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tv   Focus on Europe  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm CEST

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for your peers and rivals, with one daring goal to outsmart nature. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind. more life starts me 28th on d w. ah ah ah hello and welcome to focus on europe and we begin in russia where each may people marks the end of the 2nd world war in europe. now, festivities highlight the countries role as a great liberator from nazi germany. but now russia itself is pushing ahead with a brutal onslaught against its neighbor ukraine. heavy fighting continues, especially in the east of the country. russian forces have stepped up that
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relentless attack on hockey, leaving ukraine. second city, devastated many smaller settlements across the east of the country. are also in ruins and it's impossible to count the civilian casualties. well, normal life, joy, happiness and laughter are it seems a thing of the past. so it's bitterly ironic that europe's largest circus circus kroner for munich is currently hosting a number of performers from ukraine, including 30 artists who fled from the war. and when they step into the spotlight, they're a dazzling skills and laughter. the, when the lights come back up, there's fear and uncertainty about what the future holds for the artists themselves and their families. ah, the bingo truth is taking the stage by store with their acrobatic and dance numbers
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. the performers make audiences go wild and music circus, crooning victoria village coast truth is from ukraine, where war is raging. but sometimes being in the spotlight helps take her mind of her worries. who move for elizabeth? yes, cuz i know i'm completely concentrated on what i'm doing in the movements choreography and music audience. it was hot vest. wow. mm hm. the performers were on tour when russia attacked ukraine in the middle of the night. nothing's been the same since. now. i didn't want them cross at the middle, and i looked at my phone in the morning on how to millions of missed calls and texts that bombing us rule has broken out. yet say my missed calls from my whole family home. i worry it could go on for a long time for yes, and i'm scared,
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i won't see my family any time soon. victoria says the image is from ukraine or devastating. her family lives and, and iep no food knew about 200 kilometers from hart. it matter, you pool, it's a region where the russian army now has the upper hand. victoria's parents and both her grandmothers live in unoccupied city. they don't want to be identified and photos as a fear of the russian soldiers. this is ashley. at 15 victoria let whom to attend to circus school and keith. she spent most of her time on tour with the bingo troop ever since. the young acrobat sir, like a 2nd family. 25 year old victoria is the eldest, the others affectionately call her mom. i love when she's not on stage victoria's in constant phone contact with her own mom . she says she's never been as homesick as she is now. not i
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feel bad in li. everything's fine for me. i'd say about my family isn't precise. victoria's true. the 10 member sir, his band is also from ukraine. solidarity is important to this international insomnia. since war broke out, so close corona has opened his doors here in munich to relatives and former performers. 13 arrivals from the wars are now living here, and they're welcome to stay as long as they need to free of charge. because we a, hey, this is i'm from helping each other out as a natural part of circus life. so you always help either specially on tour there or sometimes emergency situations through like right now. oh, is it some i know we're one big family that's, that's just the way a circus works. oh,
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munich is proving to be a refuge from many thanks in part to the circus. anna, a clover has recently returned to circus corona. she worked as a dancer here for 7 years before heading to the eastern ukrainian city of hockey. but a few weeks ago she and her 8 year old son timothy, had to flee the circus even arranged to pick her up at the polish border. last propulsive yet, madame eat to blow our lights. water and eating went out in khaki. it was really cold. when the plains came with their bones, that was the turning point for me because i knew i had to get my child out of there . could teacher sca none of them, bella vista, bianca was the depth of the truth is warming up for a performance. they're pushing on 2 separate shoes today. concentration is key. everyone makes a point of not talking about the war before going on stage. because victoria and her fellow performers fear for their country. and she, i mean,
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but she wanted us to raise and libby did bubble and you know, i used to have big plans in life. i always liked to plan ahead. but now all i want is for the war to end and to see my family. i want to see, keep i my favorite people. i want them all to be alive and okay. you said as the only plan i have now that of them are you, do you think it will happen? see? yeah, yeah, i want to believe it. well, there had you admitted victoria isn't about to let fear slow her down. after all, the show must go long. now in a very different note, we go to the dry and austin, baron landscapes of western spain and portugal, where not too long ago,
