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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. rockets hit you, crane 2nd city heart gave as rush as eastern offensive drugs on security cameras capture the daytime destruction of an amusement park in the city by a russian victory. there is it still far from certain ukrainian troops, se they've taken back several villages in the area. also on the show, the european commission pushes a ban on russian oil commission. president courses under lions says the you should
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phase out in ports by the end of the year. a critic say that's not fast enough. and german chancellor all off schultz says vladimir putin made a mistake by invading ukraine. the war dominated a 2 day meeting of olaf shelters, cabinet focused on finding alternatives to russian fossil fuels. ah. hello, i'm claire richardson. thank you so much for joining us. russian rockets continue to pound ukraine's 2nd largest city hard keith as moscow's offensive in the east of the country takes its toll. but ukraine's armed forces are claiming victories in that region. after taking back several towns the residence there, say the russian occupation was an experience. they would like to forget at amusement park rocked by missiles and harkey,
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ccd re footage captured these shocking images. ukrainian authorities see this was one of dozens of russian air strikes, an attempt to heighten the gremlins eastern offensive as ukrainian forces retake some villages in the harkey region. scenes of destruction, greed them. after spending 2 months under russian control residence are still in shock. dorm. yes, we lived in the basement for 2 months. they wouldn't let us out what we were sitting in the basement. we didn't have anything to eat or drink. there was no water. we were getting dirty black water from the well and b, junket mobile. no more thought it was a good early to the west in la viv, a bar plant was hit. russian authorities happened, foamed the i targeting infrastructure including really be lines dc. the west is
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using them to send alms to ukraine to search the united states. and it's nate or alice continued to pump weapons into ukraine. bloomberg review any john sport off the north atlantic alliance that had arrived in the country's directory with weapons on what details for the needs of the ukraine, an armed forces, as the legitimate dogged for destruction. liberty in the besieged city of monte or pole. heavy fighting continues, but the russian military says they will call a ceasefire in the coming days to allow a humanity in god adored out of the odds of charles t blunt. now to bring in at christopher hagner, his with the international committee of the red cross, which is in the past been part of an operation, ought to bring civilians out of the as of stall plants. and he has been helping some of those evacuees in his upper isha very warm welcome to the show. thank you for taking the time. i'm after spending weeks trapped under ground in tunnels under
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bombardment. what kind of condition were these people in when the red cross picked them up? good evening and most of them were in a state of deep shock. i mean, if you can imagine that these people have not seen the sky, the sunlight for, for over 2 months. and they had no idea what was going on around them. the only thing that they heard was fighting and heavy, heavy fighting happening around them. these people were either not speaking or they were crying. some of them asked for for priest. and we really, we are on the one hand we released that after 5 days. we managed to get these people out in a safe passage operation that was extremely difficult. and to facilitate and to, to, to successfully operate this safe passage. but there are more people and you've, you've seen the image, is there more people that need help? and we hope that we can, we can get civilians to safety in this plan. but anywhere else is love, did you get
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a sense from the people here have already met about what the conditions are for those people who are still trapped in the steel print in mario, paul, what they told us, obviously, what was a very striking was that they wanted to know when they're their friends or family members, other people in the plan could get out and they were really boring accounts of what they went through. and i think that something that we sometimes forget is that they're not only the visible scars, the people carry away from from conflict, but the invisible scars. so people have endured incredible trauma that i think we cannot even comprehend. so these people, obviously, it also psychological support for 4 years to come after what, what they have endured in this plan, but also in this conflict that's going on right now. in addition to that, mental trauma, can you tell us what people need the most when they arrive when you see them in
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operation? so you've seen the image as these people come off of the buses after, after having been been stuck without sunlight, without proper medical treatment. we've seen pregnant women, we've seen children that were as young as 6 month old. and they basically lived in darkness without no proper sanitary system without proper food, without proper water. so i think it's just coming back to some sort of, of human dignity and human life that, that somehow they can hopefully rebuild in the future. so obviously there are these emergency needs, this is derek aids. it also other organizations are helping with upon arrival when they came to, to supper easier. but obviously there's the more long term needs such as housing. but at the same time, what i've mentioned before the, the mental scars that these people will carry for, for some time, christopher hanger from the red cross. thank you for your work and for sharing your
