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tv   Baywatch on Four Paws  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm CEST

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well, on d w. what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d w world heritage 360 getty out now ah valentina and her labrador atoria our mission to become life. god's keeping it is beach is safe through the summer. the training at the 6 dog school ahead of a crucial exam. the training is exhausting, but the dog seemed to enjoy it. the humans to glue most of the time. again and again, they pushed to their limits. will they achieve their goal?
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will keep track to find the technique already brought out. i may have just been lock ah drive to the lake is become routine for labrador and tory and valentina and sopa only. it's just after 8 am on a sunday. the dog is wide awake and ready to go. yeah, no, absolutely. yeah, only thing, i'm not, i'm not. i mean, it's much longer de soto ne room at this time of year over my temperatures to full to one degrees celsius. for i thought a thing really saved me last time. i fill the water,
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very cold miss the interest. thank that valentina regularly pools on her wet suit. she loves her dog. she started the training course to give him something to do. oh, now she and her 4 legged friend are on track to become life gods. this harness gives it already extra buoyancy in the water. egg was it on? i did it. and in the visa you look great and your uniform big boy gigante. the school is called schooler italiana, connie silva, todd chill, or 6. the short. russia is mounting on the human canine teams. the final test is in 2 months. i, laura mcdowell, will will be starting with rescue to do with people say they've already done training on dry land now. train. oh roberto gaspard is exercises getting more difficult today. the stimulating the rescue if 2 people
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ebay, back when ben data circles your dog, you quickly swim to juliano leon middleton. valentina works as a journalist. life guarding is completely new to her. understand you dont, doris, she ra, now we're swimming longer. distant brisbin last time. theoretically the dogs can hold back, we've never done it before. i did with this is the 1st time. uh huh. could i my provider with me? oh, well well i well, i don't, i so go,
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go 1st. they practice to play sickness later. the dog will have to stay back until the swimmer who needs help is out of harm's way. the special technique in shoes the truman and dog compliment each other. a vanilla thought a human life guard wouldn't manage to save 2 people there. i mean, they'd have to swim out twice, which would take twice as long or so. but there's a kind of synergy between human and dog ha, vault. the dog can also drag to people to safety. means if it doesn't make much difference to the dog. you got it on fargo, place that order is strong enough to control people and neither knew about darby day. you have to swim. don't stop, swim. wall dies are dog. oh ok. i leave off the up in morocco also came to life guarding through his lap pill. sophia,
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he has stayed experience. we had only on land. he's an emergency nurse at a hospital now hunted, jail, ma, am modal, it's important to be able to do something meaningful with my dog to the exercises with me and the dog are going pretty well. yes, i mean, but i still have to pass the swimming test. another very good nearby day. you're both super motivated than i. let's not lose that. and of the i'm also try to increase the motivation even more my it god sees the info, thought it sample. if you lamar, you at your neck and bottles, davita still lacks enough stamina. he knows that he's currently the week amended his team immediately after the swim, the dogs are rewarded with some play time. yeah, i see. i see computer you are champion
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and i look like bebo in the water with 30 years ago fruit you pill. anger had the idea to make the use of animals rescue instincts. he develop special techniques and founded 6 that thought back at the lay class is in session. roberto explains that maneuvers in the water. unlike a dancer, the human must be in perfect control of the dog to avoid chaos during our rescue. man, a la spell judge is oral by meaning a draw on the beach. you have children playing with balls. it annoys sandwiches. ice cream, lots of everything, honey. if a dog gets distracted by that, we can't work anymore building old person for sale to laura. the only thing to do is just train which they do in their free time. everyone here has another job.
