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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  May 7, 2022 6:30am-7:00am CEST

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i am in 30 minutes on d. w. what secrets lie behind these walls? discover new adventures in 360 degrees. and explore fascinating world heritage sites. d w world heritage 360. get out now. ah ah, ah ah ah. hundreds of drones take to this guys for a spectacular light show in germany's port city of hamburg. we'll find out what the occasion was in a moment. i want to welcome to another edition of your own acts with me,
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your host megan late. here's a look at what else we've got coming up in today's show. find out from an expert what goes into a real scottish haggis and discover how one austrian designer is putting her own mark on vienna's fashion. see how do you celebrate the 5th anniversary of an iconic concert hall? well, one way is with a futuristic light show. in hamburg, hundreds of illuminated drones bathed the l fell harmony in light to mark the special occasion. the performance breaking waves was the work of the dutch artistic do oh drift. and it took months of careful planning. but a technical glitch ended further performances. however, we were lucky enough to be there for the premier, an aerial light show to mark the l philharmonic 5th birthday. 300 drones rose into
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the night sky over hamburg for a celestial dance at the premier, the audience had no idea that the 800000 euro light spectacle would have to be cancelled on the following 3 evenings. due to an alleged attack by other drones. if thought, think this real and existing dana of collisions meant the whole security concept would have had to be revised it's concept, but there wasn't any time to do that off of alba. so the authorities had no choice but to cancel out. and it's on that as you break up. these are flashback the idea for this ambitious project titled breaking waves came from the dutch designer team drift for their creative concept lenika here today. and, and ralph now thought considered both the location and architecture of the landmark concert hall for the inspiration for breaking ways was in the, for me, the rooftop of the building. like the relationship of that with the, the water around it's a, it's is what you can also see in our work is his relationship between the,
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the nature and tact breaking ways also mean being bolt and doing something new that has not been done before to create a moment where we connect to building the frequency of the water, the frequency of music, the frequency of lights, and then the internal frequency of older public, all tune them for the same wavelength to create a moment of connection. the 2 artists were among the 1st to create works, withdrawn, born lights that imitate the motion of a flock of birds. for example, at the 2018 burning man festival, in the black rock desert, in nevada, usa and in 2020, in rotterdam, the netherlands. ah, it's always very challenging to get engineers and technology to operate and acts as
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nature, and that is our mission as drift to work with technology to understand nature. it's mandatory that we feel that the project we feel the work we don't know is hurting to understand it, but it need to resonate with our natural rhythms. studio drift currently has an exhibition of their work at hamburg, museum of arts and crafts. these kinetic sculptures embody one of the artist to do was cor themes, the connection between humans and nature. a work titled and 20 steps, recalls the motion of birds in flight and the light installation fragile future 3 makes real dandy lie and seed heads shine. back to the philharmonic. the building designed by star swift architect have song and melon has swiftly become a landmark of germany's major port city making art here with drones. a challenge. worst case scenario is that we for example, we have some radio interface parents unexpected and then you know,
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a couple mindful i the others, the air into the water. you never know stuff like that can happen with this technology. that scenario became a reality even after the sensitive drones had been checked, double checked and carefully positioned before the premier of the aerial light spectacle. some of them crashed. during the dress rehearsal 15 drones fell into the water, but only 5 during the premier itself. was it sabotage? no further performances of breaking waves were allowed. the authorities of the circle. of course, it was a major disappointment when it oh thank goodness we had one great performance, but we've been expecting thousands of spectators for the next days. this is where we're bob ships had been chartered that were booked up by the audience. also, people were planning to come from all over europe to experienced this artwork. this course vector live. so breaking waves remained just a one off, but no less impressive art event.
