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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2022 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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ah, ah, ah ah, business dw news live from berlin. the european commission pushes the ban on russian oil commission. president of a funder line says that you should face out in ports by the end of this year. but critics say that's not fast enough. also coming up, russia stripes, ukraine in the west and in the east bombs destroy power stations in the city of levine and russian forces continue their assault on the southern city of mario paul, where ukrainians are fighting for their lives. german charts are all of shaw says
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vladimir putin made a mistake by invading ukraine. the board dominated a 2 day meeting, a whole of shots cabinet focused on finding alternatives to russian fossil fuels. ah, i'm glad alphas welcome to the program. european commission president also la funder lined as called on the you to ban oil imports from russia. she proposed the phase out that would end payments to moscow by the end of this year. the $27.00 members states would have to support such a band unanimously. the support that may be hard to come by. several, you countries get most of their, all from russia. but those who back the embargo say anything less would help fund russia's war on ukraine. stepping up,
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the pressure and russia was laugh. underline tuesday, european parliament e the lawmakers who represent the east citizens to drop arg, her bike announcement we call to day we will propose to ban all russian oil from europe. this will be a complete import ban on all russian oil seaborne and pipeline crude and refined. we will make sure that we phase out russian oil in an orderly fashion. the plan is to face out oil by the end of 2020 to hungary. in slovakia, which are very dependent on russian oil will be granted longer transition periods. and besides, the oil ban funded line also presented other sanctions in her 6th package on the internet. the european commission now wants to take off spare bank rushes, largest bank from the swift financial transaction system. and the plan is also to target military officials involved in the atrocities in mario pole. and in boucher
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and 3 russian media outlets will be banned from european airwaves for spreading misinformation. in addition to sputnik and russia to day, it is with the ban on energy, however, that the ear is hoping to hit the russian economy the hardest. but only facing out oil is far from enough for many lawmakers damage. they want boulder status. finally, we have for oil even when it will, takes still 6 to 9 months to implement it. i'm are also a waiting for a been on on gas because sir, what we are paying to the war machine of put in is mainly what we're paying for russian. gus. the ears span on russian oil could cause even higher price spikes for energy and fuel in europe. putting a burden on european citizens apprised the you has to pay to show solidarity with its neighbors. ukraine,
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after many young makers think we have to understand that $1.00 price to fight this bloody war will be on this oil and gas embargo in the end. yes. and we have to make sure this is socially, are compensated for those people. for those households who could not pay the higher price e u countries must still agree on the sanctions pack is before it enters into force . but that is likely to happen in the next few days. russian military has renewed its assault on the other star steel plant in the city of mario paul, the ukrainian government said russian troops have entered the area around the plant and her attempting to storm it earlier this week. if she went to arian workers, had evacuated over a 100 civilians from the facility. for some, it was the 1st time they'd seen sunlight in many days. safe at last,
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after weeks, under constant attack, these people have escaped the as of south steel plant, ukraine's last stronghold in the besieged city of mario paul. many arriving t is recounting stories of horror. you might because you can't imagine how scary it is when you sit in the shelter in a wet and damp basement, which is bouncing, shaking when we were able to go outside. i saw the sun for the 2nd time in 2 months, very bad. but while dozens have made it to safety, thousands remain in danger. awful fire leave a bunch of bizarre of you at the moment while we are here, as of style is being stormed out, mario poll is still under siege and people could not leave today when you were you . that you knew that there are tens of thousands of such people who were tens of
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thousands of women and the elderly remaining mario pole. they booking whole vehicle . russian shelling continued through the day in mario pole. soon after the evacuation was completed. those who remain are in despair, woodrum furnished hunters. you wake up in the morning and you cry, you cry in the evening. i don't know where to go at own yet not to stop this. i am not alone. imagine everything is destroyed. everything is broken. where should the people go? now? relatives of the soldiers is still fighting in the as of style plant had rallies in cave on tuesday, demanding bay b evacuated to the soldiers are part of the controversial far right as of regiment . while ukrainian authorities promised to continue the operation, they say international intervention will be crucial. with
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m, i spoke to matilda book now from the united nations human rights monitoring mission in ukraine. and she told us about the scale of civilian casualties. her team as documented. we have more than $6600.00 civilian casualties, which includes more than $3200.00 civilian dates. the other civilians have been injured. but clearly these numbers are lower than the actual numbers. because these are the cases that we've been able to individually verify in places such as medical we have not been able to verify most of the casualties that have happened there. and we estimate that there have been thousands of casualties. so overall, the numbers will actually be larger, but it will take time to be able to fully verify them. now they've been many reports about russian troops, deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure in ukraine. was that the case from the very beginning? or is that something that you've only seen later when it became clear that
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ukrainian resistance was strong and the russian invasion stoled? right in the beginning, we didn't see that as, as a conflict has increased in size and gone on for longer. we've seen more and more attacks which have hits a civilian objects. and it's certainly we are consented that the use of weapons has been indiscriminate in some cases. and the, the numbers of civilian objects, including hospitals, including schools that have been, have been hit as strongly suggest that the international humanitarian law rules, the rules of war have not been fully complied with that there has been indiscriminate use of weapons. now is there any contact at all between you and the russian forces about what's happening in the territories that they control?
