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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2022 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin. new crane says, russian forces have begun storming the as of steel plant. hundreds of civilians are believed to still be trapped inside their hopes now penned on a new russian promise for a ceasefire to allow them to the mario full safely. also coming up, thousands of poles have opened their homes up to you cranes more refugees. but now the polish government is asking the e u for more money to support them. and big excitement and footballs,
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champions. i, brianna madrid and their fans to a frenzy off to 8 defeating matches, to city, to reach the champions league final. ah, i minute group is mckennan. thanks so much for joining us today. there are reports of heavy fighting at the as of style. steel planted, the besieged port city of mario, pull ukrainian forces inside the plant. se russian soldiers have stormed the facility. something russian officials have denied our ports calm as a 3 day ceasefire announced by moscow is due to begin on thursday to allow more civilian evacuations. as of style is the last stronghold of ukraine's resistance in
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the city. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski said a prolonged cease fire is vital to bring more people to safety. is would you vanish for daughter differently? we hope to continue rescuing people from as of style from mary paul. there are still civilians left their women children. to save them, we need to continue the seas file. great, ukrainian saw it is ready to provide it. it takes time just to lift people out of those basements out of those underground shelters. in them lay. now russia deny is reports that it is trying to storm that steel plant. a manually shows as part of d, w 's team in ukraine, and she has more now on those latest developments in maryville. exactly russia deny does that it's true, but where it was so mean to plan for did something that ukrainian authorities have said or overnight. so what we know is that there has been a heavy or sailing over or does t, the plant of our,
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the as of thirsty plans. what we also know is that there are still hundreds of civilians are along a thousands of sold years or who are trapped in that's to your plans. they haven't seen at daylight for 2 months. evacuations, there are rendered very difficult because of the constance artillery fight because of the concerns shelling are which makes it for a lot of a robles to go through before are civilians can be reached and evacuated yesterday the united nations said that $344.00 people had been successfully evacuated from demario pl area outwards as upper richer beds hopes for more evacuations, of course fades, or at a time of a heavy fight to fighting on my you. pl. as is the case, as of right now, that was d. w. m a shout reporting from the viv. meanwhile, elsewhere on the front line, ukraine's armed forces are claiming victories in the eastern khaki region. u. s.
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intelligence suggests they have repelled russian forces about 40 me kilometers east of khaki eve. but as strikes on, the city itself are continuing and moscow's offensive is taking its toll. at amusement park rocked by missiles and harkey. cctv footage captured the shocking images. ukrainian authorities said this was one of dozens of russian airstrikes. an attempt to heighten the kremlin eastern offensive as ukrainian forces v t. some villages in the harkey region, scenes of destruction, greed them. after spending 2 months under russian control, residents are still in shock. dorm. yes. we lived in the basement for 2 months. they wouldn't let us out. we were sitting in the basement, we didn't have anything to eat or drink. there was no water. we were getting dirty
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black water from the well and b jenkins took mobile no more thought. it was a good early to the west in love. if a bar blonde was hit, russian authorities have confirmed the targeting infrastructure including really be lines dc. the west is using them to send arms to ukraine. and more than 3000000 refugees from ukraine have arrived in poland since the beginning of the war. the majority are still in the country and many have found homes with poles. it took them in spontaneously, but now living space is getting scarce and many volunteers are exhausted. the polish government is demanding more money from the you to help into great refugees . a small gesture of gratitude for agnes. cuz sebastian, it's become a daily ritual. ever since she took refugees from ukraine into her home. her family
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of 4 has been joined by 8 more people to have something broccoli on that as a soldier who had shaw suburb. okay, i wanted to give this room to 3 people, but then a driver arrived in the middle of the night with 8 took us without the children were coughing and the women started crying because they didn't want to be split up . hillman, i felt weak in the knees the foremost as a, but i said, yes, i'm good. abra or spontaneous gesture has become a long term solution. her family is exhausted or did work missions and even marketing is not scott, for 2 months. i have not known what it's like to come home and just hear silence. no matter. so maybe we need to get that slowly back to normal. but suppose i to look over at miller, her sister and a friend came from western ukraine with 5 children. melissa dean helpless makes them uncomfortable. i guess not with our youth as a death. so you can see now lizzie, her lightly, her family from it's that they're used to being together now suddenly having 8
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people is very difficult. tell me that's good enough. i'm even ashamed that all of the work falls on, i guess, going her husband to the new. they buy everything of them or when it's the food and everything we need for the children to buy a glass. reggie took set in order to help host families. the polish government wants to pay monthly grants of around $250.00 euros for refugee. but america hasn't received any money yet. mama miller tries to earn some extra cash cleaning houses. yes, but she cannot afford her own apartment. does it was it though? and because of back i wanted that i have 3 children, many, even if i work as a single mom, it will still be very difficult for me because given the cost to poland, the government in warsaw is hoping for more help from the u. z o, neuropathy, gilchrist us, of a plea. european union has allocated large sums to refugees, but it's a drop in the bucket. krupel from the point of view of the policy government is it
