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tv   Eco Africa  Deutsche Welle  May 6, 2022 9:30pm-10:00pm CEST

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we're talking about here is not only disorganized violence, it's not only terrorism. it's politics. found it over 150 years ago. it's repeatedly died out, but always been resurrected. the ku klux klan starts may 11th on d. w ah. well from don't take more, kale fine bar remained and now we are feeling the effect of that here. echo africa would like to highlight project and initiatives that do things differently and better. i woke out to these wix edition, i am chris a lamps in lagos. thank you, chris. on the yes, they are projects that really give us encouragement and hope like our top story
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this week on greenhouse funding in somalia. i am sandra 3. nobody coming to from compiler here in uganda. and here is what else is coming up. how conservation is in the d n a. see a helping st. that all to hutch and making to be ocean ah, how and the waste franklin full checked him. cynical is improving lives in a suburb of the capital and why the won't be more electric bank this own there'll be rules in the future. but fast water is life. so how can you survive when the reason simply none of it's around in somalia? the rainy season has failed 3 years in a row. it has affected a quarter of the population. and more than half a 1000000 people are fleeing the drought in the capital market issue however,
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so farmers afford a way to keep vegetable production going. the this believe it or not is there is a bit now dry up and full of garbage. the ship result was once a key life name in somalia. its water supply there grew cultural areas near the capital. green fruits and vegetables from august issue came from this region. but climate change has peace. the country on the horn of africa into drought. the when says it's, the region was to drop in 40 years. pharmacy don't, i don't, entire livelihood is at stake. a lot of those are in the last 3 seasons, the drought has heat our funds badly. we had no crops at all
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levels and the river drive that 4 months ago and all a good there was no means on the farm to feed our family out of the water. you know they're devastating. drought has already forced around 700000 people from the homes. many leave in refugee camps lay come to who's seen and her children. ready how, oh yes, of course i fled to my farming village after the drought heats the last 3 seasons and we couldn't from any crops we had to leave because we didn't have any food or children not to then i'll talk. awesome food prices are rising driven in particular by rushes more in ukraine. that's making 8 more expensive to even for the destined for somalia doesn't always arrive. because the number of donors at the beginning they already told us there's some commodities are coming,
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heading towards us. last committee would only be diverted in this, in the c heading to ukraine. so what can be done? this greenhouses on the age of mogadishu may be part of the solution, often financed with farmers left savings or lawns. our way up de, now grows tomatoes with ground water. he needs much less water than before. thanks to drip irrigation. and because this list of operation in a greenhouse, it was the risk that paid off. and melinda, always been. then in the last 3 years, there was no rain on our thumbs and the river was completely dry. so i decided to move to greenhouses to plant or one will do close and difficult at 5 to to to greenhouse did this is a bit a man submarine in contrast, in bodies. a new young type of pharma in somalia for him. quin houses are not an emergency solution. he started greenhouse plumbing at the somali national
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university. his family then helped him get started with seed capital of $10000.00. he says greenhouse funding produces more bitch tables and more reliably get in high school home when i and the great thing about greenhouses is that you can have is only around for the and you don't have to worry about the river or an absence of rain fatality as long as you have a small amount of water, you can manage any crops off on time. let me go back and they have is here twice a week, picking a total over on 400 kilos of tomatoes and the ticket on 6 employees. as to how much when the market in mogadishu, the traders have a lot less fresh produce to offer because of the drought. some of the gaps can be fields with greenhouse produce. these fruits and vegetables are often more fresh.
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from growing casara, like we expect the rain to start again soon, but the river is still dry. there's no, we're taking it at all be i'm cause i was on, i know them, we get some fruits and vegetables from greenhouse farmers who sell to us at a very high prices level. but we have no other way of getting fruits and vegetables and summer are so welcome. green houses can't solve so mainly as food crisis, but they are an important addition that's according to agriculture expert abdul, cadet sheila, of food security, go away. greenhouses can contribute to food security in somalia, when the production of conventional farms is very low in the country. lay it is at this time ah, why? so soc adult. the greenhouse has produced a huge amount of fruits and vegetables suburbs which can feel the gap in the market are all gone by echoed shifter. they also contribute to somalia economy as well.