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saving lives on italy's speech is something now to as volunteers, without paying valentina stop, you're not supposed to call him it requires patience. and composure. i don't believe you mean the dog is focusing too much on the handler and not on the goal. the moment the handler says, let's go than the goal has to be the person calling for help it love it. so i gave you the most of the time, the problem lies with the human not being able to clearly communicate. not everyone will make it to the final exam in june before that the humans themselves have a big hurdle to clear that i love it. it's your and i will put the handlers through a task in the swimming pool. needless to say,
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that's crucial for those who pass will make the final selection on. then we'll see whether the dogs are ready. you have old on the, on the lower granny occupant. this is the day before the sweetest and the other day morocco isn't sure he's ready. the training exercises with the fear are going well the to work well as the tain. but he struggling with challenges in the pool. get em. us better you. but if you wait for me to prepare the food, then she waits for my command to eat, and i love the sphere drives him. he trains 3 times a week. she was just 6 months old when she did jump into a pool 6 had set up at a trade fair. started a new. it was the start of something big hit with the legal. but this in, this is the video of the baptism of you been selena,
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or that 1st time she just knew, listen when your it's a beautiful memory. it is not from believe of this, or this was the beginning of everything i do with her to day in the course on the exam lapse in the pool by the lake, the called the largo it all started with this jumpy believe a thoughtful the 3 years the to have been inseparable. he says the fear helps him to balance out his otherwise stressful, everyday life. love the alternate off i brought to what? like we, she's my motivation and we'll go to a little, but i want to give back to her the things she gives me every day with them individually accompany a la cheering up after work. and so these all are i should make an effort to thank her to a lot. she deserves zahida. i married, are committing us. i'm in dallas,
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fort latham yet again. it's the day of the swimming test. i need those who pass will be allowed to continue the course. valentina has to pass for a 2nd time. last year. the course was canceled because of the pandemic. for davida, it's his 1st attempt they're both nervous helpful. he knows he's a little bit. yes. well, you don't see it, but you have to keep your emotions under control and the test requires concentration. and you have to manage your strengths to 12 isn't not have been without any thoughts. if answer, i'm excited. i'm going to give it my best w. o. o,
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1st up, 25 meters of underwater swimming. then the insurance phase, 8, length of freestar, 4 in rescue style facing forward. i now get out. come on all in under 10 minutes. in between come rescue jumps and head 1st tides and when their bodies were already feeling the strain, they must swim with whites which are hot to hold on too. but after 8 minutes and 39 seconds, valentina has done it. ah, you went on the journey killa, mendota, i did it says he will make it through,
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but tin won't. ah oh, among those his daughter ah ah! but i am not unfortunately, it didn't work out. i'm still too slow. i'll have to practice much more and try again next year. it's a question of training. so it's, it's not impossible to see for the others. training continues. it's now may, there are only 2 weeks until the final exam, as when valentina will find out if all the fish and the sunday spent in freezing
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water. who is it? because of the pandemic. she's already had to wait ease. oh my lord and you denise. good, good vinnie. we can't wait to be finished out and i say finished boat. really. it will be the beginning. yamaha ship, a new task out. but for me it's taken 3 years bit off at geometry, m. that's a long time. what so come, could that out of that? he an accomplice and she the teens have to carry bags of stone weighing 8 kilograms. fairmont up the distance is a getting longer giuliano dahlia. instructional calendar. it doesn't wanna go look, been jamel in castle. when you get close to the person, just say these 3 magic phrases. i'm here to help you. what is they call? give me your arm actual for that. oh, okay, but what is the dog?
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does that want to cooperate during the test on saturday? when will mary grown? oh yes. to be allowed to try again. you absolutely have to go to the person who's in trouble and help them. what do you mean? try again. if you just drop out, you'll definitely fail the child. i'll be right. oh boy. okay. we need i didn't, i don't. no, no, no pupil blending of sensory misery out. they don't really have any problems anymore. and we're gonna, there's a harmony between human and dog, where the owner goes, the dog follow, don't call nicola, is done in the day with valentina and in to have made good progress. the labrador hardly leaves her side. still passing the test is by no means certain despite the disappointment in the pool,
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neither did morocco hasn't given up. he loves his job as a nurse, and he's well suited to helping people. he still feels ready to take his skills into the water and conquer. she brought, she wrote in all and rotting, i'm going to try again next year lago? yesterday i passed the preliminary exam at the lake. some of them are equal. so if i passed the swimming test next year, the willis, i mean, i'll be ready for the final exam with my dog, but it also could be able to let you know which have you considered giving up a victim. yeah, that's not an option. it's that kind of attitude that will ensure to volunteer with of 6 continuous. ah, it's the big day to final exam at law. go to seattle around 30 teams to taking part time for final preparations
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bases orderly. the weights are here. little thought they brought us the panel boat and in 15 minutes we'll get going. if i go, okay, i'll see i fall faster, get your suits on. we're starting then saw all the while. yeah, let's go see the would be lifeguards and now close to the never to their goal. roberto assigned to task. so i'm that the person simulation drowning? shouldn't he moving away from the shore? you the with it all for hell but not so loud. the police arrive, if you think if i shouted the people from the village would come by my, you have bullshit all g e, blair, me,
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they go to 33. will. the big problem for the owners today will be excitement because the dog is very sensitive to the mood of its human partner, late this war called bon your model. even the schools found her through 'til. linda has come from northern italy with his newfoundland dog reef. thank you. no longer wants to see if these candidates meet the standards. he said when he started 6, the school has 15 of shoots around italy. it's a global pioneer when it comes to canine ro, to rescue jam wanna keep, boom. we're a team. i'm never alone. jojo every year that grief and i travel around italy to see if the dogs taking the test are following our philosophy. request the philadelphia valentino any others have several rounds of testing still to complete
