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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah ah is his deed every news live from berlin? the you announce his plans to ban oil imports from rush up. mission president as the funder lion wants to phase out russian oil by the end of the year. a critic say that's just not fast enough. also coming up, fresh russian air strikes on the v comes power and parts of the west in ukrainian city and ukrainian fight is defending the besieged steel plant in matter. you pulse, say russian forces have renewed their assaults foss with the world focused on you.
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crime you n chafe makes a high profile visit to a conflict ravaged part of nigeria. antonia guiterres travels to bono state where law make extremists have been terrorizing to population for years. ah, i'm rebecca writ is welcome to the program here paying commission president has called on the a you to ban oil imports from rush up as it off on the line addressed the european parliament in strasburg. she outlined a 6th package of sanctions against moscow over its war on you, crime and called forth phased embargo of russian oil imports by the end of the year . he is want the a you commission president had to say today we are addressing our dependency on washing oil. and let's be clear. it will not be easy because some members states
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are strongly dependent on rational oil. but we simply have to do it. so today we will propose to ban all russian oil from europe. this will be this will be a complete import ban on all russian oil seaborne and pipeline crude and refined. we will make sure that we phase out russian oil in an orderly fashion. so in a way that allows us and our partners to secure alternative supply routes and at the same time, be very careful that we minimize the impact on the global market. and this is why we will phase out russian supply of crude oil within 6 months. and we find product by the end of the year and it's cost right over to strasburg now where they w correspondent,
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marina strauss is standing by marina. i promise they're to phase out russian oil, but with a very long stretch a head. will this be enough? yeah, the commission president was the laugh on the line saget. i will repeat it because it's important shit that your plans to or that you commission proposes to face out a crude or within 6 months and a refined old by the end of the year. so it's a long traditional period. so some time for a member states to repair and am would be hearing from the commission from you. officials is that to you, countries will be given even more time, namely hungary, in slovakia, maybe even a year or longer to face out a russian oil because otherwise they would probably not agree to this deal because they're heavily route reliant on russian oil. so is this efficient a we, we don't know, there are diff, very different opinions on this matter. of course that you commission says clearly yes, we don't, or they don't know how russia, how vladimir putin
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a will it reacts because he's sickly, unpredictable. that's what you kamisha says, what, what we're hearing from emmy piece. what many of them said this morning is that there's a fear that with, because of the ban of russia fresh in oil in europe, prices could rise in europe and also all over the world. and that could mean that russia could sell it's oil to other bidders to other countries, for a very high price, and still a, make a lot of revenues. but that's one of the reasons why ad that you is not face is set for is not like ending a russian oil immediately. but that's the reason that it was left underlying give gave for this long transitional period. a founder line also proposed some other sanctions. can you tell us more about those? yes, there are namely 4 or 5 other points that she mentioned this morning. and one of the most important points is a points, is that the largest russian bank, the spare bank, will be de swift. as so taken off of this international, a financial transaction
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a to will also to other russian banks will be targeted. then are also important. as the commission proposes to target military officials that were involved in the atrocities in boucher and in maria pool, then the commission wants to ban 3 more russian media that they blame them for spreading fake news and misinformation. we haven't got the names yet, but are still waiting for it. and then they will, oh, so targets, consultants or russian that european consultants of hell, a vice russian companies. or i marina, as briefly, this is only a proposal. when will all this be decided? it's the eo councils that you member states that will now have to decide and with the last sanction packages that always to 48 hours a few days. so it's likely that it will be the same amount of time again or i marina. thank you. we're in
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a straus in strasburg. now to the fighting on the ground in ukraine, russian air strikes have hit levin counting power and water supply to parts of the west in ukrainian city, close to the polish border. russian forces also struck train stations in the center and west of the country. according to a railway official, plumes of smoke could be seen rising above levine, the cities may. it said, the strike hit 2 power substations. the wave has been fed the worst of the fighting so far with only a handful of strikes, hitting civilian and military infrastructure. meanwhile, russian forces continued to bombard areas in east and ukraine. the regional governor don yet says russian attacks killed at least 21 people there on tuesday. russian forces are also launched a renewed assault on the as of steel works in matter you poll. some residents were evacuated during a brief ceasefire, but many more are still trapped there. safe at last,
