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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin. battle that b as off star steel plant in mario paul, hundreds of civilians are believed to be trapped inside their hopes are now pinned on a new russian promise for a c spot. also coming on ukrainian resistance felt false violent in towns and cities that lost the fight to the invading army will take a rare look at life in the russian occupied territory closets
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a mission not quite accomplished for astronauts mathias marva this day. i want, i would like to stay here a little bit longer. there still a lot of stuff that i want to do as a full person crew heads back to earth. we looked back at the german astronauts 6 month mission on the i assess ah, i'm go have us, thanks for joining us. ukraine's army says russia is trying to destroy the last remaining soldiers inside the other styles still planned. in mario po, moscow denies reports that its forces have stormed the plant. 3 days, he's financed by moscow is due to begin on thursday to allow the evacuation of more civilians. but the ukrainian presidents suggest that the destruction of the steel plant has made it harder for any one to leave. he said,
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rushing bombardments at left concrete, debris, trapping civilians and underground bunkers. and that they would have to be dug out . the battle for as elf style has been relentless. this footage released by russian backed forces shows how determined moscow is to take these still works in mary paul the plant is become a symbol of ukrainian resistance in the east of the country. russia wants to drive out the few ukrainian forces still here, but these soldiers are refusing to give up and appear to be fighting to the death you do it was to grow up with their heavy, bloody battles when i am proud of my soldiers for make an inhuman efforts to contain the enemy's onslaught in liquor. i thank the whole world for the tremendous support of the mario paul garrison. let our soldiers to serve it. the situation is
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extremely difficult and but we continue to carry out the order to keep the defense of the remodel. bruno caught in the middle civilians, but the fortunate ones have been freed from from that underground prison. thou roberta, for the mirror, magneer, you escape and be beneath the peaceful sky is wonderful. you look at it, the blue and the bright sun. in many though, we're still hiding in the bunkers and cora doors that form part of the steel plant is, would you fire much productivity of would have we hope to continue rescuing people from as of style for mary paul? there were still civilians left there. women, children, to save them, we need to continue the cease fire, great ukrainian saw it is ready to provide it. it takes time just to lift people out of those basements out of those underground shelters. is them way? moscow says it will allow
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a 3 day cease fire starting thursday to help the remaining civilians get out. but with heavily armed troops on the ground, it's unclear if the fighting will stop and weather more civilians will get out a life of a more the situation in mario poll, mom john boss of yano braille is with the un office for the coordination of human saran affairs and he's been invariable, assisting with evacuation f as a joins us now from south georgia. miss aubrey, you've been in mario for helping good people to safety. tell us about the conditions they've been living in and book the evacuees i've experienced thank. thank, thanks for having the i'm just want to clarify. one point that i haven't been to my power plant to have been doing the equations process for a couple space couple of times to be more precise. i did talk to other questions. i have been you one of the question process but they want it. i was we didn't reach
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the city of michael was the 1st one. i wasn't the 2nd one iteration of people. dad, i think the additional people, it's origin, someone that it's leaving to the hell of a war for a couple of months. we can not have other awards than that desperate. and what i mentioned today the morning into what other deals with extremely tell my ties. i think that's the most feature that i would mention about people that i met doing these questions and people that my colleagues met when you were doing the equations . when you meet them that afraid, the traumatized, they don't know how to react of what, what, when they come to to safety and you talk to people out of most of the way before for the 1st time in a couple of fun. you can imagine how is it to, how is the choice to live and they've been out for 2 months. don't see the sunlight for 2 months and what you would expect to see when you come out, not even your house,
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any more. how many civilians still believes to be trapped industry or longer? it's very difficult to to, to understand that this point, how many people would be trapped in the plant. now it's a giant plant. that dog style is still punches giant, and there are many bunkers underneath it. we know about 3 bucks isn't anything we have at least 3 separate groups of people that are in the bunkers during the evacuation process. if 1st question process that we, that we reach the plant, we have to go different time several times about quite small groups of people each time. so for example, one day we got quite 21 people in the 2nd day when we came back, people that came for the 2nd group, the 2nd small group like 78 people, they met, people do that ended boxes that they didn't even know that they were in the plants as well, they are friends, relatives, and they. so we chug for this both in 2 months, being the same place, been trying to tool to shelter and to protect themselves from the, from the shelling the constant. shelley multiple for 2 months. i didn't even know it's a relative to where that is,
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where i live or not. you just mentioned to evacuations. one was roughly 20 people, almost just 7 people. what makes it so difficult to evacuate more people in one go it. we are creating a war on 1st i want to clarify on the figures because it's not that low. the 1st, the both 1st of equation process we managed to bring to safety hearing support, isa, $127.00 people. i'm giving you the details of how it was because you go, once you bring a small group to go again, you know the small group, but the process, the stuff on friday and it last for 5 days. and we, we came back with the 1st 127 people. also, yesterday we built more than 300 people as well. so you total ralph from you, we have almost $500.00 people that managed to lead multiple and surrounded artist intervals stuff. you asked me, why is it so difficult? right, operating a was done is a war here. and i have shelly, you, we have 5,
