraine, people are still on high alert. tell us what the situation on day 63 of the war where i am here in the, in western ukraine. we don't experience on being the heavy bombing that's affecting the ease, but we do experience nonetheless a lot of air strike alerts this morning. we had to take shelter in a nearby bunker because of one such a load. it was a, a very brief one, but sometimes those alerts last several hours. so why did they happened?
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well, because i'm in the west, there's a lot of military infrastructures which are of interest for russian military and so they would aim those tribes abs weakening, the new crane and for season here. even if you can look behind me, the people walking is like almost every life before the war, but in fact, everybody is very much aware. dr. war is happening. you might see behind me, does sandbox protecting monuments, wooden panels, protecting statements of that church just behind me. so even if the west has been relatedly spared the fighting, we've seen in the eastern part of ukraine, this is a, you know, a country out war. and we feel like every 2nd, every minute of the day here, of course, under ukraine and authorities also have one that russia is speeding up it's offensive or what are you experience are russian forces gaining momentum right now?
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well, to give you an example, we've had that ad beach over a d, a as to a re or india. odessa region had been bomb yesterday today. morning it was finally destroyed by a russian forces. this was the only before her for ukraine and forced to reach a death r. so this would be a set back for the ukraine and forces. russia certainly is continuing. it's a fancy, easy gaining ground that when we look at mar you both. for example, russia claims a victory over the city. but when we know that the other style is 3rd of the same face of the city and when you crane and forces us to you pulled the ground there. this is not so far a victory for rush. i would rather be, you know, a steel a fight in the making. although we heard report so confirmed by the ukraine and forces that are the other star seed land is being heavily bombed. it was the case yesterday,
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and it is the case to day as well. and as we experience some sort of interference, they are talking to you in manuel. just briefly are mentioning maria, paula, russia suddenly claims that it stopped fighting there to allow evacuation. corey doors are those corey doors open. are they working? can people get out? well, 1st of the fighting, haven't stopped in the bombings haven't stopped over mario, paul. so it will be quite impossible to evacuate people. and there's no monetary and corridor working at the moment with even the humanitarian n g o is calling for a cease fire of at least 2 days to allow people to get out of the city and to get to safety wherever they want. so no humanitarian corridor in mario pool as of today . all right, it'll be a correspondent in one with chas reporting for us from this is western ukraine. thank you so much. he is growing that the conflict could spill over
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into neighboring countries, such as moldova, the un has called for calm, there after a series of explosions, targeted radio masts used to broadcast russian programs in the break away territory of trans denise stair, the areas backed by russia has been under the control of separatist authorities since a war with moldova, some 30 years ago. around one and a half 1000 russian troops are based in the region. and he has more now on the incidence that have been raising tensions there in the last few days to radio towers used to broadcast russian news now scrap metal, the blast site in moldova is just 5 kilometers from the ukranian border. so far, no one has claimed responsibility, and that is eleanor spread flights as the our analysis shows their attentions between various forces who are interested and destabilizing this region that they
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studies out. see glycine yo, as he glides in complex. so this is a complex and tens situation, but we will arrange vigilant aside, and we'll take all necessary measures to prevent escalation, to strengthen our security and to protect our citizens sitting there with we must remain calm that he would stay informed using verified sources and avoid distributing false information with you know about the explosion of the radio towers was the 2nd unclaimed attack this week in the mold oven, separatist region of trends, ne stir. the 1st was on the state security ministry, inter rosabelle tensions in the region have been high since russia invaded ukraine . moscow has suggested it wants to create a land corridor, a long southern ukraine between trans nustar and the russian controlled territories and eastern ukraine. it's believed russia keeps around $1500.00 troops and trends in easter, and analysts say the area could be used to launch an attack on ukraine. the region
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remained pro russian after the collapse of the soviet union, but the international community considers it part of moldova ukrainian. president vladimir zalinski said he believed the recent attacks were orchestrated by moscow. and that his country is prepared for any offensive from that direction. just a solution to change a class for the russian troops that have been constantly stationed in the temporarily occupied territories of moldova in particular and trans, neater we know that they are in constant combat readiness, waiting for an order. his name must show only a foot genie, luminous g chika, torch, angel, and mac. we know their power and will you what ukrainian armed forces are prepared for them and are not afraid of them liberal yet. moldova authorities have raised the country's terror alert to its highest level. they're worried, the war in ukraine could spill across the border into trans nustar and then to the
