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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2022 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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ah ah ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. ukraine says russian forces have begun storming the as of steel plant. hundreds of civilians are believed to still be trapped inside their hopes. now pinned on a new russian promise for a ceasefire to allow them to leave mario pull safely. also coming up how the war in ukraine is leaving more people than ever facing salvation. rising food prices are combining with extreme weather patterns for
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a perfect storm of 100 in south saddam and its mission. not quite accomplished. astronaut mathias from over the state i want to i would like to stay a little bit longer. there's still a lot of stuff that i want to do. as a 4 person crew heads back to earth, we looked back at the germans space man, 6 month stint on the i assess, plus a real madrid send their fans in a frenzy off to defeating matches, to city, to reach the champions league final. ah, i'm and you can and welcome to the show. there are reports of heavy fi saying the as of style steel plant in the besieged port city of mario, pull ukrainian forces inside the plant. se russian soldiers have stormed the
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facility. and that's something russian officials have denied. the reports come as a 3 day ceasefire announced by moscow is due to begin on thursday to allow more civilian evacuations. as of style is the last stronghold of ukraine's resistance in the city. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski said a prolonged cease fire is vital to bring more people to safety. would you buy amish front door to deal with it? we hope to continue rescuing people from as of style from mary paul. there are still civilians left there, women children. to save them. we need to continue the ceasefire. ukrainian saw it is ready to provide it. it takes time just to lift people out of those basements out of those underground shelters, is in the way. now russia denies reports that it is trying to storm the steel plant . emanuel shows as part of d, w, 's team and ukraine. and she has more on those latest developments in mario pl.
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exactly. russia deny does that it's true, but where it was so, mean to plan for did something that ukrainian authorities have said or overnight. so what we know is that there has been a heavy sailing over their steel plant over the hours of thirsty plans. what we also know is that they are still hundreds of civilians are along a thousands of sold years or who are trapped in that's to your plans. they haven't seen at daylight for 2 months. evacuations, there are rendered very difficult because of the constance artillery fight because of the concerns shelling, which makes it a lot of a robles to go through before are civilians can be reached and evacuated yesterday . the united nations said that $344.00 people had been successfully evacuated from demario pl area towards appalachia beds hopes for more evacuations, of course fades, or at the time of
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a heavy fight to fighting on my you. pl. as is the case, as of right now, i was d w and assures that reporting from levine and meanwhile, elsewhere on the front line, ukraine's armed forces are claiming victories in the eastern ca, he region. u. s. intelligence suggests they have repelled russian forces about 40 kilometers east of khaki, but air strikes on the city itself are continuing and moscow's offensive is taking its toll. at amusement park rocked by missiles and harkey, cctv footage captured these shocking images. ukrainian authorities said this was one of dozens of russian airstrikes, an attempt to heighten the gremlins eastern offensive as ukrainian forces v t. some villages in the harkey region, scenes of destruction, greed them. after spending 2 months under russian control,
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residents are still in shock. dorm use the lived in the basement for 2 months. they wouldn't let us out. we were sitting in the basement, we didn't have anything to eat or drink. there was no water. we were getting dirty black water from the well and be jacket mobile. so more thoughtful was, it was a good early to the west in live a power plant was hit. russian authorities have confirmed the targeting infrastructure, including re lines, dc. the rest is using them to send arms to ukraine. now while the ukraine war threatens to impact europe's energy supplies, it is also threatening other parts of the world. with acute food shortages, russia and ukraine are both major suppliers of wheat, cooking oil and other food staples exports. and now being disrupted, pushing price is higher and making food more on affordable for the world's most
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impoverished people. humanitarian relief is also being affected in 2021. ukraine was the largest single source of food for the u. n's world food program, which works to feed the most vulnerable around the world. now in east and africa, the situation is particularly dire. the effects of climate change are being compounded by regional conflicts. and now the knock on effects of rushes war in europe are exacerbating the crisis. while part of the region is experiencing its worst drought. and 40 years south saddam has been hit by so fleer, severe flooding that makes outside supplies of food and grain. even more vital. near lucas brooks garden is flooded. she tries desperately to rebuild her small embankment in her village pug we're residents have built canoes to move themselves around as their cattle perish in the flood waters. it's the 3rd year in
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a row that they've had to fight the effects of heavy flooding. they're going to get the water dick and everything from me. my land, my home, my food was slapped away. the flats came to you. let's go, edgar. since then we've lived in water. be try our best out. the water beat thousands. it was a large part of south sudan has been hit by the worst flooding in 60 years. nearly a 1000000 people are suffering the consequences. the catastrophe has hit a country in which millions are starving and impoverished south sedan as the highest poverty rate in the world. 80 percent of people live on less than $2.00 a day. no food prices, a rising grain comes from neighboring countries who themselves import wheat from russia and ukraine. years of armed conflict of meant that very few crops, a grown and so to sedan, it's almost totally dependent on imports. and it's often lowest in the food chain.
