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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah, this is the w news coming to live from berlin. germany's chancellor says vladimir putin has miscalculated with the war in ukraine. russian asian dominated a 2 day meeting of olaf shows his cabinet. german ministers are working to reduce reliance on russian fossil fuels. also coming up the e, when else is plans to ban oil imports from russia? commission president per slip on their line plan wants to pace out russian oil by the end of the year. critics say that's not fast enough. plus fresh russian air
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strikes, all libby, cut, power in parts of the western ukrainian city and ukrainian fighters. depending the besieged steel plant and murray of whole se, russian forces have renewed their assault. ah hello, i'm terry martin. good. have you with us? german chancellor love sholtes said that russian president vladimir putin miscalculated when he invaded ukraine, and that the war has strengthened both nato and e. u. shots was speaking after a 2 day meeting with coalition party leaders near berlin. the cabinet gathering in mesa back was designed to resolve domestic issues, but it was overshadowed by the war in ukraine. shalt said ministers also discuss ways to reduce german dependency on fossil fuels. cesar gave this address after the
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meeting. take listen. classes. all the one thing that is also clear from the change state of affairs is that putin got it totally wrong with his brutal attack on ukraine, and must have a comp what he has achieved is a stronger nieto. a stronger security organization within the eastern nieto state. that also got is a european union that has joined forces on your enclosed ranks with my any other conclusion the world developed democratizing. the organ is yet, haven't us. we have a unified sanctions package to show russia that it needs to in this war to hushed in become half his sanctions that will massively impact the russian economy. and victims moved the continental sponsor. he polish part and hot spring in correspond benjamin alvarez gruber here, who joins us from that government retreat in mesa back. but in the general government has been talking a hard about thinking hard about ukraine and to our about berlin's next moves. what
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have we learned there today? as you already said, m chancellor. allah shall said that russian president vladimir putin miscalculated . he got a stronger nato. he got a stronger european union. and the chancellor once again underlined war germany is doing with the special fund for the bundle of this 100000000000 euros a special fund. also the pledge off giving this to percent of germany's g d p to defense and also is closed corporation that germany also once within the government . so that's why this retreat is, is so important for all the 3 a party. so the greens, the social democrats, and also the provisions f t p party who are meeting here to talk about several issues with the warring ukraine, of course, overshadowing everything else. well, you mentioned the green sir. we heard robert hubbard there, the economics minister, the green economics minister of germany floating an idea to bring high skilled
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russian russians to germany. what about that? the trade harvey did not only refer to those millions fleeing in the ukraine, so to those refugees. but he also referred to those who have already fled russia who wanted to flee russia and hold to wanted to do and want to return it to russia, saying that they are highly needed here. that there are several ministries working together so that there will be the ministry of labor seeing how they are in degrees university degrees. and bratia can be used here in germany as well. the foreign ministry working on a visa us with the interior ministry of course, also doing back checks and who's coming here saying the of course the people are coming to germany, need to be have the back check. a security check, of course to make sure who is coming into this country. so was a pretty interesting idea, not to refer only to those fleeing the war in ukraine, but also those who want to flee russia and to will be received with open arms in
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germany. but he made thank you very much. that was the w, corresponded benjamin outros gruber at maize, about palace just north of berlin. and as we heard there, the european commission president has called on you to ban oil imports from russia . ursula on their line addressed the european parliament in strossberg. she outlined a 6th package of sanctions against moscow over its war on ukraine and call pro phased embargo on russian oil imports. by the end of the year is with each commission president had to say, today we are addressing our dependency on russian oil. and let's be clear, it will not be easy because some member states are strongly dependent on russian oil. but we simply have to do it. so today we will propose to ban all russian oil from europe. this will be