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experience with us. thanks for having me. now this week on a conflict sound, e, w, 's, tim sebastian, it talks to lazier vast length, a member of the ukrainian parliament. but how the russian invasion has affected the views of ukrainian citizens about their own government, political institutions, and the west. when putin as openly referred to his nuclear arsenal, and those put it, he says on a higher state of alert, you wouldn't expect the western nature in particular not to take that threat seriously. would you in all honesty, she has made so many claims which she never went had one saying that he is willing to do nuclear weapons in the crane will be suicidal to him, to his own country. and she's very people as well. and it's a good thing that it's not just him alone put in a line who is in charge of pressing that one,
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read the whole line of mind to start deploying nuclear weapons. and in all honesty, if she had gone completely insane which is clearly the chase, not all of his generals, and not all of the people in the line of command and moscow, have gone badly and fame as to wish upon themselves. and tim sebastian's entire interview is right after this news bulletin. or you can also watch it on line d, w dot com, backlash conflicts own. well, in other news, european commission president or so the funder lion has called on the e u to ban oil imports from russia. she proposed a phase out that would end payments to moscow by the end of the year. and the 27 member states would have to support such a been unanimously, and that support that may be hard to come by. several, you countries get most of their oil from russia. but those who back the embargo say anything less would help funding rushes war on ukraine. stepping up, the pressure in russia was la fund
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a line to europe in parliament. e. lawmakers represent the east citizen to drop our co announcements. today we will propose to ban all russian oil from europe. this will be a complete import band on all russian oil seaborne and pipeline crude and refined. we will make sure that we phase out russian oil in an orderly fashion. the plan is to face out oil by the end of 2022, hungary and slovakia, which are very dependent on russian oil will be granted longer transition periods. besides the oil ban funder line also presented other sanctions in her 6th package of the internet. the european commissioner wants to take off spare bank rushes, largest bank from the swift financial transaction system. and the parents also to target military officials in walked in the atrocities in mario pole. and in boucher
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and 3 russian media outlets will be banned from european air base for spreading misinformation. in addition to sputnik and russia today, it is with the ban on energy, however, that the ear is hoping to hit the russian economy the hardest. but only facing out oil is far from enough for many lawmakers damage. they want boulders status. finally, we have for oil even when it will, takes still 6 to 9 months or to implement it. i'm are also a waiting for a been on on gas because sir, what we are paying to the war machine of britain is mainly what we are paying for russian. gus, the ears ban on russian oil could cause even higher price spikes for energy and fuel in europe. putting a burden on european citizens, a prize that you has to pay to show solidarity with its neighbors. ukraine, after many,
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your makers think we have to understand that $1.00 price to fight this bloody war will be on this oil and gas embargo in the end. yes. and we have to make sure this is socially compensated for those people. for those households who could not pay the higher price, each country's must still agree on the sanctions package before it enters into force. but that is likely to happen in the next few days. so let's get more on this story from my colleague christy plaids and from the business department. i kristi, i guess the big question is how much this would hurt russia? right? we have to understand that nearly half of crude and petroleum in russia is going to europe. so the short answer, your question is a lot, of course, but taking a little bit of a closer look there at europe is paying 850 met, right. is a $1000000.00 every single day to russia for energy around half of that is for oil . the other half thing for gas,
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of course. and of course this money is helping to fund rushes budget to find its war machine. it's also doing a lot to prop up the ruble because a lot of russia's foreign exchange reserves have been frozen outside of the country . so this is foreign currency that's flying in every single day. and so this would really be a major hit to russia, but of course, this cuts both ways. there's a reason they want a gradual phase out here in europe because a hard cut would be very hard on the european economy. so they want to want to take their time, but this will also give russia time to find alternative buyers of course. and we already know that india, china, for example, have been open to buying this steeply discounted russian oil, which has gotten cheaper since other western countries have stopped buying so well . this will certainly be a major hit for russia. i don't know that they'll be throwing their hands up immediately if this were to pass right and it will hurt europe as well. and yourself underlying has said that it won't be easy. is europe really prepared to go without these supplies? right, well i have to think they are otherwise, they wouldn't have put this on the table in such a concrete way. i mean,