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witnessing the worst hunger crisis with over 8000000 people i think hungry and with thought were unable to reach. we're seeing people we believe feeding in the face of the conflict blood and life life. 6 food packages from 8 organizations are reaching only a fraction of south sedans. 12000000 people, many of whom are in great need. as the rainy season begins again, martin freckles director of the u. n's world food program here in germany, which delivers food assistance to more than 80 countries. i asked him how he is managing the current situation. well, we are administrating a leg actually already in december we were in the very dire position that in and
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we had to cut the ration for 8000000 people to take from 100 people to deliver it to the for this year, we estimate that the 50 percent the finance turning to ukraine. can you tell us more about what the war means? the countries like egypt or lebanon that normally get the vast majority of their grading from ukraine? that's right. if you look at the map, ukraine is the closest big crane provider for the middle east, north and africa region. now as we speak for our 1000000 tom, so we are still blocked, eating the black sea port. and at the same time, the lack of ukrainian crane, but also unilateral decisions. so russia not weeks, whole has driven not read prices in a time when the has already business for last year. a see the increase in we
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prices. this is called, pounded by conflicts by the efforts of coal with that have pushed many african countries so deeply into debt that they can basically not get money on international money market. what would you say is the larger problem at the moment? is it the disruption of wheat production inside ukraine, or is it the fact that russia is actually blocking the countries ports and preventing all wheat exports from leaving the weight experts is currently, i think the bigger problem and one that could be immediately. so if you had access to ships, to give you an idea before the war, only the portal for data has handled for a day with an equivalent of 200000 tons. and this is now possible neighboring countries, austria and germany,
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are looking to train transpose to compensate, but the capacities are much lower than what ships could deliver. and in addition to that, the space in the side, or is this being needed for the next is not that this is b. when you go so far as to say that russia is deliberately triggering at global crisis. well, we sauntered off in the was speaking about collateral hunger, but issues such as safe passage for ships will be approved whether this is intentional or it is only in a side effect or not. you mentioned that germany is trying to help you crane more supplies via rail. will that help and what else needs to be done? well, we have estimated that by rail,
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we could maybe get out about 1000000 tons of wheat, but in the whole cities at the black sea, there is at least 4 and a half 1000000 tons. and then you have us coming in. so we need fundamentally more capacity to really compensate. what has be lost in the last weeks over the past decade will say the world has made real progress in facing hunger and malnutrition, in your assessment has that progress now? been last? absolutely. and it's really concerning 2 years ago we spoke about 811000000 people being fooled, insecure always has certainly entered way more than a 160000000 to there. and now also at the beginning of the grading war, we unfortunately estimate that even more people pushed into food in security for us as the world food program. it means when we had to look after basically
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a 150000000 people 2 years ago in general, that was already 276000000 people. and we are now rapidly approaching one 3rd of a 1000000000 people, 330000000 people who are so acutely in security that they can't do without staggering statistics. we'll have to leave it there martin for, for the united nations wealthy program. thank you so much for talking with the deli and the european commission president or philip on the lion has called on the ear to ban oil imports from russia. she's proposed a phase out that would end payments to moscow by the end of the year. and the 27 member states would all have to support such a ban and agreement on that may be difficult to reach. several, you countries get most of that oil from russia. but those backing the embargo, say anything less is helping fund rush as a war on ukraine. stepping up,
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the pressure and russia was left on the line to see european parliament either lawmakers to represent the citizens, to draw our co bank announcements. today we will propose to ban all russian oil from europe. this will be a complete import band on all russian oil seaborne and pipeline crude and refined. we will make sure that we phase out russian oil in an orderly fashion. the plan is to face out oil by the end of 2020 to hungary and slovakia, which are very dependent on russian oil will be granted longer transition periods. besides the oil. ben funder line also presented other sanctions in her 6th package on the internet. the european commission now wants to take off spare bank rushes, largest bank from the swift financial transaction system. and the plan is also to target military officials in walked in the atrocities in mario pole. and in boucher
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and 3 russian media outlets will be banned from european air base for spreading misinformation. in addition to sputnik and russia to day, it is with the ban on energy, however, that the ear is hoping to hit the russian economy the hardest. but only facing out oil is far from enough for many lawmakers damage. they want boulder status. finally, we have for oil even when it will, takes still 6 to 9 months or 2 implemented. i'm are also waiting for a been on, on gas because sir, what we are paying to the war machine of britain is mainly what you're paying for russian. gus, the ears ban on russian oil could cause even higher price spikes for energy and fuel in europe. putting a burden on european citizens, a prize that you has to pay to show solidarity with its neighbors. ukraine,