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this will be a complete import ban on all russian oil seaborne and pipeline crude and refined. we will make sure that we phase out russian oil in an orderly fashion. so in a way that allows us and our partners to secure alternative supply routes. and at the same time, be very careful that we minimize the impact on the global market. and this is why we will phase out russian supply of crude oil within 6 months. and we find products by the end of the year. the adobe is marina strauss is covering, but so you parliament meeting in stroudsburg and joined us. now, we're in a promise to phase out russian oil, but not immediately how useful can that be encountering russian aggression and surprisingly that your commission president was a funded was left on the line self alvarez's. she said that it is efficient because
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a cutting off for russian oil, even if it takes a bit longer, will hit the russian economy at its core because russia very dependent on its exports of fossil fuels, of orland, of, of gas. obviously, i'm also hearing from commission officials that, of course, they don't know how well you, me, a beauty, how russia will react to this span. because we've been, we've been seeing this over the last couple of months, but it is unpredictable when it comes to the situation in ukraine. so when you talk to our members of the european parliament, they're different or concerns regarding this bad. so some say, why don't be also why don't be also not by don't be ban gas as well, because russia also delivers a lot of gas european countries. others say, are we're really afraid. prices will arise even higher in europe. they are ready at a really high level at this point of time. and this is one of the reasons why
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actually this transitional period has been implemented. but of course, it is likely that prices will rise with this or with this ban on oil. right? oh ursula funder lion. she also proposed other sanctions. so what are they about? let's ride one of the most important parts of this sanction package is the d swish thing offered. the largest russian bank a spare bank means taking it off from the financial transfer transaction system. swift then also that your commission proposes to targets or military officials that were involved in the atrocities in boucher and in maria poll. then added the ear prepare your commission proposes to a ban. 3 arrested media in addition to rest today. and sputnik that have already been banned in a, at the, in, in europe and a,
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at this last point. as your commission also proposes to targets and consultants in europe, or who advise russians. marina, thank you very much. the w correspondent, marina strauss. they're in strossberg. now to the fighting in ukraine, russian airstrikes of hit, levine, cutting power and water supplied parts of the western ukrainian city. close to the polish border. russian forces also struck train stations in the centre in west of the country that according to a railway official plumes of smoke be seen rising above levine. this city's mayor. so the strike hit to power substations louie freshman, spare the worst of the fighting so far, with only a handful of air strikes, hitting civilian and military infrastructure. meanwhile, russian forces continue to bombard areas in eastern ukraine. the regional governor of donetta says, russian attacks killed at least 21 people on tuesday. russian forces also launched
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a renewed assault on the us or still works in mario poll. some residents were evacuated during a breach cease fire, but many more are still trapped there. safe. at last, after weeks under constant attack, these people have escaped the as of south steel plant, ukraine's last stronghold in the besieged city of mar, you pole. many arriving t as recounting stories of horror. really when you made the good, you can't imagine how scary it is when you sit in the shelter in a wet and damp a basement which is bouncing, shaking. when we were able to go outside. i saw the sun for the 2nd time in 2 months. but while dozens have made it to safety, thousands remain in danger or fight even watch with the thought of you at the moment while we are here, as of style is being stormed off,
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mario pole is still under siege and people could not leave today when you were you, but you know, there are tens of thousands of such people who were tens of thousands of women and the elderly remaining mario pole. they booking whole vehicle. russian shelling continued through the day in maria poll. soon after the evacuation was completed. those who remain are in despair, who didn't furnish as you wake up in the morning and you cry, you cry in the evening. i don't know where to go at own yet not to stop this. i am not alone. imagine everything is destroyed. everything is broken. where should the people go? now? relatives of the soldiers is still fighting in the as of stell planned, held rallies in keep on tuesday demanding bay b evacuated to the soldiers are part of the controversial far right as of regiment