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after weeks under constant attack, these people have escaped the as of south steel plant, ukraine's last stronghold in the besieged city of mar, you pole. many arriving t as recounting stories of horror. really when you made the good, you can't imagine how scary it is. when you sit in the shelter, you know what and damp a basement which is bouncing, shaking. when we were able to go outside, i saw the sun for the 2nd time in 2 months. but while dozens have made it to safety, thousands remain in danger or fight even watch with the thought of you at the moment while we are here, as of style is being stormed over, mario pole is still under siege and people could not leave today when you were you, but you know, there are tens of thousands of such people who were tens of thousands of women and
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the elderly remaining mario pole. they booking all of you. russian shelling continued through the day in mario poll. soon after the evacuation was completed. those who remain are in despair. spanish classes, you wake up in the morning and you cry, you cry in the evening. i don't know where to go at own yet not the stuff. i am not alone. imagine everything is destroyed. everything is broken. where should the people go? now? relatives of the soldiers who still fighting in the as of style plant had rallies in cave on tuesday, demanding bay b evacuated to the soldiers are part of the controversial far right as of regiment . while ukrainian authorities promised to continue the operation, they say international intervention will be crucial. it will give us
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a good database correspondent emanuel shes is standing by for us in la vega. emma air strikes yesterday. hitler. vale where you are and some other targets in the center and west of ukraine. tell us more. exactly, you are very care. there was a targeted or as tried to hear on the vive and elsewhere in western ukraine. there was a press conference this morning after reviews or mayor and of the head of the military of force which confirmed that to a miss size were coming. a cruise miss eyes are coming from the caspian sea air hit levine here and a re weigh infrastructure and also damaged or the chain or supply nearby. these are re weigh infrastructure including humanitarian supplies, coming from ukraine's western. our lives there were a power shortage is a huge intervene last night. they are being restored this morning. they're still
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$600.00 houses. reserved electricity. there's water. there was briefly a water outages as well. but the city, it was prepared for such attacks and they had rendered day our power and water supply system systems autonomous, which de mayo said a for example, or save the city or for cities hospital, for example, for it being gravely or hit by such strikes. interestingly, there was also a strike in 2nd party that's in the car. patients maintains the 1st attack of the kind. it hits a communist infrastructure in altogether in western and central ukraine. last night . it's 6 re weigh stations which have been impacted. so we see that the russian forces are, are targeted, that kind of infrastructure. now, how about the situation in the rest of the country? where is the fighting most intense right now? well, it's most intense sir. and from the beginning of the conflict in the eastern part
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of their country with british intelligence, a warning ad dad say it, there's the a number of russian battalions which have regrouped in the north eastern part near the city of crime. charles got out. you might remember this city where miss, i had the heated train station kidding. 59 as civilians, and they are also regrouping near a cemetery. don't ex, so we are expecting a more earth drags more artillery fights in that a region was oh, so last night the other style is still plans are continuous, continuously being share. then russia saying it has began a storming within a steel plan, which is the last bastion of ukrainian or resistance in the city of mar you poll. i am annual thanks for that update d w a manual shes speaking to us from of iv earlier i spoke to frank lead, which he's a senior lecturer in strategy and law at the university of portsmouth and
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a former british military intelligence officer. i asked him how targeting western parts of ukraine feeds into russia's strategy right now? it's a fairly typical approach of an air campaign. traditionally, if you're, if you are not concerned about the civilian a war crimes aspect, to try to attack the morale and will, to fight of a population. you do that by denying them electricity, transport, water, and so forth. that seems to be what the russians are doing. middletown list, however, slightly confused as to why they're using their precision weapons on that kind of assault, rather than the more likely effective attacks on the lines of communication through which of course, nato is now pouring weapons ammunition and other supplies to the ukrainians. the answer question is, it's of a part of russian operational approach. you attack a civilian population, stop trying to establish control and try and lower their morale will to fight. right? but the main fighting and troop movements are in easton and southern parts of the
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country as we know how much success are they having there? very interesting, rebecca, the answers towards, towards the done boss. the last couple of days has shown very, very few attacks. in fact, very almost no ground attacks. what we've had instead is a preparation of the ground by artillery. and that seems to be quite considerable. you creating the authorities are also reporting, moving in of considerable russian forces such as that, that remain into that area. so it seems a slightly changed their approach. last week they were feeding forces in piece meal this week that massing for an attack, which i think will take place towards the end of the week, prepared for by artillery. we'll see what happens. they have made some grades done and done bass area, but not as much, i think because they wanted. interestingly, on sunday, a considerable number of senior officers were killed and injured by your training strike. and the russian cheaper general staff was involved in that tackle. though i