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after to manage all makers think. we have to understand that $1.00 price to fight this bloody war will be on this oil and gas embargo in the end. yes. and we have to make sure this is socially, are compensated for those people for those holes. how's? who could not pay the higher price? dio, countries must still agree on the sanctions package before it enters into force. but that is likely to happen in the next few days. is a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. people in the chinese capital beijing has begun returning to work after a 5 day public holiday with the government on high alert over the latest corona virus outbreak. dozens of subway stations have been closed as a preventative measure in schools and indoor dining remained for funded residents are required to undergo 3 tests or week. yes,
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training and prime minister scott morrison has said his country will respond calmly to criticism from the solomon islands. this, after the solomon's leader claimed the island nation faced the threat of invasion in speech to parliament. tensions have risen following the solomon's decision to sign. a security packed with china and the u. s. federal reserve has raised its benchmark interest rate by half a percentage point. it's the central bank biggest high can 2 decades, and is aimed at baffling the worst inflation in 40 years. the bank hopes the increase increase in borrowing rates will flow spending enough to tame inflation. and for more on this, my colleague was the w business. steven bit, it's lee joins me now in the studio. steven, welcome. now this is the biggest rate. hi. can the u. s, in more than 20 years. what does it mean for the u. s. and so the global economy. yeah, this is a large increase and it does show the urgency right now with which the u. s. wants
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to fight inflations. you mentioned inflation hitting a decades long, high, and it's causing a lot of problems. unlike here, it's driven only in part by energy there. it's also, if you remember the general stimulus packages that the u. s. released multiple times or recent years to fight the cronum pandemic release, the effects of it, and that's also help drive up inflation. now what we've seen is that markets are somewhat relieved because though this was a large hike, it wasn't as large as some had feared. so they are sort of responding positively, you know, remember that the finish run to walk a fine line here. it has to try and fight inflation, but it can't do too much. remember that raising business interest rates, it cuts into business profits, essentially. so on the one side it needs to fight inflation on the other side. it can't go too far, or will cut into the economic engine of the u. s. that's the big danger there. it does have an effect overseas. multinational companies raise capital in the u. s. and also it affects the strength of the dollar, and there's a lot of loans out there in the world that are denominated in the us dollars. this will have ripple effects that we will see
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a year still hasn't raised interest rates. why is that? europe is a different beast. the european central bank covers 900 different countries that all use the euro. and there are different strengths from germany to italy. so they're underlying financial conditions also dictate what the c, b does or doesn't do. in this case, the c b has said very clearly we're concerned about the economic performance of nations right now. there are different levels of growth. if they raise rates to higher than perhaps they put some of those economies back on their heels. and then they're going to struggle with borrowing rates. think about how difficult it is for italy to borrow. for example, if that's the case, then you have perhaps a crisis. however, there is more and more pressure do something, inflation here is rising fast. it is largely driven by energy, however, and because of the war. so we have seen a recent interview. for example, the executive board member, an executive board member in the city saying it could come as soon as you lie that they raise rates. they were saying 2023. the question, the fundamental question, both here in europe and the u. s. is what can monetary policy that is raising these rates? what can it really do to fight inflation is driven by energy cost. that is the
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underlying question. that's what we're going to be watching. we'll have to leave it that even basically with thank you for astronauts have less the international space station and on their way back to us now. the cap seal safely undocked from the i ss ending the crews 6 months science mission. if everything goes according to plan that you to touch down thursday night setting off the coast of the u. s. state of florida on board that capsule is jasmine, astronomer mathias melva. d w is leah outlet takes a look back at his time in space. next step is your opinion space agency asked when german astronaut mathias mar arrived in space 6 months ago. the 1st thing he wanted to do was looked down at his home planet. i was like, wow, wow, is like i, i had goose bumps all over my buddy and shivering. almost like, wow, i'm really in space at dawn. i'm the me. i see a beautiful blue,
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blue blue blad since then down on that blue planet, a war has started. and fears have arisen that the tensions between russia and the e u and u. s. might affect the international space station as well. but 400 kilometers above earth, life goes on as normally as it can in 0 gravity. we are all up here for the same purpose to explore and to keep this does face station maintained and to keep performing the science on the in our laboratories. and so that is all we focused on, so the dynamic hasn't changed and we have about a 40 year history of working with the russians. and that is all still very much in working in play here and has been a real pleasant flavor working with our colleagues a friday evening we always eat together. we shed he the highlights of the week in
