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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm CEST

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ah ah ah, this is dw news coming to live from berlin. ukraine reports to bloody bottles at the as of steel plant. hundreds of civilians are believed to still be trapped inside their hopes now penned on a new russian promise for a cease fire to allow them to leave marie pull safely. also coming up, for starters, they did not have a competent campaign plan they have under achieved for u. s. general david patricia talks to t w about putins more and the state of the russian military. plus it's quite its
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mission, not quite a cult. placed for astronaut mathias myra. this day. i wouldn't. i would like to stay a little bit longer. there's still a lot of stuff that i want to do as a poor person. crew heads back to earth. we looked back at the german astronauts 6 month stint on the i assess. plus i rail madrid, send their fans into a frenzy after defeating manchester city to reach the champions league final. ah. hello, i'm terry martin. good to have you with us ukraine's army says russia is trying to destroy the last remaining soldiers inside the stall steel plant in mario pole. a ukrainian commander said bloody battles are going on at the besieged facility.
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moscow denies reports that its forces have stormed the plant. a 3 day cease fire announced by moscow is due to begin to day to allow the evacuation of more civilians they endured weeks there under siege. the battle for as elf style has been relentless. this footage, released by russian backed forces shows how determined moscow is to take these steel works. a mary poll the plant has become a symbol of ukrainian resistance in the east of the country. russia wants to drive out the few ukrainian forces still here. but these soldiers are refusing to give up and appear to be fighting to the death. you do it when you grow up with their heavy bloody battles. when was, i am proud of my soldiers for making in human efforts to contain the enemy's onslaught in liquor. i think the whole world for the tremendous support of the
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mario pole garrison, our soldiers to serve it. the situation is extremely difficult and, but we continue to carry out the order to keep the defense of the month oberon caught in the middle civilians. the fortunate ones have been freed from from that underground prison, that liberals, that by the mere magneer you escape and be beneath the peaceful sky is wonderful. you look at it, the blue and the bright sun. in many though, we're still hiding in the bunkers and car doors that form part of the steel plant is, would you vanish from georgia to live with it? we hope to continue rescuing people from as of style from mary paul. there are still civilians left there. women, children, to save them, we need to continue the ceasefire. ukrainian saw it is ready to provide it. it takes time just to lift people out of those basements out of those underground shelters. in them lay moscow says it will allow
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a 3 day cease fire starting thursday to help the remaining civilians get out. but with heavily armed troops on the ground, it is unclear if the fighting will stop and whether more civilians will get out alive. russia denies reports that it's trying to storm the steel plant. manuel charles is part of our team in ukraine earlier. she gave me this update on developments in mario paul. all eyes are here in ukraine on top, sir. so in the world are set on mar, you pull. their heavy fighting is going on there with ukraine on force is saying that russia continues to shell. the plan to be a, to attack the plant. they ukrainian forces also said that a russian troops had stormed the plan to have something to cramming, says that he's not happening moscow. se said that there would be
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a ceasefire for 3 days to allow for her further evacuation from civilians. it's very difficult to verify independently whether or not those humanitarian corridors are indeed working. today what we do now is that yesterday 344 people managed to get away from our you, paul, and the surrounding areas. they arrived in ukrainian control territory in separate area, but hundreds of people, civilians, women, children, elderly people are still believe to be stuck in the other stars. the plans as we talked, as well as a thousands of ukrainians sold, used to holding their positions. their d. w is manuel shaws they are reporting from levine. in other developments in the ukraine conflict, holland and sweden are co hosting and donors conference aimed at raising funds to
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help ukraine, you officials, who are also sponsoring the vent se ukraine needs a marshall plan to help rebuild the country. resident, florida meals lensky used his speech to the forum to launch a global fundraising website saying, every donation matters, find the president of germany's parliament. the bonus dog has accepted an invitation to visit the ukrainian capital key. if apple boss said she would take part in world war 2, remembrance in ceremonies and hold political consultations, german chancellor of schultz has been under fire for his decision not to visit ukraine following a diplomatic snuff, western officials or warning that russian president vladimir putin could formerly declare war on ukraine, on may, 9th, and mobilize its 1000000 strong reserve forces. the major announcement could come on what russia calls victory de commemorating its defeat of nazi germany. in 1945,
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the u. s. police. russia has already sent some 2 100000 troops to ukraine, but with at least 10000 killed and moscow's invasion faltering, their nell fears putin could push for a further escalation. a declaration of war would allow moscow to call up millions of reservices for action in ukraine. for c, i a director and retired us general david patricia spoke with t w's in this pole about the war in ukraine. she began by asking for his take on the russian military, 2 months into the campaign. along with just about everyone else, i thought they would be doing somewhat better than they have the sheer, massive what they could have achieved. just they had actually had a competent campaign plan, would have been considerable. the fact is though, that for starters, they did not have a competing campaign plan. they attacked and 5 or 6 different locations there. logistics proved absolutely
