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a 28 on d, w. ah, this is d w. news live from berlin. new attempt is on the way to evacuate civilians from the other style steel plants in mario. we must continue to do all we can to get people all of these ill scapes. but russia is reportedly continuing its ground assault on the last ukrainian stronghold in this city. also coming up after
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a barrage of criticism for not sending heavy weapons to ukraine, germany analysis, it will now supply 7 advance. how is the artillery system? and us intelligence may have helped ukraine to sink a russian warship last month. the mosque was thinking was one of the most embarrassing military failures for russia so far. ah, i'm got office, thanks for joining us today. ukraine says that russian forces are continuing a ground assault on the as of staff steel plot. another international attempt to evacuate more civilians from the plot is underway. the un gave no more details on the operation so as not to compromise its success. but it says around $500.00 civilians have been evacuated from russian controlled areas around mario paul. this week displaced ukrainians queue for aid. their
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fled from regions occupied by russian forces including besieged, merrier pole. while they have made it out, others remain trapped in as of styled steel plant ukraine's last stand in the port city. there is a rescue of the lease currently russian shelling and the assault of as a style does not stop if it's civilian, but civilians still need to be taken out. a women children, many children are still there. just imagine this held them more than 2 months of constant shelling, bombing constant death was you nearby? okey boy, this video released by the as of regiment shows heavy shelling of the steel plant. the remaining ukrainian soldiers have vowed to defend it until the end. russia says it's a grade to a ceasefire to allow humanitarian corridor out of the plant that ukrainian fighters
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claim, otherwise isn't rentable boiled water for the 3rd day. the enemy has broken through the territory of the as a stall plant where heavy, bloody fighting continues. luciana pollution itself, once again, the russians violated the promise of a truce, did not allow the evacuation civilians who continued to hide from shelling and as a star plants basement the u. n. and the red cross, we're able to evacuate hundreds of people during a brief ceasefire. on wednesday, we are accompanied by 11 buses, filled of civilians are women, children, and elderly. who wants wives seeking serve heaven. a u. n. convoy is now attempting another evacuation efforts outside the steel plant, mary paul is largely under russian occupation and clean up efforts have begun in preparation for may 9th, when russia celebrates the soviet union's victory day in world war 2,
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analysts say moscow is eager to gain full control of the strategic port city in time for one of russia's most important holidays. we can now cross over to our corresponded in cave. funny for char fun. it doesn't look like russia is getting ready to declare victory. mario po, ah, that victor has been already declared april 21st on murray, pull by russia as a result. and if you look at those pictures, actually from the as of regiment, those videos videos which we cannot independent, verify however, but if you look at that charlie and get that apparently continues to continued well into last night as well. you definitely get the impression here and ukraine, the lot more to happen, lot more escalation against the backdrop of me. nice. he just who did that report? that obviously what she wants to use as a day to celebrate, but celebrate over what and this is the question here. would they be able to put what is happening there in the, as of still plan to the end?
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according to what is the end for their perspective already? is there going to be that sci fi a much needed the spy? is it going to be maintained in any way today as the united nations is trying for the 3rd time to get people out there? if we do not know. you mentioned this is why they did that 3 day truce was supposed to go into effect on thursday to a lot of people dropped in mario paul to get out. are we seeing any of our curation is happening now? the united nations claims that this is under way that the operation is under way. however, we do not know any information. in fact, for this moment in time, whether it is it's actually going according to plan. in fact, we'll be hearing from local authorities in my report that sci fi is more than fragile. in fact, a car was about to and we do not know what kind of car, but this was un related to was civilian car. but apparently a car that was headed towards the steel plan to help evacuated was shot at. we
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cannot confirm that, but it definitely underlies that that cease fire is very fragile. why? at the same time you've had a nation to put that it is. it's calling basically on everyone to maintain that sci fi are no matter how fragile it is to gap people, what he describes as a living hell, basically to get people out from this. so it is an ongoing effort. and we have seen, at least once, that this effort can succeed in about 100 people who have left that steel plant already this week about more people i inside and i dial conditions 4 weeks now. now we heard a present to landscape in our report. he warned of the human toll of russia's constant shelley with much of that country's health infrastructure destroyed. what can you tell us about this humanitarian situation across the country? it is especially devastating in the southern an eastern regions in the dumbass region of ukraine were. fighting is even worse than in many cities. even key of
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obviously has experienced charlene and explosions of the course of this more. but not like other don bus region where this war has a re center towards at the same time. what basic things are missing or not available anymore for patients like antibiotics, for example, in, in a dumbass region in some hospitals, the ones that somehow spielberg, he just went to a hospital here in cave to day to one of the biggest hospitals for children. and was quite bizarre to see that here doctors are basically, i don't want to say they are bored because they do have patients. but they say they're not getting any patients from the war from the front line of this war any more. because these patients, if they make it alive out from the dumbass region, for example, i taken towards the libby region towards the western part of your brain and not here to key to the center. so why this is ongoing, and while all of us, lot of medical facilities have been destroyed, they are the ones, for example, he has that are very much operational. but for security reasons, the governments,
