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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 6, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, a new attempt to evacuate civilians from the us off star steel plant in murray. we must continue to do all we can to get people all of these l scapes. but russia is reportedly continuing its assault on the last ukranian stronghold in the city. also coming up after a barrage of criticism for not sending heavy weapons to ukraine,
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germany announces it will now supply 7 advanced howard artillery systems. and finally, back on terra firma astronaut. but he has mala and 3 colleagues land safely on earth after spending 6 months on the international space. ah, i'm get out of his thanks for joining us today. ukraine says russian forces are continuing their ground assault on the as all star steel plant in the ukrainian city of mario paul, an international convoys set out for the city yesterday in the hope of evacuating the civilian strapped inside the facility. the un gave no more details on the operations, so as not to compromise its success spot. it says around $500.00 civilians have
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been evacuated this week from russian control areas in the mario pull region displaced ukrainians queue for aid that fled from regions occupied by russian forces including besieged mario pole. while they're made it out, others remain trapped in the as of style steel plant, ukraine's last stand in the port city. there is a risky off the lease currently, russian shelling in the assault of as a style does not stop civilian, but civilians still need to be taken out. a women children, many children are still there. just imagine this held them more than 2 months of constant shelling, bombing constant death was you nearby okey border. this video released by the as of regiment shows heavy shelling of the steel plant. the remaining ukrainian soldiers have vowed to defend it until the end. russia says it's a grade to a ceasefire to allow humanitarian corridor out of the plant that ukrainian fighters
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claim. otherwise isn't the rental boiled water for the 3rd day? the enemy has broken through the territory of the as a star plant, where heavy, bloody fighting continues. luciana brochure itself, once again, the russians violated the promise of a truce, did not allow the evacuation of civilians who continued to hide from shelling. and as a star plants basement the u. n and the red cross were able to evacuate hundreds of people during a brief ceasefire on wednesday. we are accompanied by 11 buses, filled of civilians are women, children, and elderly, who wants wives seeking, serve heaven. a u. n. convoy is now attempting another evacuation efforts. outside the steel plant, mary paul is largely under russian occupation and clean up efforts have begun in preparation for may night. when russia celebrates the soviet union's victory day in
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world war 2. analysts say moscow is eager to gain full control of the strategic port city in time for one of russia's most important holidays are corresponded funny for china in ukraine's capital cave. earlier i asked her if russia is getting ready to declare victory in mario bull. that victory has been already declared, april 21st on may pull by russia as a result. and if you look at those pictures, actually from the as of regiment, those videos videos which we cannot independent, verify however, but if you look at that charlie and get that apparently continues in continued well into last night as well. you definitely get the impression here and ukraine, the a lot more to happen, lot more escalation against the backdrop of me. nice. you just heard that report, that obviously what she wants to use as a day to celebrate, but celebrate over what and this is the question here. will they be able to put what is happening there in the as of still plan to the end according to what is the
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and. a for their perspective already, is there going to be that sci fi a much needed sci fi is going to be maintained in any way today as the united nations is trying for the 3rd time to get people out they are, we do not know. you mentioned this is whether the 3 day truce was supposed to go into effect on thursday to allow people trapped them. are you able to get out? are we seeing any evacuations happening now? the united nations claims that this is under way that the operation is under way. however, we do not know any information. in fact, for this moment in time, but it is, it's actually going according to plan. in fact, we'll be hearing from the local authorities in mateo, paul, that that sci fi is more than fragile. in fact, a car was about to and we do not know what kind of car, whether this was you and related to was civilian car. but apparently a car that was headed towards the steel plan to help evacuated was shot at. we cannot confirm that,
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but it definitely underlies that that cease fire is very fragile. why? at the same time, united nations, she put that it is, it's calling basically on every one to maintain that sci fi are no matter how fragile it is to gap people, what he describes as a living hell, basically to get people out from there. so it is ongoing effort and we have seen, at least once that this effort, it can succeed in about 100 people who have left that steel plant already this week about more people i inside and i dial conditions 4 weeks now. now we heard a prison to landscape in our report, he warned off the human toll of rushes constant. shelley, with much of that country's health infrastructure destroyed. what can you tell us about the humanitarian situation across the country? it is especially devastating in the southern an eastern regions in the dumbass
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region of ukraine were fighting is even worse than in many cities. even key obviously has experience charlene and explosions of the course of this more, but not like other don bus region where this war has re center towards at the same time. what basic things are missing or not available anymore for patients like antibiotics, for example, in, in a dumbass region in some hospitals, the want that somehow stillberg, you just went to a hospital here in kiff today to one of the biggest hospitals for children. and it was quite bizarre to see that here doctors are basically, i don't want to say they are bored because they do have patients. but they say they're not getting any patients from the war from the front line of this war anymore. because these patients, if they make it alive out from the dumbass region, for example, i taken towards delivery of region towards the western part of your brain and not here to keep to the center. so why this is ongoing, and while a lot of lot of medical facilities have been destroyed, they are the ones, for example, he has that are very much operational. but for security reasons,