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a decimal. the level of training of their soldiers and their junior leaders is clearly inadequate. their communication systems have broken down. so general officers have to go up to the front, get out of their vehicles to find out what's going on. and they get shot by snipers . just the sheer readiness of the force has proved to be very some standard. it's not obvious to me what they were doing during those months of maneuvers in russia. and in valerie saw ukraine's border. remember, they were out there for many, many months, supposedly training just across the board. they have under achieved in virtually every conceivable area with the possible exception of just the ability to carry out destructive, often indiscriminate attacks by missiles, rockets bombs, and artillery and mortars. that's a surprise you remember that we heard a great deal about the modernization of the russian military. a lot was native,
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they are advanced weaponry. it was put on display every year and the annual vac. what's coming up on may, 9th, the victory day celebration for world war 2. and yet, what it appears is that a lot of this was just in a sense potemkin capability, you say sort of look good from a distance. they have a bit of each of these, but they don't have them deployed throughout their forces. so the very sophisticated command control communication systems about which we have been told previously, it turns out, are not deployed with our forces. they're using, in fact, single channel, open non secure h f radio communications, which any ukrainian citizen who has a police scanner can locate, can record an upload, especially when they're criticizing their commanding officers, which is a preoccupation of many of the russian soldiers, is appears and perhaps with good,
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good reason. and then of course they just janet and so that's why again, the russian leaders have to keep coming up to the front exposure themselves and getting taken out by ukrainian snipers. let's talk about 9 may. this is the day for our audience in russia, declared victory over nazi germany and is a very important anniversary in russia and always celebrated. and so many feel that it's letting me put in might do something. it will go up. there are reports that the russians at the very least, are considering some kind of general mobilization announcement where this will transform the country from conducting a special military operation, as they have termed it, to conducting a world war 3 or something along those lines to try to galvanize russian popular support, which until now we shouldn't acknowledge, has been quite solid. in fact, flattery. putins approval ratings have actually gone up not down us fairly
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significantly since the launching of the invasion. what we know is the and unprovoked invasion of a neighboring country, but which food and has reported to his people as a special military operation, of course to de nasir fy ukraine. whatever that means, noting that of course, the president, ukraine is jewish. the w as in as poll, they're talking to former c. i a director and retired general david patrice. while the ukraine war threatens to impact europe's energy supplies, it also is threatening other parts of the world with acute food shortages. russia and ukraine are both major suppliers of wheat, cooking oil and other food staples. exports are now being disrupted, pushing price is higher and making food unaffordable for many of the world's most impoverished people. humanitarian relief is also being effected in 2021. ukraine was the largest single source of food for the humans, world food program,
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which works to feed the most vulnerable people around the world. in eastern africa, the situation is particularly dire. the effects of climate change are being compounded by regional conflicts, and now the knock on effects of rushes war in europe are exacerbating the crisis while part of the region is experiencing as the worst drought in 40 years. south sudan has been hit by severe flooding that makes imports of food and grain even more vital. nea luca cook's garden is flooded. she tries desperately to rebuild her small embankment in her village. paglia residents have built canoes to move themselves around as their cattle perish in the flood waters. it's the 3rd year in a row that they've had to fight the effects of heavy flooding. according to the water, deacon, everything from me, my land, my home,
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my food list is actually the flood scheme 2 years ago. since then, we've lived in water beach. i our best i like to want to be a large part of south sudan has been hit by the worst flooding in 60 years. nearly a 1000000 people are suffering the consequences. the catastrophe has hit a country in which millions are starving and impoverished. so sedan as the highest poverty rate in the world, 80 percent of people live on less than $2.00 a day. no food prices, a rising grain comes from neighboring countries who themselves import wheat from russia and ukraine. years of armed conflict of meant that very few crops, a grown and so to sudan, it's almost totally dependent on imports. and it's often lowest in the food chain. i think the worse hunger crisis with over 8000000 people,
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i think hungry. and this time we're unable to reach we're seeing people feeding in the face of the conflict like right. my food packages from 8 organizations are reaching only a fraction of south sedans. 12000000 people, many of whom are in great need. as the rainy season begins again springing monica taught over here. she's an economist at the united nations food and agriculture organization and joins us from rome. thanks for being with us. mr. tova. i'd like to get your take on how the war in ukraine is affecting global food security, because that war has severely disrupted exports of agricultural products, especially grain. ukraine normally exports grain to some 400000000 people i understand around the globe. how long can the world go without it?