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it's that time of year again, for an international extravaganza of musical acts. i'm talking about the eurovision song contest. now this year marks the 66 edition and we'll see 40 countries compete for the title in italy. now germany has won the competition twice. once in 1982 and again in 2010 and this year it's pending and hopes on the german american singer, my leak harris. we met up with him for a behind the scenes, private performance. we are these to be the rock stars. g m an o p, that's my grandad in there for you taught me so many things about music. i was a couple different. you never thought a no hard sell this thing, eco lashonda. i was there was a way to go back in whenever he came to visit or we visited him. we would play an
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instrument or sit down at the piano. yoga that sitting down at the piano is exactly what malick harris is going to do on may 14th, but in his case, it will be in front of some $200000000.00 tv viewing worldwide. we are these if either stars live without a no hi. so this he has been forming germany's entry for the eurovision song contest final inter in italy of info hope that most of all, i'm excited. i love to be on stage and knowing that i'll soon be standing on the biggest stages. i get goosebumps just thinking about it. i'm really, really looking forward to assisting falk. the 24 year old grew up in the town of lance bag unless i could change. growing up in the idyllic bavarian countryside with parents from the u. s. and germany, he taught himself to play the guitar and piano from the back. and just as he plays all the instruments on his tracks,
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he will be alone on stage to perform his song. crafted from the music protest influenced him since childhood, a mix of hope. folk welcome to read all the war with all the thoughts, all the think in all the parts. so exhausted, always brought up a sound like down some god damn account, the law somebody can about it. wow, young guy, he didn't write rock stones specifically with the eurovision song contest in mind, but friends convinced him to apply for the national preliminary round of r. o rockstars is about the good old days and a good a time. it struck me when i was writing that we humans totally tend to only ever recognize good things when they're over 2nd. and so we always only understand the good old times when they're over when they're finished and we look back on them by them. and i think we should change that because actually the good old times never end, but we always recognise them too late. malick harris released his 1st single in 2018 and immediately caught the attention of staff like james blunt and tom odo,
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who invited him on tool away in 2020, he achieved what no jim and musician has done before him when his picture was emblazoned on the billboards of new york's times square. malik harris is a musician who takes a stand in political and social matters. be it for black lives matter all women's rights. and he likes the eurovision basic message of diversity and piece of sorry i can hear about us on this peaceful coming together. is a beautiful thing and all the more important this year. and i don't know many events, or actually i can't think of any other event that really manages to bring the whole continent together, like this. and yog anson continental to sensibly look, well, we are these to be the rock stars. the contest is being held under special circumstances this year. in light of the war in ukraine, russia has been excluded from participation, and the book makers, old saw,
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predicting a clear victory for the ukrainian entry um, as well as, oh, malik harris was that would be a welcome message on the theme. and that's why i think ukraine as the winner this year would be a very nice signs. and i also have to say that i think the song is pretty cool. so i think regardless of the political situation, in my opinion, the song would definitely deserve it off in but you know, this may be malick harris's ballard, about the good old days is also a content. the 1st place is to read the rock stars. never thought a know a was there was a way to go back in a time now for something to eat. and for that we are headed to scotland for something of an acquired taste to say the least haggis will. haggis contains the innards of a sheep mixed with onion and spices. now it scotlands most famous dish,
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but to get the real hardest experience. we met up with one man who's dedicated his life to the specialty. cutting open a hut is, is always a special moment scottish dish of awful minced with oatmeal in spices and cooked in an animal stomach is just as famous as scotlands, rugged countryside with its mountain peaks and lakes. the thing i love, most of a high gast actually is these for us, it tells you it's an unbelievably flexible food, 1st and foremost. but actually there is no, there is no right or wrong way to dish li rooney. originally, hails from island. he moved to scotland in the 19 ninety's and has been selling haggard through an online shop for 10 years now. in 2019, he started to haggis cooking school on a sheep thumb outside glasgow. wasn't
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a i guess experience. my name is lee, i'm going to take you through the whole story of the miss on the tasting. traditionally haggis is made with sheeps awful. it tends to spoil quickly, so it has to be pre cooked as soon as it's removed from the carcass. hot liver and lungs are mixed with onions. different texture levers, quite gamey. heart is very stake like these basic ingredients are put through a meat grinder. then come the dry ingredients. oatmeal. so hit salt and pepper and mace. mace used to be the cheapest spice because it was the porman. spicy was at off kosky was an outer husk of nutmeg. so and we also add our own secret ingredient, which is car messiah like every hi gus maker in the country. they put girl twist on
