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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2022 3:30pm-3:45pm CEST

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a policeman with those who we are, your is actually on fire. for mines. this blue here watching d w. news asia coming up today. another 20 plus 1000000 people in china face of potential lockdown cove. it has arrived in the chinese nation's capital of bay. jean, how will officials respond to this outbreak? meanwhile, in taiwan, kobe cases continue to grow, but the government there is opting for a very different response. and in india, channeling the pain of the pandemic into art. these creators hope their works can help future generations grasp the chaos and loss wrought by the virus
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with. ah, i melissa chan, thanks for joining us. first, shanghai now bay ging, that capital city of china with more than 20000000 people faces a potential city wide lockdown as cobra cases grow, some apartment blocks have been quarantined, some subway stations closed and restaurants are only doing take out now. residents are on edge given what they know happened in shanghai with its extended locked downs and people going hungry. a generous fear they could be next. china is scrambling to eradicate and omicron outbreak in beijing. among the weapons in the cities arsenal must testing residents are required to prove that covered status 3
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times a week. the government hopes this will allow them to detect and isolate cases immediately . for now things appear calm. that concerns are growing. 0, one worried about the situation, but i can't do anything about it. i just wonder how long it's going to go on. and what the economic consequences will be should learn to deal with on beijing residents. first, locking down in the visual buildings then expanding the measures to whole neighborhoods. if the virus spreads, this is all in line with china 0 cove at strategy. many subway stations and bus routes were closed on wednesday. in person classes at many of beijing schools have
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also been suspended for at least a week. city authorities akin to show that they have a handle on the situation bounce yet. there are still some hidden sources of sporadic covered 19 infections at the community level across beijing. we need to speed up screening time controls, prevent virus spillover between districts to stem. the spread of the epidemic genji, colder each in course on pneumonia. they're also working to avoid the kind of locked down imposed in shanghai the to see 1000000 sealed in the homes, often without enough to eat and has created negative headlines across the globe. restrictions are easing in some parts of shanghai as cases drop. but some fear it's only a matter of time before they explode again because of the high transmitter ability of the omicron variant. joining us, his journalist 5 in crash mary in beijing fabi and we know the government try to
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censor what residents of shanghai were sharing about their locked down experiences . so i'm curious, to what extent do people in bay gene have a sense of what they might be facing yet? depends eci. there's a really white spectrum, some residents, especially the elderly, they get their information from the state media for example. they watch the evening news and then they get the impression that everything's under control and they're not really aware of the human suffering of people in shanghai. and then at the other end of the spectrum you, you have the youngest crowd who am using a vpn software that's, that's the device that is needed to get around the censorship here. and they and follow international media. they follow, you know, social media platform with critical information and, and they are very well aware of the suffering and shanghai. and they also know that this could happen in beijing and most residents at a talk to their, somewhere in between. and, and they know to some degree what has happened in shanghai and what potentially
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also could happen here in beijing. but they chose also not to focus too much on it . and i think that's also one way of coping with the situation. they don't want to anticipate the worst case scenario. that's a certainly a very human instinct. so overall, how on edge is everybody there yet? when the authorities 1st announced it, ami crohn was spreading. he, in the city, there was a lot of panic buying and a really tense situation. i'm also something that i have not really witness in the early days of the pandemic. really this time it felt yet different, more tense actually. and now that has relaxed to some degree, why? because we have not seen an exponential growth of the a daily cases. numbers we're at roughly 50 or 60 every day and that is rather stable. so there's no panic and a disruption caea of daily life because of the restrictions they are, am annoying,
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they are also economically damaging. but am there only really an existential threat for a minority of people to give you an idea that here the restaurants are close to only open for take out and delivery and we basically have to get em tested. i mean, really p c artists every day am but we can still go wherever we want. and the people who are really locked down, sealed off, and so far, really, maybe several of $100.00 thousands, maximum and which is a lot of people or very little a hillock at the entire population of aging. i do, you have a sense that officials learned from their experience in shanghai and we won't be seeing some of the more draconian measures implemented in the capitol with the lesson that they drew from the situation in shanghai am, is may be different than a many would assume, i mean, and basically they thought that m, our 0 corporate strategy is working a, but it was not really implemented,
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ready kill and swiftly enough by the authorities in shanghai. so now what the authority see are doing is they step in really very early and as i said, i mean several, 100 thousands of people are locked down in the apartments with only 60 daily cases . it is really quite early and very radical, so to speak. and i get the sense of some residents em speculate that because beijing as a political center, also the center of power, that the authorities cannot afford to also lockdown this really symbolic city. and they have some trust. however, if that's justified, i think probably it will be decided in the, in the coming weeks. i mean, definitely everyday life is not really normal and am and we have to brace that. it could get worse. how worse? i don't know your father in crush where we will definitely be getting back to you on this again and again, it seems like the china is intent on this 0 covert strategy. thank you so much.