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as children, for example, are no longer brought here to this biggest hospital for children in key, if, because he's not deemed safe enough for them to w, corresponded funny for child into for us. thank you. funny. now let's have a look at some of the other developments in the conflict than ukraine. russia has rejected speculation about the possible use of nuclear weapons in ukraine. foreign ministry spokesman said they use did not align with the kremlin objectives in ukraine or russia, nuclear dr. moscow claims the west is fabricating the risk of a nuclear escalation. amnesty international says it has documented expensive war crimes by russian forces in ukraine, including the torture and killing of civilians. the organization has been collecting evidence of atrocities in areas around keith. amnesty chief agnes coloma who's been visiting ukraine,
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said it was vital that all those responsible phase justice hunger is prime minister. victor alba has rejected a proposed e ban on russian oil imports. speaking on state radio, he said it would be like, quote, dropping an atomic bomb on hunger is economy. the european commission announced plans for the oil embargo this week as part of a new package of sanctions on russia. my number ukraine's president vladimir zalinski is to join a video conference with leaders of the g 7 nations. this coming sunday, who's been asked to brief, a virtual gathering of leading industrial countries, u. s. president biden also wants to discuss further coordinated sanctions against russia. we will have germany has made another pledge to support ukraine with heavy weaponry announcing the supply of 7 self propelled armored houses. these artillery systems have a range of up to 40 kilometers. german military will also offer training to
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ukrainian troops. berlin has been under pressure to do more to help you claim, defend itself against the russian aggression. last month, the government agree to sent german made antiaircraft thanks to you, crime. for this, that is now bringing d. w political corresponded hands blunt hands. how significant is berlin's decision to set how it says to ukraine and train its troops? it's a very significant decision, especially for german domestic policy for german domestic discussion. so far, germany has been slowly inching towards such a decision, but so far has owned the supplied heavy weapons in a kind of diversion through other countries. it's us other countries to supply weapons to ukraine and will then fill up their arsenals that have been emptied as a result. now germany has for the 1st time sending heavy weapons directly, but the german authorities are emphasizing that these are artillery pieces that are
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not going to be involved in frontline, fighting. they will be up to 40 kilometers behind the actual frontline and fighting from there. so there is no very unlikely to be very direct involvement of these in the battle and or the training that is to be taking place that is significant that it will be taking place in germany. in other words, ukrainian soldiers will be coming to germany to be trained here. at the same time, it does mean that german experts will not be going to ukraine to do that. so it is another part of the balancing act that germany is trying to exercise at the moment, trying to help ukraine without getting too deeply involved in the battle there. hands, german chancellor shawls has been under pressure to finally visit ukraine after a diplomatic snob. now ukrainian president zelinski is inviting him to come on may 9th next week. how likely is it that he will go well at the moment,
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that seems very unlikely that we're coming monday, the 9th of may, the french president, amount of my call will be here in berlin. and he has just been re elected as president, and he is now having his 1st state visit to germany as president again as re elected president. there's a full program that is planned on that day here on button. so it seems very unlikely at the moment. at the same time, there has been this diplomatic spat between ukraine and germany about visits to that country. and what is not happening is that the german president of the german parliament will be in ukraine on sunday. all of shots the chancellor has said that the german foreign minister will be going there as well. so at the moment it seems unlikely that sholtes will be there on monday. did up your political correspondent hands on that there. thank you, huns. no may, 9th,
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this victory day in russia, celebrating the soviet union's role and defeating nazi germany in world war 2. traditionally, it's marked by a massive military grade in moscow. this year, the event is overshadowed by russia's warn ukraine and the russian military sluggish campaign that rehearsals in moscow are already under way. if you stroll around moscow's tourist district, among the stereotypical russian souvenirs you can no find the letter zed printed everywhere. it's merchandise in support of russia's court special military operation. the only name alone for the war in ukraine in the city center tanks and rocket launchers rolled towards the kremlin. well, russian soldiers fight on the front line and ukraine. it's the rehearsal for the may. the 9th victory day parade, which for many is an annual spectacle. but this year, everything is different. throws nick knowns with linens indeed
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a holiday. no, but it's one there with tears in the eyes. it has now is the time to think about the irretrievable losses for that have been suffered so that yeah, i should invest a lot. i love my country very much, but she's sure, yeah, i'm not ashamed to be russian. you're so busy with all that. i like our president very much because he protects us. you hurting you're gonna be. i don't want to offend anyone, but put in is a president for the world. i love him. of the parade is also a grand show of patriotism. no one here. dear criticized. what is happening in ukraine? right? no lesson with no comment. i suppose my country, that's all i can say is because the parade, which celebrates victory over nazi germany, will be smaller this year. few are soldiers only around $11000.00 and fewer special effects. but vladimir putin could use the day to mobilize more troops
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as moscow gets dressed up for its big day. this will be a 9th of me, like no other. ah, as we have been hearing for russians may, 9th, as a patry arctic holiday, it's also celebrated in latvia, a former soviet bloc country with a large russian speaking community. this year, though, celebrations have been banned in light of rushes worn ukraine. our correspondent jury will share to went to a majority russian speaking city in latvia, to find out how that's going down. there are few cities in the former soviet bloc which carry as many traces of this of your past. as doug fills in latvia with more than 90000 inhabitants, latiere 2nd largest city has been considered a russian strong old until to day. every 4th person living lot via is russian. this is the only city were russian speaking. people are even in the majority.