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you have a state, it is all the time. so operating gives up vironment. it's not easy, it's dangerous. it's complicated. we know how to do so, but we have to have agreement from the box to the conflict to make sure that we can do our job. and these negotiations happen all the time at the most minimal level of detail to make sure that we are safe and that we're trying to, to, to, to wait to bring to safety. also not going to be docket in any kind of military position. now those who are evacuated are they free to choose whether they go to ukrainian or russian territory. what happens to them? they are totally free. is the principle of the question that are organized, quoted, the nation, the un that international committee of the red cross with which coordination agreement to the parts of the conflict people they have to choose if they want to leave. they have to be free to have this choice and they have to be free to choose
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the destination. they want to rich. i have to say that people inside of the plant for example, but even my report, they were afraid. some of them, they said, be weighted into a foster group, went out to be to have an idea and understand where this people were going to be taken to. to make sure they are reassured that they could choose the destination. so it's a fear is that is a genuine fear that they have that they going to be able to choose or not. but the whole purpose of a company does have a question, processed by their 9 nations and our colleagues from the i c r c is to make sure that the people they can have this choice and people that where if i waited with our support, they had to start with that with the un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs there. thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. thank you for having w correspondent manuel shaws is in levine. she told
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me how ukrainian forces holding up against russia's east and offensive. well, a garret is really, is very volatile. we've heard dad say over a night there was a heavy shedding, of course, on eastern ukraine from russian forces. dave and some miss eyes fell on the on the crime on. charles sca, causing 20 feebler people are being injured, assuming region was heat 40 times with no injury reported dare while the ukraine. an army has made some a gaze around the cities of hard keith harrison and michel i if the situation is very rather tied like i was, as i was saying, as some territories gain, some others or last week ukrainian or armed forces, acknowledging that russia had taken a string of vintages in the ease, but also gaining ground. you were mentioning mario, paul, this is where all eyes here in ukraine and perhaps also in the world are turned at
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the moment with hundreds of civilians still trapped there. along with our, with our cell dears, ukrainian soul. these will have called on the international community and under rest of your crane and forces to come to their rescue. they've set a time in again, a sol the is ukrainian sold is in mario paul with not surrender to the russian forces. now rush has been ramping up its attacks. also striking infrastructure deep inside a ukraine. poverty to stop weapons from the west to get into the front lines. has that been successful? well, out, we do not see it even here in a western ukraine, that's russia. seems to have become very nervous about those are weapon delivery is humanitarian deliveries, from the ukraine's western allies. that to give you an idea last night here in the
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v of we had 3 air strike alerts today this morning. we also had a one had to go about actually to go daddy's actually are like russia actually acknowledges that the goal is to a hit the military infrastructure and that the russian not already said that day. or would we stay goal no matter how many weapons are coming from the west? many infrastructure is wearing infrastructures here. innovative have already been damaged by does so in central or ukrainian near pro r last night. and we can only fear that those kind of air strikes might intensify in the days to come dw correspondent in manuel shores. thank you very much. i'm on an international donor conference has raised 6 and a half $1000000000.00 in aid for ukraine. a conference was held in the polish capital, warsaw, the contributions were aimed at showing up your friends economy. while also providing humanitarian to crane has taken
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a massive hit to its economy because russian invasion and millions of ukrainians have fled their homes to the fight. earlier i spoke with our brussels correspondent marina strauss and asked her if ukraine got what it was hoping for from the donor conference. ukrainian president, a lot more soleski himself spoke at this conference via video message of course. and he did not comment on the specific some that, that ukraine was expecting from international donors. but he basically said that he considers this conference very important because it shows that europe is united that extending together and that ukraine is being supported by minions, by people. they also countries and businesses around the world. and he made another interesting point and said, this war in ukraine is not only going to be one on the battle field, but also the economic,
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the economy will play or place an important role. financial resources that are being provided to ukraine and lensky. and also the council president shar michelle boss at this conference. they see it only as a start for a sort of european marshal plan, of course, referring to the u. s. sponsored plan. that helped rebuild europe after world war 2 . but there's also another point i want to mention here. so lensky was not only praising your appeal, so mentioned 2 point points that he keeps repeating in his speeches in his message . it's 1st that a europe is still very reliant on russian gas and financing rushes. warren ukraine, even if they give money to ukraine to rebuild the country now. and a 1st that he expects a swift membership process for ukraine. now, do we know how this money will be distributed?