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the evening. we float over to the russian sick man. they come over to us sia and the spirit in space stations really, really good. as new rockets head to the station, leaving the conflict on earth behind a new crew of cosmo not joined the international team in march right in time from ours birthday party. the fact the new comers were wearing the colors of the ukrainian flag was just a coincidence. they said my hours time in space was mostly occupied, not with political conflicts, but with scientific experiments. and maintaining the station he even conducted a space, walk a dream for every astronaut. i want to stay, i want, i would like to stay a little bit longer. there's still
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a lot of stuff that i want to do. so i wouldn't mind to stay a month or 2 or 3 long up here in space. understandable as at least the i s s. has long been considered an oasis of peace to some sports. he's now and rail madrid are in the final of the champions league. off the a stunning come back against manchester, sissy on wednesday. ah, the hoary crayons with raising the victory outside the stadium off to the match. reale, what 2 goals behind on i've got going into the 90th minute before 2 strikes from, rodrigo took the match to extra time, kareem bens a mark. then scott scored from a penalty to seal a 6 to 5 aggregate victory reale, madrid will face liverpool in this year's final. on the 28th of may
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and 20 minutes til more about round the turns dramatic. come back victory. i. the manchester city is chris harrington. from d w. sports and cress, real madrid, 13 fine winner of the champions league at back in the final, with yet another fairly thrilling performance. tell us about it yet. carlo are to lottie credited the history of the club for being the gas. the motivation that got him over the the harp, you mentioned another come back. you know, they came back to b p. s g. they came back to be chelsea, you know, in the build of to come back and beat man city. you know it, when you look at the numbers, i had to break this down. i can believe it. they trailed in this tie for nearly 3 hours, 178 minutes. and at the magic was air cream bins em. i got the deal done. bins, emma, who has been living in rinaldo shadow for so long. you forget our magical he can be . he scores a record tick goal in the knockout stages. answer. latino tends to trust youngsters . rodrigo. only 21 years old. they throw youngsters in the limelight and when they
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score it matters angelo to talk more about this magical, come back at the press conference after the matchless nicholas drilled her. it's not that easy to explain just when every one thought the match was all but over there. was a small detail and a good play that was enough for rodrigo to score and from their level with just a little bit left, we gave our all to win a match like this. you also need a bit of luck. the opponent was very tough. the match was really close, but the squad never gave her a party or she can we can pretty little chris and chelsea and ral madrid. they look invincible right now that they can then magic last that against liverpool. you know, i think back to their re match, you know, a couple of seasons ago, it was cream bins. and mo, turned that around against liverpool. although liverpool at laura's carol's, you know, between the post. so maybe it'll be
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a different outcome. but i actually spoke about liverpool being an opponent. he loves the idea. you know, he grew up as a player, you know, competing against liverpool, you know, a coach against him and several finals. he looks at it as a darby. i'm expecting a very electric, you know, a final, but in terms of the historic achievement, actually he's already become the 1st manager to win in all 5 major leagues. he's now the 1st coach to reach 5 champ, is the finals. so all of the momentum in the magic seems to be behind the sale of react madrid right now. it's another tough break for pet got in that video with yes, yes, it is another to break, you know? yes, champions league, silverware, when it comes to barcelona, you know, he's been accused of over thinking things when it comes to man, city, you know, any one else you lose anyone else this li, like this other than real madrid. maybe, you know, you're going to be criticized a bit more, but you know, you have to give a pet guardiola the real analysis. he has all the money behind him. they're supposed to be winning. you know, the last
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a few chip is the finals. most memorable, obviously the one they lost to chelsea in 2021 and that they're going to have to get it done. maybe they need a new striker. rumor has it. they'll land one electric striker from the bus as legal, etc. if they make that happen in a cab, guardiola returns to that final stage and actually walks away with some sort of where this chris harrington. thanks so much. thank you. yesterday to conflict zone is up next. thanks so much for watching the w ah ah, with
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who? into the conflict zone with sebastian golden true money for him to the war in ukraine on both sides. we're taking heavy losses. my guess is week is less here. buffy line co follow you shouldn't human rights lawyer who joins me from clear what made so so sure with recruiting wouldn't press who's nuclear
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conflict zone with on d w. mm hm. the freeport system, a worldwide network of duty, free high security warehouses. what's that? how is it stored? is it cleared through customs who controls it? or is there types of asian legal loophole for tax evaders? more nothing more than just temporary storage. secluded treasures in 45 minutes on d. w. o. and one of mankind's oldest ambitions could be within reach or what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers
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and scientists all over the world. moreno race against time. they are peers and rivals with one daring goal to outsmart nature. more life starts may 28th on d, w b. more than 2 months into the war in ukraine and both sides are taking heavy losses. while the bombardment goes on, moscow has kept up its relentless propaganda, accusing nato of conducting a proxy war with russia. my guest, this week is last year basil and co politician and human rights lawyer who joins me from key f. what makes her so sure, mister putin wouldn't press is nuclear button. and o honor inclusion has made so many claims which,
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which never one had st.


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