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lots hours. it's not curried. it is just to give some body to, to make sure the mixture doesn't get i. it's blended well and cooked in the broth, from the in it. that helps to develop the typical spicy flavor. this makes it then stuffed into the clean stomach. it simply is a bag. it's a natural clean bag, stuff it into and you tie it off and then you cook it in. the stomach serves only as a cooking bag and is not meant beaten. this method can be traced back to ancient times in scotland, but used to be made with deer in it. to day beef and sheep either known what happened in the hands of old was that they would actually kill beast as a group than they would butchered on the spot. butchering on the spot is essential
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for a couple of things. one is actually the be sir. really heavy heart to carry out. so you actually need to to, to actually share the load. but, but the 2nd thing is, is that you remove the awful from the beast to stop the, at the awful or the contents of the stomach painting. the prime cuts the meat, it was scotlands national poet, robert burns, who propagated the cult of haggard as part of the simple life. his owed to a ha guess is often recited at the annual burns night in january. the haggis has even become the stuff of connections you can't come to scotland and not to come across a story about haggis. whether it's a matter of fact, people will try to convince you of all sorts of things as you go to some of the galleries in scotland. that's a picture that we got from a kelvin grove, gary, which is one of the main gunners was gone. that's a hag, a sculptor, guess what is true is that the haggis elite today is not from the little beasties
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in them and those he won't eat any kind of meat, can always prepare a vegetarian, or even reagan the in of haggard. ah, haggis is ready to serve in about an hour and a half. traditionally, it's eaten together with potato and turn it mash. was the say the prove the pudding is in the eating here is our hi guess. really, really nice combination. nice smell coming over as well. so traditionally or is i talking on pizza, nachos or scallops? hockey's will taste the most often take in its homeland, in beautiful scotland. ah, yes, it does taste quite good there. all right, visiting the austrian capital vienna is like taking a step back in time with it's broke architecture and 18th century coffeehouses. and
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if you look closely enough in some quarters, you'll also find fashion that reflects these time periods designer susanna brozowski creates outfits that are a throw back to another era. in, according to her, her viennese chic collection will never go out of style. ah, clothes that reflect the spirit of a city the outfits these be, and these women are wearing, give a nod of the traditional styles of the metropolis on the dan you re imagined for the future the in these chic. that's what austrian fashion designer, susana be sub sky calls, her collections for the beautiful viennese woman coming on a v. i can't live without vienna and vienna demons my fashion. you just have to think a little bit about whether you are a beautiful b, unease. woman. no, not a good one. i wish there are very small trait as well. you become very attractive,
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very quickly. me from a little more elegance and little more demeanor. nick, i got a more great smell in me and we work on these little details on because it's actually quite quick to do this. this did a good fit in her vienna's studio the designer constantly experiments with those details. she combines the most diverse items and forms of clothing doesn't shy away from cliches and crosses borders to develop an independent style for the austrian capital rivers. looking at slightly trying to achieve what we want with styling hetzel, his guest putting on a hat immediately turns and look into something completely different. ah, that's how you get this viennese chum. oh, really nice. she finished combed the it's, i make the shit. so the farm, i guess it deconstructed, lace used to be a nice all thick. the black and white look combined with the lace is typically viennese. we noted the slightly playful,
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always contrast it with something darker with items that are often decades old. are given a new life in the fashion designers dresses. she found the fabric for this skirt, for example, at a flea market. to solve my the. and this used to be a tough as with how everything is recycled too high because sustainability has never been a goal in itself. but for 30 years i've been reusing materials. give out. we tried to go for an image that works beyond the mainstream stream. so i like to ignore the international trends, like it's like professions, lower sista, how much i'm showing things today that i made 30 years ago, i think. and that's how you know that it style, not fashion, i'm kind of fashion comes and goes along style these days. mulder kid, oh, oh, for 3 decades, she has set the tone in the world of fashion with her style at
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a fashion show in vienna. she presents her recently published book, which traces her career as a fashion designer. susana be sub sky was already involved with traditional costumes, while studying fashion design talk than palm was the name of one of her 1st collections in which she playfully developed traditional austrian clothing. up for i have tried to bring the language of governments that existed in the country closer to the people in a revised way. like to show that can also be a different approach to traditional costume off that he's not just yodeling. and later, who isn't and into but that there are more interesting perspectives in the background for home nowadays, she also designs costumes for the vienna state opera and puts up textiles sculptures in the city center. she's received a lot of praise for her commitment to given vienna it's fashion identity,
