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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2022 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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see, for the next 6 years a dictates his son and the widow was pledged to defend democracy, that unlawful coming up with melissa time off. that short break. and the reminder you can find local news analysis and video on our website. that's d, w dot gov office and i have an update for you at the top with josh or i'm just kinda, i think that's hard. and in the end the some me, you are not allowed to see you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this with the smudges reliance of the what's your story. ready he wasn't, i was women, especially and victims of violence in labs and take part and send us your story. we
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are trying always to understand this new culture. so you are not the visitor, not the guests. you want to become a citizen. in phil migrants, your platform for reliable information. here watching d. w. news, asia coming up today, a name that will exercise some memories leading the presidential election in the philippines is ferdinand marco's junior son of the former dictator. marcos, as leading in the polls and d. w. goes to the families power base, their northern region of locust north day to find out more. and the marco's dictatorship went after political opponents and activists torturing people and committing human rights abuses. we take
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a look back at that legacy. ah, i melissa chan, thanks for joining us. on monday the philippines will hold consequential elections and you want to lie from the 1980s. then you'll remember the people power revolution that toppled the marco's dictatorship. and now ferdinand mark was his son, marco's junior, is the top contender to be the next president of the country. it is quite the sequel for this political dynasty. he dudley's janelle de milan, traveled to marco stronghold a locals north day to speak to his supporters. the spectre of ferdinand mark was senior still looms large over philippine politics ahead of the election. visitors are flocking to this museum in a lock us, nor to for a dose of history if not
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a particularly nuanced one. inside a chronicles the marcus is time and power a lot on the rise, but curiously little on the fall and nothing on the documented human rights abuses and wholesale plunder in between. located in the marcus's home province, it's called the milan young of the north, named after the presidential palace in manila, some 480 kilometers away from here. it is a symbol of the path he has taken from here the highest office in the land. and it will become clear in a matter of days whether his son will managed, which he had the same here. at least at bumble marcos is guaranteed in easy ride. many voters remember the marcus's thought as cluster crab, but his patrons not helpless, did marco steel look at our roads? how nice they are gonna buy. oh, even if i were bribed, i would never change my vote. the marcos is,
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are good people are those who study the region say support for the marcus's is driven by a sense of gratitude among the electorate. they will tell you that there are lands are for a mark course. there are cows or animals game from marcos. if you are a university neighbor aftermarket, shelburn hospital only after marcus and other and other institutions. and if you trace that again to you know, cardinal, which are we call dr. young, you have the goal, or you have to look bar or b for whatever, whatever benefit that you that you had from, from your benefits board. that means campaigning for any other presidential candidate here apart from bowman, martha isn't especially difficult undertaking. no more than willing to some of the hard on we have experienced harassment, bullying, and we are told there is no place for us in the locust, nor jane goddard, as you know, was not a knock about what it is. scary throws volunteers on. i mean,
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you'll marcus, i thought we keep on fighting about at all. i've only been eligible for myself, a republican people who love it up and knocking off and get the posse out one them because when i meet silent supporters, i am happy for barbara and i know we are not alone. i'm going to put, i mean, like isa while rob read or is unlikely to win in this market strong home. what's clear is that different versions of the past and vision for the future are competing in the selection. 4th, an enormous north, and across the philippines. for those who do not support marcos junior, and for those observers outside the country, the big question has been how this could possibly be happening. how could another mark was possibly become the next leader given what that dictatorship did to the people of the philippines with its massive corruption and it's ramp into human rights abuses. a warning that some viewers me find this next report upsetting?
