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tv   Argentina  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2022 11:15am-12:00pm CEST

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having too much access to analysis, i was suspect, this is a, this is a diversion. the a very poor idea for the rather even more ramshackle forces of belarus to try to take on any ukranian units. i suspect this is saber rattling and diversion activity may, may have something to do with the knife may, which most analysts are now looking at as an inflection point. we can't tell what the planning very poor idea for them to get in vote militarily. they're not capable . and it was former british military intelligence officer, frank lead, which thinking to me a little earlier. as german chancellor, olaf shalt comes under fire for declining to visit ukraine. a political rival has taken the chance to outdo the german leader opposition later frederick vance. made the journey to the ukrainian capital in a high profile visit. just 10 days before regional elections. frederick metz hoped to be germany's next chancellor. on tuesday he was walking through the ruins of erie pin a town on the outskirts of keys,
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devastated by russian air strikes. the conservative opposition leader spoke with senior ukrainian officials, congress arden. i can only say fully respect with great appreciation. i think we in germany and have an obligation to help this country, and especially a city like european his visit included a one hour meeting with president, followed him. he is a lensky. that makes him the most high profile german politician to meet ukrainian leader. since the war broke out last month, the german president plan to visit ukraine until it was revealed. he wasn't welcoming reportedly due to his previous support for russian gas projects is about it. so, but i, i was ready for that. but apparently, and i have to admit, again, this was not wanted in kia, kia, missed goods. as you've been charlie chantelle, all of sean said he would not be visiting ukraine anytime soon. for shelter,
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a diplomatic snub to germany's president remains a problem might come on. miss martin on it can't be that a country that provide yet so much military aid. sophia, so much financial aid to finance hill that is needed to guarantee security. and this will do this, that is important for your current future. getting told the president cannot come frisbees and the one down there because it didn't come up on his. com, ukraine's outspoken ambassador to berlin acute the german chancellor of taking offence and not being statesman like, which is the image, the opposition lead a met thought to project on it, ukraine trip. i can tell you from our side, from germany, we're really lucky all this little we can move military motor more so than what you were a building of real soon. but really blue lawyer kind potting words, but in the end, notes is not the one calling the shots in berlin. mom
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bass, i'm joined by our chief political correspondent, melinda crane in the studio. melinda, hi. how was this trip by freighters? that's really about, i mean, he's been coming under a lot of criticism for it. indeed he has his been criticized, interestingly enough, not by members of the government itself, but by many others as essentially a playing to the domestic audience. with this trip, we have a couple of important state elections coming up in germany. and clearly he thinks it may bring some advantages for him to be seen as a statesman on this trip. and he rather disingenuously claimed to have been surprised at how many media were there reporting on his doings that said, oh, laugh schultz. the chancellor himself said prior to mr mats, his trip that he didn't have any objections. and mr mats himself said, while in ukraine, that he would definitely be reporting back on his conversations there,
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which apparently were quite substantive, an hour with president. so lensky. clearly there was real content they are and he attempted mr. mads yesterday to say of course he's, they are simply to observe and report back and to day germany's economy and climate minister said, you know, if i were in the opposition, i would have gone there as well. so an attempt to play it down on the part of the government. but yes, it's unusual to see an opposition later be the 1st leading german politician to go to ukraine since the war began. yeah, yeah, definitely. i mean, we heard him there. he promises to the ukrainians of you know, of support weapons, but as the opposition leader, he's not really in a position to make those promises. is it? no, but he can carry messages back to the chancellor. and he emphasized several times that that's what he would do. he also said that he felt that you have to have those conversations directly in person on site. you have to really see what's happening
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in ukraine to understand also germany's own role that some of that may be genuine. so i think there's a mix here of domestic politics for his own interest, but then also he's, he sees himself in a way of speaking for the country, the people who are making decisions. they're, they're meeting today in may's about just a little bit outside of berlin and we're expecting them to speak shortly. but tell us about that meeting. well, we'll be hearing shortly from the finance minister, the minister of climate, and economy, and also the chancellor himself. and that indicates that one of the key topics in mesa bag at this retreat has been economic fall out for germany from this war, particularly now with an oil embargo, the oil embargo in the offing. germany is heavy interstate country. it's as we