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this is the 6th round of sanction. so they've passed this over up until now. there had been some chatter about them waiting for the winter months to pass, obviously, or were through the cold phase. now, there had also been talk that europe was waiting for russia to make the call to cut the block off, because that would be easier politically for policy makers to take that hit. and now we find ourselves somewhere in between because of course russia has cut off gas to some member states. now that you is coming forward with this proposal as well. so as for concretely how they would do this, they can of course, bye oil elsewhere from the middle east, from the americas. so that's not the issue. it's really more infrastructure having the pipelines, having the liquefied natural gas terminals. and these are, there are projects in the work already to, to get those there. but those are going to take time. some proposals about what might happen in the short term is just reducing the use of, of energy. for example,
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by making public transportation free is one example. right now these sanctions also take aim at the banking system on proposal to finally cut off rushes biggest bank from the swift international payment system. you tell us why there's been a change of heart there. right, well, yeah, europe has a much closer trade relation to rush, then the u. k. and the usa does or did have you wanna look at it, for example. and this of course has to do with the closed energy relations that europe had with russia, u. k, u s. cut off this bank much earlier. and now these are 2 tied together. the fact that they want to cut off oil and cut off this bank because spare bank is the main bank that europe used to make payments for oil. so it's actually quite easy for them to say now that they're considering cutting off oil. naturally, they can say we, we can cut this bank off now because they don't need to be making these payments any more. so well, it's certainly going to be a major hit. it's a little bit easier for europe to shoot itself in the foot at this point. that being said, this bank does account for around 40 percent of russia's financial system. so
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that's major christy, pleasant from dealer business, thanks much for breaking that down for us. we'll german chancellor, all i've shown has said that russian president vladimir putin miscalculated when he invaded ukraine, and that the war has strengthened both nato and the u. haul was speaking after a 2 day off site retreat of his cabinet near berlin. the gathering was designed to resolve domestic issues, but it was of course, overshadowed by the war in ukraine. she also said minister is also discussed ways to reduce german dependency on russian hill fuels. our correspondent benjamin evers gruber attended that press conference and he sent us this assessment. russian president vladimir putin miscalculated with his war in ukraine. he's getting a strong nato, a lions, and a unified european union. this with german chancellor, olaf schall sat after a 2 day meeting with his ministries here in may's about close to berlin with of
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course the war in ukraine taking center stage, both guests the prime ministers of finland and of sweden, attended with short, saying the germany will support both countries, if they decide to join the nato defense ally and he pledged the germany will continue increasing it's spending on defense with the 2 percent of g. german g d p per year with the special fund of that bond is where this $100000000000.00 euros and vice chancellor will. but havoc was also the economy minister did not only refer to the refugees to those fleeing the war in ukraine, but also to the russians who have fled. russia already who planned to flee the country and not come back for them to make it easier to come. and to work in germany and germany's opposition leader feverish matt has paid a visit to keith to meet with ukrainian president for the dinner zalinski ref. as office said, he made the trip to discuss the details of an upcoming delivery of heavy weapons to
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ukraine. a back home his visit has caused esther. germany's chancellor has sidestepped a visit to keith since the war broke out after an apparent snub from the ukrainian government. critics st. martha's visit has undermined a german leadership. when germany's opposition leader frieda mats meets not only with keith mer vitale, clinico and his brother, but also with ukraine's presence lensky behind closed doors. it since 2 messages. gemini support is welcome. and in principle is politicians are to in the zip is on the side in these unusual times. it's very important. and symbolic to have visits from friends who support ukraine. so deeply fantasy militia visorio, we are also protecting our democracy, our freedom and our way of life in germany as well. in dodge le mounts began the day by visiting epin, a suburb of keith. here as the man told him,
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with the fighting was fiercest before. it's also where ukrainian forces stopped the russian advance on the way to the capital. he walked spin falleth, how are i'm full of sorrow about the numerous casualties that happened here. but also at the same time about full of admiration for what the army, the ukrainian soldiers achieved here though dotted on jordan utilized. it up mounts is following a simple strategy with his trip. he's trying to put pressure on the german government. he thinks is already worked with heavy weapons deliveries. german media have reported that the government had decided to give artillery from the armies own stalks to ukraine, but mounts his walking a tightrope on one hand, his opposition leader on the other supporter of the government. during wartime. a few days ago, he attacked the lack of action by the chancellor in the german parliament. the homeless cons to hug you or what the weeks the chancellor has stalled left open and evaded answering the question of where the weapons should be delivered. ukraine often or not. oh, why shouldn't but unfold?