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most russians came to dog of bills during the soviet era. afterwards were too many residents. he continued to feel culturally drawn to russia. some criticized that the latvian government because it requires them to speak latvian, the official language, even though many russians can't speak it with those to brucely in bo, using those habits that other chile language needs a linguistic environment to live in moore's. mr. a person must be able to speak if he can to create problems. furthermore, we want to latvia for everyone, you know, so that life remains calm. here will us for coin. the device here between russians and black vents is evident every year on may, 9th victor, a day of a nazi germany. but while russian celebrate the day for many lottery ansible to a to also represents the beginning of soviet occupation this year or so, it is finally decided to cancel events because of rash. us war of aggression in
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ukraine and move some criticize on you, kirk. nice yasamin surely of his celebration isn't meant to humiliate the latvian nation, but we russians learn to celebrate this in childhood. we have it in our blood yawn . it shouldn't be taken away. recently in the capital, riga, hundreds of people from lottery, us, russian speaking community protested against the russian invasion and held rally insularity with ukraine. b. o, o, o. in the center of the latin capital russian speakers leading here wanted to show that they do not support that the policies of vladimir putin. oh, but not every one think so notes russian language journalist in up lavaca
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a big part of russians believe the russian propaganda and stand behind put in. she says, oh, she's thought i still am i. e society is divided right now. i can feel that our communities and not united, and that scares me. this is a big problem for the security of our country as the system blocker says the linguistic divisions in lot of our fir, the separate people. and she believes that the responsibility lies with russians who won't integrate, but she suspects rushes of war, and ukraine could now change event. yes, the question you asked her about you. so i thought only found very clearly that i am a part of this country at this time. it's a difficult admission good, but i don't want to be part of russia anymore. arguably, even though it's the country whose language i speak and i got my apostasy, irish post, the others go at models, music. in any case, the eternal flame, as is soviet memorial in dog,
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aff bill cycle burn on victoria. even without the official celebrations, one of the biggest victories that ukraine has claimed against the invading russian forces was the thinking of her warship, moscow last month now and anonymous. u. s. official has said that washington shared intelligence with ukraine about the ship's location. the most part was the flagship of the russia's black sea fleet. the u. s. says it had no knowledge of ukraine's plans to attack the mosque. one with anti ship missiles, though report say they'd help pinpoint the mosque was position. the biden administration has been ramping up intelligence sharing, as well as shipments of weapons ukraine, while avoiding direct conflict with russia. from on this let's bring in just in crump is the ceo of the global risk analysis, consultancies civil line at
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a veteran of the iraq war. welcome to the w. how big a role justin does foreign intelligence play in this war? i mean, it plays a significant role, undoubtedly, and i think that's highlighted by the comments about the most also allegations that us intelligence, other intelligence was used to help target the various russian command posts. and that have been hit and generals have been killed. that's also in the news today. obviously there isn't a lot of substantial comments about that, and it would be foolish of nations office to comment on those sorts for ations, but undoubtedly, of course, the u. s. in particular, the u. k. no, nato nation is about a long period working with ukrainians and working together on all areas, including intelligence and extent. and obviously that has helped throughout the conflict. and indeed, before the conflict, you may recall that a lot of intelligence was released ahead of the conflicts. check the from the u. s
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. u. k. nato, talking about russian intentions and western unprecedented levels. so it's help to the strategic level. and that does seem to be a degree of cooperation of the operational level as well. again, it's finished comment too much on that sort of thing. and so with the russian troops recently shifted their military focus to the south and east of ukraine. you said it was the start of a critical phase that would likely decide the fate of the invasion. what's your assessment today? i think that still holds true. we talked about it being this inflection point in, for rational corporations, where a process succeeds in the dumbass and they have more options available to them in ukraine. if the offensive and it fails, then that's running very short of options to, to declare a very clear victory in the complex. at the moment. russia is advancing, but it is slow. may be a couple of kilometers a day on the best front. and that's an area where it looks like ukraine falling back on the river, ukraine,