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know, an export champion world wide and a lot of those industries depend on fossil fuels from russia. so there's been a lot of concern about the impact on jobs. this is a social democratic chancellor amongst his supporters or the unions when germany tries to win itself off of wrestling, russian fossil fuels. but the interesting news, and i'm sure will hear this shortly, is that in fact it's made a lot of progress on that front. the climate an economy minister has been working, indefatigable to try to get the numbers down. he's actually got the oil numbers down from 35 percent of germany's wants to 12 percent now are russian him and that's quite an achievement. so certainly they've been talking about that, but they've been talking about alignment on support for ukraine as well. and not only ukraine, the swedish and finish prime ministers visited this retreat to talk about their potential entry into nato. yeah, should be a very interesting meeting. and oh, thank you, melinda, were expecting of course, germantown to the old shots, to hold
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a press conference with his finance and economy ministers in about 10 to 20 minutes . but of course, be brief that live with more analysis from a very melinda crime. so tuesday, june, thank you, we'll talk you soon. and the russian invasion has turned the lives of ordinary ukrainians upside down. the united nations estimates that more than 5 and a half 1000000 have been forced to flee their homeland. settling in a new country is especially difficult for those with family members requiring special care or medical attention vetoed on her to escape the worn ukraine by fleeing to germany. now her main worry is keeping her 10 month old son, david's a life he needs breathing equipment to stop his lungs. collapsing. davina suffers from spinal muscular atrophy. a rare degenerative disease causing gradual loss of function without treatment, babies with the condition usually die by the age of 2. when you get
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a vehicle like i can sleep at nights, even when does he does the sleep hours aluminum, i keep checking on him. i pray to god saying that he wants stuff breathing. why and sometimes it seems like he is not breathing that the kind of it's a genetic disease where you can simply loose your child in a moment. veto lift ukraine with the vets and her older son of young who 7. just as the 1st shots were being fired like you're out there. when i saw the fear in our jumps eyes i am new, we had to flee back home and ukraine. vito was able to race $11000.00 euros a month for david's treatment through crowd funding. here in germany, volunteers including jojo and sunday, rena, help her to obtain the drugs and german health insurance covers what's needed now
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a little bit in the longer term, davita will need gene therapy, costing to 1000000 euros. it's not clear whether that will be covered when does ellen gene, so i just have to hope we can get the treatment for david. wanted to get the day know that he would live young. i don't know whether he would be able to set up a walk, but i know he would live. having slept the war with the children and coping with of its illness liter cannot be certain she will ever return to ukraine. that she remains resolute to your mom of jackson. i am firstly, the mother of 2 sons. walks in order to keep you young and i cannot be we key fob with, but in some jeremiah i have to stay strong. i is look at
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some other stories making headlines around the world. now a u. s. lead crew has handed over control of the international space station to russian cosmonaut, nasa, commander, tom marshburn and 3 other astronauts will leave the station and return to earth later this week. we russia has threatened to pull out of i as as cooperation if western war related sanctions continued the governor of the us state of new mexico as asked president biden to declare a disaster and free up financial aid as wide as wildfires spread across the region . thousands have been forced to flee so far. the fires have bird nearly 600 square kilometers. the united nations secretary general is in nigeria, on his 1st visit there with the war in ukraine distracting the world's attention. antonio terrace has urged diners and governments not to forget other humanitarian crises. he travelled to a town in north east porno, state known as the birthplace of boca rom,
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that the hottest group has terrorized the population for years. a grand welcome for a special guests. this dance group is here to welcome the united nation to catch you general on to new good terrace. to me do agree the capital of porn of state north east and nigeria. the governor is on hand to receive him for more than a decade. born new states has so fudge large skill violates by armed groups and has now become the center of the human tyrann crises and the sail region. millions of people leave in extreme poverty and hunger. and with the war in ukraine, causing donors to divert relief money away from here, things up rejected. so gets even worse. the un secretary general wants to meet with some of the victims of these attacks. as he arrives as one of the refugee camps in me do gallery, he's greeted with loud ovation. even though the people are smiling and celebrating,
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they see life as a camp is tough. there's nothing, there's no food. we want to return to our village, even though it's rainy season. we can't go to our farms in a group discussion with comp leaders, gutierrez, he has the stories of refugees and promises to continue supporting the work of the states government. i, i am a, we do with 7 children to take care of, and we want to go back to our home. praise be to i love that a saw you city. i am full of joy. god bless you. a with the bottle. really mine. gutierrez says he's impressed by the governor's efforts to rebuild communities or return people back home. a strategy that has been criticized as been too focused on long term solutions while neglecting short term
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problems with. with the un chiefs visit is assigned to the people in me do agree that they are not forgotten, but it does not just lead to immediate solutions of the insecurity and hunger they're facing in the u. s. people have rallied for abortion rights in cities across the country. the protests were in response to a leaked draft opinion indicating that justices are looking to overturn the landmark roe v wade ruling. it legalized abortion nationwide in 1973. some republicans welcomed the draft ruling but democratic vice president campbell, a harris condemned it as an assault on freedom. those republican leaders who are trying to weapon eyes the use of the law against women. well, we say,
