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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  May 6, 2022 6:30pm-6:46pm CEST

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the ku klux klan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states. its members white, 4 races state by white supremacy founded over 150 years ago, repeatedly died out but always been resurrected. the ku klux klan starts from 11th on d w. ah. you're watching d, w, news, asia coming up today. how many missiles can north korea test? killing yang has been on a bit of a spree this year, and we examined why that may be the case. plus we peer into what's happening in pyongyang and kim jung uns attempt at adding glitz and glamour into the capital. and the contest between china and taiwan plays out on all fronts this time where the rubber meets the road.
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ah, i melissa chan, thanks for joining us. north korea fired yet another ballistic missile off its eastern coast. this week. that's the 13th test so far this year. that's already more than the tests conducted last year or in 2020. and among those tests included in intercontinental ballistic missiles. similar to this one, north korea displayed at a military parade last month. it's clear, kim jung, unwanted to show off his arsenal, south korea, japan and the united states responded in strong terms to the latest test. threat from north korea continues to increase because they continue to test because they continue to learn because they continue to adapt their program. it would be foolish not to try to assess that to spread their posing is actually increasing
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overtime. suckle not nachos in unit a cook. north korea's recent remarkable development of nuclear missile related technologies is not only unacceptable for the security of japan in the region. but north korea, slow of actions are found that including its repeated launches of ballistic missiles, threatened the peace and security of our country region, and the international community in lay absolutely unacceptable. union, the glover, taller committee when you are well, how military is maintaining a full readiness posture by tracking and monitoring related movements saw for possible additional launches are, comes on. his mom barnett, a visitor joining us his day on cam of the center for a new american security ado young, i guess the 1st question is, why is north korea testing so many more missiles now? well, thanks again for having me on your show, melissa. so, you know, kim don't and has made it clear that he wants to make all these fancy weapons and
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missiles that he and he ordered his people to make last year. and so they are basically trying to his country as people are trying to, you know, achieve his goals, his military goals. and so there's a clear domestic motivation for north korea to continue to test them. because a more you test, the better they get at these weapons and so failing missile tests, a failing or is actually not failure, it actually helps a country know how to refine their technology. and so i think that's a key driver now, and i think really, really does not matter what washington does or does not do at this point. i think they're really hard sets on achieving certain milestones when it comes to. there are technological advancements of the nuclear weapons. now, over the last 2 months, we've seen how much in community a nuclear state has if it decides to be an aggressor. of course,
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i'm speaking from berlin. countries feel unable centrally to join ukraine in actual battle because russia is a nuclear state. i wonder about that. can you talk about north korea as a nuclear power and what that really means for the region. so you know, this is a question, a good question that many of us are continuing to debate and try to unpack and analyze and assess, you know, i don't think there are a clear cut answers yet. but i think the one hand north korea sees was happening in ukraine, a c z, international response with, or the lack of a military response to russia's invasion. and so perhaps this just confirms to concern that he needs to hold on to as nuclear weapons tighter than ever. but on the other hand, if we, you know, these comparisons are not exact or perfect,
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but there is a difference between ukraine versus south korean japan being the united states ally into the ally. and so, if you know, if a big power like united states has an obligation to defend and protect its allies, then there is no question that the united states would do anything it can and will to defend its allies. and so there is a bit of a difference there in terms of we try to compare and so these are, you know, good questions. but i really think in the grand scheme of things, north korea is probably thinking that it better hang on to weapons, not try to not give it up easily or, or even, even if it's to put a cap on its programs. i think he will try to negotiate for a much higher price chat for even just to press a pause button on his new go up is developments, right? and so next week we have a sick you'll taking office as the new president of south korea, a telephone,
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little bit about him and whether the missiles have anything to do with the new president. you know, so every one is expected. i'm sure north korea as well, that was a conservative south korean administration. south korea will be tougher than the, than a progressive in ministration. the sense that it, they will demand tit for tat and have a more principle to approach to engagement and not give away freebies. just to try to butter north korea up were to try to satisfy north korea. and so that in that sense, north grew, knows fully, well does in his play expecting the, the upcoming unit bite in alliance to be tougher towards it's and less flexible. so in that sense, you know, i would not be surprised if some of these missile activities are, you know, in preparation for north korea, gearing up for hardy hardening its own position towards the unit and bite
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administrations. and so, you know, i think in the short and mid term a, we've actually made some escalation of tensions going forward. but we do should, we should remember that both by administration and the upcoming, the incoming administration of both, made it clear that they are open to diplomacy and dialogue. a young kim thank you so much for joining us. thanks so much. meanwhile, inside north korea, well to the best of our ability since it's so difficult to get a sense of what's happening there. but in the capital of kiln yang, kim jung on has been intent on constructing high rise apartment buildings. he wants 50000 new units and they look pretty impressive in till you take a closer look. does that apply from high rise buildings? usually a symbol of wealth and status for the rich, except in north korea,