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even counter attacking in some areas around caucus and didn't the south round cussing. so, you know, russia not doing maybe as well as the russian fan base and social media would have expected or hoped, but still making progress. and he grinding away ukrainian defenses and don bass. and i think that a lot further to go, but they haven't achieve what they maybe would have hope to achieve by now. and i think that means we're looking at the company is going to attract into the summer, even just in the dorm mass alone and become as long, enduring complet. many analysts believe that the kremlin is determined to reach some kind of a milestone by may 9. the day russia commemorates the soviet union's, a triumph over nazi germany. is mario pulled a victory they seek. maria pole is the partial victory they have. they have not taken as of style, of course, and talk of intensifying operations. i think to deliver the city completely and unquestionably by the 9th of may,
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even though it's in said that wouldn't be something that the russian military with pursue but up they look to be doing that. i think that's changed the environment around may the night over. see the parade going had the most the parade issue plan from are your whole being council scaled back? there will be events. mario poll, i'm sure be the focus of, of events in the region. but the don't, it's people's republic. so claim saying that it's, it's not accept will be celebrating when there's to work to be done to liberate the rest of the next to last. so i think that set the tone for this at this stage, so they haven't got the picture they wanted. they will celebrate none the less and the likely use it is never they can rally for the support operation. thank you very much. security analyst, justin crump this to us from london. thank you. let's have a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. the official desk told from
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a building collapse and central china has risen to 53. the sick story structure came down last friday in the city of chunks shop. chinese television showed a 10th of either being pulled from the debris overnight. after authorities had announced the end of the rescue mission. india has criticized wells health organization estimate of global cove at 19 related to the report put the toll in india 4.75000010 times daily's official figures. india said the un agencies calculation methods. what floored the w h. o says nearly 15000000 people died. as a result of the pandemic, results from local elections in the u. k. are showing a loss is for the conservative party of prime minister boris johnson. the ballot is the 1st since the so called lockdown parties, scandal, when johnson was found to have broken his own pandemic laws while in office. final results on you later today. because you as president joe biden has named
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carrine jean pierre to be his next white house press secretary, she'll be the 1st black woman and openly eligibility to person and to hold the position. jean pierre has served as deputy to the current press secretary jen. saki, she'll be placed on next friday. newly released video form, the u. s. shows the tornado ripping through the city of andover in the arkansas. no . in kansas, i'm sorry. security cameras at an elementary school captured the powerful impact. the twista hit, the area in light. april local authorities are still assessing the damage to hundreds of buildings. there were no fatalities reported he wanted. he w news. as a reminder of the top stories we are following for you, the 3rd attempt to get civilians out of the besieged hours of staff steal plot. a mario poll is underway,
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the un says 500 people have been evacuated so far this week. intelligent sources say russia's ground, assault is continuing. ukrainian fighters hold up in the plaza. i've repeated that vow last to surrender. don't forget, you can always get dw news on the go. just download our app from google play or from the app store. that will give you access to all the latest news from rob. well, it's, well it's push notifications. but any breaking news and if you happen to be part of a new story and also use the d w app to send us your photos and videos of what's happening around that's it from me and the new steve, but stay with us because coming up in d, w, news, asia, and uptake in north korean missile tests is causing concern over kim jones, possible nuclear ambitions. meanwhile, the north korean leader goes on the buildings free, but his high rise is prove less than popular with the people. close to taiwan,
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china rivalry that started on tick tock. it gets settled on the rice truck. all that and more coming up offer a short break. i've got office in berlin. i'll have an update for you at the top of the thanks ah, ah ah, with
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a woman in body shop driver law liter buying her electric taxi is making a drastic cut to carbon emissions. and see,
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is breaking down gender stereotypes while helping other women at the same time in 60 minutes on d, w a, we're all good to go beyond the obvious a as we take on oral, i swear all about the stories that matter to you with whatever it takes 5 policeman follow with we are your is actually on fire made for mines with diversity
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and anything unusual. no mountain is too high. no road is too long. in search of the extraordinary we are the specialists over lifestyle europe, euro max on d, w. ah, you're watching d w news, asia coming up today. how many missiles can north korea test? kill yang has been on a bit of a spree this year. and we examined why that may be the case class. we peer into what's happening in pyongyang and kim jung, an attempt at adding glitz and glamour to the capital. and the contest between china and taiwan plays out on all fronts. this time where the rubber meets the road
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