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how dare they? how dare they tell a woman what she can do and cannot do with her own body? how dare they? how dare they try to stop her from determining her own future? how dare they tried to deny women, their rights, and their freedoms. eliminations capital washington dc protest is head held, rival demonstrations for and against abortion rights. for a 2nd day on tuesday, hundreds of people gathered to make their voices heard outside the supreme court. oh, the bomb show league said a firestorm of fury in the u. s. capital as pro choice protestors gathered outside the supreme court, they are not going to get away with this. let me said, i don't care what i have to do, but they're not going to do this. the d. c. and they're not going to do this to
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america, there's more, but it is of them. and we're going to fight, though only a draft. it's the strongest evidence yet that a majority of the supreme court is preparing to overturn the right to abortion. a riot established nearly half a century ago in the 1973 landmark ruling roe vs wade. the opinion penned by justice samuel, a lito and backed by other conservative justices, goes further than many had expected. the $98.00 page long document calls ro, egregiously wrong from the start, and would leave the fate of a woman's right to choose in the hands of lawmakers in individual states for anti abortion activists. it would mark a victory decades in the making or now that we have the science and technology in ultrasound technology to know that babies in the womb or human beings, we should be protecting them in law. there's no excuse anymore. the likely decision
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to overturn roe v wade would not have been possible without former president donald trump. his 3 appointments to the supreme court tilted the balance in conservatives favor. but for millions of women, the ruling would come at a high cost. as many seeking in abortion would have to travel to other states to get one, a tall critic se would hit those already struggling emotionally and financially the hardest. currently, 26 of 50 states, a set to ban or restrict abortion. many worry it would deepen the divide in an already polarized country. with the democrats currently predicted to lose control of congress in the mid term elections. this november, progressive lawmakers, a calling on the party to fight back before it's too late. in a tweet, sen, bernie sanders urged his colleagues to pass legislation securing the right to abortion with the controversial issue now all but short,
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to dominate the coming months. america could be headed for a highly divisive mid term election. oh, you're watching data, but in use his a reminder of the top stories were following for you. the european commission has called on the a you to ban oil imports from russia, commission president of underlying outlined a 6th package of sanctions against moscow. and called for a phased embargo of russian oil imports by the end of the year. and russia has launched new strikes against the city of levine in western ukraine. the cities mer says explosion knocked out some power stations. and injured to people. meanwhile, ukrainian fighters say russia has launched a new assault on the steel plant in the besieged city of money who paul wore in ukraine has rattled late as in georgia, former soviet state that russia invaded in 2008 elsco took control of 2 regions which it recognized as independent republics. we asked the george and president how
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the west and allies can effectively support her country. but we really need it quicker and sure. a pass towards integration both in you and natal because that's where we see out to live security. our ultimate security cannot be in a war because we will never be able to win the war with russia. georgia has put forward on a formal application to join the european union. what importance would it have for the country were it to join the union? it's not where it's it's so now it pass that has become a reality. i think it's thanks to what's the ukraine as to the war in ukraine has shown to the european leaders that the the way it was provided for before the long term perspective. that was very legacy,
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both in you and neutral. in fact, he's not giving those countries the sense of belonging that we after all these years do deserve. and so the, one of the ways to show support for, for these countries against this threat and aggression is to embrace them. and i think that's the realization that we are seeing. now germany has said it would support georgia in this process. but in the past, we've seen, for example, with joining nato that in germany is not necessarily been so supportive of the membership happening soon should germany and other european countries have done more earlier to support georgia and these endeavors. i would say yes, but what i can say that what i think very promising that they have changed now. so
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i'm more interested about the supports to dave than about the analysis of the past . and i think that it's remarkable, the way in which germany has evolved in its vision, of course, europe of supporting ukraine, even supporting it very directly. and that gives us a lot of hope. you don't think that if you're a p and countries had acted upon the sooner maybe some of the events that we've seen could have been prevented. or some countries in the region, either through the like to to change the weight of responsibility from one side to the other. yes, the european countries and united states could have done more, could have been more vigilant. could have been more clear about what was the nature of russia, but they're further away than we are. they don't have the same experience and that