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thank you for the greater good afternoon. so my pleasure to be here. and me want to be happy. you kind of an important explorer that offer a number of agriculture will be stopping for a week or 2021. and i need to find out and maybe explore it. shand funding something from promising on my time. 25 percent of the export from a while. now, one thing is that different more the impact of these born in b, we also have to remember the point as the war and the room was troy will be me coming from bending. and i the safety of the army increasing for many, also energy. i can't jump back. so i feel best increasing would be fine. and the man issue is also the energy and the same time,
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the number of people that but only before interest because they won't blindly who some of them during the bank. i'm sure sure. then i think so many important deals. and these, of course we don't have any frank on the whole right. or no, you know me if i may grow, grow bunny and be i'm not talking about shopping for agriculture. many countries. and hi, i'm having the time in being sufficient models of food, grains, or themes entricken are for that population. so do understand you correctly by saying that it's not really a problem that grain exports from ukraine or, or being cut all go go, molly. there are no short b, g the night on the global level, but i think on high. but on the other hand,
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you have countries like india who spread out a bank increase. spent bound to that export of reeds. we also need to man, but the big time of the exports of read from you can i mean on nitro, ernie being me thing because then you have, i will be coming game enjoy on, on, on july usual. right, so and before i went on stopping about 6000000 pounds will reap the made seems to be in the ukraine. best we're waiting to be on the call to double stock it much. i'm the one that exports my high and the impact on the market will be much more significant. same time go ahead leave so that the export will be natural fees and i need the creasing. and the same time we have some expose going from your drain glaring. it's not on the vine. you be,
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have no money if you're graying and when you think that be feed august time being tonight. now they cannot, you know, looking for that beef means to get the gains by offing out of the country. and they can even be buying buying venue when i, on the, on have you been on bank and go buy, they are going to be small company gaping because the gouge for that an a, an old on the new kind then in europe in union. so the handling and shipping costs are much more expensive. so the supply seems to be secure in some ways, but prices are going arise, monica talk of economists at the united nations food and agriculture organization. thank you very much. thank you. sort so and rail madrid are in the final of the champions league after a stunning come back against manchester city on wednesday. ah, you for a real celebrating the side of the stadium after the much real were 2 goals behind
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on aggregate going into the 90th minute before 2 strikes from rodrigo took the match to extra time. kareem benjamin then scored from a penalty to seal a 65 aggregate victory rail madrid will face liverpool in this year's final, on the 28th of may. and johnny's now to talk more about rail mentor is dramatic. come back, victory over manchester city is chris harrington from d. w. sports? good. see you again, chris. so real madrid are heading for the champions league final again with another thrilling performance. yes, you know, real madrid are really the untouchables when it comes to the champions league. actually talked about the history of the club is what fuel them pass, man city and talk about a come back. they, they do it again. back to back to back 1st it was b s g, the last 16. vague it was. chelsea of the quarter finals now, man city. and when you look at the numbers,
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they all start scoring until that 90 minute talk about dessert. you know, a beautiful game, rodrigo, only 21 years old coming up as a hero bins. and my what can say about bins in my 10 goals scored in the knockout route of the champions league. he's level now with the former teammate, rinaldo. i mean, this team has really been magical angela. he's been, you know, criticize about no game plan. all this and all that, but nothing kid denied their magic in their mo jo angelo t spoke after this magical night to the press. let's take a listen. drilled her bruce, it's not that easy to explain just when everyone thought the match was all but over there was a small detail and a good play that was enough for rodrigo to score. and from there, with just a little bit left, we gave our all to win a match like this. you also need a bit of luck. the opponent was very tough. the match was really close,
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but the squad never gave her a more comfortable. really close. it was color enchilada, his team rail, madrid, les look magical right now. do you think that their magic is going to last through the final against liverpool when you believe you can achieve jerica? it's as simple as that. you know, they're watching all of their, you know, miraculous come back on video fueling themselves. and yeah, i think when it comes to history, obviously it'll be a rematch of liverpool in the $21718.00 fido liverpool on the losing end of that. but for agile oh to himself, he's looking at it personally to he's played it. everton played against liverpool as a player coach against liverpool and a couple of finals. he looks at it as a darby, you know, liverpool side. they're going to be out for revenge. you know, be you talk about the mo, joe behind real madrid right now. they were constable bins of mine and the youngsters behind him. you know, they're safe bet looking forward as far as officer man city on the other hand. well,