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would be important to set up a fund that would manage this aid for the you and cover the costs of refugees in your new place. typical promote, so at least of oh, that's probably what's acne. esco would be happy if at least some money came soon, but she doesn't regret helping. many parents feel the same way and like the ukrainian guests, they hoped that the war will end soon and take a look now, some of the other stories making headlines around the world. people in the chinese capital beijing has begun. returning to work after a 5 day public holiday with the government on high alert over the latest corona virus outbreak of subway stations have been closed as a preventative measure, and schools and indoor dining remained suspended. residents are required to undergo 3 tests per week. authorities in the u. s. capital washington, d. c. has put up
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a fence outside the supreme court building. the move comes off the process following the leak of the draw opinion, which would overturn a key ruling. protecting abortion rights. republican leaders of the urged justice is to quote 2 now the noise from protesting for us, including germany as much smells on their way back us up to undocked from the international space station. frank and his colleague spent 6 months hold the i s s that you to touch down thursday night of the coast of the u. s. date, as it departs from the international space. some folks news now and rail madrid are in the final of the champions league off to a stunning come back against matches the city. on wednesday, i still calibrating the victory outside the stadium off to the match reality with 2
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goals behind on aggregate going into the 90th minute before 2 strikes from rodrigo to the match to extra time korean bends in more than scored from a penalty to seal of 65 aggregate victory reality the jury will face liverpool in this year's final, on the 28th of may. and 20 minutes til more about round the turns dramatic come that victory at manchester city is chris harrington from d. w. sports and cress, real madrid, 13 time winner of the champions league at back in the final with yet another fairly thrilling performance. tell us about it. yeah, carlo. aren't you lucky credited the history of the club for being the gas? the motivation that got them over the hub. you mentioned another come back. you know, they came back to b p. s g. they came back to be chelsea, you know, in the build up to come back and beat man city. you know it, when you look at the numbers, i had to break this down. i can believe it. they trailed in this tie for nearly 3 hours, 178 minutes. and the magic was air cream bins and my got the deal done. bins and
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mom who has been living in rinaldo shadow for so long. you forget our magical he can be. he scores a record to go to the knockout stages. answer. latino tends to trust youngsters. rodrigo. only 21 years old. they throw youngsters in the limelight and when they score it matters angelo to talk more about this magical, come back at the press conference after the match. let's take a listen. drilled her bruce. it's not that easy to explain just when everyone thought the match was all but over. there was a small detail and a good play that was enough for rodrigo to score. and from there all with just a little bit left, we gave our all to win a match like this. you also need a bit of luck. the opponent was very tough. the match was really close, but the squad never gave her a sheet on pretty little chris and chelsea and rail madrid. they look
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invincible right now that they can then magic last against liverpool. you know, i think back to their re match, you know, a couple of seasons ago, it was cream bins. and mo, turned that around against liverpool. although liverpool at laura's carol's, you know, between the post. so maybe it'll be a different outcome. but i actually spoke about liverpool being an opponent. he loves the idea. you know, he grew up as a player, you know, competing against liverpool, you know, a coach against him and several finals. he looks at it as a darby. i'm expecting a very electric, you know, a final, but in terms of the historic achievement, actually he's already become the 1st manager to win in all 5 major leagues. he's now the 1st coach to reach 5 champ, is the finals. so all of the momentum in the magic seems to be behind the sale of react madrid right now. it's another tough break for pet guardian. that video with yes, yes, it is another to break, you know? yeah. champions leaves over where when it comes to barcelona, you know, he's been accused of over thinking things when it comes to man, city, you know,
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anyone else you lose anyone else this li, like this other than really madrid. maybe, you know, you're going to be criticized a bit more, but you know, you have to give a pet guardiola the real analysis. he has all the money behind him. they're supposed to be winning. you know, the last a few chip is the finals. most memorable, obviously the one they lost to chelsea in 2021 and they're going to have to get it done. maybe they need a new striker. rumor has it though land or one electric striker from the bus as legal, etc. if they make that happen in a tab guardiola returns to that final stage and actually walks away with some sort of where the sun trust harrington. thanks so much. thank you. now 2 years after his death argentinian football legend, diego marianna, is still making the record books the shot that he was wearing when he school would want to suck his most memorable goals. and the 1906 world cup has sold at auction for a record $9300000.00. and anonymous buyer will take home
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a piece of football history. in this shirt footballing icon, diego madonna scored his 2 most famous goals against our trifles. england and the 1986 world cup, semi final like met rodonna himself. the goals were a combination of controversy and unrivalled skill and to have a shirt that's tied to, to such historic moments for you know, the hand of god, which is obviously this incredible play incredible moment time. um, but then also the goal of the century, which happened just 4 minutes later to have a shirt that was warned by diego, mary donna, who many considered to be the greatest ever play. it's really an honor. after the final whistle morrow donna gave his shirt to england midfielder steve hodge, who waited decades to sell it for $9300000.00. now his souvenir has earned its own place in sports history. as the most expensive jersey ever sold at auction
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is a quick reminder of the top story will follow employee. he cranium forces inside mario pals of style steel plants say russian soldiers have the guns storming it, and there is heavy fighting. russia denies the reports. it has announced a 3 day cease fire to allowed more civilian evacuations. and you up to date don't film is coming up next. americans mckinnon. thanks. what k a is just a thought they were great a now
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