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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CEST

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in resurrection. the ku klux klan starts may 11th on d. w. ah ah ah ah . this is d w. news coming to live from berlin. ukraine reports bloody bottles at the us off steel plant. hundreds of billions are believed to still be trapped inside their hopes. now penned on a new brush and promise for
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a cease fire to allow them to leave. maria poll sate also coming up an exciting turn around in put holes champions league. i rail madrid, send their fans into a frenzy after defeating manchester city. to reach the final ah hello, i'm terry martin. thanks for joining us. ukraine's army says russia is trying to destroy the last remaining soldiers inside the arabs. fall steel plant in maria, or a ukrainian commander said bloody battles are going on at the seized facility. moscow denies reports that its forces have stormed the plant of 3. they cease. fire announced by moscow is due to begin to day to allow the evacuation of more civilians there and they've endured weeks there under siege. the battle for
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as of style has been relentless. this footage released by russian backed forces shows how determined moscow is to take the still works in mary jo paul the plant has become a symbol of ukrainian resistance in the east of the country. russia wants to drive out the few ukrainian forces still here, but these soldiers are refusing to give up and appear to be fighting to the death you do it was to grow up with their heavy, bloody battles. when was, i am proud of my soldiers for make an inhuman efforts to contain the enemy's onslaught in liquor. i think the whole world for the tremendous support of the mario pole garrison, our soldiers to serve it. the situation is extremely difficult and but we continue to carry out the order to keep the defense. but a much older woman caught in the middle civilians. the fortunate
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ones have been freed from from that underground prison that bertha near to mania. do escape and be beneath the peaceful sky is wonderful. you look at it, the blue and the bright sun. in many there was still hiding in the bunkers and car doors that form part of the steel plant. it would you famish for dorothea? whatever we hope to continue rescuing people from as of style from mary paul. there were still civilians left there. women children received little to save them, we need to continue the ceasefire. ukrainian saw it is ready to provide it. it takes time just to lift people out of those basements out of those underground shelters. is them lay? moscow says it will allow a 3 day ceasefire. starting thursday to help the remaining civilians get out.
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but with heavily armed troops on the ground, it's unclear if the fighting will stop and whether more civilians will get out alive. these abuse, manuel shaws is in levine in western ukraine and joins us though. emma, let's start with the latest developments in murray hall reports of heavy fighting at the ups for steel plants. they're what more can you tell us? exactly. you terry. all lies. they're here in ukraine and perhaps or so in the world are set on mar, you pull. their heavy fighting is going on. there was ukraine armed forces is saying that russia continues to share the plan to be a, to attack the plant. they ukrainian forces are so sad that a russian troops had stormed their de planned to. there's something de cramming in says that he's not happening. moscow said that they said that there would be a cease fire for 3 days to allow for her father evacuation from as civilians. it's
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very difficult to verify independently whether or not those humanitarian corridors are indeed working today. what we do now is that yesterday, at 344 people managed to get away from mar, you pull and the surrounding areas. they arrived in ukrainian control territory in separate area. but hundreds of people civilians are women, children, elderly people are still believe to be stuck in the other stars, tier plans, as we talked, as well as thousands of ukrainian sold is still holding their positions there. they're much of the focus in ukraine is all that battle for mario, paul, but the war is playing out across a huge fraud. about 400 kilometers long is either side in this war, making decisive gains overall. it really depends on
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what happens each. today's failure, batter village for village, they do ukraine and armed forces have said that they had managed to regain some territory. iran saffo regis, around harrison as well. around michel, i, s o y, also acknowledging that russia had advanced. oh, so i by capturing some villages. oh, so in the eastern parts of ukraine, so this is really a very voluntary situation that evolves every day, or was both turbos as size claiming victory over some provinces. some videos is indecent for them to come to them. a thank you very much. that was our correspond. manuel shaw's there in libby a donors conference is opening this hour in the polish capital. warsaw aimed at raising funds for ukraine's humanitarian needs. over 3000000 refugees from ukraine
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have arrived in poland since the beginning of the war. the majority are still there and many have found homes with poles who took them in spontaneously. but now living space is getting scarce, and many volunteers are exhausted. a small gesture of gratitude for the oscars. so basilica, it's become a daily ritual. ever since she took refugees from ukraine into her home, her family of 4 has been joined by 8 more people to have something broccoli on that, as i said, you had shar sober. i wanted to give this room to 3 people here, but then a driver arrived in the middle of the night with 8 us without the children were coughing and the women started crying because they didn't want to be split up and i felt weak in the knees the post as a back, but i said yes, animal good. no breath or spontaneous gesture has become a long term solution. her family is exhausted or did work machines and even work though he's not scott, for 2 months. i have not known what it's like to come home and just hear silence.
