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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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ah, ah ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. rockers hit ukraine, 2nd city, car, heave as rushes, east and offensive drives on security cameras capture the destruction of an amusement park in the city or russian victory. there is far from certain ukrainian troops a they've taken back several villages in the area. also coming up, retired us general david, betray us. how dw, that rushes, i of massive mobilization. it could be timed fault mondays,
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victory day signaling. what the former afghanistan commander likened to a new world war and the u. s. court here strong amber heard the actors testifies and ex husband johnny depth defamation trial, accusing him of abuse. ah, i'm really mohammed walking to the program was an air strikes continue in ukraine, 2nd largest city car keep as moss goes offensive in the east of the country takes its toll, but to cranes, armed forces are claiming victories in that region. off the taking back several towns residence there, say the russian occupation was an experience they'd like to forget. at amusement park rocked by missiles and hockey,
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ccd footage captured the shocking images. ukrainian authorities said this was one of dozens of russian airstrikes, an attempt to heighten the gremlins eastern offensive as ukrainian forces retake some villages in the harkey region. scenes of destruction, greed them. after spending 2 months under russian control, residents are still in shock. dorm. yes, we lived in the basement for 2 months, they wouldn't let us out what the was sitting in the basement. we didn't have anything to eat or drink. there was no water. we were getting dirty black water from the well and we drank, it took me a little bit more thought. it was a good early to the west in live a power plant was hit. russian authorities have confirmed the a targeting infrastructure including really be lines dc. the west is using them to
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send arms to ukraine to search the united states. and it's nate or allies continued to pump weapons into ukraine. rewards review any john sport of the north atlantic alliance that had arrived in the country's directory with weapons on the details for the needs of the ukraine, an armed forces, as the legitimate dog for destruction. the besieged city of mario pool has seen heavy fighting ahead of another announced ceasefire. the russian military says the pause will allow you man, dead, and caught a door out of the eyes of solstio blunt former ca, director, and retired general david betray, spoke to t w's in his pole. about the war. invading washing troops have faced failure upon failure with victory day approaching the format, kind of san commander believes president putin could announce escalation on a global scale to gain support at home. are reports that the russians at the very
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least, are considering some kind of general mobile ization announcement where this will transform the country from conducting a special military operation, as they have termed it, to conducting a world war 3 or something along those lines to try to galvanize russian popular support, which until now we shouldn't acknowledge, has been quite solid. in fact, latimer improvements, approval ratings have actually gone up not down us fairly significantly since the launching of the invasion. what we know is the un provoked invasion of a neighboring country, but which food and has reported to his people as a special military operation, of course, to do not certify ukraine, whatever. that means, noting that of course, the president, ukraine is jewish. some people fear that let me put in will use nuclear
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weapons on may 9th or iran to state. this is a valid fear. well, i think it is a legitimate concern. again, i tend to think, and i think the general consensus is that it is unlikely that he will use nuclear or chemical weapons for that matter because crossing those thresholds would be so significant. yes, the west has taken enormous steps to sanction the russian economy. the financial system, hooton's inner circle, and then the business community red, or just take enormous actions. you know, over 750 companies have either stock what they're doing in russia or reduce their activities. they are, some of them are not going back. so all of this is done enormous damage to russia and of course food. and it has to be keenly aware that way over 300000 of his own
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citizens, some of the best and brightest in russia. i have just finally left the country. they just cannot abide living in a country that has become than the international ariah. i was d. w. as in a poll speaking to former c, i a director david, a trace well, the european commission president earth love on the line has called on the e to ban oil imports from russia. she proposed a phase out that would end payments to moscow by the end of the year. 27 members states would have to all support such a bad. and that may be hard to come by. several you countries get most of the oil from russia, but those backing the embargo say anything less would help fund rushes war on ukraine. stepping up, the pressure and russia was left on the line to see european parliament either lawmakers who represent the citizens to draw out her bank announcements. today, we will propose to ban all russian oil from europe. this will be
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a complete import band on all russian oil seaborne and pipeline crude and refined. we will make sure that we phase out russian oil in an orderly fashion. the plan is to face out oil buddy, end of 2020 to hungary. in slovakia, which are very dependent on russian oil will be granted longer transition periods. besides the oil ban funded line also presented other sanctions in her 6th package on the internet. the european commission now wants to take off spare bank rushes, largest bank from the swift financial transaction system. and the plan is also to target military officials involved in the atrocities in mario pole. and in boucher and 3 russian media outlets will be banned from european abbeys for spreading misinformation. in addition to sputnik and russia to day, it is with the ban on energy, however,