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the governments, as children, for example, are no longer brought here to this biggest hospital for children in key, if, because it's not deemed safe enough for them to w, corresponded funny, such other into, for us. thank you. funny. after earnestly hesitating to send heavy weapons to ukraine, the german government has now changed course. the 1st delivery of one of the most advanced weapons available is in the works. ukraine says the additional support will be critical and defending the don bus region. the how it's are in action. according to the gen bundeswehr, it's one of the most modern artillery systems in the world. armed with $150.00 millimeter shells that have a range of up to 40 kilometers to how it so requires a crew of $3.00 to $5.00 soldiers. germany now wants to give 7 such how it says to the ukrainian armed forces. as part of a german dutch deal, germany's defense minister announced the move during
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a visit to slovakia. does there can mines on together? we will now support ukraine even further by ensuring that yet it will be able to fight with howard, sir, to thousands in the future. and so con kemp and kung, as we can get us up next of a ha therefore out starting next week there will be training in germany on this weapons. upon on this howitzer went and afterwards a total of 12 o 5 dec systems to 7 german systems. i will support ukraine and his courageous fight camp went as this pacific. how it says have just been repaired and therefore not currently being used by the german army. the bonus for normally estimates about 40 days for training. in this case however, it could all go much faster. earlier than i spoke to, to be as bachelor who sits on the foreign affairs committee as
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a member of the green party. he said he agreed with critics that the german government has not done as much as it can for ukraine. i would definitely say that this is the 1st step and i would sell say last week when the german bonus tag, we debated about that. i would say there was a yeah. finally, a big joints are forced to, to strong german ally on germany, being a strong, allied to ukraine and also sending heavy weaponry. so i expect that to be the 1st step finally, but the 1st step. okay, ukraine's ambassador also made another interesting remark saying that germany was big in announcing support, but slow when it comes to actually delivering on promises. he mentioned the german pledge to sent air defense tanks. that pledge was made over a week ago, but has yet to be fulfilled. so what's the hold up? well, i would say from an green perspective that i can only assume that the hold up is sir,
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due to structures. we would like to change any way window which are now not working in our benefit and we're working as fast enough. and what is a mother german? yes, bureaucracy. i mean, we have the debate. i was about the 100000000000 euros for defense and did is spending into defense. and i would say once more say, well, we have structures, we have a high military spending, and we need to get more efficient on those cases. yeah, you could, you could say that, but is that a bureaucracy? i mean, there's a war going on. a ukraine, a depends on our help and, and we are saying, oh, own bureaucracy or germany is saying it's on bureaucracy is stopping these weapons deliveries is that, is that the picture we want to preserve present the germany wants to present? i would say it's actually quite a bit embarrassing that we are presenting that image. i would totally agree with you, but i would say it's the fact that we are not as sufficient as we want to be. and
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also, as we'd like to have our image in the world, not only within this crisis, but in general, there are also many people in germany that do not want to support ukraine with heavy weapons at all. is the decision controversial within the coalition of a pulling of the same is the coalition pulling in the same direction there? the 3 parties? yes, i would say the coalition is pulling in the same direction and um, but of course you, you said it yourself. we had this open letter, we have an mecklenburg, for palmer, maybe some people are still in the government, having had a very different approach towards this policy or a general politics towards russia as well. but i would say that in general, the coalition in berlin is quite clear on that approach. so i would agree again that the question of how far are we moving in this there, i would say different opinions are colliding. now at the moment it seems that the
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germany is the only company that does not have really good relations with ukraine. the would you agree and isn't germany isolated there? in the western con context, i would say it was necessary that the stand my eye and shoulder and both had their phone calls were for soleski. and i think it's very important sign that finally vanelle in our be about, but also with bell. the bass do not forget that she is president of the parliament in germany. it's the 2nd highest ranking office you can help are finally traveling to you drain. i really hope that this situation, we will ease the relations with the ukraine and to make can, can make clear that we are and we want to be anal. i want to be, or we are in ally for serenity of the ukraine and interior and a territorial integrity. and now the foreign minister, bear book from your part is expected to travel to keep in the next days. what
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concrete up can she office? she gonna go to key of empty handed? no, i don't think she's going to go there empty hand that. but there we come again to, to the mother of moving with different directions, but also the policy that we are not talking in advance about what we might be able to bring. but i expect that there will be of further, strong support. although this is a delicate situation and this is so maybe a german, special way to only talk about that and not as much and more in the afterwards serve to also secure the security, not only of our ministries traveling there, but also revenue deliveries and so on. to be as battle of their member of the german parliament for the green party. thank you very much. and out to some of the other developments in the ukraine conflict, russia has rejected speculation about the possible use of nuclear weapons in ukraine. foreign ministry spokesman said the use of such weapons does not align with the kremlin objectives in ukraine,