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whole villages were wiped off the map when they were submerged below reservoirs. now, however, low water levels have enabled onlookers like pac via longer to see those same villages literally re emerging as the waters recede. the 71 year old can hardly believe his eyes. normally pock of year longer would now be getting wet feet. this was once a vast reservoir, but it's been drying out and now his old village, when submerged, has re emerged. after that, a body that was my grandmother's house, yet i spent my childhood here with my parents. my cousins, uncles, and aunts in this was our house. it turned everything to like i said, were to this was the spanish village of us at 8 or located near the portuguese border along with the entire valley. it was flooded. when the alternate endorse
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a reservoir was created for 30 years, the village had been submerged. the old fountain is still running. it's vivian lamb . yeah, boy let go. no, i don't. i think it in. but if that to get basic yet, i mean i remember my grandmother and a girl coming here to fetch water a little eat out the girl splash water on her for fun. and she did the same one pocket. they kept going until both were soaking wet. do yet their bucket last summer so it doesn't matter. impulse i with that going will give you the book it m baron only important our mortality. it still pains the 71 year old that he had to leave his village. but he's also concerned by how much water levels have fallen it festal night. there was always a loss of water in the region. you still do that. now, climate change is having a strong impact. roving climate change is to blame with him, and that means we are to believe our settlement. we humans, costless,
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and we just keep going. as before. auto linda, so damn, was completed in 1992. at the time it was deemed a great feat of engineering. portugal built it right by the border. it's still one of the country's largest hydro power plants eating so martina remembers when the dam was built. she's from portugal and understands the feelings of her spanish neighbors who had their properties flooded . but she says they have no reason to complain. but that of one who caused this month, the beginning, they were compensated, delineated jelly. they received a lot of money, even for sandy's on chicken cape long. the rain allowed them to build big houses afterwards. rather lewis, when would he? he took a little paco's parents used the money to build a new home higher up to day pucker lived there alone. all that survived of his old
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village are a few momentos photos and his 50 year old home videos. i read you loud. mm. bordering mean funky, well, anybody give me back? my child who's hanging out in the past. we hung out her own. not a lot of in the fruit trees we still from. if you pick it up, you know, these memories of childhood foolishness are etched on my memory. so yes, if you take them away, what does that make me? nobody thought about those things. you'd have cushion nor have already. the reappearance of oceleto has had a big effect in the community. javion silva runs a bar and restaurant in lobos video. he says the dr. breadth of our is a real attraction. middle of the lady on the dilemma rather get it pulled up. we in the restaurant industry can't complain to that. sure. it brings back memories for the people who once lived in the village, shall have, you know,
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like what it's been great for business with them and still is the letter was when obama thought of, well, we brazil not with well, you see his young research, the plan and made a special detour to see what's left or the reservoir. the danish tourist is both fascinated and shocked by the sight. i never really took it into consideration how old dry the way they can be, especially because even in france and spain, i've noticed a lot of areas where they don't want any form of fire like naive at night going through a cigarette, but out or nothing. because i guess everything will catch fire cause it's so dry. the dry conditions mean fires like this one are common as is drought. before they're pretty much he thought he had lost our history in our roots expediency. he had noticed that on the sierra, this is what i would have been better not to be compensated. you know, you could have stayed, and the village would have been full of life like before. he danced the reservoir
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will ever again, the merchant's village for such a long time. he plans to keep coming here, searching for traces of the past. now, homosexuality isn't exactly banned in turkey, but homophobia is widespread. a members of the l g. b t q community get little protection from discrimination. not surprisingly, given that the countries religious authorities view homosexuality as degenerate. some gay men enter into marriages of convenience with women to hide the truth. and in a new film, more staffer tells of the pain of having a long term partner who's married to some one else appropriately. it's called, this is not me. most of our lives and title of asher, apparently. but who to this temple? he moved here from antalya years ago,
