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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2022 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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oh ah ah, this is dw news wife from berlin, a russian seas on the as o stall, plant in mario hold. hundreds of civilians are believed to be trapped inside. as fighting continues a un convoy heads to the city and the hopes of evacuating more people. also coming up on show a massive sandstorm and gulf, the iraqi capital hospitals in baghdad are overwhelmed by patients struggling to breathe for being exposed. white's are suspended at the airport and authorities warned people to stay inside.
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ah hello, i'm clear. richardson, thanks so much for joining us. you went convoy is due in mario paul on friday to evacuate civilians from what survivors have described as hell on earth. the rescue effort is focused on the also stole steel plant, where civilians and soldiers are sheltering from russian or salts. russia said it would cause it's offensive to allow civilians to leave the ukraine claims. the facility was under attack throughout the day. the batty for odds of style continues . this video released by the far right as of regiment shows heavy shelling on ukraine's last stand in the besieged city of malleable. russia says it is ready for to cease fire to allow a humanity and caught a door out of the steep land, but ukrainian fighters gleam, otherwise,
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rental for the 3rd day in a row. the enemy has broken through the territory of the us of style plans where heavy fighting continually ross. once again, the russians violated the promise of a truce. a did not allow the evacuation of civilians who continued to hide from the shelling, but one the as of style plunged basement. yet, the un has confirmed that it has successfully evacuated hundreds more from audio boys. during a brief ceasefire on wed misty. we are accompanied by 11 buses, filled of civilians are women, children, and elderly, who wants who are seeking safe heaven doors who have made it out a relief to finally be safe. but they are also wadded about the ones left behind. and i don't know who to ask to get them out of there to get them out of there. if they don't, they will all be killed over you. there may be hope of
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a fresh sea spire holding a you and conroy on its way to mighty or pool is hoping to use this to evacuate more people. earlier i spoke to savannah, a braille who is with the un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs, and has been part of operations, helping get people to safety from mario, paul. and i asked him what he'd heard from evacuees. thanks for having me. and i bought the buckwheat, i think what comes to my mind, the experience that i had with them and my colleagues hadn't been the last in the last base. you to tell them that they are facing the trauma data experiencing after this is to monitor for ukraine in the last days. as you mentioned before, we manage to have that quick more than almost 500 people now from article around the artist. and as i was health plans and people about coming from that, that extremely traumatized yesterday you on the calm voice, i remember. well, one of the women that came with us on the bus is the moment dr. question we come
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from, i recall from out of control by the russian government, now you, the russian busters and, you know, set them point to have to do the change and they come to that to the grain of solid hydro rating, their buses, these, we might specifically much just tell me that she couldn't trust in when she couldn't speak. she couldn't talk, she couldn't walk from one bus to another one. and she couldn't trust even that you might try to, to support here. so you can imagine how difficult for someone experienced in these heavy shelling every day over the heads and nothing. no, no, you're not going to survive days. so this is the situation to go here and you are facing all if absolutely harrowing experience, as we understand there have been many deals struck to get civilians out of mario pl . what is stopping evacuation been from happening to bring more people out? it's extremely difficult and dangerous environment for us to operate to our operating awards on so we can not forget that we cannot minimize the situation and
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to get to mario paul, to get to a job stop plan to, to any, out of that experience. and it's, it's necessarily the agreement from both us to the conflict. so to break these agreements to get to the agreement it's, it's highly level engagement with both governments to make sure that we can operate, that you can have an accept, you can pass and have the safe passage for, for students. these are specific questions. that's how that happened during the last 2 days. we have been organized in the, in gauging with the pastor conflict for the last couple of months and trying to make sure that we could of that into the break through loss recently when you went to tickets. origin and i went to my school and been came to kane and visits as well . so these are the moments that both agreements agreed that we could start to move and we did in the last day to complete the question that we all know already know. now if you have confirmed that there is a new evacuation convoy on its way to mario full,
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i'm how optimistic are you that you'll be able to get everyone out who needs to be evacuated. we saw in the last days that we can make it if we have the conflict willing to make it happen, it will happen and who are positive. and i hope that we can make sure that we kind of equate all civilians that are trapped in data. we have to also remember that we have to have a way to put that wants to be acquainted, asked to be a decision of each person, if this beth and wants to leave or not. and these was as well. one of the challenge that we faced in the last 2 days ago style people have been leaving underground for 2 months without knowing exactly what is happening outside without seeing the sunlight for 2 months. and they were afraid actually they didn't know if they would be safe for them to leave. they would be safe for them to move on. then they didn't even know if they could trust that they would be taken to us that they wants to be taking a break with the un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs. thank you so much for taking the time to share that with us on