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ah, they are in a minority, but they exist. the filipinos determined to remind voters of the brutality of the dictatorship of ferdinand marcus is one person who will never forget the atrocities committed by marcus and his henchmen is kristina by go on. she was one of tens of thousands of people detained and tortured for their political views during martial law field for her testimony is distressing. and are the, the hardest thing was that they put an object in my vagina that was the worst by the fit. and of course all through out i was screaming, no one seemed to hear back go on, it's incense to what she say, the efforts by the marcus family to rewrite the past. i or that and we have at
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least 11000. 0, how many is 130. okay. who are have been established and have shown paper roof that they were either killed. another person horrified at the prospect of a dictator, some becoming president. his former political prisoner, felix dallas. say, he too, was tortured lola de, my blood boil, updated really, what the heck the marco's will be back. one of them are good trauma. during the times of martial law, it all comes back on the bill. but with the mark was returned, the memories of torture. i'll return the little dr. demarco's dictatorship was eventually overthrown by what's known as the people power revolution. the family was forced to flee, but critics say, despite such anger,
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there's been a lack of accountability. after marcus senior died in 1989, the family were allowed to return to the philippines and re establish themselves the former 1st lady, imelda marcos, known for extravagant lifestyle, was convicted of graft in 2018, but has never spent a day in prison benefiting it seems from what appears to be the collective amnesia of an entire nation. we have journalist on a santos, usually based in the philippines. joining us. it's great to have you in the studio . thanks very much for having me. melissa. so anna, i'm wondering, are people's memories short or is all forgiven with the marco's regime, that we have this situation. i wouldn't say that all is forgiven, but more that a lot of history has been white washed and scrubbed clean. we can see the massive
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disinformation and historical revisionism that the market has have invested in. this has been really well documented by both international press like the washington post and d, w as well and domestic outlets. they have been using tick tock, you tube, and really setting a new narrative of what the marcus years were like in the seventy's. so marshal law era is now being set to music and punched up with emoji, and really softened up as like this golden era of philippine history, white washing all of the human rights atrocities. and the massive corruption of the marcus is during those years. and of course, the 19 eighties 19 seventies. it was a long time ago. you have a new generation of young people in the philippines. you don't remember that period . exactly. and that's why, you know, the analysts have said that the disinformation campaign being mounted on platforms
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such as you tube and tick tock does 2 things. number one, it escapes regulation. it's much harder to regulate those platforms. number 2, it reaches a younger voting population that would have no memory of what the market years were like. and secondly, it also sets up the stage for the future. marcos possibility of a regime. we have to see that apart from the marcos junior running for president, his son is also running in the selection for a local office that's super interesting. so let's hone in on that. ferdinand. marcos junior has been a politician, governor, a senator, have we seen anything to suggest that it's like father like son and there are autocratic tendency years or anything like that. you know, the political analyst and strategists have been looking at his campaign. see, it has very interesting and the way that he is one banking on the market. last name, he is the name sake of his father and but secondly, softening the strong man image with a little bit of his own. you know, his,
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his political campaign message is one of unity. so nothing very, you know, and nothing very strong or very insidious or inflammatory, something it's very positive. calling everyone for his unity so that we can all achieve our nature of our nation's dreams. and for a better future. so he's taken those to the marcus name and his own kind of persona, which is he soft and quite a congenial on tv to come together to bring in his own narrative. now we've been focused on the market says, but of course there are other candidates running for president. can you talk about don't particularly be lenny robledo, you know, melissa, there are 10 candidates running for president in the philippines, but let's focus on the current vice president lennier. brenda. one thing that's very interesting is that in the 2016 elections, vice president robledo ran against bumble marcus and she won the vice presidency by
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220000 votes. what about that much? you know, it's very interesting that again we see these 2 running for the same political office. and if i may bring back viewers towards 21986 marcos, the father ran against a woman who was a widow. she was put into the political live night when her husband had died and she ousted him right back in 1086. we see something of that same nature coming together, vice president for brother is also a widow. her husband was the one who was more in the political limelight, though she had many achievements of her own as a politician. and as the human rights lawyer she was put into the presidency. our last mid candidate who won this seems like a crazy sequel. it does, but it's also quite, you can't make this stuff up and it went to cow, you know, we recalled it back then when, when vice president for bread the one it was called like poetic justice. you know, again,
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a widow had beat the strong man from the vice presidency and now we're looking to see if that is going to happen again. i think what needs to be put out here is a bumble mark us leads. if we are to believe the pause, he leads by a very wide margin vice president roberto is number 2 by a far 2nd. but we also have to see the campaign of vice president read on the ground. i was in manila few weeks ago. her supporters are volunteer. they call it not a campaign. melissa, they call it a movement. i have to tell you that there is so much bigger in the campaigns for vice president are better in her rallies. there's so much, there's so much vigor. there's so much determination to number one, make her when and not let a repeat of the marcus years happen, and it's everything is fueled by a lot of hope on a santos. this is fascinating. thank you so much for joining us in the studio. thank you. melissa, that does it for us. see you tomorrow on
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d. w. ah, with oh, it's the end of the pandemic in sight. we show what it could look like. return to normal. and we visit those who are finding it difficult exceeds his successes. amazon, you know, weekly cove is 90, especially over 90 special next on
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d. w. o rearing to read. ah, everyone who loves books has to go insane with d. w. literature list. 100 german must reads oh, over all the number of covert cases is going down. well, white, are we finally getting the upper hand? will the pandemic soon be over? well, not in china, although beijing is sticking to its strict 0 cove at policy. the number of infections there is rising. welcome to a new cove at 19 special. among other things we have a report from shanghai, we're entire city zones.


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