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. while ukrainian authorities promised to continue the operation, they say international intervention will be crucial. with our corresponded to manuel shaws is standing by forest in levine and manuel russia launched airstrikes ashby against different parts of ukraine, including libby, where you are. tell us about that. exactly. terry, last night there was an operation of targets you'd operation against western and central ukraine. infrastructure is mainly a railway infrastructures. off 6 stations have been heads across western and central ukraine and here in levine, this is a power plants, electricity power plant, which i have been a tax. i also railways, west structures. there were some trades that had been delayed. there's still some delays as our tori t's are, are just a restoring our electricity here. there was a brief, a power outage last night, a brief water outage,
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as well as the mayor of the city and the head of the miniature. we are sorry t as saying that the chain as supply near the re weigh infrastructure was hit, including a humanitarian supply abroad, bye to weston. now. so as something that's the 1st seems to rush and aggression in february on february 24 is a region depriving. so that kind of parts out into montana's western source, he part of the plan was hit come, you know, a building was a he, 2 people were injured like the injured. so that's their, that's something that was expected from ukraine and also routines that, oh, so infrastructure is here in the west would be he, then it is very much happening those days here in the west. so multiple strikes around the country, but fighting in ukraine is most intense in the south. and east of the country right now is, is either side. they're making significant gains. well,
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it's true, dab, dare russian forces are not gaining as much ground as they are wanted. but british intelligence or warn, warns doctor russian battalions were regrouping in the north eastern part of ukraine around the cities of crimea, taurus, i don't know if you remember this city where, you know, the main station there had been hate. a few weeks ago, 59 civilians were killed, went out messiah herb was a long show, her russian battalions, her, you know, trying to regroup, and launch a new fancy there. and according to rush and also re tease our storming or on d as a fast t plans violating in doing so, according to ukrainian autonomy tease, to humanitarian agreements. and of course, putting in 0 party all her hopes of continuing humanitarian evacuations. from diaz of south tier plan to west where hundreds of as civilians are still believe to have taken shelter for 2 months now. emma, thank you very much. that was our correspond,
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manuel shaws there in libby you are watching d. w. news from berlin up next. we've got business news for you with steven beardsley. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching. ah. shoot. ah
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nico is in germany to learn german. hello, benito. why not learn with him online, on your mobile and free? free w e learning course eco speak. hm . ah. the european union announced as a phase in oil embargo for products, oil products, and oil from russia. and the new plan still needs approval, but will give member nations until years ends replaced roughly 4000000 daily barrels and crude will break down the new sanctions with the help of an expert. also on the show, russia has stopped gas deliveries to bulgaria, and it's dispute with the e. u. now its neighbors are helping make up for what it lacks will visit the
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capital, sophia, and thousands of tons of wine grapes left. ron, on the vine, australian farmers feel the pain of chinese trade penalties. welcome to the show. the european commission plans to impose an orderly end to its imports of russian oil as part of a 6th round of sanctions on russia. commission president ursula of underlying announcing wednesday, the e you would phase out deliveries of russian crude and oil products by year's end you create it also wants to step up sanctions on the financial sector, disconnecting rushes. biggest bank, spare bank. from the swift payment system. the proposed measures will need approval from all 27 member states hungry and slovakia have already indicated they'll seek exemptions. jago kierkegaard is a senior fellow with a german marshal fun. he joins me now from brussels. jak, thanks for coming onto the show. a big decision today announcing this phase then embargo, how significant is this?