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rest of the country. after more on what role while dover might play in this war, let's bring in, sebastian schafer. he's the managing director of the institute for the danube region and central europe, which is a vienna based foreign policy. think tanks a very good to have you with us as a 1st of all, who do you think is responsible for the growing tensions that we say moldova thank you very much for having me and, well, it's of course, all speculation. i'm, as it has been mentioned before, there is a various claims from various sites that pointed to each other. i would say it looks like the russian playbook to forge a pre, a pretext for war. and we have heard that there is, of course, the, the usual suppression of russian speaking citizens there, there might be now a false flag operation that gives
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a possibility to escalate the situation. ukraine is lacking this scenario that this was a false like operation by the f as b a. russia and prince nisha itself. although being a little bit more neutral than the russian federation. with regards to war. they blame actually ukraine. and we've heard also from the mold oven president, that there is a possibility that there is an internal battle going on in the de facto region. and what's the likelihood that it says if it's russia's intention not necessary to wage war against moldova, a drama open up another front in its war against ukraine, this time from the west? yes, absolutely. i still believe that the capturing of the whole of southern
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and especially southwestern ukraine is one of the most important goals that the russian federation still has. especially when it comes to the access to ports where we have seen that there is a bridge that is connecting odessa with southwest of ukraine and then further on to the next. and only available port in romania has also been attacked. and this is very well a possibility to escalate the attentions in this part of ukraine that is bordering moldova. now the government of moldova says that it wants to join the european union if that happened to either the country. if this conflict within the country are continuous, even worse and back. how would that make things more difficult on the ground to also with his ambition to join the well,
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of course if there is an unresolved conflict, the likelihood of moldova becoming a new member is very small. nevertheless, we've seen in the past how long such a process of becoming a member can take a look at the countries of the west americans. and i'm sure that there will be a long negotiation process driven, especially unfortunately by that you member states. so it's nothing that would have to be immediately hindering moldova, joining the european union as there is no possibility to do so. nevertheless, of course yes, when we think in longer terms, and then this could certainly a continuation. and even my escalation over conflict could hinder a further approximation answer. i think this is why it's necessary to finally come to terms and understand that it's not only ukraine who's at war with the russian
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federation, but that russian federation. and here, especially the kremlin and the system pigeon is waging war against europe and this includes moldova, this includes also you mem state at sebastian schafer with the institute for the danube regional and central europe. thank you so much for sharing insights with us . thank you very much. western and ukrainian sources estimate that well over 10000 russian soldiers have been killed in the conflict in ukraine. but moscow has admitted to the death of around $1500.00 troops, as families across russia bury their dead to the kremlin is telling russians the war or special operation as they call it, is needed to protect the country's borders. the report now from the city once known as starling grot, now colt vulgar grant. dmitri was just 19 years old. ivan 21. every week,
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more remote grades have been dug in miss cemetery in fall garad mostly for young soldiers who died in that president's so called special military operation. is when i think the melinda did, that these young people should be able to enjoy their lives. they still had their whole lives ahead of them. no one needs or especially not ordinary people who do not hate the ukrainians. a tall young lives to crane from one of the, even though still though it, people are dying on both sides. but what can you do? look here had a per man lies there. well, it don't lead yet get. they had a big me every day. families grieving in russia usually in place as far from moscow. like here in valley kept house in the foothills of the caucus mountains in the city of vall, garad,
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along with the cries of grief. justification for the wall can also be heard so which usually it is very painful, but it's necessary. there has to be victims. god is with us, we will triumph, and it will be jim victor shuttle fulton the battle of stalingrad in the 2nd world wal mart. he's where russia is again, seen fallen soldiers, but nevertheless supports president vladimir putin. actions are shy and it's very painful that they are dying. but russia has to defend its boulders and keep ukraine out of nato. up this cemetery, friends, and relatives of 26 year old andre, have gathered to say a final farewell. he was also killed fighting in ukraine. as the kremlin continues to champion fallen soldiers, as a price worth paying for putins wall dw rush correspond an empty sharon is here in the studio with me and many good to see