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nor with rushes nuclear doctrine. moscow claims the west as fabricating the risk of nuclear escalation. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski is to join a video conference with leaders of g 7 nations. this coming sunday, he's been asked to brief, the virtual gathering of leading industrial countries. you as president joe biden, also wants to discuss further coordinated sanctions against russia. we will have your opinion as in the final stages of implementing a ban on imports of russian oil. it's dramatic shift in policy for the block, and it won't come without consequences. about 12 percent of germany's all comes from russia, and nearly all of it comes through one refinery on the german polish border. d w reporter matthew more went to the refinery in schmidt, just northeast of berlin to gauge reactions to the potential ban. another bessie
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d at the p. c. k oil refinery. but these are anxious times. the plant is the final hurdle on the road to a german pan on russian oil. it could bring an end to decades of production, yen coop, and a local m p, who himself worked at the plant, says it would be an act of self harm. your muscle. we need to ask, what do i want to achieve by doing this? if i end up weakening myself and society as a whole because i'm from, that's what i'm doing richer than i can't help others either. no matter how bad the situation is, i have, but i can't just take action for the sake of ask. you have to look very carefully who do i want to target rosecrans canal sean being released from the government is scrambling to find alternative oil sources to keep this plant and operation, including over real and ruled skeptic. see that is no match from moscow's black gold. perhaps nor plays better, encapsulates germany's energy predicament than the oil refinery behind me. every day, tens of thousands of tons of crude russian oil arrive and pipes that crude oil is
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then refined and sent out to the way to regent fueling gas stations, aeroplanes, and much more. the plant sustained 3000 jobs. and people here say that an oil embargo would devastate not just those jobs, but the wider economy. earlier this week, germany energy minister said the refinery and shade would be safe, clark, or sluggard, obliquely, a message of the government is that the site should be kept, that we will develop a future capable industry. so the embargo against russian oil is not causing the lights to go out in this region shasky. despite the concerns of economic up he will, there are other local m. p. 's who see an embargo can be managed. yes, miss ellis, everything must be done for the aggressor to stop the war for this war to end. and for that, we will all have to make sacrifices. i see it the same way. i know that on such an
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embargo also means making certain sacrifices. but knowing full well that we as the federal republic always try to balance things out or offer solutions. susan, in the old town, locals fear the cities, fortunes will never die with the refinery. it would be a catastrophe for shreed up and i spent my life working in the refinery and many others are working there. now it's very important for sri here. we're gonna hey, everyone wants to help and everyone will help. but losing your job is not easy with the family and he's saying, but we don't know what our government wants to achieve because in the end it won't stop putin as euro strives to win itself off, russian oil shreed stand as a reminder that punishing pigeon will almost certainly mean pain at home may, 9th is an important date in the russian calendar that's known as victory day celebrating the soviet union's pivotal role and defeating nazi germany in world war 2.
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traditionally, it's marked by a massive military parade in moscow. this year, the event is overshadowed, of course, by russia's war in ukraine and the russian military sluggish campaign. their rehearsals in moscow are already on the way. but in the former soviet bloc country latvia, which has a large russian speaking community celebrations, have been banned because of russia's war in ukraine. our correspondence jury resettle went to a majority, russian speaking city in latvia, to find out how people there are reacting to the decision. there are few cities in the former soviet block which carry as many traces over the soviet past. as thou goth built in latvia. with more than 90000 inhabitants, lottie, a 2nd largest city has been considered a russian strong old until to day. every 4th person living lot via is russian. this
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is the only city were russian speaking. people are even in the majority. most rush and skin to dog of bills during the soviet era of the world. we're too many residents here continue to feel culturally drawn to russia. some criticized that the latvian government because it requires them to speak latvian, the official language even though many russians can't speak it without a brucely in and will using those habits. that other to like language needs a linguistic environment to live in moore's misty, a person must be able to speak if he can to create problems. furthermore, we want to let you know for everyone who dinner so that live remains calm. here will a spa coil. the divide here between russians and black vents is evident every year on may, 9th victor, a day of a nazi germany. but while russian celebrate the day for many lottery, uncivil 2 or 2 also represents the beginning of soviet occupation this year or so,
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it is finally decided to cancel events because of russia's war of aggression in ukraine and move some criticize on you got new c as in charlie of his celebration isn't meant to humiliate the latvian nation to, but we russians learned to celebrate this in childhood. we have it in our blood yawn. it shouldn't be taken away there. recently in the capital, riga, hundreds of people from lot the us, russian speaking community protested against the russian invasion and held rally insularity with ukraine. b o. u. oh, in the center of the latin capital russian speakers living here wanted to show that they do not support the policies of vladimir putin. oh,