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we have not been in direct touch on that yet. so that that is something that we will be doing. they are aware of our reporting that we are concerned by violations in the areas where they have had control and in the places where they have since withdrawn. in particular north of key. if we have seen a wide, a wide scope of violations, do you get a sufficient access from both you russian and ukrainian authorities to the property, investigate events on the ground. we have an agreement with the government of ukraine to give us full access to the territory. we have had access, we get access to places of detention. we have been visiting prisoners of war. we are not able to access those areas that are under severe hostilities. purely from
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the safety issue, it is just too insecure to go to those areas. we have not yet been able to access areas that are under, under russian control. now, how worried are you that possible evidence of human rights abuses may be removed or template with in regions that are under russian control. in maria? well, i think we've already been able to collect some evidence. evidence over time. does deteriorate, is of a see a lot better to get evidence immediately after after events have happened. but i am hopeful that over time evidence will be collected and that we will understand the full scope of what has happened. matilda obama from the united nations human rights monitoring team in the ukraine talking to was earlier
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a german chance. the whole of shaw says russian president vladimir putin made a mistake by invading ukraine. he claimed the war has only strengthened nato, and the u shows was speaking after to day retreat with his cabinet outside berlin with disgust. how best to send moscow, that message in the form of sanctions and phasing out of russian fossil fuel imports. there was a relaxed atmosphere at misburg on the 2nd day of german cabinet consultations on the agenda with the war and ukraine and resulting economic and energy issues. chancellor left schoultz said vladimir putin had made a disastrous miscalculation by invading ukraine. must have a contest. and what he's getting is a stronger nato. a stronger organization of security in the eastern states of the natal region. just what he's got is a unified european union. i nigger or pierce on you on another central theme was the planned e, you, oil embargo you ranks 1st is the transition period is sufficiently
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long that we can look at all options to create alternatives to russian, oil and germany. that's even shortest endorsement. of course, in this situation, we can't guarantee that it will be plain sailing your own guarantee and does his mission stalking to it. boy, germany's finance minister said he was looking to improve the enforcement of sanctions on russian oligarchs. the poor food up were checking if those on the sanctions listed vince is that can be legally obliged the other to disclose their assets and germany movements. kingston, the enlarged and often sleep. after 2 days of meetings in the countryside, the 3 party leaders praised the corporation between coalition members. let's have a look now. some of the other stories making headlines around the world. thousands of opposition supporters have taken to the streets of the armenian capital here,
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yvonne to call for the resignation of prime minister nico pacina. they accuse him of plotting to hand over lands a neighbouring as a by john r for 6 week war. in 2020. i mean yellow, significant territory in the dispute. it a corner carrabas region. that of the united nations has paid his 1st visit to nigeria. secretary general antonio would tell us, met with president more moto hurried and visited a refugee camp in the conflict. it bono state. he met with those displaced by the terrible book or rum during the insurgency and called for more funding pleasantry longer have arrested protest as rallying outside parliament as the country's economic crisis deepens. basic necessities are in short, supply and inflation is soaring. on wednesday, the finance minister won't relinquish that the economic hardship will last for at least 2 more years. in many cities across the u. s. people have rallied for abortion rights. they were responding to
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a leaked draft opinion from the supreme court that indicated the court is in favor of overturning the landmark roe vs wade ruling that ruling legalized abortion nationwide in 1973, some anti abortion protesters also stage demonstrations is reminder of the top stories we're following for you. the european commission has called on member states to ban oil imports from russia, commission president, also a funder line, outline to 6 package of sanctions against moscow, and called forth phased embargo. that would put a hold to rush of orlin forts by the end of this year. and russia has launched new stripes against the city of the v f in easton ukraine in west of ukraine. i'm sorry, the city's mayor says explosions knocked onto power in some areas and injured to people. meanwhile, ukrainian fight to say russia has launched
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a new assault on the steel plant in the besieged city of mario pope. and that's it from me and the news team of finance coming up next, a documentary about the free port system of storage, valuable items in the duty free warehouses. after a short i'm got office in berlin from me and the news team here. thanks for where natural spectacle improve the world. the return of the spiky yellow with louse will ensure the survival of the entire ecosystem. ah, one of the many success stories from a bastion of biodiversity. colina stores may 20th on dw. ah.


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