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the or anything but. here skyscrapers are getting taller and taller. with the latest even reaching 18 stories high. only the least fortunate would find themselves living on the top floors, though a north korean defect assess, has been a friend of mine lives on the 28th floor of a 40 story building. he told me that he has never used to live since he was born. because even if there's the lift, it wasn't working. leander, them them walk or that had in addition to that, the buildings often fail to pump water to flight, located so high in the sky hungry that's made them undesirable. no matter how passionate the public seemed to be on stay television. there cheering about the recently built new flats. young young says there are altogether $10000.00 of them daily and k a. so based media says, according to their sources, those flats are not ready to live in ones normally the man, i think it's
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a strategy to give her hope, even if it's in vain, hope them. if you trust our leader, it can lead to glory together. micro me dimmer from to new young frontal yoga tail . while the state officially assigns housing to the people experts say real estie trading has become more common under the leadership of kim jong own, given the rich and the option to choose their homes. so where do they live? have singleton houses for core and loyal classes are in the palm tongue river terrace area. it's also a place where the state run television anal sir reach and he moved in and everything is provided there wouldn't do. i mean that was able to help run the famous tv anchor was among a group of elite who just moved into a new house in cluster picture from state media show that leader kim jong or even came to the inauguration on every single building. here was low rise,
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looking at it. oh well, you've made it to friday, the race to the finish to get the weekend started. but before we let you go, here's a racing rivalry between china and taiwan. who's cars go faster after some big talk on social media from a chinese racer. a taiwanese driver responded to the challenge. here is dw zachary li with the fast and furious. im and i want to say your mail is not quite does taiwan province even have any fos, cause you're glad to let you smaller ah, just video by chinese influence a young early this year, claiming that taiwan has no fast cause field. public anger in taiwan. there i go, they deleted us by saying that we don't have any such cause. it feels like where poor and no great order is not okay to cool tiwana province. we're a country advisor, you know, and it sounds like you think you're the best one,
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but the world is big and your horizons are not broad enough. the video also attracted the attention of taiwanese racing driver. layouts. is she in known as tie, wants godfather of racing. lee, i decided to stand up for taiwan, which is available to the idea. this is not a light nor war between taiwan and china. so it is just racing and i'm professionally of collateral gym. so i threw down the gauntlet, roll the dice, and got with my agent in china told me not to do it because relations between taiwan and china. a tense, but yang said, you know how fast caused, how long? of course we do down to the old civil mikaela. each of the atlanta. ah, yes, i'm william hardy chinese influence. i took up the challenge and gave leanne 2 months to prepare. the al sped tens of thousands of dollars on modifying a car, the rivalry mobilized nationalism here in taiwan, and fed anti china's sentiment. some media even dubbed it, an online war. he had me together in
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r. m a chair racing jarvis here in taiwan. this people have been watching closely, la revelry, between now and the chinese car race that you've learned, sir. and i now so in this approach, go out. breaking speed record is not just for prisoner achievement by nozzle in a way above they being phase for taiwan. last month leo drove 400 meters in just 8.72 seconds braking young's record by more than 2 tenths of a 2nd. i was out a good that was a general culture. i hope the quarrel between taiwan and china can stop here. he says, we know who the winner is, so we should stop fighting and the other will goes down. i broke the record and chinese systems could try to best me would. you'll notice we just have a race together and be friends. all. wouldn't that a good? we'll do what an important to you to what we than, than even i portal that seems unlikely since young has not recognized the record. and so this road rivalry between beijing anti pe could soon be headed for another
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round. and there you go. taiwan. number one, at least for now, that does it for us as always, you can check us out on twitter or facebook and we're also on d. w dot com, forward slash asia have a good weekend we got some hot tips for your bucket list. romantic corner chat, hot spot for food, check and some great cultural memorials to boot d w. travel off we go on the green. do you feel worried about the planet a meal?
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oh sophie on the grievance, both cost and to me it's clear remains to church. the solutions or okay, join me for a deep dive into the green transformation for me to do full of them. oh, oh. turkey's inflation rate skyrockets, prices are spiraling at one of the fastest rates seen globally driving ever the turks into despair and threatening the political fortunes of the country strong man president. and as refugees continue to flow into the you will look at how one recent arrival to berlin as helping hi will school ukrainian secure a flexible work i'm chelsea delaney. welcome to g w. a business turkeys sky. high inflation rate continues to climb. prices in the country rose by almost 70 percent
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in april. according to new official statistics, the new figure gives turkey the dubious honor of having the 6th highest inflation rate in the world. it comes as president reggie pay of out of order. one continues to insist, interest rates be cut to stem inflation. the opposite of what conventional economists recommend, the rising prices are putting further pressure on turks who are struggling to make ends meet. we ask them people on the streets of istanbul, how inflation is impacting their lives. i had missed your inflation is much higher than 70 percent. it hasn't even passed 100 percent. there is an incredible increase, so i don't know that our end is not good at all. it's a nightmare. everyone's life is a nightmare. everyone worried what will happen to morrow? we do where we headed. everyone has that fear. for a little busy. the situation is breaking up, sorry to lose or having a 100 layers to spend used to be a huge.