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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2022 2:02am-2:27am CEST

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of russian air strikes, an attempt to heighten the gremlins eastern offensive as ukrainian forces retake some villages in the harkey region. scenes of destruction, greed them. after spending 2 months under russian control, residents are still in shock. dorm. yes, we lived in the basement for 2 months, they wouldn't let us out what the was sitting in the basement. we didn't have anything to eat or drink. there was no water. we were getting dirty black water from the well and we drank, it will go more thought it was a bit early to the west in live a bar plant was hit russian authorities have been formed. the targeting infrastructure including really be lines, dc. the west is using them to send arms to ukraine to search the united states and it's nato allies continued to pump weapons into ukraine. bloomberg review any
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john sport of the north atlantic alliance that had arrived in the country's territory with weapons on the details for the needs of the ukraine, an armed forces, as the legitimate dog for destruction. the besieged city of mario pool has seen heavy fighting ahead of another announced ceasefire. the russian military says the pause will allow you, man, a dead and corridor out of the eyes of styles t blunt. early we spoke with chris hanger from the international committee of the red cross. it was part of an operation to rescue civilians from the as of style plant and mario pole. he helped welcome survivors once they reached the city of zap maricia. good evening and most of them were in a state of deep shock. i mean, if you can imagine that these people have not seen the sky, the sunlight for, for over 2 months. and they had no idea what was going on around them. the only
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thing that they heard was fighting and heavy, heavy fighting happening around them. and these people were either not speaking or they were crying. some of them asked for for priest. and we really, we are on the one hand we released that after 5 days. we managed to get these people out out in a safe passage operation that was extremely difficult and to facilitate and to to, to successfully operate this, this safe passage. but they're more people and, and you've, you've seen the image, is there more people that need help? and we hope that we can, we can get civilians to safety in this plan, but anywhere else is low. the european commission president ursula on the line has called on the e u. 2 ban oil imports from russia. she proposed a phase out that would end payments to moscow by the end of the year. the 27 member states would all have to support such a ban. and that may be hard to come by. several e u countries get most of their oil from russia, but those backing the embargo,
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say anything less would help fund the pay to show solidarity with its neighbors. ukraine, after many lawmakers think we have to understand that $1.00 price to fight this bloody war will be on this oil and gas embargo in the end. yes. and we have to make sure this is socially, are compensated for those people, for those households who could not pay the higher price. dio, countries must still agree on the sanctions package before it enters into force. but that is likely to happen in the next few days. or has look at some of the stories making headlines around the world. an attack on a military base in somalia has killed at least 10 burundi in peacekeepers, according to bernice army. dozens were wounded in the attack and albert off north of the capitol, mogadishu, the armed group, ayesha bob has claimed responsibility united nations secretary general and tanya
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tara's met with nigeria as president mohammed uber, hurry and visited a refugee camp in the conflict. hit born of state, he met with those displaced by the arms with her rom and also called for more funding. the u. s. federal reserve has raised its benchmark interest rate by half a percentage point as the central banks biggest hike and 2 decades and aimed at battling the worst. inflation in 40 is the bank hopes. the increase in boring rates will slow spending down to tame inflation. the football jersey wound by the late diego merit donna when he scored the famous hand of god's goal has sold at auction for 8500000 euros. the player admitted the bull touched his hand during the world cup match in 1986 is the highest amount ever paid for
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sports memorabilia. thou, actor amber heard, has begun testifying in the virginia courtroom defending herself against a multi 1000000 dollar defamation suit, brought by her ex superstore husband, johnny depp for 4 days. johnny depp testify that hood physically and verbally abused him on wednesday. it was her turn to take the stand when she called their relationship revolving door of accusations and described how dep had assaulted her . well, let's bring an entertainment journalist k j matthews, who's following the story for us from los angeles. so what were the key moments from herds testimony today? well, it was riveting. she was on the stand for bell. i would say $2.00 to $3.00 and a half hours. ah, she was really captivating and he really did a great job. it trying to convey that she was the victim of domestic violence. she
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talked about the beginning of the relationship, how he was so romantic and so kind and so open to her family and her father and just very giving. and then she said there was another side of him that johnny depp, that did drugs, the john, you dread that, did a lot of drinking. and when he did that, she said that he was very abusive, verbally, abusive and physically abusive. she talked about him hitting her repeatedly, and she also talked about why she stay with him. during that time, i'm very, very compelling. what was interesting is to see how johnny depp reacted to that. you could see that he would not look at her the entire time that she was testifying on the stand. he was looking down, he was writing, he wasn't talking to her, he just had no eye contact, which is very different from when he was on stay an eye on the witness stand last week. and i, you know, of course we had a amber her just staring at him and really look like she was very, very upset. so it's very interesting to see the demeanor of both of them as they both go on the stand in and testify as to what it was like when they were married.