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well, i think it's very clear that given the time frame, we have a 6 to 8 months phase in time. it's not going to be very significant in the short run. meaning is not going to have, you know, any sort of decisive battlefield impacts in the months ahead. but as we look to the medium and long run, it's going to be very significant because it basically is in my opinion, the permanent decoupling of you energy, certainly oil supplies from russia. and when you add to that be a sanctioning also d. swift ing of the biggest russian bank spirit bank as well as the sanctions coming against european tanker carriers and insurance or businesses or services for the trunk, the global transportation of russian crude oil. are you going to have uh, you know, towards the end of the year as significant impediment on, on russian,
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a global oil export. how enforceable is this kind of import band we've seen? that's why, for example, with iran, when it comes to an important export ban, it's been hard to enforce. what about ensuring this oil doesn't somehow make it into the e u through other channels for 3rd parties and such? i mean, there's, obviously there's going to be leakage. you're going to have, you know, to tankers meeting somewhere in the atlantic ocean and you, having russian oil pumped into a ship, half filled with, you know, oil from maybe our, our, or a saudi arabia. you can have that, but ah, certainly, and all the oil that's being shipped to the e u by a pipeline that's very easy to control. and i think it's also clear that the, the companies that docking facilities, et cetera, that actually work to the,
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or in which shipments a word to be off loaded. if there was a risk or a missing and, you know, suspicion that they were from russia. i think you would see that there will be significant reputational risks associated with that. so i do think that you would find the li, catch of these on this embargo to be more limited than certainly we have seen on the us sanctions on iran. all right, yeah. okay. i think on to the german marshall fun. thank you very much. my pleasure . europe and russia are also sparring over gas imports. moscow continues to demand that european companies pay an roubles instead of the euros and dollars called for and contracts. it's cut off to countries for gary and poland for refusing to make rouble payments. neighboring countries are now coming to their aid. he toby's jack park, visited the bulgarian capital of sophia and sent us this report. moshef will tell you they prefer to cook on gas, but here in bulgaria,
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russia has cut off gas deliveries and local businesses like there's a leave, a garden, bistro in sophia, a worried is it a couple of of a day? yeah, this will be a huge problem for us if we can't keep raising the prices for our customers forever . and we don't think we'll do that. nobody knows what will happen in the future. the problem is the uncertainty coming from this war, when they say here, that the price of a bottle of gas has doubled to waiver, $18.00 euros in the last year already. russia rejected bo gary's dollar payment for gas at the end of april. and moscow has also halted deliveries of gas to poland. here at the 80 man gas station they're compressing gas to be able to send it long distances internationally to him from greece and north macedonia. and indeed on the software, which is about 50 kilometers away from where i'm standing. now, while russia has turned off the gas tops to bulgaria, this is an important trans that country. and there's still russian gas flowing
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through these pipes. bulgarian energy minister told d w. they're turning to countries like as the by john turkey and greece to make up the shortfall. but they won't stop the transit of russian gas to countries that are paying moscow in roubles. not only sir bill, it's also hungary. and if, if we, if we take that action, what can be the difference between bulgaria and bull garson compared to gas products, port massage. i don't believe that there's something more valuable than now being a long term loyal and stan a bo and reliable partner. until now, bo gary relied on russia for over 90 percent of its gas. sophia says it's looking into importing liquefied natural gas arriving on ships rather than through pipelines. the national consumer organization is calling for the government to support citizens. the prices are regulated,
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we are protected that the moment that there is no living politician who can, you know, raise the prices that there are many, ah ways to subsidize those prices. and this way, ah, keep, protect the household. while the conflict rage is on russia's war is also threatening livelihoods here, even at small businesses like the leave a restaurant. let's take a look now at some of the other global business stories making headlines. a new 500 kilometer long pipeline bringing gas from lithuania to poland has started just days after russia's gas prom stopped delivering gas in the country. the pipeline under construction since 2020 is expected to supply about 10 percent of poland, gas demand, strong sales of coven 19 vaccines, and treatment helped pfizer. jose 61 percent jump in 1st quarter profits. us drug maker brought in more than $13000000000.00 in sales and almost $8000000.00 in their