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think escaped maury or equally interesting the ukrainians are making considerable progress in the north east. they've taken a lot of ground off the russians east of, of cock. if that doesn't have a direct impact on the campaign. done and done. but the russians will be looking at it with with concern. why do you think there's that change change of strategy there? do you think that's an indication that the former strategy wasn't working all yes, it seems to that that would make sense. it's also probably not coincidental. that garage mom was there over the weekend. so the senior officers, of course do visit the front occasionally or just to give out metals and so forth. i would suspect in this case, it wasn't to give out metals. it was to give out a reprimands and reorganize the operation sort of kick it into shape that starts of course speculation. but certainly we've seen a slight change in approach with the massing of forces now, which is called what they should have done militarily about 3 weeks ago and waited . they didn't get interesting. we're also saying a neighboring bell or
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a sudden large drill that started to test the armies combat readiness. what is your read into those drills? lucas will be well advised to keep his army on his own territory since it is rather more to fear from his own population of england, who's in house one with without having to mrs. fairly recent reports and without having too much access to analysis, i was suspect, this is a, this is a diversion. be a very poor idea for the rather even more ramshackle forces of belarus to try to take on any ukranian units. i suspect this is saber rattling and diversion activity may, may have something to do with the knife may, which most analysts are now looking at as an inflection point. we can't tell what the planning very poor i didn't get involved militarily. they're not capable for my british military intelligence officer, frank ledger lead, which speaking to me a little bit earlier when i was german chancellor, all i've sholtes comes under fire for declining to visit you. crane
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a political rival has taken the chance to outdo the german data. opposition later, frederick mass made the journey to the crane and capital in a high profile visit. just 10 days before regional elections. fresure commerce hoped to be germany's next chancellor. on tuesday, he was walking through the ruins of european town on the outskirts of keys, devastated by russian air strikes. the conservative opposition leader spoke with senior ukrainian officials camera sagen. i can only say fully respect with great appreciation. i think we in germany and have an obligation to help this country and especially a city like you to pin his visits included. a one hour meeting with president, followed me as a lensky. that makes him the most high profile german politician to meet the ukranian leader since the war broke out. last month,
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the german president planned to visit ukraine until it was revealed. he wasn't welcome reportedly, due to his previous support for russian gas projects. it's about it so, but i, i was ready for that, but apparently i have to admit that this was not wanted in kia in ts initiative. it's as you've been generally a chantelle. all of shalt said he would not be visiting ukraine anytime soon. for shelter, diplomatic snub to germany's president remains a problem might come on this bottom on. it can't be that a country that provide yet so much military aid has so much financial aid financing that is needed to guarantee security. and that is important for your current future . getting told the president cannot come. and there's one down there because it didn't come up on the call. ukraine's outspoken ambassador to berlin accused the german chancellor of taking offence and not being statesman like, which is the image, the opposition lead
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a met thought to project on the ukraine trip. i can tell you from our side, from germany, where you all told me, can my military motor much more easy the building off? we'll see what kind putting word, but in the end now it's not the one calling the shots in berlin. so was frederick met some trip balance showing support for ukraine or about a big power struggle brewing in berlin. i put that question to database political correspondent, matthew more yeah. go since the beginning of this war, chancellor. allah schultz has been hesitant to give any indication that he was ready and willing to travel to kia. and that's an attitude that really hard and with the diplomatic riff over german president frank thought, a shy my a man who in ukraine is seen as being too close to russia historically and, and lay of that this week. all i've shopped said that he could not go until that rift had been resolved, as we just had. the ukranian ambassador to germany accused him of behaving like
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a sulky sausage. all of that is to see that frederick match spotted avoid. anita dived into it. and if any in use the opportunity to up stage chancellor all shot. but what many didn't expect really, rebecca was that he would be granted an audience for follow to me or to lensky and not just a brief meeting, but on our long conversation. and that will probably leave many here in berlin in shots, his inner circle feeling quite better. do we know if met, met his visit, took place in consultation with the government here? certainly there were conversations between matters office and the chancellor aunt. however, he was very much acting in a personal and formal role. he didn't have the backing of the german state for this visit, and he was the security services here advised against trotter. and that said, he discussed the diplomatic row over the president, the german president and said that he would brief,
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chancellor of shops on his return to berlin, m and i, and i think, you know, he's tried to have play slightly peacemaker. and so not too long, not to be seen to kind of to undermine tangela shalt, but certainly, you know, he'll come back with that message, but he's not an ambassador that both sides are keen to stress that, that he's not, and that he's not shots a sports person anyway, and that this was very much a visit that was informal and a personal decision to toronto is mad trying to run a sort of shadow foreign policy here is either using foreign policy to try to gain domestic political advantage. it could certainly be viewed like that. what, well, you know, some people are saying, why should frederick match travel at all? he's not at liberty to bring offers of bad financial aid or weapons. some people called him a war to rest. other said he was using this opportunity to bonuses on political profile ahead of regional elections. here in germany. for his part, friedrich match bristled at the accusation and he said it was his responsibility as