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and with us, with us as a global, evident as like a just a about 50 farmers near mortgage issue and now green vegetables in greenhouses. it's the best alternative. as long as the ship in the river remains a driveway. we moved from somalia, its neighbor, kenya, and from vegetable funding to big city mobility. i can start a house settled to read lucian, allies of public transport with electric bosses and a boss course around 4 times as much as a diesel bass, a hippie, some for a company that wants to put a 1000 of them onto east african roads over the next 5 years, but i thought has been met. are doing a bit this week come from narrow. b. ha. nairobi is home to over 5000000 people,
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nearly 20000 die every year from the poor air quality. according to the w. h. o. found the ubiquitous, many buses, a huge carbon emitters. i think we are better home while we can no longer and a blind eye to the contribution of transport based coupling emissions tool that environment. so nairobi wants to run more electric vehicles and it's public transport network. there are already 2 electric buses in operation on a full charge. they can cover around 250 kilometers enough for the whole day. line as post theory has been driving his new boss for 3 months now. there's no local where expenses in this bus, like i desire bus. for example, i used to do a service every month. this one, you don't do any service in time. tickets for the electric buses are set to be
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cheaper than the diesel ones. the bus can take 25 passengers. internet is free and they can charge their phones at the same time and plugged in about younger services that others can't provide any one or you feel relaxed. and there's no noise liana can be a not gets nice, getting intimate. ah, the transport company only has one charging station right now. it takes up to 4 hours to charge the buses. the firm is also training engineers to work on the electric vehicles. the plan is to steadily increase the number of the buses over the next 5 years. i key step towards better rac quality in the canyon capital. and how about you? if you are also doing your bid, tell us about it, visit our website center. so tweak ah stag, doing your bit re share your stories,
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getting to where you headed simply is also the topic or one next report. only one c total in a 1000 lives is able to reach adulthood many never even reach the water. and it's sandra, those cute little creatures, have many enemies, seabirds crowds on octopus. all love to eat? freshly hatched, tomatoes. national park rangers in the democratic republic of congo are given a huge boost to their chances of survival. ah, a helping hand to cross the dangerous shore ranger castiano domain carries these baby turtles right to the water's edge to make sure they get there safely. it's always special for him when they hatch them. walker, i like it. when the babies come out of their nests,
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it makes me very happy. in company. since the end of october, castiano, dante and his colleagues have scoured the democratic republic of congo or d. r c's near 38 kilometers of beach for total ness. they took 50000 eggs to an incubation center where they were protected by wire mesh and mosquito nets. the baby turtles hatched after 50 days. the project is run by the countries nature conservation authority. it protects the vulnerable creatures from the locals and birds. they both eat the eggs. this generation has survived, but future generations might not survive. it was ill. erosion often eliminates the coastline sunday manila. like why don't we have a lot of threats on erosion as balboa zone. rising sea levels and erosion have swept away over 55 meters of the beaches during the last 30 years. the
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park rangers estimate that almost a quarter of nesting sites have been destroyed. now a new threat has emerged only a couple of kilometers along the coast, where the congo river reaches the c. d r. see president felix cheese. the katie has laid the foundation for a new deep sea port. the park ranger sphere that the port means even more danger for the turtles habitat. the congolese institute for the conservation of nature agrees and says it was not consulted by developers as follows. i know the results good year, but and by month and then you but we need to city and we know we don't have them. the new port will be built at the edge of a man grow forest. it's a nature reserve where an enormous number of endangered plant and animal species thrive, including 4 turtle species, manatees and mud skippers,
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the head of african whistleblower protection platform. goblin bo don't. phantom says, the potential damage could be catastrophic. the non governmental main groups are important because they stopped floods in a period of rapidly rising waters. we unfortunately don't know what effect the disappearance of the mangrove forests would have on the floods that could affect the congolese atlantic coast. wanted. the last few of the 300 turtles castiano dante brought to the waterfront to day are finally being carried out by the waves door and is on a desert employment in the years to come again. we hope to see the baby turtles that are here to day or to return as when their adults had rather vinny uncle. that is and then lay their eggs on our beach. this seal not libellous. and he hopes that when they return, they'll find their home beach is still a welcoming habitat. you couldn't exactly call the police. we are