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profits. but the company lowered its full year earnings forecast or tens of thousands of tons of australian wine grapes are being left to rot. as a chinese boy carnival strain, wine causes demand to dry up and exports. the china dropped from nearly 900000000 u. s. $1.20 to just 20000000 last year. that's forcing australia wine makers to seek out new markets. it's autumn and the grapes are ripe and ready to be picked. this year has delivered a bumper crop. normally a reason to celebrate. but russell lynch, who grows grapes in the mold. you are a region of southeastern australia is facing the stark reality of leaving a $130.00 tons of his shiraz grapes on the ground. to rot. china's embargo on australian wine means that grape growers and wine makers all over the country are facing a massive over supply negotiations for robin for contractors. apparently it was
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going to be i have a supply for gripes. unfortunately i didn't have a contract for this property. he 2 years ago lynch was paid $700.00 estrella and dollars a tonne for his crop last year it was $400.00. now the total value for the harvest in this vineyard is 0 due to the tried dispute, and the position of the punitive terrace on this trying one. so that means that $1200000000.00 market is now closed. torque is, is, could be 15, hasn't tons left on the volunteer sheer in, in this region, which is not good. and it's certainly a lot of bulk warner ran as well. means latest warning, storage really has about a higher stage. murphy and other wine makers who'd come to regard chinese wine drinkers as something of a cash cow. now looking to diversify their markets over the sri lankan, now when the country band, chemical fertilizers, a year and a half ago, the government said it was part of an effort to make the country a global leader in the production of organic food. or the real reason appears to be
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saving money. fertilizers have become increasingly expensive, especially for a country on the brink of default. and yet farmers are now paying and even higher price because of the rules with their lives up and it m. gina. sienna has been a rice farmer for all of his adult life. working the rice paddies has always been hard, but it provided stability for his family. no more. after sri lanka, band, chemical fertilizers, crop yields have dropped steeply as i wore in the lobby booth. and again we used chemical fertilizer, and we were able to get a yield of about 3000 kilograms of rice per acre lot in the. but since we switched to organic farming lot him we have received only half than yield is 1500 kilograms, or less alan mer above the even worse. no one is surprised by the disastrous drop. the government's moved to organic fertilizers had been
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controversial from the start. i got them were about thought about going up. even experts rejected italy. these experts including professor sienna advised against full dependency on organic fertilizer. he wanted to go to the farmers also clearly expressed the disapproval there. but despite the opposition out of another government went ahead and imposed strict rules and forced to danasia. and in the end of it failed to look you up in a very will you even the government admits that it has reversed course. and with the $700000000.00 loan from the world bank is trying to get rice farmers. they help they need. but it's too late. the country has soured on its leaders. president caught up by archer pack sir, and his brother prime minister. my hinder such a pack, sir. the families ancestral home. once a popular destination lies deserted, leniently have a galaxy ring in the lane. we are deeply disappointed where we have no faith left.
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as of said, green, my hinder, archer packs us presidency. we were happy to vote for him because he ended the civil war and we trusted him when you did, but it has turned into disappointment after this current president. my dear one of the other will. i've been with but is that it will of them? i did let it as they are within will on thought that will down on for many. however, political change as a secondary goal, more important, secure a meal for the family, with prices sharply rising. for even the most basic staples. here's a reminder of the top business story we're following for you. the european commission has introduced the framework for a 6th round of sanctions on russia commission president or sullivan alliance at the you would been all russian oil, an oil products facing it out by the end of the year. and it would step up sanctions on the financial sector, disconnect disconnecting rushes, biggest bank, spare bog. from the swift payment messaging system. you can find out more
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about these and other business stories online, g, w dot com slash business. we're also on youtube under the d. w. news channel, i'm seniors in berlin, likes watching. ah, ah, the world is what has changed in the take 39 after the disaster than i mean. and to look at your can your local, sustainable production made in germany on
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d w. sometimes books are more exciting than real life raring to read. ah, what if there's no escape? literature list german most reads ah, ah, ah, ah, much at the world now wants to wash its hands of russian oil. as the word ukraine drags on european countries are readying to ban imports of the fuel. we'll take a look how russia's economy is fearing under this barrage of sanctions. also in
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this edition of made in germany, the new silk road is russia's war.


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