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you. clearly huge discrepancies when it comes to the number of fallen russian soldiers. how is the criminal handling? the new numbers coming in while the kremlin is tightly controlling information about the numbers of dead, the ministry of defense in russia only published numbers of fallen russian soldiers twice. the last was the end of march, around $1500.00. you said it yourself, and a good example of that tight control is the re send sinking of the musk vase ship, the fragment of the m russian black sea fleet. there was a lot of mystery around that. initially, russia said that all the crew members were fully evacuated from the ship, and there was a ceremony where essentially people said good bye to the ship and the re thread to the ship and its crew. so journalist started looking into this, they started talking to parents who were posting on line as well about their children being missing. and they found maybe around 40 people were dead. and it was only last week. you know, over
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a week later on that there was an official admission that one person was killed and 27 were missing. was unclear whether that's the full picture. and it's been like that, you know, similar things have happened with, with, with numbers of dead in the past. and there's actually a law that russia doesn't have to publish the numbers of russian dead since 2015. that's the law nor i. so what do we know about the people who fight a few tunes war and those who fall? well, there are some reports that some conscripts are actually fighting in the war. in no rush, i was denied that many of the soldiers are on contracts. and military experts have been saying that many of the people dying and actually fighting in this war are from regions that are far away from moscow. so poor regions are within russia like body idea air, which is near lake by call in siberia and also da gast on, in the caucasus people who are of non russian ethnicity. so they look very different from ukrainians and other words and some experts even estimate that around half the dead are from variety. and, you know, as i said,
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one of the poorest regions people apparently are actively signing up to give themselves a purpose. you know, they come from this disenfranchised region essentially. and there's also an economic factor. the bbc is found that thousands of job applications have been published on line p, you know, looking for soldiers, essentially for just like $400.00 to $600.00 euros a month or the criminal has been very clear. criticism is not exactly well come just briefly as criticism seems to be on the rise. will the crumbling crack down on that? well, there has already been a crack down essentially on civil society. you're not allowed to talk about the war as a war. and that, of course, makes it hard even for the, the relatives of the exams to consolidate and come out. great. a movement of any sort. absolutely must be very hard to image sherman there. thank you so much. ah bruce, he adored monce,
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one of germany's biggest football clubs hosted ukrainian club de animal, keep in a charity football match on tuesday and raised 400000 euros for humanitarian courses in ukraine. and among the crowd of fans were to ukrainians who fled the stricken nation months ago. oh, smiles come easy. when one does things they love. for 19 year old victoria and her younger brother terrace. it's no different watching their favorite football club. dynamo key play a dorman is an escape. was bo help so and it's for me to think about sampson out sir. 2 am maybe 2 and my favorite sin is sir, to watch football. play football had always been a family affair. victoria here and
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a match with her father years ago. but when war broke out with russia invading ukraine, things changed. both her mother and father joined. the war effort at victoria in terrace were forced to leave ukraine. they were prepared to, i knew said sir, if something happens said sir, i'll take the gas into our goal. ah, but sir, it was hot. it has had serv. i cried. i had to be honest. i but i understood, said sir, and i can do anything else, sir. it's sir on the way to escape his memoranda escaping wouldn't have been possible without the help of a lower division. football club in western germany in exchange program between the clerk and victoria school set the plan in motion after
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a week of traveling on the road and in the hare, victoria and terrace arrived in germany is to follow to safe. so i hope i had to do what to it's and i'm going to head there. and as i said, since i'm, there's my brows enter. my browser is safe and say to speak and put it for me and seen their t from key play well, gives victoria hope for the situation back home. everyone was hip into those who obeyed a war. this is the same way as a to so great. now that is the same feeling to have to pay visits. we are proud of our content. so it's, i think it's of you. so for every ukrainian after the game, victoria and her brother send
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a quick message to mom and dad. coming up next did all the news asia with be racial. bonnie gee that after a very short break. so stay tuned for that. i want to get john's from me on the team. glenn, thanks for watching. and if he wants to see you back at the top of the hour, ah, with
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