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that the ear is hoping to hit the russian economy the hardest. but only facing out oil is far from enough for many lawmakers. there me they want boulders step. finally, we have for oil even when it will, takes still 6 to 9 months or to implement it. i'm are also a waiting for a been on on gas because sir, what we are paying to the war machine of put in is mainly what you're paying for russian. gus, the ears span on russian oil could cause even higher price spikes for energy and fuel in europe. putting a burden on european citizens apprised the eu has to pay to show solidarity with its neighbors. ukraine, after too many, not makers think we have to understand that $1.00 price to fight this a bloody war will be on this oil and gas embargo in the end. yes. and we have to
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make sure this is socially, are compensated for those people, for those households who could not pay the higher price. dio, countries must still agree on the sanctions package before it enters into force. but that is likely to happen in the next few days. when he has looked at some other stories making headlines around the world, an attack on a military base in somalia has killed at least 10 burgundy in peacekeepers. according to brandy's army, dozens were wounded in the attack and the albert off area north over the capitol world that issue the aunt group all ship up has came responsibility. neither nations secretary general and tanya tara is met with. i jerry as president mohammed you bihari and visited a refugee camp in the conflicts hit born of states. he met with those dis, faced by the armed group book, a harem aunt called formal funding firefighters in the united states are
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battling to stop wildfires in new mexico. more than 1500 homes have already been evacuated. officials blame dry weather and high winds for spreading the fires. the u. s. federal reserve has raised its benchmark interest rate fight. half of the center point is the central banks biggest hike in 2 decades and aimed at baffling the worse inflation in 40 years. the bank hopes the increase in barring rates will slow spending enough to tame inflation. though actor amber heard has begun testifying in a multi 1000000 dollar defamation suit, brought by her superstar ex husband johnny depp previously told the court that heard physically and verbally abused him. on wednesday it was her turn to take to the stand when she called their relationship, a revolving door of accusations and described how dep had assaulted her
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well and determined, jonas k. j matthews has been following the trial. well sir, what the key moments were from herds testimony? oh, it was riveting. she was on the stand for about i would say $2.00 to $3.00 and a half hours. ah, she was really captivating and she really did a great job. it trying to convey that she was the victim of domestic violence. she talked about the beginning of the relationship, how he was so romantic and so kind and so open to her family and her father and just very giving. and then she said there was another side of him that johnny depp, that did drugs the john jet that did a lot of drinking. and when he did that, she said that he was very abusive, verbally, abusive and physically abusive. she talked about him hitting her repeatedly, and she also talked about why she stayed with him during that time, i'm very, very compelling. what was interesting is to see how johnny depp reacted to that.
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you could see that he would not look at her the entire time that she was testifying on the stand. he was looking down, he was writing, he wasn't talking to her, he just had no eye contact, which is very different from when he was on stay an eye on the witness stand last week. and i, you know, of course we had a amber her just staring at him and really look like she was very, very upset. so it's very interesting to see the demeanor of both of them as they both go on the stand in and testify as to what it was like when they were married. you know, it's very interesting and i'm told the jury is predominately male predominantly white. this is small town virginia. it is not los angeles, it's not new york is not miami. so it'll be interesting to see, you know, how they are taking in all the information where 14 days into the trial i'm told it will probably last another 2 weeks. and we still have not seen amber, her get cross examined by johnny depp's attorney. so i really want to see what they
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do when they get up there. and 8, they question amber and see if she still sticks to her story. but right now, up until the day was really looking very, very good for johnny depp. of course, we'll have to hear from some of her witnesses. we had heard a 4th of course i initially that she asked, i think eli must to testify on her behalf. but we're told he's not going to do that . katie matthew speaking to me a little earlier. well, 2 years ago after his death, while 2 years after his death, former footballer, diego marianna, continues to set records, assert he wore in the, in 1986 that well cop has sold at auction for 9 point $3000000.00. and most of the money that is the most money he spent that was spent on any item of sports, memorabilia, and anonymous buyer will take home a piece of football history and his shirt footballing icon. diego morrow donna scored. his 2 most famous goals against our travels, england in the 1986 world cup,
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semi final like marijuana himself. the goals were a combination of controversy and unrivalled skill and to have a shirt that's tied to 2 such historic moments for the hand of god, which is obviously this incredible play incredible moment time. um, but then also the goal of the century, which happened just 4 minutes later to have a shirt that was worn by diego, mary donna, who, who many consider to be the greatest ever play. it's really an honor. after the final whistle morrow donna gave his shirt to england midfielder steve hodge, who waited decades to sell it for $9300000.00. now his souvenir has earned its own place in sports history as the most expensive jersey ever sold at auction. or has reminder of our top story. russia continues to hit you crane 2nd largest city car, keith as it mounts pressure on the country's east. but the cranes armed forces say
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they've reclaimed several villages in the area surrounding the city. and in the southern city of mario full russian troops have renewed their assault on the as of south steel plant. office civilians were evacuated earlier this week. this is dvd slide from berlin up next till the latest business. i'm regina mohammed. thanks for watching. take care. bye bye. ah. started out with the spooky intimidation and transformed into an orgy of hate and violence. the history of the ku klux klan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states founded over 150 years ago. it's repeatedly died out, but always been resurrected. the ku klux klan starts may 11th.


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