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doesn't change to the fact that there is only one responsible and that is russia for president sort of ashley, thank you. very much for your time. thank you. and the european commission president has called on the a you to ban oil imports from russia as it on the line address the european parliament in strasburg. she outlined a 6th package of sanctions against moscow over its war on ukraine, and called for a phased embargo on russian oil imports. by the end of the year. his want, the u commission president had to say, today we are addressing our dependency on russian oil. and let's be clear. it will not be easy because some member states a strongly dependent on russian oil, but we simply have to do it. so today we will propose to ban all russian oil from europe. this will be
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this will be a complete import ban on all russian oil seaborne and pipeline crude and refined. we will make sure that we phase out russian oil in an orderly fashion. so in a way that allows us and our partners to secure alternative supply routes and at the same time, be very careful that we minimize the impact on the global market. and this is why we will phase out russian supply of crude oil within 6 months. and we find products by the end of the year, your paying commission president as of a phone line. well they, to of a mating of german government ministers near berlin continues to be overshadowed by the war in ukraine. the 2nd meeting of the 3 ponti coalition, headed by olive shawls, was designed to result domestic issues on the gym, and chancellor remains under pressure for refusing to visit. he's an old chief, political correspond, melinda crane, joins us again. melinda,
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nice to see you again. as a, usually a german chancellor meeting with his ministers such as is happening at the moment, wouldn't be such a big international story. why is this one different? well, because one of the central topics here has been policy towards ukraine and policy for the german economy in the face of, of the likely, of coming russian oil embargo and also the overall effort being made by the economy and climate minister. and he's been working tirelessly since the war started to wean germany off of russian fossil fuels, which are extremely important for this major industrial economy. this export power house with a lot of industries that do depend on these russian fuel imports and astonishingly enough, robert havoc the economy minister has got the share. the overall share of imports of russian gas used to be 55 percent of all imports is now down to 35 percent. and
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on oil, he's from 35 percent down to 12 percent. that's quite an astonishing achievement. and essentially one central topic of this meeting has been, what will all this mean for the german economy, and how can the government address some of the pain that will be caused? just for example, oil prices are already soaring after this announcement, virus of the funder lion about the embargo on oil that will have a direct impact at the gas pump for germans. especially those who must commute. the government has promised that it is going to help them and support them, but of course, all of that would be amongst the subjects they'll be talking about will have been talking about and that we will hear about in the press conference. and then there's a whole 2nd set of topics which surrounds policy towards ukraine and policy within nato. and very unusually. they had a visit from the prime ministers of both finland and sweden,
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both of them social democrats, and of course, chancellor shoulds himself as a social democrat, to talk about whether germany would support a bid for those 2 countries to join. to join nato could be decided within the next 10 days, at least by finland. and germany said yesterday, it would do so. and that's not necessarily an easy matter for a social democratic chancellor. there is a lot of concern within the social democratic party. we've seen it in a recent open letter to the chancellor about whether germany essentially is becoming a party to the war. whether germany is becoming a martial power as it was by focusing on heavy weapons deliveries. so once again, a big topic for this cabinet to discuss both these of the ukrainians and, and the northern european countries that would like to join nato, but also their own policy within the cabinet. definitely will definitely be
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touching on that again. but today, in just a few moments, we're going to be hearing for both the economy is to end the finance minister. why is that and why? that's a significant? well, we've already seen a budget that contains a number of special provisions for dealing with both the reforms to the german military to finally investing in bringing the bond is fair up to speed. there's been under investment for years and years. so that's why we heard the slow in february, and when, at the outset of the war saying there will be a $100000000000.00 euro special fund to essentially close those gaps in spending. and that's part of course, of the overall changing domestic policy that we are seeing as a result of the war. but beyond that, those items, how do we support german citizens when uh, oil and gas prices are rising. how do we triangulate to triangulate to potential
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rationing if in fact, gas were to be turned off from the other side before germany's ready consumers due to other countries? domestic kinds exactly. that ruble payments already leading now to a gas cut off these if the poland what will that mean for consumers as opposed to industry? consumers have 1st dibs on supply according to law, but all of that clearly a lot to talk about for the cabinet in, in terms of the implications of these momentous matters. indeed. and we're still waiting for them to come out watching live pictures here. they still haven't come out yet, so i'm going to look at the beginning of the war. chancellor sholtes gave a big speech that was widely viewed as a see change in german foreign policy and, and german leadership media as a whole on the, on the world stage. have we seen a follow through of that could maze a bag here?
