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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 6, 2022 1:00am-1:14am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is d, w, wind from berlin, russian troop storm, the as of soul steel planted, murray of 4 hundreds of civilians are believed to be trapped inside with fighting, intensifying, un convoy heads to the city and the hopes of evacuating more people. also coming up ukrainian resistance falls silent in towns and cities that lost the fight to the invading army. we get a rare look at life in russian occupying territory. and
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a massive sandstorm chokes the iraqi capital. hospitals in baghdad or overwhelmed by patients struggling to breathe before these warned people to same side as the sand turn day tonight. ah, i'm here until berlin. welcome to the program. or you and convoy is racing to maria pool and a bid to evacuate civilians from what survivors have described as hell on earth. the rescue effort is focused on the as a sole steel plant where civilians and soldiers are under siege by russian forces. the problem says is pulled back, troops will out civilians to leave. but ukraine claims that there has been no lead up in the assault to baggy for other style. continues this video released by the far right as of regiment shows. heavy shelling on
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ukraine's last stand in the besieged city of malleable, russia as it is ready for to cease fire to allow and humanity and corridor out of the still planned, but ukrainian fighters claim otherwise, is a threat of for the 3rd day in a row. the enemy has broken through the territory of the as of style plants were heavy fighting continues eros once again, the russians violated the promise of the truce, did not allow the evacuation of civilians who continue to hide from the shelling. but in the as of style plants basement. yes, the un has confirmed that it has successfully evacuated hundreds more from audio boys. during a brief si, speier on wed misty who we are accompanied by 11 buses, filled of civilians are women, children, an elderly who wants who are seeking safe haven doors who have made it out. i believe to finally be safe. but they are also wadded about the ones left
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behind. i don't know who to ask to get them out of there to get them out of their lenders. if they don't, they will all be killed. who are you? there may be hope of refresh the spire holding a un conroy on its lead to mighty opal is hoping to use this to evacuate more people. so viola bray who is with the un office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs and has been part of the operations to help get people to safety. for maria poll, we asked him earlier what he's heard from evacuation so far. i bought the voc reeves, i think what comes to my mind, the experience that i had with them and my colleagues had with them the last in the last base is the trauma that they are facing the trauma data experiencing after this this to month of war ukraine in the last days, as you mentioned before, we managed to evacuate at more than almost 500 people now from our group,
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all surrounded artists. and as i was tell plants and b without coming from that, that extremely traumatized. yesterday you on the convoys. i remember, well, one of the women that came with us, one of the buses, the moment equation we come from are all in from that is controlled by the russian government now in the russian buses. and, you know, set them point to have to do the change and become to the, to the trainer, solid, tied already know, crane and by buses. these women, his message, grima, shall so traumatized that she couldn't trust in when she couldn't speak. she couldn't talk, she couldn't walk at from one bus for another one. and she could just even though you might find that try to, to support here. so you can imagine how difficult is for someone experiencing these heavy shelling every day over their heads and not to no, not know you are going to survive based. so here's the situation that you are facing. now to other developments in the ukraine conflict, the international conference hosted by poland and sweden has raised $6500000000.00
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and pledges to help ukraine u officials who are also sponsoring the event. so ukraine needs a new marshal plan to help rebuild the country. present voltmeter, zalinski launched a global fundraising raising website at the forum saying that every donation matters. russian. israel prime minister says russian president vladimir putin as apologized for remarks made by his foreign minister who had said that it of hitler had, quote, jewish blood, the folly bennett said boot made the apology during a phone call. no, great. the united nations won't food program is warning of global hunger crisis. if key cranium ports from enclosed, the agency is calling for the reopening of blacks. the harbors saying that they are a key, lincoln global food supply and food security. ukraine is one of the world's leading exporters of grain. ukrainians, living under russian occupation are being force with
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a start choice. should they resist russian authority and risk reprisals or embrace their new leaders? a team from front public tv recently traveled to one such community in southeastern ukraine. what they found where people were fighting the invaders just a few weeks ago. now choosing their words carefully matter, you pull in southeastern ukraine, those to reduce the city to rebel. know, bring aid. the book, everything was good in functioning. now everything is destroyed. don't talk nonsense. i don't know why she is only here to provoke on you here for the aid. what are you talking about? but it's a lot of us. there is tension in the air, but somehow life carries on in the russian occupied areas of ukraine. people are even getting married like here and bird janski's, 80 kilometers from other you pull these of the 1st weddings since the war began.