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going to in our next report. a walk. i'm inhabited, illegal projects bought from germany, a created toxic woodland. it romania. it's a lou crick to prisoners for the wisc mafia because disposal side charge just a fraction of the cost in western europe. bought octavian box jenny from book arrest. is the timing to track down the whist smugglers. yet again, a case of arson at an illegal romanian landfill. a club in virginia was then had commissioner of romania environmental guard. well, he led the investigation that was a year ago. but to know what the model there might be, a lot of garbage was burned here than to which for 20 minutes, there was a lot of smoke of them were flu. 2 more fires like cotton and the sofa book rest would be engulfed in smoke and stench. in fact, all of the caressed suffers from serious environmental problems. several times in
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recent years, limits have been exceeded a 100 times over. the problem isn't just heavy traffic. there's also the repeated a legal binding of waste, some of which comes from germany. last summer, romanian border police made a major discovery and the black se quote of constantia more than 1800 tons of suspicious waste. the shipping documents showed it had been declared as plastic, but it also contained metal tires, batteries, and even carcinogenic. asbestos. dangerous makes it as prohibited by the e. u. we want to confront the german company mellow with the accusations and had to hamburg. it's home to europe's that largest port. each year, millions of containers a ship from here. some contain waste. we discovered that greenpeace also has been aware of mellow, for some time. over the no mellower says it doesn't want to comment. 10 days
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aaliyah would send an official pressed inquiry with no response. then suddenly the manager appears. is etha. we hear about siblings from mello? he found in romania on the to re legal lego. no. yes. you being prosecuted there? oh boy. nonsense. it's been cleared up. it's a mistake of wonderful. now, would you like to say that on camera? i'm about. i'm not the right person to talk to home when you go far visit and have you as young. that is why we called you a fellow nom them of newcomers. a few minutes later, the manager acknowledges the investigation, but says his waist shipments were legal. i know the romanians are doing something, but they didn't analyze it. you mean they glanced at it and thought, oh, there's some cable and a circuit board in there to completely read. but d, w has seen the report on the waste, which their remaining prosecutors had analyzed in a german lab. it shows the waste also contained undeclared toxic components.
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back in my mania, we'll meet at the top, but you know, at the landfill, again, he is no longer in uniform. he was released from office, did his dismissal, have to do with his efforts to stop garbage smuggling methodically. morgan is up according to cooper when these are structures of organized crime from the thought of the shifting waste from countries like germany, britain, italy, but also from bulgaria and from any itself is the cheperdak little mutable garden. this waste sometimes travels thousands of kilometers to get here. the u commission says germany is one of the most important markets for illegal waste disposal or barbara to 3rd, been to some the locker room. some of the waste goes to cement factories. so, but allowing some contracts cover up the fact that much more waste is and ported than these factories can burn for cement production of that you mentioned co jeanetta, so to waste and something burned and feel,
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see what's out there you as ancient yacht that the can put the investigation as being headed by prosecutor tail donita. the hamburg case is just one of many examples of trash smuggling he is examining. he says, the problem isn't just as honest business owners, but also corrupt politicians. and reason he is, he's repeatedly called on the government in bucharest to take action against trash smugglers elsewhere. so normally means that i made you lee. one minister's answer left me speechless. my focus. okay. she said, we trying to do it because it would anger the big cement producers just watch him grow. stop until cassandra may have a strong lobby. god, i will not be those happy. the potomac, he had to the harbor for another inspection from us from us. i just got a call from the you judicial authority about coordinating the case with germany and belgium, elijah in romania charges have been filed against a hamburg based company. now the courts will decide whether mellow,
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acted criminally or not. since china banged the import of plastic waste in 2018 waste export as a looking more and more to countries like romania bulgaria and poland. germany is considered a world leader in recycling, but that's probably also thanks to the many waste exports to eastern europe. a similar situation to the one we've just seen in romania is fought to come on in many countries in africa as well. fixed synagogue, for example, a lack of any efficient waste management system. there means most waste never will make it to the landfills. that is to crease instead, it liters of landscape the ocean or generate toxic fumes when it gets bond in residential neighborhoods. but things are changing in a seaside. so bob doc, um
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a new recycling concept, husband put in place and it is working. this isn't a common site. here in the darkest hubbub refused a boy took in his empty plastic lemonade bottle out to a whisper in the yard of his home. but a but family is sticking part in a pilot project. we look for the lender has eric he this i before we used to throw everything into the scene to us. we had one been and makes everything together and then checked it out even though a simpler. now we have a different bin for plastic bottle salad, one for cancelling. i'm a buffer food wasting all sorting to different policy. it's straightforwardly and every one he had most work to do. i been here for the gala that he believed. besides plastic metal and paper, the family also separates organic waste. every 2 weeks,