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and looking at the big picture, k j when it comes to the issue of domestic abuse and violence, much of this usually happens behind closed doors. what's the public opinion on this case? you know, a lot of people, i think, up until this point, we're really leaning towards johnny depp. and we know that because even amber, her fired her p r t because she was not happy with the image that was being portrayed of her a couple times last week when johnny depp would leave the court house, you can hear people kind of giving him a standing ovation, a lot of the people who are on lookers outside and smile and wave, but yet when amber heard walked out of the court house, you could, you could hear audibly a couple of booze. so i think that hit her heart. that could be the reason why she got rid of her p r team and she's obviously working hard to change the image. because up until today, a lot of people seem to be leaning towards johnny debt and saying they were
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probably both very verbally abusive to each other. and they were both in a toxic relationship and should have never been married for 2 years. and given that this case is being televised around the world with this sway the jury in any way. you know, it's very interesting and i'm told the jury is predominately male predominantly white. this is a small town virginia. it is not los angeles, it's not new york is not miami. so it'll be interesting to see, you know, how they are taking in all the information where 14 days into the trial i'm told it will probably last another 2 weeks and we still have not seen amber heard it cross examine by johnny depp's attorney. so i really want to see what they do when they get up there and 8, they question amber and see if she still sticks to her story. but right now, up until the day was really looking very, very good for johnny depp. of course we'll have to hear from some of her witnesses we had heard forth of course i initially that she asked,
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i think elan must to testify on her behalf, but we're told he's not going to do that. all right, katie matthews, thank you very much indeed. for your time, thank you. or tens of thousands of tons of australian wine. grapes are being left to right after a tiny is boycott. australian wine export to china dropped from nearly $900000000.00 us dollars in 2020 to just 20000000 last year. it's forcing australia's one makers to seek out a new markets, but for the season it might be too late. it's autumn and the grapes are ripe and ready to be picked. this year has delivered a bumper crop. normally a reason to celebrate. but russell lynch, who grows grapes in the mold, you are a region of southeastern australia, is facing the stark reality of leaving a 130 tons of his shiraz grapes on the ground. to rot. china's embargo on australian wine means that great growers and wine makers all over the country are
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facing a massive over supply negotiations for robin for contractors. apparently it was going to be a i've supply re gripes. unfortunately, i didn't have a contract for this property. he 2 years ago lynch was paid $700.00 estrella and dollars a ton for his crop. last year it was $400.00. now the total value for the harvest in this vineyard is 0 due to the tried to spirit, and the position of the punitive terrace on this strain one. so that means that $1200000000.00 market is now closed. torque is as could be $15000.00 tons lift on the vaughn this year in, in this region, which is now good. and it's certainly a lot of bulk warner ran as well. means latest warning, storage really has about a higher stage. mercy and other wine makers who'd come to regard chinese wine drinkers as his family is fighting for justice. sped yamaha for
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voucher justin lucas villamore. we hope that justice will prevail or not to the daughter. we can't bring valentina back with them. these bloody doctors, the still working of the hospital as if nothing happened last night. that's not right in the 4th. this would chester, the crystal, on a joseph on trial 7 doctors at the hospital where 32 year old valentina millard so lost her life. but there is little hope for the family in italy, doctors have the right to refuse and abortion on moral grounds. the woman is denied a life saving abortion and dies in italy in the heart of europe and ah, in many european nations, women are taking to the straits once again to fight for their rights,
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including the right to abortion. we think we have progressive abortion laws, which guarantee women a certain right to access abortion. but what we find instead is that the last that we have are really quite antiquated. ah, ah, ah, ah. valentina millard saw from catania. the young woman was expecting twins after a course of ivy, if she and her husband really wanted children. if hillary, valentina la luna, greatly to upper laconia, my daughter valentina worked at
