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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  May 7, 2022 6:00am-6:16am CEST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin evacuation efforts continue. the as of star steel flat, dozens of civilians are rescued from the factory, but many more are still trapped in mario polls last ukrainian stronghold. also coming up, search and rescue operations continue, and havana after a powerful explosion kills at least 22 people. does as more are injured at the iconic saratoga hotel. he was president called it a tragic accident that authorities blame on
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a truck delivering guy. ah, i'm nick of really good to have you with us. around 50 civilians have been evacuated from the besieged as of style steel plant in mario full and are now in the care of you. when and red cross representatives, the international effort to bring the remaining civilians to safety is set to resume on saturday. ukrainian president followed him years. the lensky says he's also working on a diplomatic solution to bring the soldiers who have been defending the facility for 2 months to safety. the as of style plant is the ukrainian, the last ukranian hold out in the port city. they've made it out more people have been evacuated from the odds of style steel plant in muddy opal. though the
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accordingly in russian control territory. moscow says they can't jules to leave ukraine in authority, say the ceasefire is constantly being violated by russia. diaz, all regiment, even alleged that evacuation efforts are being targeted. they said this soldier was injured van at god on its way to help civilians was hit whatever that they previously ukraine's precedent were. law tommy's zalinski warned off a breakdown and dogs, if russia continues violations your children, if the russians kill people who can be changed, get released or treated more them. or it doesn't matter if they are civilians or military, or we will see the if they kill them. there is no point in talking to russia on a diplomatic level. he's over albertville tack. what you've shown is nation. russia releasing this footage of the evacuation claims it is willing to let the
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humanitarian corridor still open. and our corresponding mathias bellinger is in the southern ukrainian city of mich ally, if he gave us his take on whether russia might be getting ready to declare a complete takeover of mario pl before monday's victory day. well, it's hard to say whether they will be able to gain full control over the still works within the 2 days that remain before may, 9th. but her, it's also possible that there was declare victory, even if they haven't they haven't gained full control yet. um, it's not really a problem for them. they have been saying a lot of things that we're not exactly are matching the situation on the ground or that we're completely opposite to the opposition or to the situation on the ground . and um, we would expect them to declare victory because it, it seems that this a victory or this, this control of them are you, paul, is very important to them. it would be
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a major game for them and it would be amazing achievement. and to help in very few achievements at their heart so far. um, so speculation is that they will hold victory parade and marie will pull whether this is true or not, we do not know, but we know that a potent house sent one of his most important aides. they're too clear to choose to take control of the situation was our ukraine correspondent, mathias bullying a. there was now take a look at some other developments in the conflict. the united nations security council has adopted a resolution expressing concern over ukraine and backing efforts to find a peaceful solution for the counsels of 1st statement that's been met with russian support since the war began at the meeting demonstrators including ukrainians, living in the u. s protested against the violence embassy international says it has documented extensive war crimes by russian forces in ukraine,
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including the torture and killing of civilians. the organization has been collecting evidence of atrocities and areas around keith. embassy chief agnes coloma who has been visiting ukraine, said it was vital that all those responsible faced justice with a top kremlin officials as russia plans to stay in southern ukraine quote, for ever under a church and who's the senior lawmaker from the governing, united russia party was speaking on a visit to the southern ukrainian city of her son, said he has seen protest by a local residence against russia's occupation well after much criticism for dragging its feet on providing military support for ukraine. the german government changed course in late april. in addition to allowing the export of armored anti aircraft vehicles, berlin has now pledged to deliver 7 self propelled howitzers to the war torn country. ukraine says the additional support will be critical and defending the don
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bass region. the howitzer in action, according to the gem bundeswehr, it's one of the most modern artillery systems in the world. armed with $150.00 millimeter shells that have a range of up to 40 kilometers to how it so requires a crew of $3.00 to $5.00 soldiers. germany now wants to give 7 such how it says to the ukranian armed forces. as part of a german dutch deal, germany's defense minister announced to move during a visit to slovakia. just the yoga mines on together. we will now support ukraine even further by ensuring that yet it will be able to fight with howard, sir, to thousands in the future. and so con kemp and kung, as we can get us up next of uh huh. therefore, out starting next week, there will be training in germany on this weapons. upon on this howitzer went and afterwards a total of 12 o 5 deco systems to 7 german systems. lodge low support ukraine and his courageous
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fight comp. when tested this pacific, how it says have just been repaired and therefore not currently being used by the german army. the bonus fair normally estimates about 40 days for training. in this case however, it could all go much faster. at least 22 people have died and dozens are injured. after a powerful blast and the cuban capital. havana. search and rescue crews have been working frantically to find survivors in the rubble of the fame saratoga hotel. authority say the cause was a truck supplying the building with natural gas, the iconic saratoga hotel moments after the blast. i filled out, the saratoga has just exploded in front of me. look at this miracle. official say the gas cylinder on this truck caused the deadly explosion which gutted the lower floors of the hotel and damaged near by cars and other buildings. zip,