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because if you look around everything as a copy, a copy of paris of london, nothing independent of us. and susannah as the only one who really stands out on her own out here and the visa man. and she's a visionary, but always true to her in style. and for i think she's a role model for what i see mr. karen's direct line of action, did i sustainable fashion with strong regional ties of of his guns? you didn't need that much. just a few good things. so you should buy more local things in general. yeah, he was the beautiful viennese woman. what is she wearing that sandwich when we provide an image that really engages with the city? madison via needs chic, a timeless style that never seems to go out of fashion. ah . and finally, when it comes to surfing, we tend to think of sun,
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sandy beaches and surfers in shorts riding big waves. but in the cold waters off of northern norway. it's a different story. thanks to advances in wet suit technology, surfers that can take on the challenge of hitting the icy waters of the arctic sea . and believe it or not, surfers from all over the world are now discovering that a new hot spot awaits them amid snow and ice. driving snow, an icy wind and water temperatures of 4 degrees celsius. perfect weather for surfing. that least for surfing fans here in the low fulton islands. the norwegian archipelago is known as the northernmost surfers paradise. more and more people are heading to the arctic circle to ride the perfect wave. one of them is olaf
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helen in 2018. he moved here just for the waves is with hardcore in ogden surfing or on the and the world of the warm places. it is nice for george, but they're the appreciate for the waves more every wave mean swarm because it's a bit harder to catch. you know, if fries a bit more it worked bit harder. everything is a bit tougher. the surfers where a neil freeman wet suit, which is just 6 millimeters thick only in recent years have wet suits, been developed that offer the necessary freedom of movement. and since then surfers have been heading for the icy arctic waters. main advantage is less people and less good servers means more ways for everyone. the waves are said to be especially good here. just off the coast to the sea plunges to depth of
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500 meters. the water coming in from greenland can form waves several meters high with these days, some 5000 surface a year, a venture here, but not that many compared to other surfing regions. most of them had for bay. evelyn son, the hamlin around 300 kilometers north of the arctic circle, is known as the birthplace of arctic surfing. and that is thanks to a former seaman toward francine. some 50 years ago, he and a friend were watching surfers in australia. back in norway, they built their own surf board like the one on a beach boys album, covered armed with lots of patients staying power and styrofoam. they taught themselves how to serve. mm. it
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would have easier but very soon be his line. oh, we need a place to have a dish with back then without wet suits, surfing here was only for the toughest of the time. you have been. imagine you go to the water and you are. i won't go to maintenance and enough to go to you. it was also easy, the young surfers an unstable habit, easier to day wearing modern wet suits. they can stay in the water and ride the waves for as long as they live or at least for as long as their strength holds out . with a bounty, a lot of water to high tide blows,
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good blood now to get out of this suit as the coldest bark getting out in the wind. oh, that's good enough. giddeons is a rule. nice clothes ah . arctic surfing in the low foot then where riding the waves takes on a whole different kind of cool. and before we go, we would like to know which of famous sites you would like to visit here in germany, just head to our website for all the information on how to enter our viewers, draw for an exclusive fashion collection. and don't forget to join us on social media from all of us here in berlin. thanks for watching and we'll see you again soon. i
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with ah ah, ah, with
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ah no sir. who last time words in the wall. a pianist with burned piano and rescued music, a painter in search of the lights of his homeland in war, or living on march 20 coming
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on d, w. we are in so in the media of low income countries are more likely to experience the problem of early pregnant. is it normal in the maybe i to have somebody who's significantly older than you go like 25. what do you mean a fresh fruits guys also proud of? they're still taking maybe 15 years of their videos or something like that. do to pay the full 40 percent. those wide benefits in the 77 percent. 30 minutes on w. o. goal with natural spectacle and an improved world, a meeting of the loom whale sharks
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will be our guest at frankfurt airport city. managed by frappe waterloo, a blue dusty w news, and these are our top stories. at least 50 civilians have been evacuated from ukraine's besieged seal plant in murray. you pull. the survivors have been handed over to representatives of the united nations and the red cross. the u. n says so far more than 500 civilians have been rescued from the as off stall planned, where ukrainian troops are holding out against a heavy russian assault.