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make a difference when it comes to that the follow through has been incremental. it did look like a see change on february 27th and many of us found ourselves asking is germany about to start punching at its actual weight when it comes to leadership within europe? and internationally, and the answer has to be so far maybe, but certainly it's not a resounding yes again and again, we've seen a lot of sort of hand wringing and soul searching. and then germany move saying, for example, on heavy weapons moving a step or 2 after it's been put under a lot of pressure. and in fact, it has delivered a lot of weaponry to ukraine now. but in a way that story gets buried by the fact that, that there's so much hand wringing going on. and that the movement is almost inevitably partial and under pressure and with
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a lot of criticism. so i think there isn't a sense right now that this government has stepped up to the plate in terms of leadership. and we certainly, it's partly about messaging. we don't hear this chancellor saying, you know, we're facing a major crisis, but we can do this. if we have to get off russian fossil fuels, we can do this, we are a strong country. we have a have a citizenry that stands behind us. instead we hear a lot of talk that could be said to sort of feed to people's fears. it's going to have a major impact on the economy. we're going to lose a lot of jobs that's not can do messaging. and i think that's part of the reason that there isn't really a perception that this government has moved out in front of the wave of the leadership of the coalition overseeing from the same song book. or is that also an issue? that is definitely an issue. and that of course, would be one of the reasons to have this retreat to try to get them all on one page
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. because in fact, we saw the green party and the f t p a. the 2 junior members of the coalition pushing quite hard on the topic of delivery of heavy weapons to ukraine, long before the chancellor and his party had come around. and in fact, 3 leading members of the buddhist tog from the f t p and the green party went to ukraine and, and discussed this issue before the government had made its now pretty momentous decision to deliver leopard tanks. very important, heavy weapons that ukraine has been asking for, but it's, it's an evolutionary process also within the coalition. and certainly a lot of the pressure has come, not only from outside the government, but from within. i still waiting for them. we are seeing some movement there,
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but we're still waiting for them. so i'm want to go back to the nato topic. why is that issue of nato and fin? i'm joining joining nato. such an issue. all the s p d with in the left leaning wing of the social democratic party. and this is by no means confined to the german social democratic party. interestingly enough, the prime ministers of finland and sweden are social democrats, and many left leaning. social democrats have long subscribed to a, a past sophistic stance that says that in fact, that governments should keep their arms spending a low and use their budgets for social welfare spending and on on may day on may 1st in his speech to the unions in this country it's chancellor sholtes essentially shouted to them he was attempting, he was being drowned out by protest calls. and of course, the union's very,
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very important for the social democratic party by protest calls saying war monger. and he said, you know what, blanket pacifism is out of date, it is no longer appropriate to the circumstances in which we find ourselves. but those left leaning factions of social democratic parties are skeptical about whether an expansion of nato would not be a further provocation of latimer putting, possibly, actually inciting escalation rather than damping it down. and the chancellor therefore said, as he announced that germany would support a bid by sweden and finland, he said, we cannot be sure that vladimir putin with this imperialistic aims, will not attack other countries. and therefore, we are going to help these 2 countries. if they decide they need to be under that nato umbrella. so again, that is a significant move from a social democratic german chancellor. moving now
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a long way away from the old sense of what it meant to be a social democrat in germany. namely, to essentially tie your hands behind your back when it comes to defense and armaments. yeah, it certainly has been a big shift. you think we're going to see confirmation of that coming out of this meeting today and also maybe a stronger unified messaging on, on the crime crisis. i think certainly that's what that will be portrayed. and then the question will be, how do they talk and walk the talk? because as i say, we heard that kind of ring talk on february 27th and didn't see a lot of follow through in terms of actions for quite some time. so listen to what they, they say, but also let's watch what they do now is quite surprising not to have seen a german germany, you know, really go to ukraine. i was just in ukraine as you know. and i think there's