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the counterpoint to what's happening in china is what's happening in taiwan. the democracy is teen, to show that it will not infringe on citizen rights in the way it's authoritarian neighbor has. the government has relaxed quarantine rules for overseas arrivals, even as covey cases rise. the streets of taiwan remain pretty normal. but there has been a renewed russia vaccination sites as people line up to get jacked or boosted. and as high once premier explained the government's shift, he made some pointed barbs at china's continued insistence on a 0 co it approach. homer was young go. we will not look down the country in cities as cruelly as china, homer males, young. we're also not like some other countries where they have no choice but to live with the virus. joe, we move step by step according to plan. and there's a rhythm to it. the water bill is all
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t w's. joyce lee has more out of taipei. here in taiwan. the owner, con alrick started in april. this week, the number off day, the cases passed 20000 for the 1st time on. unlike china, the south route island is moving away from the 0 covert policy. public opinion shifted off to taiwanese p ppo. so what happened to in shanghai? according to the latest poll, 60 percent off taiwanese people now support living with colbert premier, susan tom such odeo this week, that taiwan will not lockdown cities as cruelly as china. he also stressed that the government is taking a gradual approach to resume normal lives out there on a street in taipei city as business as usual. but people are generally cautious. the biggest challenge is the lack of for a protest kids. the government launch a rationing system last week, but count meet the mon, long q saw scene outside pharmacies. some people i spoke with you all for 45
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minutes. was to left empty handed. after coming under strong criticism, the house minister promise to make test kits more available on the island. ah, the pandemic has caused so much pain, death and collective trauma over the past 2 years across the globe. and for some, it has also been an unusually creative period, perhaps given all that time, people had to stay under locked down. here's a closer look at how that has manifested in india. the indian sculptor near ash kupta. the pandemic changed everything. he lost several close friends to the disease for a while got to feared for his own life after he also became infected. now he's
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channeling his trauma into his ot. this work made up of carved skeletons is called human catastrophe. he hopes it will serve as a record of the horror of the time. art is, art is the media. richard bell, our future generations. that what kind of situations we're live them. i've looked at me o me, these artists in roger stone are using a very different medium. i'm tone to express their response to the pandemic. legal is one of believe, juma khan and his brother. thing about the pain they felt as more people started to die. and food and money became scarce. cancer, he still has problems making ends meet and providing for his family. the hope of having the face many troubles during the pandemic. but what else could we do? but bothers hardships?
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my business completely said all we didn't on anything. if you must know and put very similar guy, still don't have enough money because my basic expenses, i think him this all projects him by and other cities began right at the start of the pandemic. it's called the quilts project and advise people to make an individual square for a larger tapestry. the idea being help citizens overcome the feelings of isolation and think of themselves as being part of a collective, whole united in their fight against the disease. that does it for us will leave you with more images out of bay gene where people may soon face more. a pandemic restrictions you tomorrow and dw, ah,
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ah, one of mankind's oldest ambition could be within reach or what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world or in a race against time. the dna molecules though, has 28000000 different our glasses. they are peers and rivals with one daring goal to outsmart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life
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starts may 28th on d, w. george's in particular, but place when we look at the situation there in the situation ukraine, there are parts of georgia that are basically occupied by had basically occupied the various ways to military bases in each of the 5 territory. but how, how does that point of view from georgia when looking at ukraine? is there a sense of similarity? is there a feeling that maybe georgia might be next? there is a sense of solidarity. there is a sense that we are having the exactly the same history because we have gone through the same history since the russian empire through the soviet empire to now russia. and we have experience exactly the same thing we think that we are
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already occupied and we already have this experience. so what is dominating is probably not the fear. it's probably the stage of the georgia population is really feeling that is another self that is now under the attack. and we're looking with hope of the way ukraine has been resisting. it has been showing for unity as manage to gather support from all its partners in europe as.


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