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he was attracted by the anonymity and the fact that many minorities live here in key and transport identity because he that most of us says his family news is gay, but they ignore the fact. he says he can live freely entirely basha kim's, and he doesn't owe anybody an explanation as well. so david bamboo lean deal, his neighbor also accepts them for who years muster. farm moved to istanbul to be with his boyfriend method. but for both men, the relationship has involved a life of deceit and frustration. muscogee very lily, it should be true to estimate, grew up in a very authoritarian family and there was forced into an arranged marriage with a woman. he didn't love and amazon. so savage, it, it was to make sure there would be offspring, lily, capitals, it'll was about magnets. wife is in the de larry,
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his wife has no idea. and so she doesn't show any particular feelings. i'll admit, she's a close person. she can't open herself to her environmental to a film about mr. fan, magnet premier to the east m bull film festival. meet by directors, goshen and catcher. it triggered a controversial debate about a taboo topic, and turkey. one is about gay men who marry women for the sake of appearances from the outside. they appear to lead what society considers a normal life in the film, mr. fan magnet are very weapon about their relationship. unless i'm going to send send back to some guy or mission old miss was to what it shemelle mustafah. 15 years ago. wow. yes. that's a long time that it is nobody close to me knows the truth. only mustafah mustafah
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is my real family items though. assemble remains, a liberal city by turkish standards. society is becoming increasingly conservative and religious. lucifer news, many gay men who don't dare leave their wives. they fear being disowned by their families. and even violence is that, that old company is at that better family and society forced men to live hidden lives and to keep their homosexuality secret. they fear, reactions, serious consequences. a stumble has a lively l. g. b, teach you seen, including numerous clubs. most of are often comes here with his friends is a place to feel safe from the hostility of mainstream society. it took years for producer and director carter gulshan to gain the men's trust in
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or to make the film. she says that they're hidden lives can cause trauma and psychological problems to the womb with. children are unhappy, wives to them. they don't know about the husbands parallel life. are they think perhaps that they are being cheated on that but not with other men? then marriages are in crisis, but the wives don't know that they are victims to what a lot of mustafah felt liberated after the films premier. a neck met. 2 is taken steps forward. hello, avelaire. good at the shonda last i heard is that he wants to get a divorce till now. he's always hesitated because of the children he shield tentacle. most of our hopes that soon there won't be any more barriers to the 2 of them living together. now during world war 2,
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the baltic sea in europe's northeast was the backdrop for massive fighting. as a result, the sea bed off the coast of poland is a burial ground. for countless ships, many were carrying large quantities of fuel oil and doesn't toxic materials. and now mariners fear that the wrecks off the coast of poland in good dounia could cause an environmental disaster. ben in the cat on the right and his crew are approaching another shipwreck, an old sunken submarine either the worse than they scan it, using sona equipment of the therapy. germans are now moving over the rec along the submarines. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, current put wagner. go, starsky, stuff in missouri, a chuckle, pinch addition to that. there are probably about $5000.00 racks and polish waters for just 2 peralta. and we only know about 20 percent of the area of sea floor that belongs to poland on us population. cosca with 80 percent of the sea
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floor unexplored, thousands of shipwrecks could be releasing toxic chemicals. most of the racks are from world war 2. 1 of the most toxic wrecks was discovered by benedict hats. the still got it was once an upscale passenger steam ship before being repurposed into a hospital ship in hitler's navy. it sank in 1943 after being struck by american forces. stuck you. we're sick of lucky little your ships and shipwrecks deteriorate to osha. no. a stroke to the structure breaks apart. dr. cheryl spun this sona image shows the still got ship wreck and how it's turned into a field of debris on the sea floor. but the really frightening thing is while benedict hatch found surrounding the ship.