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a lot of frustration on the ukrainian side that germany isn't doing more. i mean, you see them still being diplomatic and, and to her because they, they want germany, they, they need the, the support. and as you say, there's been such a huge shift already, but kind of not, not enough, they would say, well, as you know, the president, if we heard that in the report earlier in the show, the president of germany had actually planned on rather short notice to make a visit to ukraine with his polish counterpart. and unfortunately the planning on that appears to have been a rather deficient. and therefore he was rather summarily as and very short notice dis invited it that was supposed to be kept under wraps, but it came late. it came out into, into public and that of course is a major embarrassment for germany. therefore, we are now seeing the government say,
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look under these circumstances, week cat have an official visit by the chancellor. anytime soon, we can debate whether that makes this too much about germany at a time when the ukraine is at war. many people would say, hey, you know what? it's not just about people's pride. and certainly the ukranian ambassador here in germany has said that the chancellor is acting like or that that the germans are acting like a, a pre madonna. his actual words were an offended liver worst, but i've spoken them. but the fact is that has made it difficult now to organize official visits. although we heard that the climate and economy minister say that this is in the planning a solution is being found. and that there will be an official visit by members of the government to ukraine, and the foreign minister hinted at the same thing. so this is evolving and partly it was simply bad timing at the time that the president would have gone germany had
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not yet made that commitment to deliver heavy weaponry. and therefore, there was a lot of frustration in ukraine and the feeling if he doesn't bring something with him. why? why? why would he come? what would be different now? yeah, definitely, melinda. just hold on that for a moment. we're still waiting for the ministers to come out. so as we wait, we're going to have a look at a frederick minutes as miss visits as german chancellor olive sholtes comes under fire for declining to visit you crying a political rival has taken the chance to outdo the german later opposition. native frederick mats made the journey to the ukrainian capital in a high profile visit, just 10 days before regional elections. 3 to commit hopes to be germany's next chancellor. on tuesday, he was walking through the ruins of ed pin a town on the outskirts of keys, devastated by russian air strikes. the conservative
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opposition leaders spoke with senior ukrainian officials. this camera sagen, i can only say full respect with great appreciation. i think we in germany have an obligation to help this country and especially a city like you to pin his visits included a one hour meeting with president, followed me as a lensky. that makes him the most high profile german politician to meet the ukranian leader. since the war broke out, last month, the german president planned to visit ukraine until it was revealed. he wasn't welcoming reportedly due to his previous support for russian gas projects is about it. so i was ready for that. but apparently, i have to admit that this was not wanted and keep in t s. knish goods. as you've been shirley, a chancel, olive shalt said he would not be visiting ukraine anytime soon. for shelter. a diplomatic snub to germany's president remains a problem of common mis mom on it can't be that
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a country that provide yet so much military aid who feel so much financial aid to finance hill that is needed to guarantee security. and that is important for your current future. getting told the president cannot come. who speaks in the one done, the president come up on his com, ukraine's outspoken ambassador to berlin acute the german chancellor of taking offence and not being statesman like, which is the image, the opposition lead a met thought to project on it, ukraine trip. i can tell you from our side from germany, we love the all, the cement, all the we can move military amazon wants to go to a building of real, sit on the quote, will get booth if, if the boiler kind parting words. but in the end, now it's is not the one calling the shots in berlin. a while we're waiting for that press conference. let's look at the latest fighting on the ground in ukraine. russian air strikes have hit the vive, cutting power and water supply to parts of the west and ukrainian city close to the
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polish border. russian forces also struck train stations in the center and west of the country. according to a railway official plumes of smoke could be seen rising above levine. the city's mares had the strike hit to power substations. the v of has been spared the worst of the fighting so far with only a handful of strikes, hitting civilian and military infrastructure. meanwhile, russian forces continue to bombard areas in easton, ukraine. the regional governor of don yet sc says russian attacks killed at least 21 people on tuesday. russian forces also launched a renewed assault on the as of steel works in matter. you, paul. some residents were evacuated during a brief, safe fire, but many more are still trapped there. safe at last, after weeks under constant attack, these people have escaped the as of styles. steel, plant, ukraine's last stronghold in the besieged city of mar, you pole. many arriving t is recounting stories of horror. really what you mean because