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the city picks it all up. the product is called zed e. c. zone, a core logic, camino term, all community ecological zone. launched by the district authorities as the 1st of its kind in cynical. although it is that t o initiated zech in response to the western and pollution problems in his neighborhood. and along the coast line. o military do air or is it a coca cola we're mixing everything together over and throwing it away. if the truck didn't come, we really had to change people's minds center and get them to reflect the environment and also help with waste recovery. by explaining that which is what something bad west has become a resource and mix a pico colored issue. napa in kalamazoo leadership, when in russell's a resource dispatching, jackass dam nat geo industrial soon as making the most off, it's off the plastic and processes it into plastic pellets. the fact his manager
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says that as a recycling industry has taken off, plastic has gone from poly tons to money maker. only one at an alarm or walker on a national level settlement, we see an increase in more and more every year system. and now the state is putting in place, assist them to better control with management logistics and plastic waste collection assistant. there's lots of plastic waste outside the car as well. but, but no organized systemic met by decentralizing collection activities side exam and use in programs like sec, it helps industrialist like last and again, matthew are much more easily and at a lower cost without them because we would have to organize our own collections systemic in and go hunting for the recyclable materials in this region or other regions. it would be much more difficult for us for a job in dallas. what is your says that i believe it will not put it on this
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morning's round. wes collectors have picked up the pre sorta trash of 80 families in one year. they've collected 2 tons of plastic and over 80 kilograms of aluminum cans. the system was here in refused because the city land from initial mistakes and now does more than simply distribute trash couse lipper mercy. at 1st we put rubbish bins everywhere. but if you don't train people for him, don't always be brought. who take them? hon was crock. metal and plastic on it. that's why locals have been tried. today. you see rubbish bins in front of the house is solid and they'll be there for a 100 years. a lot of people now understand it's in the are own interest to live, the benson, where the yahoo share possible. however, it will be a long time before whist suppression and recycling becomes a norm across synagogue. but less than half of the population, benefiting from any kind of waste collection initiatives, or pin dumping and ben in are widespread methods of getting rid of household waste
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. new york city authorities here hope the project will set an example, because the benefits are so obvious. a while i'm mabel is even variable. there's no west here by the sea. now. you'll see it in other places where there's been no support. nozik as mitchell. that's why we want to replicate the sec off to our lin every. when refused cleansing and exported to other regions of sunny gone export technology partners and missionary on. thus a pretty ambitious goal. synagogues cities generate 9000 tons of waste every day, and the volume continues to rise. less small and made of plastic sashes. these little packets might be handy, but they quickly land in the garbage bin and they don't ross. in our web special, we chart the journey of such
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a sashay from the origins of the raw materials it's made from to its ends on the rubbish heap. we find out why the number of sa chaise is growing and why they're so lucrative for businesses. and so disastrous for our planets. find out more at d, w dot com slash plastic. i'm the it is time for us to go already. i hope you enjoyed today's wonder through the environment. i've certainly enjoyed taking you along with us, but for now it is by until next week i sent her twin over you signing up from compiler here e. and i've also enjoyed it. sandra, thank you. next week we'll be back for you again. what between now and then you to stay in touch on our social media channels with lots of new on eye catching content your then it's good bye. from lagos, nigeria. ah,
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with with
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who was making the headlines and what's behind them. dw news africa. the show that was the issues in the continent. life is slowly getting back to normally on the street to give you enough reports on the inside. our correspond that was on the ground reporting from across the continent, all the trend stuff with 90 minutes on d. w. with
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wayne extreme, it's again world my coping weight and burned in south africa. people with disabilities more likely to lose their jobs independent, make black lives matter. shine a spotlight on shelly, motivated to lease my same sex marriage as being legalized in more and more countries, discrimination and inequality are part of everyday life. for many we ask why? because life is diversity. make up your own mind in d. w. need for mines one of the main kinds, oldest ambitions could be within reach. oh,
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what is it really is possible to reverse aging researchers and scientists all over the world are in a race against time. the dna molecule has 28000000 different power blocks that they are peers and rivals with one daring goal to out smart nature for a longer, healthier and fuller life. one of the most insightful discoveries in the history of mankind down the hatch. more life starts may 28th on d, w. ah
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ah, ah, this is dw news live from a berlin, a new attempt to evacuate civilians from the avalon stalls, steel plant in mario pole. at least one bus load of people has been taken away from the besieged factory and taken to territory under the control of the russian military. also on the show, after a barrage of criticism for not sending heavy weapons to ukraine, germany announces 8 will supply 7 advanced howitzer artillery systems.