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with tom on with now back to shore, darling. he wanted it to read take so if it's a towing valentina focus is on the back of stones. oh oh oh oh oh oh that will know that about to an are you ready? got done with that now we have to swim a lot. and yeah, the 2nd round. and yeah, so we get in the water. why? the sea up to $400.00 train,
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6 units already helped keep it las coasts and like safe which of the trainees will join them. i mean there's still a tricky exercise to complete the rescue jump dog 1st. i. 9 7 this is the only thing with the villain, tina. this is the hardest part. i told her it weighs 50 kilograms about as much as is dona. she can't get a grip on him. and the boat is slippery. oh boy, there is time help is allowed. oh wow, i thought that my lawyer for the 1st him then you still with
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i got see i laura almost thought delivery spot. i'm really happy with your work and preparation over these difficult month. most of the sea city. i believe it's great to see dogs following in our footsteps and in the footsteps of dogs that have made history, both in italy and beyond. a gaming of our dogs will make us happy in the days to come over the next season in the city and for many more years of the county. great job, everyone joining the union, robbie a everyone passed exhausted, bit relieved with kick it in his home. and so i'm so happy i could. everyone here is overjoyed, much so many great people have been
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a powerful experience. they don't so much thanks to our dogs. we've made great connections with other people. get upset. laura, she's a really sweet bought you a oh i hm. soon i have to prove themselves in real life, rescues on italy, speeches thought before their 1st missions, the rescues have one more chance to practice rescue and self preservation. they learned to form a cross with their body, with one arm extended to the dog and the other holding the boy for all 3 that lacked dorsey godaddy. when you approach you form a real cross, remember you did not like this or like that,
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but correctly. then you hold out the buoy and say firmly, hold on the thought it. but if it's, if they don't take the bowie and keep paddling because they're not thinking clearly, then you pull it back and start over again lobby. but in the bit, every buffalo, a saw thumbing the gobble the outstretched arms needed to keep the drowning person at a distance. people in fear of drowning can develop tremendous strength. they can cling to the rescuer and put them under. train demonstrates how the risk of his life is in danger. like getting to close close with. i've been guilty of as soon as you feel me pulling the booey towards me. get away
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when away swim away or i'll catch you. don't a capital mopar bark. what do you have to ask me or alone? i am alone. ah. mid jamante, but i am well, my area will keep practicing the technique that got a reacted. well, he was brave. he was near me. he followed me. i just agreed on it. linda got your knee on it went well, but it's just the beginning and a few weeks later, the peer a working alongside and experience tame. it's one of the hottest days of the year.
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the beach is a pact. the time for training and practice is over. now valentina and it are responsible for a few 100 meters of beach they said that if you like, what not if you get a copy, if you get what you constantly have to look to observe and to understand if there's a possible danger, developing bancwest to set it back will make we look for changes in the v and the temperature, or the wind, a alpha l minus and there's no one at the belief, not she yet luigi bits also pay particular attention to children. 2 weeks earlier, luigi and his dog had to risky, 14 people together with the teens. the current had pulled him away from shore. now, an inflatable boat has drifted quite far out,
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but the parents are also standing watch. and the sea is calm. not like it was 2 weeks ago when boise head on monday about sunset. also we got only one big except sound. the sea was pretty rough. if we need, there were high waves the friday before you made when you realize it's taking you a lot in time to move forward, it can be worrying. you won't get it, but we're well trained by the time the summer season starts. so it will be put on the, with the 4 of them do go into the water, but only to cool mouth valentina with it is proud to be a part of the risky team. she can now with a white t shirt as a trained life god. and a torrent is already a star, both on the beach and in the water. ah, i am not that psycho mad that else young for having a power house like at that
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a by my side makes me really confident out and i get i'm they got my she got the he's very resilient. kneeled with with him at my side. i could swim all the way to the horizon on because i've and the room is the young for and if it comes to it safe a life. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah,
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ah ah, ah ah ah, ah, with who the freeport system, a world wide network of duty free high security warehouses? what's that? how is it stored? is it cleared through customs who controls that or is there types of asian, a legal loophole for tax evaders or nothing more than just temporary storage? secluded treasures. in 15 minutes on
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d. w. enter the conflict zone with tim sebastian. more than 3 months into the war in ukraine on both sides. we're taking heavy losses. my guess this week is last year about the logical hollow tissue and human rights lawyer who joins me from clear. what makes her so sure, mister prudent wouldn't press his nuclear come put on 90 minutes on d. w. o. we got some hot tips for your bucket list. romantic cornered, tread. hotspot for food and some great cultural memorials to boot
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d w, travel off we go. it started out with the spooky and condition and transformed into an orgy of hate and violence. the history of the ku klux klan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states founded over 150 years ago repeatedly died out. but always been resurrected. the ku klux klan starts may 11th on d. w with
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ah, ah ah, business the w news live from berlin. the european commission pushes the ban on russian oil commission. president of a funder line says that you should face all to import by the end of this year. but critics say that's not fast enough. also coming up, russia stripes, ukraine in the west and in these bombs destroy power stations in the city of levine and russian forces continue their assault on the sub.