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left shells has tried to turn the tables mats, his trip to ukraine was really a mission on behalf of the government or so schultz has subtly implied that essence of it. firstly, he told me about his request and i had no objection and i approve of it. they get up and secondly, so we will of course, talk afterwards about what he has to tell me which breaking them that no government official has yet visited. ukraine is a point of contention in the coalition. as the deputy chancellor robert hobbit has made clear version offices to one of your files. now position i would have also gone to you grange so that we as the government have not yet gone there, as the chance, as explained, is essentially due to the fact that the presence invitation was revoked on. but there will be a solution to that. we continuing to discuss it, noted that on monday, if the chancellor work visit mats be quick to claim it is a when he announced on his trip the now also wants to help clear up the reasons for
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shots. his reluctance to travel to keep you updated it. and let's get into this with regression keys of after he's a member of the german of parliament for the opposition christian democrats. and it was in keith with his party's leader. fish mats was just returned from ukraine. want to warm him, welcome him warmly to the show and thank him for taking the time. i'm sorry, i'd like to begin by asking you about the meeting with president zalinski. did he have concrete demands? well this was an atmosphere really enlightening, a man very focused, friendly, and full of power please. i will be very reluctant to inform about further details because order a position leader food mouse will inform the chancellor in this minute. therefore, it is fair enough not to speak about details, but what was very clear that not only the president, but also the colleagues from the route of the parliament
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b government opposition. they really welcome the strong request of the parliament, the german polar end of last week. and so lensky showed trust in germany. and we all believe that now or chancellor has enough leeway to really further support wholeheartedly ukraine. and yet your trip has caused quite a splash here in germany to say the least. critics of saying that nurses visit to ukraine was more about showing the german public that he would be a better chancellor than the comments than it really was about showing support. and what would your reaction be to those critics? well, probably they have problems with the election campaign and also and was failure or least because those who mentioned this for the amount was not taking part in campaign x and campaign plans. the last 48 hours. so it would have been
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much easier to take part in election campaigning in the east coast on offering was taylor instead of going to keith. and he has not completely informed about the details of the talks with presidency lensky because he does not want to exploit it. in the election campaign, he was a statesman there, and he is supporting our translate our government because they have not yet reached a date to with ukraine. but it was not exploited for election issues. it was much more assigned that the german parliament has given a strong signal last week. and our position leader has fostered this in his presence in keith because the government was not there so far. and yet, for an international audience, none of the signals that germany has a very unified foreign policy because of these internal differences, you see a problem there in times like these no,
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i believe that it is very important that this country is able to act. also in crisis times and what we need is a better explanation of our policies, a better explanation of our strategy. and we shouldn't be so reluctant to delivering weapons. there are 3 issues that ukraine needs, 1st of all, long, distant weapons, to keep the russians apart. second, strong security guarantees for a future free and liberal society and a free and sovereign ukraine. and 3rd, what also is needed as a possibility to become a member of the european union, a strong signal from the european union that they were reach. the candidate ship already this year, and i, i know you don't want to get into specifics, but could you tell us? and generally what we can expect to hear come out of nurses discussions back in berlin. well, 1st of all, there's
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a stronger support from our side and also a stronger european coordinated approach. b, it with wizards, but also be it with weapons delivery coordinator dovetailed and also oriented to the requests and the needs of ukraine. ukraine has only one chance to win. this is with western support. and if your crane fails, then also modal will follow and the baltic states. so we defend our freedom there and therefore ukraine needs every support they need. if we won't do that, the next step would be mode over. so it is an urgent need to really show an over arching support. not only bipartisan and germany, but from the whole european union and nato, for you. now, before i let you go, after everything that you personally witnessed in ukraine and do you think the country is in a position to win this war?
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well, i met very motivated politicians, very motivated mayo's clear core and also the mayor of ill pin. and i saw people who were so optimistic that with the support from germany and other countries, they have a chance to win 100 thousands of civilians were killed, murdered, thousands of troops were murdered, and civilian targets were destroyed. and the army is really fighting a brave for and they need any support because we would lose our civilization if we won't support them and we need to contain russia. this is ugly, and it is horrible where they are committing for war crimes. indeed, thank you very much reservation keys. vetter has just returned from a visit to ukraine when it comes to the news. thank you so much. ms. richardson. thank you. let's take a look now either the other stories making headlines around the world. an attack on
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a military base in somalia has killed at least 10 burundi un peacekeepers. according to burgundy, army dozens were wounded in the attack. and for rough north the capitol, mogadishu, terror group, archibald, has claimed responsibility the head of the united nations has paid his 1st visit to nigeria. secretary general antonio quoterush met with president mohammed to bihari and visited a refugee camp in the conflict hit bore no states. he met with those displaced by the terror group, boca herana during the insurgency, and called for more funding. thousands of opposition supporters have taken to the streets of the armenian capital, yerevan to call for the resignation of prime minister nichol passion. they accused him of plotting 2 seed lands, 2 neighboring azerbaijan, after a 6 week war, in 2020 armenia lost significant territory in the disputed nagondo carbon region
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that update at this hour as promised conflict zone. with him, sebastian is coming up next tuesday, june. for that, you can of course, always find more on our website at dw dot com or follow us on social media. w news . i'm clear richardson in berlin for the team here. thanks much for watching. ah ah ah ah ah,
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with ah, with or into the conflict zone with sebastian more than 2 months into the war in ukraine on both sides and taking heavy losses. my guess this week is let's see about the latin code, holiday shooting and human rights lawyer who joins me from what makes us so sure,
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mr. newton wouldn't press his nuclear conflict zone with next on d, w. o . one of main kinds, oldest ambitions could be within reach or what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world torino race against time. the d. n. a molecule though has 28000000 different powered glasses. they are piers and rivals,
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with one daring goal to out smart nature for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. moral starts may 28th on d, w. more than 2 months into the war in ukraine and both sides are taking heavy losses. while the bombardment goes on, moscow has kept up its relentless propaganda accusing nato of conducting a proxy war with russia. my guess this week is less the of us will unco politician and human rights lawyer who joins me from key f. what makes her so sure, mister putin wouldn't press his nuclear button. and o honor, he has made so many claims which,


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