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d. w. thank you. let's bring you up to speed with some other developments in the ukraine conflict and international conference hosted by poland and sweden has raised $6500000.00 in ledgers to help you write e officials who are also sponsoring the event. st. ukraine needs a martial plan to help rebuild the country president, while the demure lensky years his match to the forum, to launch a global fundraising web site, saying, every donation matters with israel's prime minister says rush, as president vladimir putin has apologized for remarks by his foreign minister said adult hitler had jewish. what for britain laughed. holly bennett, said putin, it made the apology during a phone call of m versus william and the united nations world food program is warning of global hunger crises. if t u crane ports remain closed, the agency is calling for the reopening of waxy ports to support global food
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security. ukraine is one of the world's leading exporters of gray. and the world health organization estimates some 15000000 people have died due to the crone of virus pandemic in the past 2 years. and that is a massive increase over the previous estimates. the calculation takes into account those who died because of cone a virus infection. but also debt to do to knock on effects from the pandemic, such as over crowding, a hospitals among the countries with the highest death tolls are india, russia, the united states, and brazil. and eric file ding as an epidemiologist and a member of the coven, 19 expert committee for the world health organization. and he told me that many countries struggle to cope with the huge volume of patients with cove at 19. yeah, i think though, a lot of the developing countries to know how to really good health, robust health care systems like the wealthier nations do, and they're easily swamped out and they also,
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their health care systems don't track enough deaths that actually occurred. so the $15000000.00 i wanna be clear is the excess mortality about historical rates. and this, the teen 1000000 is a very conservative estimate. the economist estimate that between 202121, there was actually 18000000 and actually now up to may 2022. there's actually 21. so the 15000000 up till end of last year is actually still very conservative, but it's much is 3 full higher than the official confirm estimates because there's just such a large impact on many other services and health care quality. once hospitals overwhelmed and how do you get to that estimate itself, given a very different reporting of coven, 19 cases and deaths in different countries. right,
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this is very inherently problematic. many countries simply do not have enough testing. us didn't even have enough testing in europe. also right now, many countries have stopped giving out free tests. the issue is that how you calculate is based on historical average debts. and what is the total death in these countries during these 2 years? in $15000000.00 is the excess that compared to historical averages. and these pandemic ss, does combine both coded as well indirect s, from say, on a built in the able to treat patients all who have heart attacks or car accidents or any other diseases because hospitals and health care systems are completely overwhelmed. this number is very sobering. and 4700000 of it was in india alone. that is just so staggering in terms of you beat me. how many people died in the 1x5w1x3w actually were in
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a non wealthy countries. and some countries like india, you mentioned, aren't happy about this new estimate. why would government have an interest in keeping official mortality figures, lo? well, obviously for political optics, on the 16000000 number was actually 1st quarter several weeks ago. but in york times and reportedly been, india was actually trying to politically block the report. india was the hold out and blocking the w to report our control now. and because it's, it's a failure of leadership during the pandemic. and it's not just india then brazil, russia, many other countries, even the u. k. i have suffered really big failures, you know, and even in sweden where, you know, the, supposedly, the swedish model was great. no swedish had more excess deaths in the last 2 years . then compared to over r, since over a 100 years since 1918 pandemic,
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it is horrible numbers in governments just do not want to emit. and that's the sad case of politics getting in the way of public health. we'll leave it there for now . epidemiologist, i don't think thanks so much for coming on to the shop. he has a look now at some other stories making headlines around the walls. at least 3 people were killed in a suspected terror attack in the is really city of an odd east of tel aviv lee say they suspect militants, and at the assailants are on the run. they attacked people in 2 different locations, as israel marked its independence day. thursday and new clashes have erupted at jerusalem's, alex a mosque as a jewish worshippers returned to the compound, their visits had been paused during the most holidays. israeli forces cleared palestinian protestors from the flash quite waned sites. i'll axa and the hilltop on which it is built are central to the conflict between the 2 sides. and
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in the united kingdom he paused, have closed in local elections, viewed as a test of prime minister boris johnson's popularity. the votes took place in the wake of the so called walked down party scandal. in northern ireland nationalist party sion vein is seeking to come the biggest party for the 1st time in the province in history. and at least 700 people have been admitted to iraqi hospitals with breathing problems. after a sandstorm bore down on much of the country, baghdad saw canceled flights and deserted streets, and authorities urged every one to stay inside until the air is safe to breathe again. what should be a busy street in baghdad with shops and cafes is deserted and covered with dust. with the leisure sun storm has choked the iraqi capital in a thick cloud of fine particles, turning day into night to prevent inhalation of sand. se,
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se masks have become essential, not just because of covert as a result of the dust back dad's hospitals are inundated with people struggling for air. and ask him why sandstorms are happening with greater frequency. and that sort of a high level with this dust is making the situation worse, because we cannot inhale clean air with the sun storm. i is that of the day the could have been better solutions for the climate to be less extreme. green belts could have been planted rat t, as in other experts think climate change is part of the reason for the laser series of storms. but desertification, due to outmoded farming practices, has also made sun storms more likely in a region that is already prone to them. record low rainfall has worsened conditions
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to iraqis are coping as best they can clean in the sand from their streets. while knowing the next sandstorm could already be approaching and she is up to it as our coming out next. us stocks drop on worries, our interest rate rises in the coming months as the business had lined up next to watching chevy. she thought they were great.