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with the research as took samples of the sea floor, i'm brought them back up to the surface. this dredging equipment is dripping with a black, sticky substance. oil from the state got ship wreck. the oil is heavier than water, preventing it from floating to the surface. in said, it's been seeping into the ground for decades. rule out for good reason for on the verge of an ecological asked her to do with the team found over 400000 square meters of the sea floor to be contaminated with fuel . that's the equivalent of about 40 soccer bitches. that 80 year old fuel shows up on the surface as a trail of oil. it's just a question of time before it washes up on beaches. crystal belong. now i've spent
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many years of my life there. as often gone for walked on the beach with my wife, 2 girls and when her granddaughter comes to visit, we like to take her to the beach, florida. it would be an irreplaceable loss. we couldn't go there any more from it. normally, tickets are usually the shipwreck explorer and his crew can't recover the toxic war debris. it's not clear who's even responsible for such a task which would cost millions. most of the ships sunk in polish territorial waters were german other countries along the baltic sea like finland, sweden and germany have retrieved individual rex from the own territorial waters. but poland hasn't benedict hatch says there's a lack of know how and sofa no one has taken the initiative. so that's excellent, sir. just as a bad joke. it's people say you don't have to fry this is from here in oil anymore
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on because they already contain oil. i latoya so crooked mazata. most people only see water when they look out to see benedict hat has made it his mission to show what lies beneath the surface. now when the ball gets rolling, people get really excited. and so he of course about soccer. well, one place where they're very passionate about the great game is italy just a year ago that passion led to the creation of an italian national team made up of nuns. mama mia said some, but the venture got the blessing of, you know, who a sister amelia gets the game under way. this is italy's national team of nuns. it's sisters again, sisters,
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football in the name of the lord. god, i love football because it strengthens the community. basically i got to see where all from different orders, but here where united as a team anchor made. so. and we have one mission, an orgy. i mean, your sister amelia and regina against g 3. okay. sister amelia has been part of the sister's football club for about a year. there are 18 nuns on the team age between 27 and 52. they train every sunday outside brom. but not every one has permission to play. what topic wellness go, i'll corneus what a care center that out. unfortunately, there are some orders where the mother superiors have not been shown to light by the holy spirit to santo. some still think it's a sin to wear shorts or to play with
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a bowl to cry. they don't think none should show their legs or a law. so i don't know if i've a that a legacy. but the sisters know they had the blessing of pope francis. i playing football there simply following his appeal to not be old maids, but to engage in society. oh sister amelia lives in a convent close to the balcony, along with 12 others from her order lady. their mother superior supports their love of the beautiful game he would have had to come to see more kanto. i've played a lot of football in my life. i was a primary school teacher for 31 years green. i played a lot with school children and the young people in the parish. i thought i can never resist. when i see a football quando, they do, pardon me. i am quoted as to what it is to look into. to nicky kid, i don't catch for her part sister. amelia was not always catholic,
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but she always loved football. she even played center forward for a top tier romanian team. she also had a fiance and preferred the stadium to church than one day a friend took her to mass. i seen her da, and none gave me her hand till as it raised lesaine julia pushed the fizzy joy and her smile touched me so much funny that i suddenly felt at cooling inside me. and then for the next, she joined the comment at the age of 20, but she never stop playing football. for the nuns playing, and milan feels almost like a miracle. they're hoping that the god of football will be on their side for their 3rd match. their coach has complete faith in them really to the i love it. it's as yeah, the sisters play with so much enthusiasm. bennett, they have such a passion for flu rolo most were professional players on them. but south in lou
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dequina, they found someone to give a fresh opportunity simply but so unlikely that i think it's opened up a whole new world for them. e. this is a pedestal morning. that's certainly the case for sister anica who was a rising star in italy's top division until her calling. i quit my athletic career and said, lord, i'll come to you. but one day i want to play football again. that was 10 years ago . now i'm finally playing again. they're facing a team of former top 2 players from monta. there'll be no special treatment for the nuns. i think we want to win will play hard a after a quick prayer. it's time for kick off with the opposition is too strong with some loss possessions and failing to convert their gold chances . not even divine intervention can save them from losing 15 to one. they take the result in stride for them. it's a joy to take part. great,
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so now it's time to blow the way so long. focus on europe is ty brown for now bye bye. chokes and all the very best ah ah ah, with
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and transformed into an orgy of hate and violence. the history of the ku klux klan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states, its members fight for a racist state, ruled by white supremacy. what we're talking about here is not only disorganized violence, it's not only terrors. it's politics. found it over 150 years ago. it's repeatedly died out, but always been resurrected. the ku klux klan starts may 11th on d. w. d w's crime fighters are back africans, most successful radio drama series continues this season. the stories focus on hate speech, cholera, prevention and sustainable charcoal production. all episodes are available online. and of course you can share and discuss on d, w, africa's facebook page,
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and other social media platforms, crime fighters, tune in. now imagine how many portion of love us are now in the world right now. climate change, if any story this is much less the way from just one week. how much work can really get we still have time to go. i'm going on with his subscriber all morning with a
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ah, ah ah, ah, this is the w news live from berlin. battle that b as off stars, steel plant in mario paul, hundreds of civilians are believed to be trapped inside. their hopes are now pinned on a new russian promise for a cease fire. also coming on, ukrainian resistance fell false violent in towns and cities that lost the fight to the invading army will take a rare look at life in the russian occupied territory.