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but not everyone thinks so. notes russian language journalist in that love aka a big part of russians, believe the russian propaganda and stand behind put in. she says, oh, she's thorazine m i. e society is divided right now. i can feel that our communities and not united, and that scares me. this is a big problem for the security of our country. the system blocker says the linguistic divisions in lot of our fir, the separate people. and she believes that the responsibility lies with russians who want integrate, but she suspects rush, us or, and ukraine could now change event. yet the question was to purchase the whole, and i thought only found very clearly that i am a part of this country at this time. it's a difficult admission goods, but i don't want to be part of russia any marshal. but even though it's the country whose language i speak and i got my apostasy, english post the address go adding one models, camecia in any case,
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the eternal flame, as is soviet memorial in dog, aff bill cycle burn on victoria. even without the official celebrations, have some breaking news. coming in a huge explosion has ripped through a hotel and the cuban capital havana. the blasts destroyed several floors of the hotel saratoga in the city center. witnesses reports seeing smoke and flames coming from the hotel. it's unclear yet if there were any casualties. we'll have more information on this developing situation as soon as they become available. but 1st, here's a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. a caught in bella, rosa sentence the 24 year old russian citizen to 6 years in jail, for charges including inciting hatred. sophia, a pickup is the go friend of blogger, roman for the civic, who frequently posted information critical of the balloon government on line. the
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couple was on a flight together last year, when that was forcibly diverted to bella luce and the 2 were arrested. results from local elections in the u. k. are showing losses for the conservative party of prime minister boys johnson. ballad is the 1st since the so called lockdown party scandal, when johnson was found to have broken his own pandemic laws, while in office. final results are due later today the official death toll from a building collapse and central china has risen to 53. the 6 story structure came down last friday in the city of chung shar, chinese television showed a tense survivor being pulled from the debris overnight of the authorities had announced the end of the rescue mission. for crew members from the international space station have safely returned to us, that capsule splashed down off the coast of florida. almost a day after it left the orbiting lab, germany as much as mo,
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it was among the returning astronauts who were part of a 6 month nasa science mission. after $175.00 days in orbit. it was a watery return to earth. among those floating in the gulf of mexico, the 12th german to make it into space almost 24 hours earlier. mathias maha bid farewell to the i says it's been like 6 outstanding months up here in the space station. thanks to the my crew. my it's, it's been so beautiful. the thanks to all the people on the ground that supported us. it serve the end of a 6 months mission. but i think the space stream lives on maurice spent his time in space, like all the astronauts aboard, carrying out scientific experiments and maintaining the decades old station. he also became only the 4th german to leave the i assess and conduct
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a space walk. very laughed at his ether. now that way it back on earth. mara and his nasa kali's capsule was dragged aboard a space ex recovery ship outside for those inside. it was the end of an almost day long journey. yet the astronauts made their exits with smiles and waves, if not on their feet. after so long without gravity, it was stretches for every one. you want cindy w. news he has remind off all the top story. a 3rd attempt to get civilians out of the besieged, also south steel plant. and mario ball is on the way. the un says 500 people happening, evacuated so far this week. intelligent sources say roches ground is sold, is continuing. the cranium fight is hold up and the plant have repeated their vow. not to surrender. that's it from here, the news team stay with us up next in
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d. w. a news asia, an uptake in north korean missile, texas disclose and concern over kim jones. possible nuclear ambitions data and a lot more coming up after a short break. also a reminder, you can find much more news on lots of video on our website. that's d. w dot compas, ga. gov has in berlin. i'll have an update for you at the top of the thanks with a
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with ah ah, to the point. strong opinions, clear positions, international perspective. with russia now pushing for full control of southern eastern ukraine. western countries are ramping up military support for key it is the west to becoming
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a party to the conflict. find out on to the point to the point in 60 minutes on d. w. ah devastated. how is this of to are we can with cars carry the effects of climate change? i mean, felt worldwide before a station in the rain forest continued, carbon dioxide emissions have risen again. young people all over the world are committed to climate protection. what impact will in because change doesn't happen on its own. make up your own mind. it. d. w. for mines it started out with speaking to dish and transformed into an orgy of hate and
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violence. the history of the ku klux klan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states. its members white for a racist state by white supremacy found it over 150 years ago. it's repeatedly died out but always been resurrected. the ku klux klan starts may 11th on d w. ah, you're watching d w asia coming up today. how many missiles can north korea test? killing yang has been on a bit of a spree this year and we examined why that may be the case. plus we peer into what's happening in pyongyang and kim young uns attempt at adding glitz and glamour to the capital. and the contest between china and taiwan plays out on all fronts.