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their basic is 3 main goals. first humanitarian aid, of course. for those ukrainians who are suffering and the crowns are then liquidity . that said the canter country needs are badly. and then the 3rd thing is said to rebuild ukraine, of course, and not to wait until this more is over. but to start right now, and the reason is to support ukrainians under ground and she'll make sure that those ukrainians have had to flee the country. there's millions of people who are in a who are in your, in other european countries at the moment that they can come back to ukraine once the situation gets better. and that's not only in g interests of the european union, but also the president soleski mentioned that this is a very important point for him. lit up was not enough because in brussels there for us. thank you. marina sanctions between kiefer and berlin appear to be easing after
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ukraine's president changed cause and extended an invitation to germany. as chancellor and the president. and the turnaround comes weeks off, the german president flushed. i admire was told he was not welcome in ukraine style . mars dealings with russia during his tenure as foreign minister of come on the fierce criticism he was also a champion of the gnawed stream to gas pipeline. she's at stone my earth's since admitted he made mistakes when dealing with moscow. good. good. these are barbara mussa, our political correspondent, thomas sparrow, told me why ukraine is now allowing germany's president to visit it wasn't no one's interest. it was neither in ukraine's interest, nor in germany's interest, to have this high profile diplomatic route at a time where so much is at stake. and here in germany, certainly pressure was growing for the german president, but also the german chancellor to try and resolve this diplomatic route. so
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probably that is the background that explains why the german president was a german head of state frank. by that time i a spoke on the phone to mr. lansky to try precisely and resolve all those differences and then paved the way to a possible visit to key if so, certainly the idea behind all this is to really make sure that those diplomatic difficulties in the past in the last few weeks could certainly be resolved and both ukraine and germany can then move forward. so it's more about the background of this diplomatic spat between german and the ukrainian leadership. where did it come from? how did it develop? what essentially refers to stein my as past as german foreign minister and his relations to russia. back then and now as german president, he was actually planning a trip to key if that was something that was supposed to happen in april. but as he himself said at the time that visit was not welcome, it's important to also stress that ukrainian source is from the government actually
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denied that time i had been uninvited. but what certainly happened was that mister, shy, my did not go to ukraine, and that then stood in the way for the german chancellor left shoulder to also visit ukraine. that prompted in turn, fears, criticism by the ukrainian ambassador here in berlin. so all in all, a very difficult situation for germany and for ukraine, especially at a time when there's a lot of discussion as well about what germany can actually deliver to ukraine. what can, what kind of help can come from germany to ukraine this difficult time for that country? so all in all this phone conversation now will probably help to ease those tensions . the big question now is, who will then go to key f? first? will it be the president or the chancellor and also what they will take with them? they can not go empty handed to a visit to ukraine, especially after what we've just seen in the past few weeks. thank you very much. did obvious political correspondent, thomas sparrow. there,
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thank you. now se in ukraine is one of the most dangerous places for foreign reporters, but a team from french public t. v travelled with russian units to see how people are dealing there with the russian occupation. what the found were communities who were just a few weeks ago, fighting the invaders and are very careful in choosing their words. murder, you pull in, southeastern ukraine, those to reduce the city to rebel. no, bring 8. that will everything was good and functioning. now everything is destroyed, you don't talk nonsense. i don't get very late. she is only here to provoke on you here for the aid with what you talking about. what is the last one of us? there is tension in the air, but somehow life carries on in the russian occupied areas of ukraine. people are even getting married like here and bird janski's, 80 kilometers from under. you pull these of the 1st weddings since the war began.