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no, the flags are red, white, and blue instead of blue life. here's a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. at least 3 people were killed in a suspected terror attack. and these really city of al odd east of tel aviv police say they suspect the assailants are on the run. the attack or the attack people in 2 different locations as a jewish state marked its independence day on thursday. new clashes have erupted a truisms, alexson mosque. as jewish war supers returned to the compound, their visits were paused during the muslim holidays is really forces cleared palestinian protestors from the flash point side. oh oxer and the hilltop on which it is built. are central to the conflict between both sides the united kingdom indian liking and rather the polls have closed in local elections, viewed as a test of prime minister boars, johnson's popularity, the votes took place in the wake of the so called lockdown parties,
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scandal in northern ireland. nationalists sion pardon as the party rather, should feign him to take a majority of seats for the 1st time in the provinces. history. clearing their path to the prime minister's office at least 700 people have been admitted to the or to iraqi hospitals with breathing problems. after a sandstorm smothered much of the country, baghdad saw canceled flights and deserted streets and authorities urge residents to stay inside until the air is once again safe to breathe. what should be a busy street in baghdad which shops and cafes is deserted and covered with dust. with the latest sunstorm has choked the iraqi capital in a thick cloud of fine particles. turning day into night. to prevent inhalation of sunned face masks have become essential. not just because of covert as a result of the dust. bagdad hospitals are inundated with people struggling for air
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and asking why sandstorms are happening with greater frequency of it. yeah, this dust is making the situation worse because we cannot inhale clean air with the sun storm. i sort of again the could have been better solutions for the climate to be less extreme. green belts could have been planted as in other experts think climate change is part of the reason for the laser series of storms. but desertification, due to outmoded farming practices, has also made sun storms more likely in a region that is already prone to the record. low rainfall has worsened conditions to iraqis are coping as best they can clean in the sand from their streets. while knowing the next sunstorm could already be approaching. russian bombs are
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just estimating ukraine city centers. they're also destroying the country's cultural heritage. the un says dozens of cultural sites had been damaged since russia invaded d. w 's a manual. chas is in the western city of levine, where she met ukrainians, who hoped to save its monuments and historical artifacts from destruction. the historic center of levine is protected as one of unesco wild heritage sites. ukrainian authorities are working hard to ensured a centuries old monuments here are protected from airstrikes, sandbags, wooden and metal panels. there remind everyone here that there countries at all, most of the care of the so at least something has been done to look after a future. some one who has no history also has no future historian the my and my voice no a lot. okay. then a messiah doesn't choose where it lands. so of course i'm monuments can also be hit . so i think that live live is facing the, seemed into that mario pool. it may be even worse,
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because russia won't just stop and on bath, it will keep on going. and then i shall. so don't go in my opinion. people in the viv are already used to seeing this. we don't feel the same here as people do in eastern ukraine. i'm for sure sure that we're already used to us. that's what you get used to everything law or so as we're christ. in the city museum, ramen's melick has brought over 6000 objects and paintings to safety. despite a constant threat of airstrikes, he wants to keep the cities cultural heritage accessible to the public. with walker isn't as o'clock her muscle at the request of our president and government to help support the economy and satisfy the cultural needs of displaced people live. we decided to partly open some exhibitions with fil a day, a kia marshall look at it just or most of the exhibition rooms are closed because
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of the war. but the collections remain accessible. digitally preparing for the west . employees are working around the clock to digitize as many artifacts as possible . following the russian invasion, museum personnel from the west, effective wages. so chattering vive, now their work to highlight the importance of safeguarding ukrainian culture was saying was very high. the museums contain proof. color proof that the ukrainian nation exists, the several general, not only do they keep tangible written sources, but also items that can be seen untouched. they prove historical factors prove the existence of the ukrainian people and the long time existence of its territory. you're revolving so one unity that already many here say that the worst is sale to come, that by safeguarding ukraine and history and identity. cultural institutions are
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playing a part in defeating russia's invasion. all right, that's it for now, but you're still watching the w news live from berlin up. next we have all the latest business news for you. and remember, you can find much more news analysis and video on our website. that's d w dot com. i'm here until thin berlin, thanks for watching. ah. people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center. more and more refugees are being turned away. order families, please see the reason for these critical illness with people lean extreme