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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 6, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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i do 2020 to get your ticket now. ah ah! this is the w news live from berlin. a new attempt to evacuate civilians from the as of star steel plant in mario. we must continue to do all we can to get people all of these ill scapes. but russia is reportedly continuing its assault on the last ukranian stronghold in the city. also coming up after a barrage of criticism for not sending heavy weapons to ukraine,
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germany now announces it will supply 7 advanced how it's artillery systems. and finally, back on terra firma astronaut, but he has malware and 3 colleagues land safely on earth after spending 6 months on the international space station. ah i'm gather offers. welcome to the program. ukraine says russian forces are continuing their ground assault on the as of star steel plant in the ukrainian city of mario pope, an international convoys set out for the city yesterday, hoping to evacuate civilians trapped inside the facility. the un gave no further details, so as not to compromise the operation, but it says around $500.00 civilians have been evacuated from russian controlled areas in the murray will pull region this week
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displaced ukrainians que for 8. that fled from regions occupied by russian forces including besieged mario pole. while they have made it out, others remain trapped in as of style steel plant, ukraine's last stand in the port city. there is a risky over the lease currently, russian shelling in the assault of as a style does not stop at that civilian but civilians still need to be taken out. a women children, many children are still there. just imagine this held them more than 2 months of constant shelling, bombing constant death was she nearby, vicky bolar, this video released by the as of regiment shows heavy shelling of the steel plant. the remaining ukrainian soldiers have vowed to defend it until the end. russia says it's a grade to a ceasefire to allow humanitarian corridor out of the plant that ukrainian fighters
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claim. otherwise isn't rentable boiled water for the 3rd day. the enemy has broken through the territory of the as a star plant, where heavy, bloody fighting continues. luciana blueshield itself, once again, the russians violated the promise of a truce, did not allow the evacuation of civilians who continued to hide from shelling. and as a star plants basement the u. n and the red cross were able to evacuate hundreds of people during a brief ceasefire on wednesday. we are accompanied by 11 buses, filled of civilians are women, children, and elderly. who wants wives seeking safe haven. a u. n. convoy is now attempting another evacuation efforts. outside the steel plant, mary appall is largely under russian occupation and clean up efforts have begun in preparation for may 9th, when russia celebrates the soviet union's victory day in world war 2,
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analysts say moscow is eager to gain full control of the strategic port city in time for one of russia's most important holidays. the w corresponded funny for char is in the ukraine's capital q. from the earlier i asked her if russia is getting ready to declare victory in multiple that victory has been already declared april 21st on murray, pull by russia as a result. and if you look at those pictures, actually from the as of regiment, those videos videos which we cannot independent, verify however, but if you look at that charlie and get that apparently continues to continued well into last night as well. you definitely get the impression here and ukraine, the lot moist to happen, lot more escalation against the backdrop of me. nice. he just who did that report? that obviously what she wants to use as a day to celebrate, but celebrate over what and this is the question here. will they be able to put what is happening there in the as of still plan to the end,
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according to what is the end. a for their perspective already, is their goal to be that sci fi a much needed the spy is going to be maintained in any way today as the united nations is trying for the 3rd time to get people out there. if we don't not know. and you mentioned this is whether the 3 day truce was supposed to go into effect on thursday to a lot of people dropped in mario ball to get out. are we seeing any of our curation is happening now? the united nations claims that this is under way that the operation is under way. however, we do not know any information. in fact, for this moment in time, what it is is actually going according to plan. in fact, we'll be hearing from the local authorities in mateo, paul, that sci fi is more than fragile. in fact, a car was about to and we do not know what kind of car, whether this was you and related to was civilian car. but apparently a car that was headed towards the steel plan to help evacuated was shot at. we
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cannot confirm that, but it definitely underlies that that cease fire is very fragile. why? at the same time, united nations, you put that it is, it's calling basically on everyone to maintain that sci fi are no matter how fragile it is to gap people, what he describes as a living hell, basically to get people out from there. so it is ongoing effort and we have seen, at least once that this effort, it can succeed in about 100 people who have left that steel plant already this week about more people i inside and i dial conditions for weeks now. now we heard a prison zalinski there in our report he warned of the human toll of rushes, constant shelling with much of that country's health infrastructure destroyed. what can you tell us about the humanitarian situation across the country? it is especially devastating in the southern and eastern regions in the dumbass region of ukraine were fighting is even worse than in many cities. even key
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obviously has experience charlene and explosions of the course of this more, but not like other don bus region where this war has a re center towards at the same time. what basic things are missing or not available anymore for patients like antibiotics, for example, in, in a dumbass region in some hospitals, the ones that somehow spielberg, he just went to a hospital here in cave to day to one of the biggest hospitals for children. and it was quite bizarre to see that she or doctors are basically, i don't want to say they are bored because they do have patients. but they say they're not getting any patients from the war from the front line of this war any more. because these patients, if they make it alive out from the dumbass region, for example, i taken towards delivery of region towards the western part of your brain and not here to keep to the center. so why this is ongoing, and while all of us, lot of medical facilities have been destroyed, they are the ones, for example, he has that are very much operational. but for security reasons, the governments,
