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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2022 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. ukraine says russian forces have begun storming of the as of steel plant. hundreds of civilians are believed to still be trapped inside their hopes now penned on a new russian promise for a ceasefire to allow them to leave mario full safely. also coming up, retired us general david, betray us tells d w. the president putin could use a key date in russia's military calendar to declare all out on ukraine and step
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up mobilization. ah, i menu, oops, mckennan. welcome to the show. there are reports of heavy fighting at the as of style steel plant in the besieged port city of mario, pull ukrainian forces inside the plant. se russian soldiers have stormed the plant . something russian officials have denied. now the reports come as a 3 day cease. fire announced by moscow is due to begin on thursday to allow more civilian evacuations. as our style is the last stronghold of ukraine's resistance in the city. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski said a prolonged cease fire is vital to bring more people to safety. would you blemish priority if whatever we hope to continue rescuing people from as off star from mary
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paul? there were still civilians left their women children as eager to save them. we need to continue the seas file. great ukrainian saw it is ready to provide it just it takes time just to lift people out of those basements, out of those underground shelters. in zimbabwe. meanwhile, ukraine's armed forces all claiming victories in the eastern khaki region after taking back several towns that but as strikes on the 2nd largest city concave continue and moscow's offensive is taking its toll. at amusement park rocked by missiles and hockey, ccd footage captured these shocking images. ukrainian authority said this was one of dozens of russian air strikes, an attempt to heighten the gremlins eastern offensive as ukrainian forces retake some villages in the harkey region. scenes of destruction,
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greed them. after spending 2 months under russian control residence are still in shock dorm. if we lived in the basement for 2 months, they wouldn't let us out. we were sitting in the basement, we didn't have anything to eat or drink. there was no water. we were getting dirty black water from the well and be drank. it towed mobile no more thoughtful unless it was a good early to the west in live, a power plant was hit. russian authorities have confirmed the targeting infrastructure, including really be lines dc. the west is using them to send arms to ukraine. and we can cross now to the w correspondent in many ways shes who is in live if emma, let's start with these latest developments in and are you pull reports of heavy, facing at the as of style steel mill,
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as russian troops are said to be storming the plant, what more can you tell us? exactly. russia deny does that it's true, but where it was a storming to plan for did something that ukrainian authorities have said or overnight. so what we know is that there has been a heavy or sailing over or does d, the plant over the as of thirsty plant. what we also know is that there are still hundreds of civilians are along a thousands of sold years or who are trapped in that to your plans. they haven't seen at daylight for 2 months. evacuations, there are rendered very difficult because of the constance or artillery fire because of the constant shelling which makes it for a lot of a robles to go through before or civilians can be reached and evacuated. yesterday . the united nations said that $344.00 people had been successfully evacuated from demario pl area towards the apple reacher beds hopes for more evacuations. of
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course, fade out at a time of a heavy fight to fighting on my you. pl. as is the case, as of right now, as you say, many are still trapped. we've heard president the lensky calling for a ceasefire to secure more evacuations. how likely would you say this cease fire is? well, you know, we've seen the other to pass a few weeks. rush are saying it would accept a ceasefire, but only eve or ukraine. and so these would surrender, which is our of the question on the ukrainian side. den cease fires happen only to be broken. so a very faint hopes of weird birds. it's very arbitrary. it's very volatile. sometimes it happens sometimes it does. and of course, the hope is that it does, or if only for the sake of women and children, an elderly beeble in doubt as to your plan, the blood of anatomy is the landscape, ukraine, and praise in an earth so sad that russia would have to answer for the crimes
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committed by her consistently assailing also the rest of your career in western ukraine. central ukraine have been shared last night there. there were 3. generally lad's over the country are with people having us also here in levine, having to shelter 4 hours or during the night. a foreign minister or metro could live out was saying about rush hour was den engaging in doing so engaging in messiah terrorism tactic. so as to spread fear among the population is very much their gaze and their presence lansky said that russia would have to answer for those crimes legally, and also on the battlefield will have to end their d. w correspondent, manual affairs. thank you so much for your update. now, the former c i a director and retired general david betray us, spoke with d. w in his pool about the war may. the 9th is
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a key dates in russia's military calendar victory. they usually marks the soviet deceit over the nazis in world war 2. a general betrayer says president putin could use the occasion to expand what he's been calling up till now. a special military operation are reports that the russians at the very least start considering some kind of general mobilization announcements. where this would transform the country from conducting a special military operation, as they have termed it, to conducting a world war 3 or something along those lines. to try to galvanize russian popular support, which until now we shouldn't acknowledge, has been quite solid. in fact, flattery. prudence, approval ratings have actually gone up not down us fairly significantly since the launching of the invasion. what we know is the unprofessional invasion of