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now the flags are red, white, and blue, instead of blue and yellow. it's on show for the world to see the russian anthem placed the wedding ceremony, and the bright and groom, beam with joy. ah, thank god watermark, it's going well. we are very, very happy. what you it's an important day for the city again and for us. and we are very proud of the country of which country the french journalist asks russia the marriage is marked by celebratory gunfire. well, just a few kilometers away. soldiers kill in occupied areas. russia has installed mayors who see what putin wants. another,
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we have the military and civilian lead administration. we see our future with russia. this is also being demonstrated and merely to pull. the central square is draped and soviet colors ahead of the commemoration of the red army is victory over nazi germany. on the 9th of me just a few weeks ago residence, protested the occupation. no, officially, at least there's barely any descent. oh, yes, i came with the red flag to celebrate russia's victory. i am not afraid of anything because we have always lived well with russia. he half ra for if they have raised new flags before it was ours. and there are always soldiers here. me not house, and you very levin. what do you think about that? asked the french t. v. crew for us to resume. it's hard to say when neutral. let's put it that way. a new era has begun in the occupied areas of ukraine. in some places, the ruble is being introduced as day by day. russia looks to expand its influence
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over all areas of life. let's have a look now. some of the other stories making headlines around the world. no clashes have a erupted ad jerusalem's alex. almost as jewish worship is returned to become. their visits were paused during the muslim holidays. israeli forces cleared palestinian protest as from the flesh on site. alexa and the hilltop on which it is built are central to the country between the 2 sides. thousands have been hospitalized in iraq. after a severe sandstorm blanketed much of the country, people would vice to stay in doors and flights to and from back that airport was suspended for hours. it's the 5th sandstorm to hit iraq in reese, wells health organization, estimate some 15000000 people have died. you to the koran of ours pandemic in the last 2 years. that's more than double the official debt and includes people unable
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to get medical care because of overwhelmed health system. the united states alone has reported nearly 1000000 verona virus. voters in britain are going to the bolted local elections. the vote is being watched as a test of conservative prime. and if the boys johnson's popularity, the weight of the lockdown party scandals in northern ireland nationalist sinn fein is seeking to become the biggest party for the 1st time in the provinces. history for astronauts have left the international space station and are on their way back to the capsule safely. undocked from the i s s and ending their crews 6 months. science mission. if everything goes according to plan that you touched on thursday night off the coast of the us state of florida. and a bulldog capsule is german astronauts mighty as mulder. d w's lay i voice takes look back at his time in space. next step is your opinion. sneezing and he asked
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when german astronaut mathias murderer arrived in space 6 months ago. the 1st thing he wanted to do was looked down at his home planet. i was like, wow, wow, is like i, i had goose bumps all over my body and shivering. almost like, wow, i'm really in space at dawn. i'm the me. i see a beautiful blue blue blue planet. since then, down on that blue planet, a war has started. and fears have arisen that the tensions between russia and the e u and u. s. might affect the international space station as well. but 400 kilometers above earth, life goes on as normally as it can in 0 gravity. we are all up here for the same purpose to explore and to keep this does face station
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maintained and to keep performing the science on the in our laboratories. and so that is um, all we focused on. so the dynamic hasn't changed and we have about a 40 year history of working with the russians. and that is all still very much in working in play here and has been a real pleasant flavor working with our colleagues a friday evening. we always eat together and we shed he the air, the highlights of the week in the evening. we float over to the russian sick man. they come over to us sia and do the spirit in space. stations really, really good. as new rockets head to the station, leaving the conflict on earth behind a new crew of cosmo knots joined the international team in march right in time from ours birthday party. the fact the new comers were wearing the colors of the ukrainian flag was just a coincidence. they said we're. so we're mowers, time in space was mostly occupied not with political conflicts,
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but with scientific experiments. and maintaining the station he even conducted a space, walk a dream for every astronaut. i want to stay, i want, i would like to stay a little bit longer. there's still a lot of stuff that i want to do. so i would mind to stay in mind, so 2 or 3 long i p n space understandable as at least the i s s has long been considered an oasis of peace, who you are watching dw news on his remind off the top story we are following for you to cranium forces inside barry, you pulls off steel plot, say russian soldiers of launched and other attack. russia denies the report. it has announced the 3 day seas 5 to allow more civilian evacuation. that's it from me on
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the new seemed. don't go away though. stay here because news asia is next. with this story ahead of the philippines presidential ballot, we looked at the top candidates vying to leave the country for the next 6 years dictates his son and a widow whose pledged to defend democracy. as all coming up with melissa john, offer a short break. i'm gobeel with ah,
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with ah ah, is the end of the pandemic in site. we show what it could look like will return to normal and we visit those who are finding it difficult. a successes in our weekly
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coven 19, especially over 910 special in 60 minutes on dw, sometimes a seed is all you need to allow big ideas to grow. we're bringing environmental conservation to life with learning past, like global ideas. we will show you how climate change and environmental conservation is taking shape around the world and how we can all make a difference. knowledge grows through sharing, download it now for free. people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. order families with demonstrate people seeing extreme ross
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getting 200 people from the agency around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, here watching d. w. news, asia coming up today. a name that will exercise some memories leading the presidential election in the philippines is ferdinand marcos. junior. son of the former dictator. marcos is leading in the polls, and d, w goes to the families power base, their northern region of yellow coast north day to find out more and the marco's