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a bank in california. she had an important assignment that go to my land to a special course federal. she was going to become a director, asada new latrecia, even ginormous, on the 29th of september, she had an appointment with her gynecologist, which she paid for herself because he promised her. so if you come in september, i'll tell you the sex of the twin did what generally he examination showed that her survey was already dilated. valentina was sent to the hospital in cataneo. immediately. an ultrasound scan carried out there determined that the fetuses would not survive. but the doctors refused to terminate the pregnancy. later they cited moral grounds. your no real mice in dubai loudly made issue or be i don't ever heard of doctors who a conscientious objectors to we later found out that all the doctors in the hospitals, gynecology department or
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a 100 percent objective or bit if i'd known that i never would have taken my daughter there when it goes to the gym and me of eden or yellow variable cardella. valentino stayed in hospital in great pain, says her father, she was expected to wait for the natural still birth of her babies. after 12 days, one of the fetuses died by now valentina was seriously ill. her body temperature was fluctuating wildly, and her blood pressure was low. everything pointed to census caused by the dead fetus to treat her agony. all she got was paracetamol joined my wife after darling, how are you feeling? she replied. mamma, i'm dying with mamma. i'm dying. i most criminals did nothing. absolutely nothing.
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only then did the doctors remove the dead fetus, but they didn't treat the same, says, says valentine, as father their plan was to wait until the 2nd twins heartbeat stopped. the family stood by helplessly watching valentina fight for a life noy at all. just a wonder before a bell mazin at some point we were outside and we heard a cry from valentina, but we still didn't know what was wrong. so a cry from valentina and then nothing was in the doctor says, yes, it's serious. we have to resuscitate her. it's gonna come out in my daughters incubated yoletta. gotcha. so they told me the young woman's tragic death occurred in 2016 valentine. his parents had been fighting for justice ever since a jewel apple. valentino story re ignited
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a public debate across italy, employ number at the hospital, stood by its handling of the case claiming her death was unavoidable. the doctors then stated that they were a conscientious objectors, which was why they refused to carry out an abortion. no, many italian women took to the streets. valentina dismayed. the doctor's morals could take precedence over a woman's life. i have also protests in rome. one of the demonstrators was local politician and doctor is a better candidate on a long time champion of women's rights in italy. she says, the situation is getting was chair or being that get a shame that, that they didn't. there's growing pressure from religious organizations
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and from this group of doctors who are conscientious objectors maternity go, shane sir, are they maintain that embryos and fetus is a fully fledged people? they don't just like women, b, e n, b o ne ac. so no bills. so on it, this is an international initiative. i think that's all. so finding support in italy idea so that all out will stay young for for decades. italian law has granted women the right to an abortion within the 1st 3 months of pregnancy after a medical consultation. but doctors are not obliged to terminate to pregnancy if they object to it on moral grounds. and more than 70 percent of gynecologists refuse to perform both consultations and abortions. that number is on the rise in
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brussels. neal data watches, this development with concern, he's a specialist for european questions concerning reproductive rights and women's health. this was an idea of catholic thinkers at the time and what and it seems very reasonable, but what's in fact, it, the way it has been used in italy has gone from a personal choice of conscience, conscience to not be involved in an act which 1 may have more reservations about and it's become an institutionalized system to deny women medical care, so that in italy, doctors who, who are not conscientious objectors, may find limitations in their careers. and therefore this means that the number of doctorates were objectors of conscience is very high in certain regions of italy in