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as children, for example, are no longer brought here to this biggest hospital for children in key, if, because it's not deemed safe enough for them to w, corresponded funny for child into for us. thank you. funny. after initially hesitating to send heavy weapons to ukraine, the german government has now changed course. the 1st delivery of one of the most advanced weapons available is in the works. ukraine says the additional support will be critical and defending the don bus region. the how it's are in action. according to the gen bundeswehr, it's one of the most modern artillery systems in the world. armed with $150.00 millimeter shells that have a range of up to 40 kilometers to how it so requires a crew of $3.00 to $5.00 soldiers. germany now wants to give 7 such how it says to the ukranian armed forces. as part of a german dutch deal,
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germany's defense minister announced the move during a visit to slovakia. dusty a mines on together. we will now support ukraine even further than by ensuring that it will be able to fight with howitzer to thousands in the future. and so can, can, can, we can get us up next level. therefore, out starting next week there will be training in germany on this weapons upon numbers howitzer. and afterwards, a total of 12 o 5 deco systems to 7 german systems. i was support ukraine and his courageous fight comp when tested this pacific. how it says have just been repaired and are therefore not currently being used by the german army. the bonus for normally estimates about 40 days for training. in this case, however, it could all go much faster. ah, ukraine's ambassador has criticized germany for allegedly dragging its feet when it
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comes to supporting ukraine with weapons. earlier they asked lawmakers to be as her barella from the green party. what the hold up was in fulfilling? germany's pledges. well, i would say from an green perspective that i can only assume that the hold up is sir, due to structures. we would like to change any way window which are now not working in our benefit and not working as fast enough. and what is that? do you want my mother, german? yes. bureaucracy. i mean we have the debate. i was about with the 100000000000 euros for defense and did is spending into defense and i would so once more say, well, we have structures, we have a high military spending, and we need to get more efficient on those cases. yeah, you could, you could say that, but is that a bureaucracy? i mean, there's a war going on. a ukraine, a depends on our help and, and we're saying, oh, our own bureaucracy or germany is saying it's on bureaucracy is stopping these weapons deliveries is that,
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is that the picture we want to preserve present other germany wants to present? i would say it's actually quite a bit embarrassing that we are presenting that image. i would totally agree with you, but i would say it's the fact that we are not as efficient as we want to be. and also, as we'd like to have our image in the world, not only within this crisis, but in general, general omega to be as back there from the green party speaking to us a little earlier. now let's have a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world. cuban authorities say 4 people are dead after a huge explosion ripped through the hotel in the capital havana. 13 people are reported missing with rescue operations on the way. authorities say preliminary information suggests a gas leak. the 5 star hotel was on the renovation. when the blast hit, a court in bella rose and sentenced it 24 year old russian citizens of 6 years in jail, full charges including inciting hatred. sophia, as
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a pickup is the girlfriend of blogger, roman for the savage, who frequently posted information critical of the but it was in government on line . the couple was on a flight together. last year, when it was forcibly diverted to build roofs and the 2 were arrested. recently, lanka used water cannon until gaza protest is rallying against the economic prices . schools and businesses closed of the country across the country closed as employees to art protesters want the government to resign. many basic needs are in short supply. as sri lanka is facing bankruptcy in madrid, 17 people are injured and 2 are missing off for an explosion in an apartment building. it happened on friday in the cellar mancha district of spain's capital authorities say the blast was likely caused by a gas leak. for crew members from the international space station have returned safely to earth. that capsule splashed down off the coast of florida up almost the
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day after left the orbiting lab, germany's mathias melva was among the returning astronauts who were part of a 6 months nasa science mission after 175 days in orbit. it was a watery return to earth among those floating in the gulf of mexico, the 12th german to make it into space. almost 24 hours earlier, mathias malika bid farewell to the i says it's been like 6 outstanding months up here in the space station. thanks to the my crew my it's, it's been so beautiful. thanks to all the people on the ground that supported us. it serve the end of a 6 months mission. but i think the space stream lives on now are spent his time in space, like all the astronauts aboard, carrying out scientific experiments and maintaining the decades old station.
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he also became only the 4th german to leave the i assess and conduct a space. walk the very last at 53 that way. it back on earth. mara and his nasa collies capsule was dragged aboard a space. ex recovery ship outside for those inside. it was the end of an almost day long journey. the astronauts made their exits with smiles and waves, if not on their feet coverage. after so long without gravity, it was stretches every for every one before that's it from me and they do seem to not go away though, coming up in a dw news asia. is this an uptick in north korea? missile tests is causing concern of kim jong, owns possible nuclear ambitions. meanwhile, they, north korea leader goes on a buildings free, bought his high rise, his prove less than popular with the people class of time on china
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rivalry that started on take talk. get settled on the rice truck. all that and more with melissa chime coming up arise after a short a break. and reminder, you can find a lot more news analysis and video on a website, www. dot com. i'm gal the l. f. as in abilene, i have an update for you at the top of the out. thanks with enjoying the view. sh. come take a look at this tv highlights every week in your inbox, subscribe now. oh, hello guys. this is the 77 percent. the platform for africa, you to defeat issues and share ideas you know,
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