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no reminder. so maybe we need to get that slowly back to norma, but about that was that a good at miller? her sister and a friend came from western ukraine with 5 children. melissa, being helpless, makes them uncomfortable. i will tell you as a death. thank nancy. now, lizzie, her lightly her family from there used to being together now. suddenly having 8 people is very difficult. tell me that's good enough. i'm even ashamed that all of the work falls on, i guess, going her husband telling you they buy everything them or when it's the food and everything we need for the children. tuba, last leg, it took set in order to help host families. the polish government wants to pay monthly grants of around $250.00 euros for refugee. but it miasca hasn't received any money yet. mama would mila tries to earn some extra cash cleaning houses. yes, but you cannot afford her own apartment. this adoption of and because of back i
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want it, i have 3 children. me. even if i work as a single mom, it will still be very difficult for me because given the cost to poland, the government in warsaw is hoping for more help from the u. z o neuro payscale, just us of a plea. european union has allocated large sums to refugees, but it's a drop in the bucket groups from the point of view of the policy government. it would be important to set up a fund that would manage this aid for the you and cover the costs of refugees. you're new to please keep the quote from us. so at least of o e was probably quotes, yesco would be happy if at least some money came soon. but she doesn't regret helping many police feel the same way and like the ukrainian guests, they hope that the war will end soon. catch up on some other stories making headlines around the world. today. people in the chinese capital beijing have begun
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returning to work after a 5 day public holiday with the government on high alert over the latest corona virus outbreak, dozens of subway stations, and closed as a preventive measure and schools and indoor dining remained suspended. residents are required to undergo 3 tests per week. authorities in the u. s. capital washington, d. c. had put up a fence outside the supreme court building. the move comes after protests following the leak of a draft opinion, which would overturn a key ruling, protecting abortion rice, republican leaders of ers justices, to quote, to know the noise from protest happened for astronauts including germany's mathias mara are on their way back to earth after their capsule undocked from the international space station. laura and his colleagues. sure, i spent 6 months aboard the i assess. they're due to touch down thursday night on the coast of the u. s. state for parts from the international spacy,
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sports air and rail madrid are in the final of the champions league after studying . come back against manchester city on wednesday. oh really. we're still celebrating the victory outside stadium after the match rail were 2 goals behind on aggregate going into the 90th minute before 2 strikes from where we go took the match to extra time. kareem bens him out then scored from a penalty to seal a 65 aggregate victory rail. madrid will face liverpool in this year's final on the 28th of may. and johnny's to have a talk more about real matter is dramatic. come back, victory over manchester city is chris harrington from d w. sports could see you again, chris. so real madrid are heading for the champions league final, again a with another thrilling performance. yes, you know,
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real madrid are really the untouchables when it comes to the champions league. angelo ti talked about the history of the club is what fuel them pass, man city and talk about come back. they do it again. back to back to back 1st. it was p s g the last 16. then it was chelsea the quarter finals. now, man city. and when you look at the numbers, they all start scoring until the 90 minute talk about dessert. you know, a beautiful game, rodrigo. only 21 years old coming up as a hero bins. and my what can say about bins in my tin goals scored the knockout route of the champions league. he's level now with the former teammate, rinaldo. i mean, this team has really been magical angela. he's been, you know, criticize of having no game plan all this and all that. but nothing kid deny their magic in their mo jo angelo t spoke after this magical night to the press. let's take a listen. drilled her, bruce. it's not that easy to explain. just when every one thought the match was all but over, there was a small detail and
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a good play that was enough for rodrigo to score. and from their level with just a little bit left, we gave our all to win a match like this. you also need a bit of luck. the opponent was very tough. the match was really close, but the squad never gave her a party or she got more comfortable. really close. it was color enchilada his team, real madrid. they look magical right now. do you think that their magic is going to last through the final against liverpool when you believe you can achieve terika is as simple as that. you know, they're watching all their, you know, miraculous come back on video of fueling themselves. and i think when it comes to history, obviously it'll be a rematch of liverpool in the $21718.00 fido liverpool on the losing end of that. but for angelo to himself, he's looking at it personally to. he's played it. everton played against liverpool
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as a player coach against liverpool and a couple of finals. he looks at it as a darby. you know, liverpool side. they're going to be out for revenge. you know, be you talk about the mo, joe behind real madrid right now. they look unstoppable. bins of mine, the youngsters behind him, you know, they're safe bet looking forward as far as officer man city on the other hand. well losing this heavy final is a tough break for pep. guardiola isn't it? yeah. first time under peps, a regime that man city has conceded multiple goals at the 90 at the minute mark. you know, he's been criticize of over thinking look last year last years while against chelsea. you know, even before that in the quarter finals, this ridiculous exit by the hands of leon pep. guardiola has all the money behind him. he's an excellent coach. but when he comes down, the champions league, he's gonna have to get beyond his history with barcelona is going to have to make magic happen at man city. and i will see what investments they make over the summer or the rumblings around the. but as the gar that maybe they get the signature of
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allan allan, and that's a complete game changer, but we'll have to see what happens. but right now the focus is on the final set to take place in pairs. chris, thank you so much. chris harrington from d. w. a sport. thank you. you are watching t w news, steven beardsley, you'll be here in just a moment with business news for you. of course, you'll find all the latest news and information anytime you want online at t w dot com. i'm terry martin. thanks. watch with one of mankind's oldest ambitions could be within reach. ah, what is it really is possible to reverse.