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losing this heavy final is a tough break for pep. guardiola isn't it? yeah. first time under peps a regime that man city has conceded multiple goals at that 90 at the minute mark. you know, he's been criticized of over thinking like last year last year. file against chelsea, you know, even before that in the quarter finals, this ridiculous exit by the hands of leon peck. guardiola has all of the money behind him. he's an excellent coach. but when he comes out of the champions league, he's gonna have to get beyond his history with barcelona is going to have to make magic happen at man city. and i will see what investments they make over the summer or the rumblings around. what is the gar that maybe they get the signature of allan allan, and that's a complete game changer, but we'll have to see what happens. but right now the focus is on the final set to take place in pairs. chris, thank you so much. chris harrington from d. w. a sport. thank you. the argentina, football jersey warren, by the late diego mar, donna, has made history for sports memorabilia,
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selling for record 8500000 euros at auction. the jersey was warned by merit on it in the 1986 world cup against england in mexico city, where arizona scored the infamous hand of god goal, which marijuana scored by using his fist. the jersey bell owned by a private collector is arguably the most coveted football shirt to ever come to auction for astronauts have left the international space station and are on their way back to earth. the capture will safely undocked from the i assess ending the crews 6 months science mission. if everything goes according to plan, they're due to touch down thursday night off the coast of the us state of florida. aboard that capsule is germany. astronaut mateus maha, the w's. leah og late takes
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a look back at his time and space. next up is european space agency as when german astronaut mathias mom, her arrived in space 6 months ago. the 1st thing he wanted to do was looked down at his home planet. i was like, wow, wow, is like i, i had goosebumps all over my buddy and shivering, almost like, wow, i'm really in space at dawn. i'm the me. i see a beautiful blue, blue, blue plaid it. since then, down on that blue planet, a war has started. and fears have arisen that the tensions between russia and the e u and u. s. might affect the international space station as well. but 400 kilometers above earth, life goes on as normally as it can in 0 gravity. we are all up here for the same purpose to explore and to keep this does face station
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maintained and to keep performing the science on the in our laboratories. and so that is all we focused on, so the dynamic hasn't changed and we have about a 40 year history of working with the russians. and that is all still very much in working in play here and has been a real pleasant flavor working with our colleagues a friday evening. we always eat together and we shed he the highlights of the week in the evening. we float over to the russian sick man. they come over to our sia and the the spirit in space stations really, really good. as new rockets head to the station, leaving the conflict on earth behind a new crew of cosmo not joined the international team in march right in time from ours birthday party. the fact the new comers were wearing the colors of the ukrainian flag was just a coincidence. they said my hours time in space
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was mostly occupied, not with political conflicts, but with scientific experiments. and maintaining the station he even conducted a space, walk a dream for every astronaut. i want to stay, i want, i would like to stay here little bit longer. there's still a lot of stuff that i want to do. so i wouldn't mind to stay a month or 2 or 3 long up here in space. understandable as at least the i s s has long been considered an oasis of peace to just reminder the top story we're following for you here today on dw news, ukrainian forces inside mario polls, positive small steel plant. se russian soldiers have begun storming it plant there is heavy fighting. russia denies reports. it is announced
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a 3 day ac spark to allow more civilian evacuation. to watching dw news from berlin up next to its focus on europe. i'm terry martin. thanks for watching. you can always find all the latest news information by the way, on our website. that's d w dot com. ah ah, with
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a shoot to school. this spotlight goes down to worry about family members to ukraine. you notice to sign a into sports night. they can forget about the war, at least for a few focus in d,
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w into the conflict zoning, with tim sebastian. more than 2 months into the war in ukraine on both sides and taking heavy losses. my guess this week is less here, buffy line co follow tissue and human rights lawyer who joins me from clear. what makes us so sure, mister putin wouldn't press who's nuclear conflict loan in 60 minutes. on d. w o. in many countries, education is still a privilege. tardy is one of the main causes. some young children walk in mind troughs. instead of going to class others can attend classes only after they finish
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working with millions of children, all over the world can't go to school. we ask why, because education makes the world more. just make up your own mind. d. w, made for mines with hello and welcome to focus on europe. and we begin in russia where each may people not the end of the 2nd world war in your facilities highlight the countries role as a great liberator from nazi germany. but now russia itself is pushing ahead with a brew.