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a neighboring country, but which food has reported to his people as a special military operation, of course, do not certify ukraine, whatever that means, noting that of course, the president, ukraine is jewish. some people fear that vladimir putin will use nuclear weapons on may 9th or iran to state. this is a valid fear. well, i think it is a legitimate concern. again, i tend to think, and i think the general consensus is that it is unlikely that you will use nuclear or chemical weapons for that matter because crossing those thresholds would be so significant. yes, the west has taken enormous steps to sanction the russian economy. the financial system center circle and then the business community writ large, just take enormous actions. you know,
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over 750 companies have either stock what they're doing in russia or reduce their activities they are saw of them are not going back. so all of this is done enormous damage to russia, and of course, it has to be keenly aware that way over $300000.00 of his own citizens. some of the best and brightest of russia have just finally left the country. they just cannot abide living in a country that has become than the international per item. and that was the del, he's in his paul speaking to form a c i. c, i a director did david patrol now the european commission president of la funder lion, has called on the you to ban oil imports from russia. she proposed a phase out that would end payments to moscow by the end of the year 27 and the states would all have to support such a ban and agreement on that may be difficult to reach. several you countries get most of that oil from russia, but those backing the embargo,
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say anything less is helping fund rushes war on ukraine. stepping up, the pressure and russia was left on the line to european parliament each. the lawmakers represent the citizens to try out her bank announcements. today we will propose to ban all russian oil from europe. this will be a complete import band on all russian oil seaborne and pipeline crude and refined. we will make sure that we phase out russian oil in an orderly fashion. the plan is to face out oil by the end of 2020 tea hungry and slovakia, which are very dependent on russian oil will be granted longer transition periods. and besides, the oil ban funded line also presented other sanctions in her 6th package on the internet. the european commissioner wants to take off spare bank rushes, largest bank from the swift financial transaction system. and the plans also to
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target military officials involved in the atrocities in mario pole. and in boucher and 3 russian media outlets will be banned from european airwaves for spreading misinformation. in addition to sputnik and russia to day, it is with the ban on energy, however, that the ear is hoping to hit the russian economy the hardest. but only facing out oil is far from enough for many lawmakers damage. they want boulder status. finally, we have for oil, even when it will, takes still 6 to 9 months to implement it. i'm also a waiting for a been on, on gas because sir, what we are paying to the war machine of britain is mainly what you're paying for russian. gus, the ears ban on russian oil could cause even higher price spikes for energy and fuel in europe. putting
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a burden on european citizens apprised that you has to pay to show solidarity with its neighbors. ukraine, after to many, your makers think we have to understand that $1.00 price to fight this bloody war will be on this oil and gas embargo in the end. yes. and we have to make sure this is socially, are compensated for those people. for those households who could not pay the higher price. country smiths still agree on the saxons packages before its entries into force. but that is likely to happen in the next few days. okay, we're gonna turn to some sports news now and rail madrid are in the final of the champions league after a stunning, come back against mansions to city on wednesday. ah, yes, worry. reale fans was still celebrating the victory and find the stadium off to the match,
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re all what to goals behind on aggregate going into the 90th minute before 2 strikes from rodrigo took the match to extra time. kareem and zima then scored from a penalty to seal a 6 to 5 aggregate victory reale, madrid will faith liverpool in this year's final. on the 28th of may, at 2 years after his death argentinian football legend diego myra donna, is still making the record books the shot he was wearing when he scored one of suck his most memorable goals. at the 1986 world cup has sold at auction for a record $9300000.00 and anonymous buyer will take home a piece of football history and his shirt footballing icon. diego madonna scored his 2 most famous goals against our travels, england, and the 1986 world cup, semi final like marijuana himself. the goals were
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a combination of controversy and unrivalled skill and to have a shirt that's tied to, to such historic moments for you know, the hand of god, which is obviously this incredible play incredible moment time. um, but then also the goal of the century, which happened just 4 minutes later to have a shirt that was warned by diego, madonna, who, who many considered to be the greatest ever play. it's really an honor. after the final whistle morrow donna gave his shirt to england midfielder steve hodge, who waited decades to sell it for $9300000.00. now his souvenir has earned its own place in sports history as the most expensive jersey ever sold at auction. now for astronauts including germany's mathias melba on their way back to us, the crew began their return flight from all bit off to their caps. you'll undocked
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from the international space station melva and his colleagues spend 6 months ago with the i ss and you to touch down thursday night off the coast of the us state of florida. and a great view of dragon as it departs from the international space station. this is d w. news life from berlin. business news is coming up next. i'm and you can mckinnon on behalf of the whole team here. thanks so much for watching the w. i naturally spectacle in an improved world ah,