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you can't imagine how scary it is when you sit in the shelter in a wet and damp basement, which is bouncing, shaking. when we were able to go outside, i saw the sun for the 2nd time in 2 months. but while dozens have made it to safety, thousands remain in danger or fight even watch with bizarre, a few at the moment, while we are here, as of style is being stormed at us, mario poll is still under siege and people could not leave today when you were you, but you know, there are tens of thousands of such people who were tens of thousands of women and the elderly remaining mario pole. they booking whole vehicle. russian shelling continued through the day in mario poll. soon after the evacuation was completed. those who remain are in despair. spanish hearts you wake up in the
11:56 am
morning and you cry, you cry in the evening. i don't know where to go at all and you are not the subject . i am not alone. imagine everything is destroyed. everything is broken. where should the people go? now? relatives of the soldiers is still fighting in the as of style plant held rallies in keep on tuesday, demanding baby evacuated to the soldiers are part of the controversial far right as of regiment. while ukrainian authorities promised to continue the operation, they say international intervention will be crucial. with the w correspondent emanuel sh. as in la viv and has more on the recent air strikes. exactly. rebecca, there was a targeted or as tricare here on the viva and elsewhere in western ukraine.
11:57 am
there was a press conference this morning of levine, or mayor, and of the head of the military of force which confirmed that to miss size were coming. a cruise miss eyes are coming from the caspian sea, a heat, levine, heat, and a re weigh infrastructure. and also damaged or the chain are supplied nearby. these re weigh infrastructure, including humanitarian supplies, coming up from ukraine's western allies. there were a power shortage is a huge the vive, last night they are being restored this morning. they're still $600.00 houses. reserved electricity. there's water and there was briefly a water outages as well, but this city, it was prepared for such attacks and they had rendered day our power and water. their supply system systems autonomous, which de mayo said a, for example, saved a city or 4 cities hospital for example, for it being gravely or hit by so strikes interesting. there was also
11:58 am
a striking 2nd party, are dancing a corporation and maintains the 1st attack of the kind it hits a communist infrastructure in altogether in western and central ukraine last night . it's 6 re weigh stations which have been impacted. so we see that the russian forces are targeted, that kind of infrastructure. now, how about the situation in the rest of the country? where is the fighting most intense right now? well, it's most intense are from the beginning of the conflict in the eastern part of their country with british intelligence warning, and that's it. there's a number of russian battalions which have regrouped in the north eastern part near the city of crime. charles, good. you might remember this city where miss, i had the heated train station kidding. 59 as civilians and are also regrouping near a cemetery. don't ex, so we are expecting
11:59 am
a more earth drags more artillery fights in that region was oh, so last night the other than steel plans are continuous, continuously being a share. then russia saying it has a began of storming within a steel plan, which is the last bastion of ukrainian or resistance in the city of mar, you pole. the deputies emanuel sh as in love each other european commission president has called on the a you to ban oil imports from russia are sort of on the line address the european parliament in strasburg. she outlined a 6th package of sanctions against moscow over its war on ukraine, and called for a phased embargo of russian oil imports by the end of the year. is what the a you commission president had to say. to day we are addressing our dependency on russian oil, and let's be clear, it will not be easy because some member states are strongly dependent on rational
12:00 pm
oil. but we simply have to do it. so today we will propose to ban all russian oil from europe. this will be this will be a complete import ban on all russian oil seaborne and pipeline crude and refined. we will make sure that we phase out russian oil in an orderly fashion. so in a way that allows us and our partners to secure alternative supply routes and at the same time, be very careful that we minimize the impact on the global market. and this is why we will phase out russian supply of crude oil within 6 months. and we find products by the end of the year they w correspondence. marina strauss is in strasburg.


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