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a senior german lawmaker to go to, to places like he had. and go to places like european and see the devastation are close. and to come back with a, with a grounded understanding of what was happening there. and to use that to, to influence policy back here in berlin. and i think that's the extent to which he will be seen as influencing german foreign policy. certainly not running a shadow foreign policy data will, is vastly more there on the russian invasion has turned the lives of ordinary ukrainians upside down. the united nations estimates that more than 5 and a half 1000000 people have been forced to flee their homeland. settling in a new country is especially difficult for those with family members who need special care. vetoed on her to escape the worn ukraine by fleeing to germany. now her main worry is keeping her 10 month old son, david's
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a life he needs breathing equipment to stop his lungs. collapsing. davina suffers from spinal muscular atrophy. a rare degenerative disease causing gradual loss of function without treatment, babies with the condition usually die by the age of 2. when you that are your cold, like i can sleep at nights even when does he does the sleep hours aluminum. i keep checking on him. i pray to, god says he wants stuff, breathing. why? and sometimes it seems like he is not breathing that the going if it's a genetic disease where you can simply loose your child in a moment. veto lift ukraine with the beats and her older son at young, who 7, just as the 1st shots were being fired. like you are the when i saw the fear in our jumps eyes i am new, we had to flee back home and ukraine. vito was able to race $11000.00 euros
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a month for david's treatment through crowd funding. here in germany, volunteers including jojo and san rena, help her to obtain the drugs and german health insurance covers what's needed now a little bit in the longer term, davita will need gene therapy, costing to 1000000 euros. it's not clear whether that will be covered. when does ellen gene? so i just have to hope we can get the treatment for david or to get the day know that he would live yet. i don't know whether he would be able to set up a walk, but i know he would live. having fled the war with the children and coping with of its illness liter cannot be certain she will ever return to ukraine. that she remains resolute. your mom of that i am firstly,
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the mother of 2 sons. walks in the woods, give young and i cannot be. we key fob with that in unison. now my am i have to stay strong. here to look at some other stories making headlines around the world. now the u. s. supreme court signaled it could soon roll back abortion rights. on tuesday, the court confirmed the validity of a leaked draft opinion indicating that justices are looking to overturn the landmark roe v wade ruling and legalized abortion nationwide. in 1973, un secretary general antonio terrace has visited a camp in ne nigeria to meet people displaced by an armed insurgency. good, harris said violence across the sand hill region was becoming a global problem. he called for more aid and support on a 4 day trip to countries in west africa. a u. s. lead crew has handed over control of the international space station to russian cosmonaut, nasa, commander,
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tom marshburn and 3 other astronauts will leave the station and return to earth later this week. russia has threatened to pull out of i as, as co operation eve, west and war related sanctions continue. well, some sports now in liverpool, have scrap, scraped their way, rather through into the finals. all the champions league in spain they finished. i'll fill a rail to win the 2 leg semi final, but not before they relinquished a to go lead and let villareal tie it up in the 1st half. the 2nd half was all liverpool, 3 strike goals and the reds advanced to play the winner of wednesdays. match up between manchester city and rail madrid and the buddhist legged by him unix longtime goal and assist producer has extended his day with the club. that means the germany international will remain with his boyhood club until the age of 34 minutes dotted with vines youth system. when he was just 10 years old. since then, he joined the club, the big club in 2000
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a night and his food 226 goals and helped by him when the buddhist legged title 11 times, including this season and the champions league twice. and finally, a man has been arrested after climbing the tallest building in san francisco. the activist who calls himself the pro life of spider man scaled the 61 stories sales force building without ropes or safety equipment. he says he started climbing skyscrapers to raise money for anti abortion charities. watching daily news. his reminder of the top stories were following for you. 0 pam commission has called on the a you to ban oil imports from russia, commission president of the phone, the line outlined a 6th package of sanctions against moscow and pulled for a phased embargo of russian oil imports. by the end of the year, russia has launched new strikes against the city of even west and ukraine. the cities may, i says,
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explosion knocked out power in some areas and injured to pay. pope. meanwhile, ukrainian fine to say russia has launched a new assault on the steel plants in the safe city of maddie home. that's a news uptake this hour. we'll have more headlines for you at the top of the next hour, but eco, india is up after a short break. i'm rebecca with ah,
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