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where you could see people shouting, dust rising up and disaster. it was like a horror film really ready for her. letterman cuban president miguel diaz cornell visited the scene of the disaster which happened near cuba. historic national capital building on the were visiting the locations circle. everything seems to indicate that it was an accident with a gas tank that caused some explosion. horrible, and therefore, structural damage and to collapse, stood on. there is a people who are receiving help person, their rescue team. so see the firefighters and all the specialized forces acted very quickly. but unfortunately, people have died early to soccer and what was wrong or as rescue workers searched through the rubble and anxious crowd, gathered outside the nearby hospital looking for their loved ones. inside some of the dozens of people injured in the explosion receive treatment. and among them, children that go. but after the hotel had been closed for over 2 years,
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due to the pandemic. but officials say workers were inside preparing for a planned reopening. and he's a quick look at some other stories making headlines around the world to day. early vote counts in northern ireland, show nationalist and faint that for a historic, when i receive 29 percent of the votes, that puts party leader michelle o'neill in a position to head the next government. the 1st time northern ireland would be led by a party advocating re unification with ireland. a course in bella, bruce has sentenced a 24 year old russian citizen, 6 years in jail for charges including inciting hatred. sophia, a pay guy is the girlfriend of blogger, roman for ta savage, who frequently posted information, critical of the bella ruffian government online. a couple was on a flight together last year when it was forcibly diverted to bellow, roofs were, the 2 were arrested. so long as president has declared
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a state of emergency starting at midnight after anti government protest shut down, parts of the country, police fired water cannon and tear gas on protesters rallying against the economic crisis. they want the government to step down. basic goods are in short supply, isreal lanka is facing bankruptcy. the son of late philippines dictator of ferdinand marco's, is tip to when next, monday's presidential election, finance marco's junior, also known as bong bong, has sought to re brand the marco's name. not for many is still synonymous with a brutal dictatorship and corruption. bongs running mate is sarah, do tara t, a daughter of the populace, in common rodrigo to tara t, a. t w's, danelle dom a leon traveled to marco's stronghold. he locos naughty to speak to his supporters . the spectre of ferdinand mark was senior, still looms large over philippine politics. ahead of the election,
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visitors are flocking to this museum in a locust nor to for a dose of history, if not a particularly nuanced one. inside a chronicle of the marcus his time and power a lot on the rise. but curiously little on the fall and nothing on the documented human rights abuses and wholesale plunder in between. located in the marcus his home province, it's called the mullahan young of the north, named after the presidential palace in manila, some 480 kilometers away from here. it is a symbol of the path he has taken from here the highest office in the land, and it will become clear in a matter of days whether sun will managed, which he the same here, at least a bumble marcus is guaranteed in easy right. many voters remember the marcus's thought as close to craft, but as patrons, not helpless did mar casteel look at our roads. how nice they are. and um i buy. oh,
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even if i were bribed i would never change my vote. the marcos is our good people and those who study the regency support for the marcus's is driven by a sense of gratitude among the electorate. they will tell you that their lands are from mark worse. their cows are only modest game from mark worse if you are a university named roughly markesha been hospital named after marcus and other and other institutions. and if you 3 step again to you know, harness fulcher, we called dr. young, you have the goal, or you have to look bar or b for whatever, whatever benefit that you that you had from, from your benefits board. that means campaigning for any other presidential candidate here apart from bowman, martha isn't especially difficult undertaking. no more than willing to somebody in the hot we have experienced harassment, bullying, and we are told there is no place for us in the locust nor jane goddard. does he
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love us? not they nob about what it is. scary throws volunteers on us. i mean, you'll marcus, but we keep on fighting about at all possible. it would open up a group, hug people glauben up and knock off and get up was out when them because when i meet silent supporters, i am happy barbara, and i know we are not alone. i love cooking people. i mean, like isa while rob read or is unlikely to win in this market strong home. what's clear is that different versions of the past and vision for the future are competing in the selection. 4th, an enormous north and across the philippines. for crew members from the i as as of return safely to earth, their capsule splashed down off the coast of florida. almost a day after it left the orbiting lab, germany's 90th mallette was among the returning astronauts who were part of a 6 month nasa science mission off to $175.00 days in orbit.
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it was a watery return to us. among those floating in the gulf of mexico, the 12th german to make it into space almost 24 hours earlier. mathias malika bid farewell to the i says it's been like 6 outstanding months up here in the space station. thanks to the my crew. my it's, it's been so beautiful. the thanks to all of the people on the ground that supported us. it serve the end of a 6 months mission. but i think the space stream lives on maurice spent his time in space like all the astronauts aboard, carrying out scientific experiments. and maintaining the decades old station. he also became only the 4th german to leave the i s. s. and conduct a space, walk in the very last of his ether. now that way it back on earth. mara and his nasa kali's capsule was dragged aboard
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a space. ex recovery ship outside for those inside. it was the end of an almost day long journey. yet the astronauts made their exits with smiles and waves. if not on that feet coverage. after so long without gravity, it was stretches every for every one before fainter. now for worlds, stories it next after a short break with more in depth stories from around the globe. thank you so much for watching. it started with spooky intimidation, and transformed into an orgy of hate and violence. the history of the ku klux klan, the oldest terrorist organization in the united states,