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rome, almost 80 percent of gynecologist don't want to have anything to do with abortion. another difficult area, prenatal diagnostics, mr. lewis know even younger, there's nothing less. what we're seeing is a really just harsh to take control of our health care system. what does that mean? i'll give you a practical example that in the last seal region, the entire system of prenatal diagnostics is religious. that means that the present time in last few, we don't have a single, secular in shoot inducting prenatal diagnostics effect on the fetus. is that 3 feet access to abortion? and to advice beyond the moral teachings of the church in italy, dance tricky. in germany, things haven't been getting easy either. abortion is technically illegal. however,
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if women seek advice from an official counseling service, they are allowed to terminate a pregnancy within the 1st 12 weeks. but the number of doctors willing to actually provide abortions are rapidly declining 2 decades ago, some 2050 doctors and clinics provided abortions in germany. now that number is down by almost half. take munster, for example, one of the largest doctors who provided abortions recently retired. now the student city faces an even greater shortage. just to doctors offer abortions had despite the large student population in catholic monster, many are against the right to terminate the pregnancy. the 1000 crosses march takes place here. every year. christians conduct
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a pro life prayer procession through the city center. the thank the gynecologists here are unwilling to conduct terminations is also problematic for the counseling service. pro familiar who hadn't fearfully ad 13. there are far too few doctors who are able to conduct a pregnancy termination who are trained to do so, who have the facilities and are willing to do this kind of work to latin, to st alfredo home with that so. so due to the stigmatization and the criminalization of these doctors, surgeries by 2 doctors retired. and now that means we have to send many women to connect and surgeries far from home. fan to pack for a cleaning soccer shape in germany, a woman might have to travel up to 150 kilometers. one way for an abortion,
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a frequent situation in munster, this mother from munster wanted an abortion and discovered just how difficult it is to find a doctor to carry it out. she wishes to remain anonymous. i sat down with my husband one evening and googled abortion monster, and there were no results. so then i looked at the websites, if gynecology clinics, and there was nothing. we couldn't believe it. we thought we might be looking in the wrong place. in any case, when we were at the counseling session, which was supposed to take us through all our options, we were told in no uncertain terms. this is not about helping you with any practical steps for getting an abortion the mother of to made her decision. another child would simply be too much for the family. at the counseling session. she and her husband were questioned about their choice, but they weren't given any addresses. eventually they found the 2 months debased
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doctors, but both were on vacation. so the mother of 2 travelled, 100 kilometers to be lafelle, where she received r u for 86, the abortion pill. you take the 1st pill there and then you go home. actually, i had to go straight to work because i couldn't take the day off and you take the 2nd pill a few days later at home. after that, she returned to bill a fouled for a check up. it turned out that although the fetus was no longer viable, the amniotic sac was still there that could have led to an infection. so a cure, a tosh was needed. the procedure could be carried out in munster at the catholic hospital, but no one should be told about the abortion pills advised her doctor in bill of held on the referral notes. she wrote that
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a cure tash was necessary, but not because of any termination. she made it very clear to me that i shouldn't say a word about it. to this day she feels too ashamed to talk to anyone about the abortion as it is glover. and i think there's a total lack of debate within society on this year. this is t mountain dish law. and i also think that society isn't aware of the difficulties women still face to this day. upon among those difficulties, protests outside counseling centers in germany. it monster these take place on the 22nd day of each month. had its 5 mile allison. and as i've clashed with pro lifers who forced their way into our office twice at home and on friday afternoons, when i just happened to be on my own, i had trouble getting them to leave quantity to. it was very unsettling treatments . it was cancelled when a highly,
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the yellow dog on his fitted fumes in the, in their school rooms with the men or outside the center to day kneeling. and singing. christie indeed are. can you understand that women coming here for advice? you still might not like the fact that you're standing here, the scanning flushed in. yes, i can understand that this is what we live in a democracy, even on our them. we have freedom of.


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